Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Twentytwo

Chapter Twentytwo – James Something The dress from Stark arrives the following Thursday, delivered to your door. It’s a beautiful black and gold ballgown, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It must have cost a fortune. You try it on, look at yourself in the mirror. You almost don’t recognise yourself. You look like.. You […]

Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Twentyone

Chapter Twentyone – YN? Have You Been Drinking? The whole thing is over just as fast as it started. When the dust settles, you look around. Looks like you’re the only civilian left. You stay still for a while. Trying to wrap your head around what you just witnessed. Your heart is pounding out of […]

When I Met You (SlowBurn Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – As In Tony Stark Is My Father! You put on the last of your make up, and take another look in the mirror. Why did getting dressed become so hard all of a sudden? It never was before. Is it because you’re suddenly living in the Avengers Compound. Like you care what […]

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