Forbidden Fruit (Jonathan Pine X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Daniel Back home again, and life goes on. You’ve learned by now to not fight back. Just let him. For any outsider it would look like you and Richard was the perfect couple. Some might even consider you to be lucky. Living in the palace, your “boyfriend” with all that money. You […]

Forbidden Fruit (Jonathan Pine X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – A Part Of Life ⚠️Content might be disturbing for some viewers. Contains graphic description of violence & torture, Choking, rape Non-Con, prisoner, talk about wanting to murder someone⚠️ Life continues. Even though you don’t care one bit for it. It continues. Every day is the same. You’re free to go anywhere you […]

Forbidden Fruit (Jonathan Pine X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – No Way Out! When you can’t see Samira and Jonathan any longer, you clenche your suitcase, and try your best not to cry. Just get to the airport fast. Just get me home. You think, forcing your tears back. Stay strong, YN. Samira would have wanted that. She always told you how […]

Forbidden Fruit (Jonathan Pine X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – Cairo 5 Years Ago! You sink down on the black leather couch in the hotel lobby. Great, another day stuck inside here. You actually thought that a trip to Egypt with your sister would be fun. You never expected all of this to happen. Well, Samira wasn’t exactly your sister. But she […]

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