Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – Back Again!

The sound of gunfire, not a surprise, given that you are at a shooting range. The sound of gunfire is kinda in the description. Fuck! What are you actually doing here? Why the FUCK did you decide to show your face to Alvey? To cushion the blow? Like that would fucking help. Alvey would be PISSED either way. But you didn’t have the luxury of turning down jobs.

– Is it weird that I want to fuck this gun?

Alvey fucking Kulina, being himself. Fuck, Cunt and Motherfucker. His three favorite words. You remember that.

– Nah… You won’t fit…

You say, when you walk up behind him.

– Up your ass maybe, but I kinda have a feeling that’s not what you meant!

You continue. You know you should probably just say “Hi, Alvey!”, but his statement about the gun was just too good to let slide.

Alvey turns around, still holding the gun. He looks at you for a split second.

– The fuck are you doing here?

He asks, his voice angry, condescending.

– Just saying “hi”.

You say, shrugging. You should tell him about what’s going to happen over the next couple of days. But you can’t seem to find the right words.

– You came all the way out here, just to say fucking “hi”?

Alvey says, still in a condescending tone. It actually makes you a bit mad. Maybe you should just keep him in the dark.

– Oh, go fuck yourself, Alvey!

You say, before turning around and walking away. Stupid fucker. He fucking deserves the blow he’s about to get.



Fucking cunt! He thinks for himself, as he enters the Navy Street gym. Fucking cunt! What the FUCK is she doing here in Venice? Vacation? Why the fuck did she come here for? To see him?

– Alvey! You have a meeting at 4, and Ryan still has 2 pounds to go!

Shelby states, as Alvey makes his way over to his office. Fast firm footsteps. Stupid, fucking cunt. Ruining fucking everything. He raises his arm, to tell Shelby that this is not the time, before he enters his office, and closes the door behind him.



– YN!

You hear Jay shouting the second you enter the gym.

– The fierce medic is back, to join the Navy Street team once again. Come here!

Jay shouts, wrapping you in a hug.

– Good to see you again, Jay!

You say, looking around.

– Did you tell Alvey that I was coming?

You ask. It’s not that you’re scared of Alvey in any way. But it would make it easier if he got a heads up about your arrival.

– Now where’s the fun in that?

Jay states. Letting his hand pat your back.

– Where’s Nate? I want to say hello to him as well.

You say, looking at Jay. Jay’s pointing towards the cage. Alvey is standing on the outside of it, shouting to Nate.


Alvey yells. It would be a miracle to you if Nate even gets what he’s yelling. You slowly make your way over to the cage. When you’re almost there, Nate takes a hit, and goes down.


Alvey yells to the other person in the cage.

– Alvey! We actually have a medic. Err.. This is YN YLN. She’s our new medic.

Shelby says, as Nate sits down outside the cage, and you kneel down in front of him. He got a pretty nasty cut over his right eye.

– The fuck, she’s not!

Alvey says, when he sees you.

– Alvey! It’s not easy to get anyone. After what Ryan did with the drug test, and how you pushed it under the rug. Good help is hard to find. And you NEED someone who can stitch up the fighters, and make sure they’re fit to fight. She is one of the best there are. She’s been in the business almost as long as you.

Shelby argues, as you move Nate over to some benches so you can get a better look at his cut.

– She’s not fucking stichin’ up no fighters!

Alvey almost yells at Shelby. Before he turns to you. Pointing his finger at you.

– You’re not stitchin’ up no fucking fighters!

He continues, before he again slams the door to his office.

You look up at Nate. Give him a little smile.

– Still the same old Alvey!

You state, as you clean his cut, before you get your supplies up from the first aid kit. Just as you are about to start stitching Nate up, Alvey comes back. Walks all the way over to you, standing over you, looking down. Is he trying to threaten you?

– You’re not fucking stitchin’ nobody up. I didn’t fucking hire you, so get fucking lost!

Alvey yells. You take a breath before you get to your feet. Alvey isn’t moving an inch. You’re standing dangerously close to each other.

– Listen jerkoff!

You say, your voice is a bit louder than you intended it to. But fuck it!

– Nate here has a pretty nasty cut over his eye. So unless you want it to get infected, I suggest you let me do my job!

You say, kneeling back down, and starting to close the wound.

– Fucking cunt!

Alvey mutters to himself, before he once again walks into his office. He’s not thrilled that you’re here, that’s for sure. But, that’s a problem you can deal with later.

– Hey, YN! What actually happened with you and Alvey?

Nate asks, as you get your supplies back in the first aid kit.

– I just couldn’t be part of the fucked up shit anymore. So I quit! We didn’t exactly part on good terms.

You answer, shrugging a bit.

– And now you’re back. So what’s the deal?

Nate continues. Not moving. It’s obvious that he wants some answers.

– You know what happened, Nate!

You say, shaking your head a bit.

– I know that he beat the living shit out of your ex. And that’s about it.

Nate says, his eyes demanding an answer.

– Why do you want to know so bad, Nate? It’s been years…

You ask. Nate gets up.

– Because you were the only one who cared about me, you were the only one who listened to me. And then you just left, overnight. No words, no explanations. You just left! So forgive me, if I want some answers!

Nate almost yells to you, before he walks away. You notice Jay, and that guy Wheeler, looking at you. You gesture with your arms, that you’re already fed up. Then you follow Nate.

– Hey, Nate!

You yell. Following him into the locker room. Two other guys just got out of the shower when you come in.

– Hey, what the fuck, lady! This is the fucking boys locker room!

