When I Met You (SlowBurn Rumlow X Reader) Pologue

Tony paces back and forth in the lobby. Looking at the time for every second step he takes. Natasha have never seen him this worked up before. She looks over at Steve, rubbing his knees with his hands. He looks nervous as well. Natasha can’t understand why. It’s only a new person. It’s not like they’re not familiar with new people moving into the tower. Tony have been expanding the team faster than they could keep up. The only difference now was that THIS person was Tonys daughter. Not a member of the team. But family. No big deal.

Steve rubs his knees. Shouldn’t she be here by now? Seeing Tony this worked up, makes him nervous. How is the relationship with him and his daughter, really? Tony didn’t say much. And he barley talked about her before. And now she was moving in. He got that Tony wanted to support his daughter. But really, here? Couldn’t he like buy her an apartment? It started to get crowded in the Tower at this point. He couldn’t even get up in the middle of the night to get a snack, without someone joining him. One more person would make that even more difficult.

Bucky tries to keep his feet still on the floor. But it’s impossible. How was this a good idea? How could Tony possibly think that this would work? Yes he was scared. Although Tony had forgiven him for what he did back in 1991. He didn’t even know if she knew about it. They were her grandparents. How old would she have been in 1991? 4 maybe 5? How could someone who lost their grandparents at that age possibly forgive him. He didn’t know if Tony had told her. Tony said that he hadn’t talked to her for years. That he was young when he had her. And that his skills as a father wasn’t something he liked to brag about. So why did she chose to move in here?

Tony knows that he makes the rest of the team nervous. But he can’t help it. How long has it been since he last saw you? 8 – 10 years? He couldn’t even remember. When she called and asked for help, he was shocked. The last time he saw her, she yelled at him. Telling him that he couldn’t just throw money at her, and expect everything to be perfect. And he had to admit that she was right. He did leave her. Paying for everything she needed. But like she said, before she left last time. The only thing she really wanted… Was a father. So.. When she called explaining the situation she was in. He decided that this was his time to step up. Instead of buying an apartment for her. He decided to let her live with the rest of the Avengers inside Stark Tower. Or The Avengers compound as the name was now. Hoping that it might salvage at least some of the father daughter relationship. At least try to mend it.


Brock yawned, moving over to his back. Looking at the blonde lying next to him. How many times had it been now? 4? 5 maybe? The sex was OK enough. But he felt that the only reason she invited him home, was to show him off to her friends. And was she really his type? Getting her nails done like 3 times a week. Hair extentions, silicone, probably almost all plastic, nose job at least. Nothing natural. Sure, she was good looking. But without makeup, he barley recognized her. Maybe he wasn’t the only one fucking her either. Luckilly he used protection. Didn’t want to catch anything now. The blonde started to move. Ashlynn was that her name? Fuck, Brock. You’re just as fake as she is. You slept with her, and now you’re struggling to remember her name. Just get out of here. Get dressed. Tell her you have a job or something. He quickly get dressed, before telling her goodbye, and then leave her apartment. Fuck, Brock. You need to stop this. No more girls. They’re not worth the hustle. You’re trusty mr.Right and a good porn can do the job just as good. If not better..


You lean back in the limo. Look out the window. New York, the City that never sleeps. The City of the Avengers. The big Apple. And the City where your father had build his empire. The empire that gave you a comfortable life, but robbed you of your father. It wasn’t that he hadn’t provided for you. You and your mother never lacked anything… Except for him. Not that it ever was serious between him and your mother. He was what? 16? 17? When your mom got pregnant. A stupid mistake at M.I.T left your mom providing for you, and Tony could build his empire.

Up until you were 4 years old, your grandparents provided for you. Then they died in that car accident, or so you were told. And Tony took over. Paying for your school, all your stuff and even your housing. But he was never there. Only his money, whenever you needed it. Like money could give you a father figure in your life. Maybe if he’d been there you wouldn’t be where you are now.

You made mistakes, sure. But this last one. Fuck. You should’ve never started to date Lucas in the first place. When you think back, you should have known it from the start. How he would turn out. Only wanting you for your money. Screw him. Infact screw all men. In that moment, you make a promise to yourself, to never ever let another man enter your life. It’s just not worth it. They’re all assholes. Different kind of assholes, but assholes non the less.


The limo stops. You look out the window again. You’re definitely here. The building is beautiful. And high, you can’t even see the top of it.

The car door opens.

– Welcome home, YN!

You step out of the car, look up. Shit this building is like a skyscraper. The driver gets your bags out of the trunk, walks in front of you towards the doors. This is it. Is he just as nervous as you?

When you enter, they all get up. It feels forced. This is fucked up. What the hell did he say about you? If he wants you to feel welcome, this is definitely not the way to do that.

– Welcome home, sweetheart!

Tony holds your shoulders, looking at you, before giving you a hug. You keep your arms by your side. Looking at the people standing in the lobby.

A cute redhead, with the biggest smile. Another redhead, she looks almost military style, lips firmly shut. A strange looking guy with a hammer. Your guess is that is Thor. That God creature your dad told you about. Another guy with a bow and arrow. Looks nice. You might be able to actually have a conversation with this one. And, yeah then there is the infamous Captain America. Everyone knows who he is. And next to him again. A guy with dark hair, eyes so blue you can see it from where you’re standing, and something that looks like a metal arm. Fuck. You’re gonna be living with hybrids now? Of course you know that Tony is Iron Man. You almost choked on your coffee when he revealed that secret. You and your mom. But you didn’t know that he made metal arms.. What else don’t you know?

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