Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight – Back Then! You wake up the next morning from Alvey growling in your ear, kneading your breasts. It takes a second or two for you to realize what’s happening. When your brain finally wakes up, you yank Alvey’s hands away from you, and get up. – What are you doing Alvey? You […]

Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – One Wrong Turn! You close the folder in your hands, and place it down on your desk, before you look up at Jay.  – This is… Err.. This is really good Jay. You did good. You say, still looking at him. He’s been pissed ever since he caught you and Alvey together, […]

Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Six

Chapter Six – Killing An Orange! You slam the door shut behind you. Probably not the best idea, but Alvey needs to hear the truth. And if your assessment of the situation is correct. You’re the only one with the balls to tell him. And you’re probably the only one he listens to as well. […]

Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – Nate´s Secret! You get to Navy Street early the next morning, before everyone else, even before Alvey. You walk into the kitchen area, to make yourself a protein shake. You only had a cup of coffee before you left home. You usually have your shake at home, but you wanted to get […]

Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Put On A Show! You wake up, blinking a couple of times, trying to get used to the sunlight peeking through the window. Stretching, yawning. Then you notice the arm, casually slung over your chest, you follow it with your eyes, all the way from the fingertips, up the underarm, until you […]

Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – Here We Go Again! It’s a sunny day in Fresno, when it’s time to weigh in. You, Alvey and Nate stand there and wait, when the opponent walks by. You look at him. He looks way bigger than Nate. You nudge Alvey. – Seriously, Alvey? This guy?! He’s probably 8 or 9 […]

Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Professional Opinion! You walk into the gym, grab a black Navy Street shirt from Shelby’s desk. Then you drag your old shirt over your head, as you continue further into the training area. – Didn’t know this was turning into a strip club? You get your shirt over your head, and look […]

Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – Back Again! The sound of gunfire, not a surprise, given that you are at a shooting range. The sound of gunfire is kinda in the description. Fuck! What are you actually doing here? Why the FUCK did you decide to show your face to Alvey? To cushion the blow? Like that would […]

Alvey´s Game (Alvey Kulina One-Shot) X Rated

You sit down in the chair Lisa gestures for you to sit down in. You usually deal with Alvey, when it comes to these kind of things. These being in the boss’ office things. But, since Lisa owns this gym WITH Alvey. You can probably deal with her too. After all, she does pay your […]

Private Workout (Alvey Kulina One-Shot) X Rated!

Contains Graphic Sexual Descriptions! You put your bag down, next to the free weights. Look around the gym. You’re the only one here. Lisa probably kicked everyone else out. You knew that NAVY ST. struggled financially. And you hoped that they would manage to continue. Not only because of the atmosphere and the people there. […]

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