Bloody Nose (Rumlow X Reader One-Shot)

You chug your drink, and lean your head back on the couch.

– Seriously, Nat! You could’ve told me he was coming.

You say, looking at Natasha.

– We’ve been partying together for years. It’s like an unspoken rule that he’s here. I thought you knew.

Natasha shrugs. And you know she’s right. You know. Of course Jack would show up. You just kinda hoped he’d stay away, because the party was at Nat’s place, and he knew for sure that you were going to be there.

– It’s bad enough that he broke it off with me over a text message. But now I have to look at him all night?!

You say again, as Nat fills your glass up again.

– Oh, come on! I even invited some of the new guys, maybe you can hook up with one of them. Make Jack jealous.

She says, playfully wiggling her eyebrows.

– Like he would be jealous…

You say, irritated, and a bit scared. You don’t really know if you’re over Jack yet. And drinking in his presence. You don’t know how that will turn out in the end.

– Even if he won’t get jealous, you’d still get some. Think about it that way.

Nat says. And again, you know she’s right. You’re strong, you can do this. Who knows, maybe some of those new guys Nat was talking about actually are really good looking.


The party is only a couple of hours young, when you start to feel like this wasn’t at all a good idea. You feel nervous, and a bit tipsy, which is not a good combination, when it comes to you.

– Hey! You ok?

Nat says, sitting down next to you. You take a quick glance over at Jack, he’s deep in conversation with some people. Doesn’t even look your way.

– Ehh..

You answer, trying to sound confident. Nat looks around, then she nudges you.

– Hey, what about the guy over there?

She says, gesturing to a young looking guy, with brown hair, and a nice body, sure he’s good looking. But way too young for you.

– Ehh.. Nat, he’s probably no older than 18. I want someone OLDER than me. You know that. I can’t go from Jack, to…. THAT!

You reply. Desperately trying to look unaffected by the fact that there’s not one single guy here that you like. Except Jack. Yes, you broke up. But the sex.. God the sex.

– Oh, come on…

Nat speaks again.

– I’m trying to help you here. Couldn’t you at least entertain the idea of someone younger?

She continues, nudging you again.

– He’s a boy, Nat. I want a MAN!

You say, chugging yet another drink.

– Ok, we’ll make a deal. The next guy who sits down next to you, ask him if he’s a man. If he says yes, you’ll go for it!

Nat says, sending you a playful best friend smile. You know you lost. There’s no arguing with Nat. You know that.

– Arrg.. Fine.

You say, trying to flash a smile. God, what have you gotten yourself into?


The party continues into the night, and no one catches your attention. Thank God for that. Sleeping with someone just to make Jack jealous is probably not the best idea. But it could give you a confidence boost. And you really need that. But not with anyone, it has to be someone really, really hot. Someone you want, someone you crave.

You’re about to give this whole thing up, and go to bed, when you feel the couch next to you dip. You turn around. The black beard alone makes your heart skip a beat.

– Hi!

You say, trying to sound casual, and not too drunk.

– Well, hello to you too.

The guy replies, turning towards you. Holy fuck. He is perfect. Brown eyes, just as you like. Dark hair, and a man for sure. Tall, dark and handsome.

– I haven’t seen you before.

You say. Mentally slapping yourself for sounding nervous. Why is it that you can’t seem to find the right words when really good looking guys shows up?

– I just came. Nat told me to sit down here, and she’d get me a drink.

He tells you.

– Of course she did….

You mutter, looking towards the kitchen, where Nat is looking at you, gesturing like crazy.

– I’m Brock by the way.

He says, extends his hand. You take it, and for a split second you almost forget your own name.

– Err.. YN..

You reply. His hand is warm, big and strong.

– So, how do you know Nat?

He asks. And you don’t quite process it right away. Besides, you’re too drunk for this small talk.

– Are you a man?

You ask. Screw how stupid that sounds. Screw everything.

Brock looks at you, smiling at bit, looking down at his crotch, then back up at you.

– The last time I checked, yes!

He replies. It doesn’t look like he thinks you’re stupid.

– Do you have a girlfriend?

