Forbidden Fruit (Jonathan Pine X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – No Way Out!

When you can’t see Samira and Jonathan any longer, you clenche your suitcase, and try your best not to cry. Just get to the airport fast. Just get me home. You think, forcing your tears back. Stay strong, YN. Samira would have wanted that. She always told you how strong you were. Overcoming everything life had thrown at you. Your parents death, the loneliness, the anger and the guilt you felt. Samira always got you back up again. Always. She’ll do that this time too, YN. Relax, she’ll be home in a couple of days. And then all of this will be over.

You try to relax, and lean back against the seat. Look out the window. A sign saying airport, and what exit to take. Finally. Soon, you’ll be on an airplane, safe, on your way back to the States.

– Do you know when my plane will take off?

You ask the driver. But he doesn’t answer. Doesn’t even move. If he knows Samira he should be able to talk to you, shouldn’t he? Or is it some kind of code, that prohibits them from talking to the people they drive? You’ve never learned how to act like a wealthy person. Although the last ten years or so, you have been. Living of off Hamids money, providing for both Samira and yourself. Guess that’s over now. Probably for the best. You don’t want to be provided by dirty money anyway. And based on those papers you read. Hamids money was most definitely dirty. Infact the dirtiest. You feel nauseous only by thinking about how many people who’s been suffering for you to have that life. How much blood is actually on your hands? How many lifes could have been spared if you knew?

The car gets off the highway and you can see the airport. But instead of dropping you off at the parking lot, the car drives on to the tarmac, and stops by a small plane. You look at it. Looks nice. But how did Samira manage this? Hamid is her only connection. At least you think so. She would have told you if she knew someone else, wouldn’t she?

The driver opens your door.

– Step out Miss!

You feel nervous. But what else can you do, but step out of the car? Dragging your suitcase with you. Again you look at the plane. How did Samira manage this?

– Miss YLN I presume?

A deep, almost scary voice from behind you. You slowly turn around. A slightly older man stands before you. Taller than you, even though you have your heels on. He has sunken eyes that stare into your soul, brownish grey hair, and he’s a bit rough around the edges. You swallow. Who is this guy? He looks at you, almost angry. His lips firm and his facial expression almost dead. He extends his hand to you. You take it. If this is the guy Samira trusted to get you out of the country, then he’s probably safe to be around. Although you don’t care one bit for his appearance.

– Richard Roper!

You stop breathing for a second. Richard Roper? The worst man in the world? This is the man Samira trusted to get you home safe?

– I know what you’re thinking, YN! Samira had nothing to do with this!

You try to drag your hand back. But he holds it tight. Suddenly he drags you into him. The jolt hurts, and you’re scared out of your mind. You can’t even move. Smelling his aftershave mixed with what you think is some kind of sigar, makes you nauseous.

– Your sister didn’t know how to keep her nose out of my business. But you won’t be that stupid. Am I right?

You don’t manage to talk. Are you being kidnapped? And what for? What could he possibly need you for? Leverage? To get Samira to stop what she’s doing?

– Get our new associate settled in, will you Corcoran?

Hands on your suitcase, before Richard drags you with him over to the car. Opens the trunk.

– This is what happens to your sister if you don’t do exactly as I tell you!

Before you know it your head is pushed down in the trunk. A guy lies there. And you can only assume he was the one supposed to drive you. Looks like he was beaten to death. If it’s possible to be more nauseous without throwing up, you are. Richard gets you up again. Signals for the person who drove you to close the trunk.

– On the other hand. If you do as I tell you to. I can provide you a very luxurious lifestyle.

Richard turns to the driver again.

– Dump him somewhere, will ya!

You really don’t want to get on the plane. But you’re so scared you can’t move. So when Richard gestures for you to walk up the stairs, you do. If you try to run. He’ll probably kill you right there.

You sit down on the seat Richard tells you to sit in. And he hands you a glass of champagne. Your hands shaking, but you manage to take it. Richard raises his glass.

– Cheers, Miss YLN, I think this will be a fruitful partnership. Don’t you?

You don’t answer. You don’t drink either. You want to scream to him. Throw your champagne in his face. But instead you do nothing.

