Bloody Nose (Rumlow X Reader One-Shot)

You chug your drink, and lean your head back on the couch. – Seriously, Nat! You could’ve told me he was coming. You say, looking at Natasha. – We’ve been partying together for years. It’s like an unspoken rule that he’s here. I thought you knew. Natasha shrugs. And you know she’s right. You know. […]

A Helping Hand (Hydra Husbands One-Shot)

You hear heavy footsteps going through the house, almost immediately after you rang the doorbell. For a second you almost regret agreeing to this. Jack is your best friend, he has been for the last 20 years. You were the first one he came out to. Of course you did suspect that he was gay. […]

Wrong Address (Brock Rumlow One-Shot)

The picture on the screen almost screams to you. “Order me, use me, you need me”. The magic wand on the screen is black, with some blue details on, you read the description again, and stop at that one sentence “guaranteed to bring you to orgasm”. Fuck, how you need this now. After a month […]

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