Best Friends Forever (Bucky Barnes X Reader) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – You´re not, You Know! How is it possible for a simple kiss to feel this good? It’s like his lips takes over your entire body, when they interact with yours. – I want you, YN! Bucky moans. You look up at him, the water hitting his face, dripping down from his eyebrows, […]

Best Friends Forever (Bucky Barnes X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – James! You walk towards the bathroom. Not saying anything. – I’m sorry, YN. I shouldn’t have said anything. You stop, and turn around. Take a deep breath. How do you respond to this? You like Bucky a lot. Love him even, and you just had sex with him. You should never have […]

Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Twentytwo

Chapter Twentytwo – James Something The dress from Stark arrives the following Thursday, delivered to your door. It’s a beautiful black and gold ballgown, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It must have cost a fortune. You try it on, look at yourself in the mirror. You almost don’t recognise yourself. You look like.. You […]

Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty – The Soldier! You follow your normal after work rutine tonight as well. A long warm shower, PJs on, and then a drink and a cigarette. You open your laptop, and try to Google HYDRA. “Did you mean hydraulicks?” – No I didn’t fucking mean hydraulicks! You mutter to yourself, as you try […]

When I Met You (SlowBurn Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – As In Tony Stark Is My Father! You put on the last of your make up, and take another look in the mirror. Why did getting dressed become so hard all of a sudden? It never was before. Is it because you’re suddenly living in the Avengers Compound. Like you care what […]

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