When the plane takes off, a tear escapes your eye. There’s no way out now. Now way back. Unless you try to bring the plane down. And you probably wouldn’t have much luck with that. You can see 6 guards just from where you’re sitting. Everyone is packing pretty heavily. And if only half of what you’ve learned about Richard Roper over the past 24 hours is true. Your guess is that he has at least one sleeper on board as well.

– Miss YLN!

You turn towards Richard. He holds up a phone to you. Again you just look at him.

– Call her! Tell her where you are!

You don’t move. How can you possible call Samira? You’re so scared, you can’t even talk. Richard takes up a gun and points it defiantly at your head.


With shaking hands you take the phone he gives you. Punch in Samiras number, and lift the phone to your ear.

– I’ll have the papers for you right away Mr. Roper. I can deliver them to the usual place!

Samiras voice, and she thinks it’s Richard calling.

– Samsam?

You say carefully. Silence on the other end.

– Y….. YN? What are you doing with Richard’s phone?

– He… He got me Samsam..

You start to cry. Hearing Samiras voice, how scared she is. That pushes you over the edge.

– But I’ll be allright. We’ll be allright. I promise.

– Put him on!

Samiras voice hard and determined. You present the phone to Richard.

– She want’s you!

Richard puts the phone on speaker, and places it on the table between you.

– What was it that you wanted, pumpkin!

– You let her go, you hear me! I’ll do what you asked me to do. Just let her go!

Richard slams his fist down on the table, even Corcoran sitting on the other side of the aisle jumps.

– NO, You won’t Samira. You already fucked up once. Now I’ll see if your sister can finish the deal. And if she doesn’t, you’re both dead.

– You won’t hurt her!

– Are you absolutely sure about that?

He leans his face all the way down to the phone.

– Samsam!

– Let her go, or ….

– Or what, Sophie… That is your real name right? I’m untouchable.

– We’re going to Majorca!

You scream out. Before Richard hangs up the phone, and once again points his gun at you. Presses it into your forehead.

– Don’t ever test my patience again!

He holds his gun there for a while, kinda like he’s letting you know that he can pull the trigger and end your life at any moment. Then he sits down again, like nothing happened.

– Drink your champagne, YN! Celebrate with me. You are going to make me a lot of money!


For three days, you say nothing. The Majorca residence is beautiful. Like an old castle, with a big yard, a swimming pool, and beautiful clear blue ocean outside, as far as the eye can see. You don’t find it beautiful. It feels like a prison. You’re free to go wherever you want inside the house and in the yard. But you know you can’t leave. Even if you wanted to. There are guards everywhere. Probably mostly to keep people out. But also for keeping people like you in. And you wonder where Samira is. Is she looking for you? Will you ever get out of here?

On the forth day, Richard takes you with him into Town. He’s not telling you anything, just that he has some business to take care of. And that you need to tag along.

For the whole one hour drive, you say nothing. You want him to know how much you hate him despise him. If you had the chance, you’d kill him.

The car comes to a stop outside an office building. Richard looks at you, then he gives you a contract of some kind. Grabs your wrist as you take the papers.

– You’re gonna get Raymond Stephens to sign this contract. Signing off 70% of Crimson Limited to me. Whatever it takes.

He puts his hand on your thigh.

– You have the power of persuasion YN, every female does. Whatever it takes.

– You’re despicable!

You spit the words in his face. He answers your move with yanking you close to him, grabbing your neck.

– If you come out of that building without that signature. Your precious Samsam is dead!

You don’t answer. But you look at him with a face that screams hatred. Then you exit the car.

You take a deep breath when you enter the building. You check the list to find out what floor that house the offices for Crimson Limited. You find the right floor, and press the button for the elevator. It feels like it takes forever to arrive. You have to make this. You have to. Whatever it takes. What does that even mean? You’re supposed to threaten him?

Thankfully you’re alone in the elevator. Ok, plan, YN. You need a plan. Ask someone for help. Anything. You search your pockets. A receipt. Perfect, you can use that. You take the pen attached to the contract Roper gave you. And quickly write something on the back of the receipt.

When the elevator stops. You quickly find Raymond Stephens’ office. Knock on the door. A lady opens.

– Do you have an appointment Miss?

– Ehh.. Yes. I’m here on behalf of Richard Roper. I have a contract for Raymond to sign.

The lady doesn’t say anything. She just shuts the door. You stand there, don’t understand a thing. They don’t even want to talk to you? You’re about to knock once more, when the door opens again.

