Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen – Out! A couple of weeks go by, and on some levels you’re starting to settle into your new life. It’s not like he’s mean in every aspect of the word. He feeds you, clothes you, you get to take showers, and although he told you that you would have to earn your […]

Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen – Possession! You feel like your legs can’t hold you up any longer. The hard shower jet hurts so bad, that you’re constantly whimpering. Which makes him furious. His grip around your throat is so tight you feel like you can’t breathe. But you don’t dare to move. He’s not saying anything, he […]

Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Eleven!

Chapter Eleven – Watch! When breakfast is finished, he places you back by the wall, arms secured over your head. He clears the table, and makes the bed. You watch his every move, but you don’t say anything. When the living area is back to its perfect state, he comes over to you. Stands in […]

Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – Plaything You’re in survival mode. Imobilised, vulnerable, and totally open to him, with the way you’re lying on his bed. You can’t see him, so you try to feel his movements. Still standing on his feet, looking down on you. You don’t dare to move, not eaven your head, to try and […]

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