Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine – Predator!

You almost hold your breath. Waiting for his next move. Is he mocking you with this “heaven” and slowing down thing? What is he going to do next? You don’t dare to believe that he’s finished.

– Want to be fucked?

He asks. Calmly. Scary calm. You swallow. Not answering. You’re still tied up, so it’s obviously a rhetorical question. Why is he even asking? Is this some form of torture?

– I asked you a question….

A bit more determined this time. So you shake your head. You know you should answer with words, you know that’s what he want’s you to do. It’s just the the words won’t come out.


He yells, as he grabs your throat, hard, rough. Then he moves his face all up to yours.

– I’m waiting!

You’re scared that you can’t answer now, with the hold he has around your throat.

– Noh…

Finally some kind of words leave you.

– Really?

He says, lets go of your throat, and lets his hands glide down to your breasts. You follow his movements with your eyes.

– Tell me you want me!

He commands. You look up at one of your arms, restrained over your head. Then you look back at him. Shake your head again.

You feel the pain before you even realize that he spanked your breast.

– Please…

Again you beg.

– You can fuck me, OK? Just please don’t hit me again….

He sends you a smile.

– See, that’s more like it…

He grabs your hips, and drags your lower body closer to his. Given his size, you prepare yourself for what’s coming. Your guess is that he won’t be careful, and that he won’t take things slow.

You try to see what he’s doing, but you can’t lift your head far enough up to see everything. But you can feel that he is ready. Then, suddenly he stops.

You look at him. You know you can’t talk without permission, so you don’t ask.

– I’ve got a better idea!

He says, cryptic, before he leans over you, and untie your hands, then he proceeds to untie your legs. You have no idea what’s happening. Is he going to put you back by the wall? You kinda hoped you could spend the night in the bed. Although it’s scary having him beside you, the bed is undoubtedly better than being chained to the wall.

Suddenly, he grabs you, spins you both around, and before you know it, you’re the one on top. How is he able to do this so fast?

– You do the work!

He says. And it takes a second before you understand what he means. He want’s you to… That is beyond sadistic. He is basically raping you, and he want’s you to like do it.. How are you supposed to react to this?

– What are you waiting for?

He asks, voice a bit stronger this time. You don’t have a choice. It’s either this, or he’ll hurt you again.

You can’t move. You’re completely frozen up. His hands grabbing your thighs brings you back to reality.

– DO IT!

He yells. You whimper. The grip hurts like hell.

– Yes! I’ll do it! Just…

He lets go, smiles to you again.

– Ride me then..

He says, as he puts his hands behind his head.

You slowly grab him, God he’s big. Will you even be able to take this? You brace yourself, telling yourself that you’ll have to. Just take your time, a bit at a time, and this will work. This have to work.

You feel it the second he enters you, stretching you out. Shit. Slow and steady, you tell yourself. Trying to talk calmly to yourself, inside your head, to get rid of the fear you feel. Is he going to keep this up all night? Will you be able to sleep at all?

– Go on!

He commands, his eyes piercing you. You swallow, before you continue to sit down on him. Slowly. You’re unsure if he’ll even fit. And for a second you’re actually happy that you’re the one who sets the pace.

– Continue! We don’t have all night!

His voice.. Sounds almost military commanding. And you realize that you’re shaking.

– You can’t even fuck properly, can you?

He yells, grabs your hips, and plunges upwards. You fall forward, steadying yourself on each side of him. Whimpering. It doesn’t exactly hurt. But you can feel that you’re filled to the brim.

– Start to move!

He commands again. You slowly get back up. And carefully start to rock your hips. You have no idea what to do, what this guy like, or what he actually want’s you to do. Maybe he gets off by the control he has over you.

– Faster!

It’s just words he blurts out. It’s like you don’t even exist. He’s not actually talking to you, or at least it feels that way. You start to go a bit faster. It’s been some time since you’ve done this, but you know that this is the only way to avoid being whipped again.

A sound escapes him, like a growl from the back of his throat. Sounds scary, like a predator, ready to attack.

You stop, only for a split second, but that’s enough. He grabs you again, and before you can even think about what’s happening, he is on top of you, your legs over his shoulders, and his hands, both of them, around your throat, as he fucks you raw. No mercy, no slowing down. Just his eyes, now almost black, watching you, as he plunges into you, as deep as he possibly can, again and again.

You can’t make a sound. His grip around your throat makes you struggle to breathe. And you’re unable to tell him to stop. Is he going to choke you? Is this how you’ll die? The fear takes over completely, you can hear him talking to you, but nothing he says makes any sense. It’s all just babbling. You don’t even realize that he finishes, before his grip around your throat loosens, and he grabs your jaw instead.

– Say, Thank You!

He says, through gritted teeth, before he kisses you.

– Thank You!

You manage to say, your voice horse after his grip.

– WHO???

He yells, you jump, your eyes widens. Unable to look away from him.

– Thank you, Master!

A tear escapes your eye. He licks it up. Your heart racing to the point you’re afraid it will stop.

– What did I say about crying?

His grip on your jaw tightens.

– Sorry… I’m sorry!

You say, your voice desperate, scared!

– Good girl! Now we sleep!

And with that, he lets you go, and just lies down next to you. Not saying a word, he just lies down to sleep. You quickly look at him, swallow, before you lie down as well. You try to calm down. It’s been a long time since you’ve been able to sleep in a real bed, so you want to make the most of it. You just hope that you’ll wake up before he does tomorrow. So you at least have some time to prepare yourself for a new day with him.

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