They yell at you. You look down on their bodies, before you look up at them. Laughing a bit.

– Don’t worry guys. You’ve got nothing I wanna look at.

You say, before you continue to follow Nate!


You say, a bit higher. Still no answer.


You yell, slamming your fist into one of the lockers.

– Back here!

He finally answers. You walk over to the sauna, where Nate sits, his face in his hands. You sit down next to him. Put your hand on his shoulder.

– What do you want to know?

You say, trying to be calm. To calm him down.

– I wanna know why you left, YN. And why didn’t you tell us!

Nate says, looking at you. You’re unsure if it’s anger or sadness you see in his eyes.

– Because of Alvey!

You answer. Tilting your head a bit.

– What happened? Didn’t he save you from that fucked up ex you had?

Nate asks, his voice a bit harder now.

– He did!

You say, turning your head away from Nate, and look at the wall.

– And then he decided to get absolutely shit-faced, and wrecked my car. Ended up at the Police station, and left me to clean the mess up. I had enough. So I left. Didn’t look back.

You say. It’s about time Nate got to know this. And he’s right. You should’ve told him. A simple text message at least.

– Listen, Nate!

You say, putting your hand on his shoulder again.

– I’m sorry. I…. I just… I needed to get out, allright. I couldn’t do it anymore. All the fucked up shit he pulled. Looks like he’s doing better now, though…

You say. Unsure if you actually believe that, but it might make it easier to talk to Nate.

– Why did you come back?

Nate asks. You look at the wall again. Why did you come back?

– Lisa called me! Said you needed a medic. Told me about what happened to you. Told me about her and Alvey breaking up. And I don’t have the luxury of turning down jobs. Former Navy Street employees, from back then, aren’t exactly first in line, for the big paying jobs..

You say, shrugging again.

– Lisa called you?

Nate asks. Narrowing his eyes.

– Yes! She called me. And I decided to help you guys. So, now I’m back.

You say. Hoping to calm him down some more.

– How long will you be staying this time?

Nate asks, angry. You can’t blame him. You did leave in a hurry, and he has no good reason to trust that you’ll stay this time.

– Ok.. I guess I deserve that one… I’ll stay for as long as you need me…

You say, nod your head.

– Or, for as long as Alvey lets me.

You continue, shrugging.

– I’m going to trust you on this. But don’t go pull any of that shit on me again!

Nate says, getting up. You get up as well.

– So… We’re good?

You ask. Patting his back.

– Yeah.. We’re good!

Nate says, before giving you a hug.

When you walk back out into the gym again, you hear angry voices.

– And now you’re fucking medic is snooping around in our fucking locker room.

One of the guys from the locker room earlier is yelling at Alvey.

– Oh, shut the fuck up, tiny dick! If you had anything worth looking at, you would’ve swung it around out here, like the real men does!

You yell back, getting their attention.

– YN! My office! NOW!

Alvey yells at you. You look at Nate, roll your eyes, before you follow Alvey into his office.

– The fuck are you doing here, YN?

Alvey asks, as he sits down on his couch. You just look at him.

– The fuck are you doing here, YN?

He repeats. Gesturing with his hands that he wants an answer.

– I’m helping out, Alvey! I just stitched Nate back up! What more do you fucking want?

You yell back.

– I want to know what the FUCK you’re doing here?

He says again. You roll your eyes at him.

– Lisa called, said you needed someone like me. Said that Navy Street was in some deep shit, and that you needed a friendly face.

You say, staring at him.

– I can handle my own fucking shit, allright! I don’t need you!

Alvey says, pointing a finger at you.

– Ahh.. So Ryan didn’t cheat on his positive drug test, you didn’t push it under the rug? Nate didn’t get knocked out and is unfit for fighting? Jay doesn’t have a drug problem? Your ex wife didn’t suddenly walk in here, stirring things up? You didn’t visit a fucking brothel with your so called rich friend, and got pulled over by the Police, and that same friend didn’t use your gun to kill himself? I mean, Alvey, do you want me to go on?

You say, looking at him, waiting for a reaction. Alvey clears his throat.

– So, what the fuck happened, YN!

He asks, placing his arm on the back of the couch.

– What happened, Alvey?

You ask, this whole situation pisses you off. Alvey looks at you, waiting for you to answer his question.

– I stitched you and your guys up after a few fights, and you fucked me in return. You fucking know this, Alvey!

You say, getting up. Alvey gets up as well. Points his finger at you again.

– Don’t ever fucking mention my dick and your pussy in the same sentence. Don’t even fucking mention your titties and my dick in the same sentence. Fucking cunt!

Alvey says, walking towards you. You just stare at him, not moving an inch.

– If I’m going to let you stay. If I’m going to let you do this. You keep your fucking hands to yourself. Don’t go and fucking make a move on me!

Alvey says, his finger now all up in your face. You push him away from you, and go to open the door. Halfway out in the gym, you turn towards him.

– Don’t fucking flatter yourself, Alvey!

You say, continuing to walk.

– And I have about a million reasons to mention your fucking dick!

You yell, as you walk past Ryan and Jay. Jay tries to stop you. You push him away.

– Don’t fucking touch me, Jay! Get your fucking shit together, Alvey. Or I’m fucking out of here!

You yell, as you enter the reception area, and sit down on a chair.

– What the fuck are you looking at?

You hear Alvey yell out in the gym, before you can hear the door to his office close. You take a deep breath, and drag your hands through your hair. This whole thing turned out to be more difficult than you imagined.

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