WELCOME TO My Smutty Palace

Author, mother, friend, daughter, sister, lover of all things MARVEL. I´m never gonna grow up. My writing journey has been wild. And I´s my favorite rollercoaster.

I´ve been banned from Wattpad, yep, I joined the banned book club. I met some amazing people along my way. And I´m so beyond thankful for everything you do for me. Without you, I´m nothing. Without you, my words would just be words.

Live is amazing, and trust me when I say, that you never know what´s behind that next corner. Keep going, never give up! And enjoy the written word!

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Never Give Up!

Important Dates
JAN 1st
Writing Challenge

My First Writing Challenge will start. In honor of me turning 40, the next month. The Challenge will take place for 31 days. Ending on February 1st. My Birthday. More info will come!

Feb 1st
Happy Birthday

I´m turning 40. Or, well. I´m turning 20 for the 20th time. That´s how it feels like. On My birthday I will bless you with a very special birthday post. Something near and dear to me.

Feb 14th
Posting Your Story!

If you submit to my writing challenge, you could have your story posted on my blog. Starting February 14th, I will post 10 of my favorites on here, and link to your site of course. Let´s support each other!

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