Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty – The Soldier!

You follow your normal after work rutine tonight as well. A long warm shower, PJs on, and then a drink and a cigarette. You open your laptop, and try to Google HYDRA.

“Did you mean hydraulicks?”

– No I didn’t fucking mean hydraulicks!

You mutter to yourself, as you try again. “HYDRA inside SHIELD” you press the search button.

“Hydraulics is a mechanical function that operates through the force of liquid pressure.”

Fucking stupid Google! What the fuck does that even mean? If this is all Google has to offer, this will take all night. You decide to give it one more try. You type in “HYDRA soldier” before you press the search button.

Nothing. Just a whole lot about WW2. Why is Google giving you WW2 information? Arrg.. Screw it.. Probably because you wrote soldier.

You go to bed. But you can’t sleep. The only thing you manage to think about is that poor guy down in the cold and dark basement in the SHIELD building. Is he still alive? Maybe they went back and killed him. You have to do something, YN. You just gonna have to. You can’t leave him down there. This knowledge.. You have an obligation to do something. You just don’t know what!


The following Monday, you show up at the office. You still have no clue how to tell the Madam that you won’t go back to SHIELD. But you know that you’ll have to say something. Just not the truth.

– YN! How lovely to see you. How did the weekend go?

The Madam is almost overly nice. Did someone call her? Did they complain?

– Err.. Good I guess. But I have to talk to you about next Friday.

The Madam gestures for you to sit down. Pours you a glass of water.

– That was what I wanted to talk to you about as well. Mr. Vaughn is flying in this Tursday, and he requested you. You’ll be spending this weekend with him.

Mr. Vaughn. Probably one of the richest men on planet earth. Right up there beside Tony Stark. And, one of your regulars, when he is in Town. You feel relieved. Mr. Vaughn is actually quite nice. Usually a nice dinner, some champagne, and well.. You are a working girl.. You didn’t mind sleeping with Vaughn. He was a bit older, but still good looking enough.

– Oh.. Yeah.. Cool.. I guess..

You take a sip of your water.

– Alexander called me. The agents will be at the opening of the new Captain America museum this weekend. So you’re free to join Mr. Vaughn! Go out and buy some new clothes. You know how Mr. Vaughn is.

Thank God. Now you don’t have to tell her anything. You can use these 14 days to think. You take another sip of your water. Suddenly your mouth feels dry.

– You wanted to talk to me about next Friday?

The madam says. Looking at you.

– Did something happen?

You franticly try to come up with some form of excuse.

– Err.. Yeah.. I grabbed a cab when I was returning home. And the driver….

– Say no more, YN. I’ll get you a driver. A SAFE driver. Listen, YN. Take your two appointments today, and then you can have tomorrow off. Go on a shopping spree. Find some clothes to impress Mr. Vaughn. Deal?

You nod to her, before you leave her office. Your two regulars today is basically nothing. Lunch with a single dad, that misses his regular Monday lunches with his late wife. And well, afternoon tea with Mr. Appleby, who was a nice guy, but ugly as fuck. Just get it over with, YN. Nothing can possibly be worse this Friday anyway.


Tuesday you wake up early. You take your time fixing yourself. Finding clothes to wear. Most of the stores you use allows you to shop there. But some of them looks down on people like you, especially the high end ones. You have to really dress the part to get to shop there. And to impress Mr. Vaughn, you have to find something really beautiful. He could probably spot fake jewlery a mile away.

The weather is nice. So after some shopping. You decide to have your coffee outside. You like that. To look at all the people. Trying to guess what they do for a living. And at the same time fantasise about how your life could have been. It wasn’t like the escort service was the place you dreamt about working when you grew up. But life kinda just happened.

Two friends walks past you. Young girls. Laughing about something on their phone. You miss that time. That time when you were young and innocent. Your whole life ahead of you. Endless possibilities. How did you end up where you are today?

Suddenly there’s a loud bang on the overpass behind you. You turn around to look. This is New York. So Cars crashing is a regular thing. But this.. This is something else. Heavy smoke rising up in the air. And… Was that gunshot you heard? You drop your coffee cup. Look at the people around you again. Panicking. Screaming, running.

Something comes flying off the overpass, flies into a buss, that because of the hit goes off the road. Then another person comes flying down from the overpass. Hides behind a truck, and starts to shoot at the people still up on the overpass. What the fuck is happening?

More panic. People are running for their lifes. A readheaded girl runs down the street, yelling for people to take cover. You know this is dangerous. You know you should run away. But a voice in your head tells you to stay. You take cover behind a car. Making sure you can still see what’s happening around you. You can’t hear the screaming anymore. Just the continuously sound of bullets flying.

Then a figure jumps down from the overpass. Lands on a car. All dressed in black, even his face is covered in black. There is only one thing that gives away who he is. That left metal arm. The Soldier! You can’t take your eyes away from him. When he walks down from the car, lifts his gun. What is he doing? Suddenly you remember Rumlows words… The mission he’s about to go on, requiers loyalty from his side. We need him back. THIS is that mission? To shoot up the City? To kill people? What did they drag you into?

You follow him with your eyes. Thank God, they didn’t kill him! You’re scared out of your mind, but you can’t run away. It’s like you’re glued to the ground. Looks like he’s looking for something, or someone. Suddenly he stops. Lifts his gun. Fuck, you can’t watch this. To see him kill someone. Please, YN. Run away, at least close your eyes. You feel sorry for this guy. You saw what they did to him. And now he’s about to kill someone, right before your eyes.

Suddenly a guy comes rushing towards him. You immediately see who is it, because of the shield he has. Captain America. Without his costume this time. He’s fighting him. Was he sent to kill Captain America? Why would SHIELD do that? They work together. Why would SHIELD go after The Avengers? You don’t understand anything.

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