When I Met You (SlowBurn Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – As In Tony Stark Is My Father! You put on the last of your make up, and take another look in the mirror. Why did getting dressed become so hard all of a sudden? It never was before. Is it because you’re suddenly living in the Avengers Compound. Like you care what […]

When I Met You (SlowBurn Rumlow X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – I Know Who You Are “Baby Face”! After Natasha helps you to settle into your room, she leaves. Turning towards you in the doorway. – My room is right across the hall if you need anything… You send her a little smile, before she closes the door behind her. Then you sink […]

When I Met You (SlowBurn Rumlow X Reader) Pologue

Tony paces back and forth in the lobby. Looking at the time for every second step he takes. Natasha have never seen him this worked up before. She looks over at Steve, rubbing his knees with his hands. He looks nervous as well. Natasha can’t understand why. It’s only a new person. It’s not like […]

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