Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Twentyone

Chapter Twentyone – YN? Have You Been Drinking?

The whole thing is over just as fast as it started. When the dust settles, you look around. Looks like you’re the only civilian left. You stay still for a while. Trying to wrap your head around what you just witnessed. Your heart is pounding out of control. The Soldier! You don’t know him by any other name. And he fought Captain America. And now, suddenly everybody is gone. Like they vanished into smoke. Finally you manage to get up. Still dizzy, you walk slowly towards your apartment.

You close the door behind you, before leaning against it. What the fuck happened out there? Who is he? And what is HYDRA? Google wasn’t really helpful. And you don’t know anyone that you feel like you can trust with this. That Non-Disclosure agreement might put anyone you tell in danger as well. And this HYDRA stuff that Rumlow mentioned. They don’t exactly sound like nice guys.

You can’t sleep. You don’t even dare to turn the light off, and you’re constantly listening for sounds. Did someone see you, out there today? Did HYDRA see you? Are they after you? You finally fall asleep when the sunlight starts to peak into your bedroom.

You wake up with a jolt. Your phone rings. You pick it up, without looking at it.

– YN, Where are you. Mr.Stephens have been waiting for over an hour? He is not very happy!

The madam speaks. You remove your phone from your ear, and look at the time. 13.30pm.. SHIT! You so overslept.

– Oh my god.. I’m so so sorry. Tell him I’ll be right there..

You stumble out of bed, and hit your knee on the nightstand.

– Fuck, shit. DAMMIT!!

You almost scream. And you can feel your tears coming. It’s been a long time since you cried for real. The stuff yesterday must have gotten to you.

– YN? Have you been drinking?

The madam sounds concerned.

– You’ve never been late to an appointment before. Did something happen?

You sit down on your bed, rubbing your knee.

– Err..

How can you tell her this? How can you tell her without giving too much away?

– YN. It’s my job to keep you girls safe. If something happened, you have to tell me.

You know, you know you should tell her. Clients do get blacklisted, if they treat you wrong, and it has happened before.

– You know that incident yesterday?

The madam goes silent for a while.

– YN! Were you there?

She sounds genuinely worried about you.

– Yeah.. I hid behind a car…

You don’t say anything else..

– YN.. I’ll call Mr.Stephens and tell him. He’ll understand. I’m sure. Are you sure you’re up for this weekend with Mr.Vaugh?

You don’t answer right away.

– I can ask him if it would be OK for him with another girl. If you need the time off.

You close your eyes.. A tear escapes and rolls down your cheek. All you can think of is that poor guy. Brainwashed beyond anything you’ve ever even read about…

– No.. I’m up for it. Don’t worry about me. I’ll get fixed, and then I’ll come down. I’ll be fine..

You say your goodbyes, before hanging up.

You look at yourself in the mirror. Let your tears run free, before you start to put your make up on. Ready to comply! Like he was some sort of machine. He didn’t even know what he was doing. You feel discusted with yourself. Even though you know you couldn’t do anything. You feel like you raped him. You HAVE to find out who he really is. If it’s the last thing you’ll ever do.


When you enter your workplace you feel like everyone goes silent. Like you’re made of glass, and you could break from even the smallest of sounds. You don’t even have to knock on the madams door. She stands there. Waiting for you. Putting a hand on your back, guiding you into her office, before closing the door. You sit down in a chair.

– YN. I talked to Jenna. And she agreed to take on Mr.Vaughn for the weekend.

The madam looks at you. You look back.

– I told you…

You start..

– You’ll be going to the opening Galla of the Captain America Museum. Easy job. Just look pretty, and mingle. Nothing else. After what you just went through, you deserve a weekend off.

You look at her. The Captain America Museum? This is… Maybe this is exactly what you need to get the answers you want. Certainly there must be something about HYDRA in that Museum.

– YN. Are you alright? Here, have a drink!

The madam hands you a cup of tea. You take a sip.

– It’s camomille. It’s relaxing. I always had one after a job, when I was…

She let’s the sentence die out. And you take another sip.

– The… The Captain America Galla…?

You ask.

– Yes. Tony Stark wanted some girls to accompany him, and the other Avengers. You can do that, right,YN?

– Sure.. I can do that.. But I don’t think I have the dress for an occasion like that. The little black one seems a little…

You look up at her. You don’t want to say that the little black one makes you look like a slut. But that’s what it does. And you hope she will understand that.

– Oh, sweet innocent, YN. I wish more of the girls were like you.

You don’t understand what she means. Innocent you are not. At least not after visiting SHIELD twice.

– Tony Stark will provide you with an outfit. I’ve already sent your measurements to him.

Wow. A dress, a real dress, suitable for a Galla, and provided by Tony Stark. Wow.. Just wow..


The only thing keeping you from enjoying this moment to the fullest, is that Soldier guy. Where is he now? Did he return to the SHIELD building after? Did he manage to do what he was told to do? Did they hurt him? Too many questions… God.. How did you get mixed up in this? Should you try Google one more time? What can you search for? Metal arm? No.. Google won’t help you.. You’ll have to wait until you get to check out the Museum. You have to find some answers there. Anything will do at this point.

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