You ask again. You deliver your questions fast. But he gets what you’re saying.

– Not at the moment.

He replies again. Putting his hand on your knee. You look down at his hand. This gives you the confidence you need for this.

– Are you gay?

You ask again. Brock laughs a bit.

– No, I’m…. I’m not gay.

He replies, moving a bit closer to you. It’s now or never. You know that. And you’ll surely hate yourself forever if you don’t take this chance.

– Ok, then you’re mine!

You say, and you get a short glimpse of Nat, holding both her thumbs up, smiling wide.

– Fair enough!

Brock answers, before he seizes your lips in a deep, possessive kiss. Pulling you closer.

– Not here…

You say, breathlessly. Brock gets up, takes your hand, and drags you with him in the direction Nat’s pointing. When you walk past Jack, you “accidentally” brush your hand against his shoulder.


Brock captures your lips, the second he shut the bedroom door behind you. Pushing you up against the wall, holding your hands over your head.

– Fuck, girl. You’re hot!

He moans into your heated skin.

– Take me, Brock. Fuck me!

You reply. He wastes no time, yanking you away from the wall, and onto the bed, before he crawls on top of you. Your clothes disappeared almost without you noticing it. You’re already wet as fuck. No foreplay needed.

– Ahhh.. Fuck!

You moan out, when he enters you. Mercilessly fucking you into the mattress.

– Ahh.. Fuck, you are wet! Oh, fuck.. So tight!

He moans out, grabs some of your hair, holding it tight, as he continues to thrust into you.

– Oh, shit, fuck.. Right there…

You almost scream, as you lift your legs up, wrapping them around him. Pushing him even deeper.

– Oh, fuck yes! Ahh.. Fuck.. I’m gonna cum..

He growls into your neck, grabbing your shoulders for the last few deep, hard thrusts.

– Oh, fuck! Yes!

You moan, when you feel him release inside of you.

– Ahhh.. Fuck.. Ohhh..

He moans out his orgasm, before he lets his hand glide through your hair. Kissing you passionately. Then he rolls off you, staying by your side. Let’s his hand caress your upper arm.

– Tonight I’m yours…

He says, before wrapping you in an embrace. And there, in his arms. You fall asleep.


You are only half awake, when you notice someone standing in the now open bedroom door, leaning against the doorframe. You know it’s Jack. You don’t have to look, you can feel his presence. And you know that he’s looking at you and Brock, because you can still feel Brock’s arms around you.

– Fucking slut!

Jack’s voice sounds from the door. And you feel the anger bubbling up in you. HE broke it off, HE cheated, HE lied. And now, suddenly you are the slut. FUCK THIS! You know he left already, you know he’s no longer standing in the door. You should NOT stand for this. You get out of bed. Your underwear is on. You’re not exactly sure when that happened. Maybe you went to the toilet or something. Anyway, you’re so mad, you probably wouldn’t care if you were naked.

You catch up with Jack in the kitchen. Tap his shoulder. He turns around, and just looks at you. And that makes you even more angry. FUCK HIM! You lift your hand, clench your fist. Then you hit. Jack is fast, tries to move his face out of your range. But you’re faster. It was your intent to hit his jawbone, with your ring. Because that would surely hurt. But, stupid Jack, moved. You’re not exactly sure what you hit at first. But you can hear something breaking.

– Who are you to call me a slut, huh??

You yell, then you look up at Jack. His hand in front of his nose, blood. Fuck. Did you break his nose? Holy crap. Well, he deserved it.

– What the fuck is going on?

Nat asks, as she enters the kitchen. Looking from you to Jack, and then back to you again.

– Ok, Jack. I think it’s time you left. Bye now..

Nat tells Jack. Jack takes one more last look at you.

– Crazy bitch!

He growls. You take one step towards him, but Nat moves in between you.

– Hey now, Jack. Don’t make it worse. Go see a doctor.

After Jack leaves, Nat just looks at you. You tilt your head a bit. To show her that Jack deserved the broken nose.

– Remind me to never piss you off!

Nat says, as she opens her fridge, and gives you a soft drink.

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