– Mr Stephens will see you now Miss?

– Ehh YLN!

You follow the lady through two more doors.

– So how long have you known Mr. Roper?

– I’ve worked for him for 4 years now.

Man, did you just say that without hesitation? Can you really deliver a lie that easy? You didn’t even think.

– I’ve heard some great things about him. Sadly I’ve never met him. But he’s a big contributor to Mr. Stephens projects.

Her voice is calm and sweet. Maybe she can help you. She continues to talk about how amazing she thinks Roper is, all the way into Mr. Stephens office.

– Oh, Liza stop rambling about. And get our lovely guest something to drink.

Then he turns around. He looks like a business man. Dark hair, pale skin Tailored suit, a little extra over the hips and belly, surely from sitting at a desk all day.

– Miss. How lovely to make your acquaintance.

He is beeing really nice. Almost overly so. Is he scared of Roper? If he’s not, he definitely should be.

– I.. I have a contract from Mr. Roper. And I need for you to sign it.

– Please Miss. Sit down, have a cup of coffee.

– I’m sorry Mr. Stephens, but I am kinda on a tight schedule. I’d love for us to get this business over with.

He nervously rubs his hands together, before walking over to you.

– Do you know what kind of a man, Roper really is? He is the worst man in the world. Killing or bankrupting everything and everyone that gets in his way!

Do you know? Yes, you do. You know better than anyone how he really is. But you have no choice. You HAVE to get him to sign this contract. Put on a mask, YN. Pretend to be Roper. Pretend you’re talking to Roper. Whatever it takes, to get him to sign this contract.

– Listen Raymond.

Your voice surprisingly calm. You put the contract down on his desk.

– If you sign this contract, Mr. Roper can make your life very pleasant and comfortable. But if you don’t….

He sits down by his desk, swallowing. You can see in his eyes that he’s scared. Scared of you? Does he think you’re as bad as Roper?

– If you don’t Mr. Stephens. Mr. Roper will make sure that the word suffering takes on a whole new meaning for you!

You should know. You’re there already. He almost doesn’t even look at you. He just grabs the contract, and signs it where you tell him to. When he’s done, you take the contract and leave.

On your way out of the office, you bump into the sweet secretary lady again. You walk into her on purpose, and quickly put the receipt in her pocket. She says something to you, but you just continue out of the office.


Richard was happy with your work. Over dinner the only thing he talked about was your accomplishment. But you feel dirty. Like a bad person. A heartless person. You just threatened a guy. What have become of you?

When it’s time for bed, Corkoran knocks on your door.

– Mr. Roper want’s a word!

You don’t answer him. You just follow. He follows you into Richards bedroom. Is he going to rape you now? Inside the bedroom Corcoran takes a hold of you, and Richard walks up to you.

– I think I’ll be having you on a tighter leash, young lady!

You don’t understand. You did what he asked.

– Remember what I told you would happen if you didn’t get him to sign?

You nod. Images of Samira rushing through your head. Did he hurt her? Richard takes up his phone. Finds something on it, and then presents it to you. It’s a picture. A picture of Samira, lying on the floor. Dead. A caption saying «Job’s done!»


You scream. Desperately trying to get out of Corkorans grip.


Richard is unaffected by your screams and your words.

– Oh you will, YN. If not I’ll continue down my list of people you care about.

You falter. Falling together like a sack of potatoes inside Corkorans grip.

– I have no one left… You took everything I had.

– I wouldn’t be so sure, YN. How about…

He starts to read names for you. He’s naming all of your friends, even some of your old teachers. How does he know this? Some of these names goes back 20 years. People you knew when you were a kid.

– Why are you doing this?

Richard comes up to you, and Corcoran let’s you go. You can’t fight back now anyway. Your body frozen in place.

– I can’t stand to be doubel-Crossed, YN! No one fools me! Now clean up, and go to bed. I’ll be back here in 20 minutes, and then I want you in bed!

What? Will you be sleeping in his bed now? Is that what he ment by tighter leash. The thought of sleeping with him makes you nauseous again.

Before he leaves, he drops something in front of you. A receipt. You pick it up, and turn it around. On the back of it a handwritten word. Your handwriting. Only 4 letters, but the message is pretty clear «HELP»!

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