Best Friends Forever (Bucky Barnes X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – James!

You walk towards the bathroom. Not saying anything.

– I’m sorry, YN. I shouldn’t have said anything.

You stop, and turn around. Take a deep breath. How do you respond to this? You like Bucky a lot. Love him even, and you just had sex with him. You should never have done that. Not because you didn’t want to, but because you’re married, and if that wasn’t enough. The person you’re married to, is his best friend.

– I need a shower, Buck…

You say. Like that’s gonna answer his statement.

He sinks down on the couch, drags his hand over his face.

– ….. Want to join me?

The words rolling over your lips, before you even have a chance to think. Starving for affection, having him close is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Not even with Steve.

Bucky slowly gets up from the couch. Walks over to you. Takes your face in his hands, and kisses you. Slow, deep and passionate.

– I thought you’d never ask!

He says, before he pushes you up against the wall, and your lips collide together, tongues fighting for dominance. Hands roaming each others bodies like you’ve been starving for each other for years on end.

– Shower Buck…

You manage to say, between kisses. Your hand reaches for the doorknob, and you continue your field trip of each other bodies as you walk into the bathroom.

– Fuck, YN…

Bucky moans, as he once again pushes you against the wall. His erection growing against you.

– This is so wrong…

You answer. But you know you can’t stop it. It’s like you’ve been aching for him, and now he satisfies every single one of your needs.

– I know…. I know…

Bucky agrees, as he grabs your behind, and lifts you up. You wrap your legs around his waist, instantly. Letting your lips trail up his neck. Fuck, his skin tastes good.

– Fuck me, Buck!

You whisper in his ear. As his tip teases your entrance. You buck your hips into his lower body.

He slowly enters you, stops for a second, and looks at you. Keeping his metal arm around you, to steady you, while his other hand brushes a couple of hairs away from your face.

– YN!

His deep ocean blue eyes, and his breath on you. His metal arm holding you up, and him slowly entering you like this. It’s more than you can take.

– I need you, James!

Your words are enough to push Bucky over the edge. In one thrust his whole length is inside you, and he works you hard.

– Fuck, YN…. You’re so tight.. You…

You lean your head back against the wall. Let his arms and the wall steady you, as you frantically buck your hips to follow his movements. His cock massaging your walls with each new thrust.

– You feel so good inside me….

You manage to say, before he grabs your hips, and moves you around on him a bit. The angle his cock hits that sweet spot inside you, makes you gasp.

– Fuck!

You partly scream. As he continues his quest to bring you to climax. Burying his face in your neck, breathing into your skin, your bodies desperately moving together in a perfect rhythm, as you moan each others names.

– I…. YN.. Fuck. I can’t hold it much longer…

Bucky moans, quickly followed by his lips greedily tasting your neck.

– Don’t stop… Please… Don’t stop… Ahhhaa… Please…

You moan, as your hands glide into his hair, holding his face in place on your neck. His warm breath hitting your neck at a fast steady pace, make you clench your muscles around him, sucking him in, milking him.

– Shit, James! I’m gonna come!!! FUUUUUUCK! Ahhhaaaa. My God!

You push his face into your neck, so hard that you’re almost afraid he’ll suffocate. But his breath still hits the spot just above your collarbone, fast and steady, until his hands squeezing tighter around your hips, as he plunges upwards hard a couple of times, before he finishes.

You stay like that for a while. Bodies still pressed together, his breath on your neck, slow and steady.

– James?

You say, before you untangle yourself from him. He still holds you, like he don’t want to let go. He lifts his face, looks at you, before he leans his forehead against yous.

– Why do you keep calling me James?

He asks, before placing a soft kiss on your lips.

– I don’t know….

You answer, turning away from him. Now that’s a big fat lie. You know why you keep calling him James. Maybe you should tell him. But you don’t want to kill the mood. This thing you’ve just started together. For some reason, you want it to continue.

You turn on the shower, check the temperature. Bucky takes a gentle hold of your arm. You turn to look at him. God, he’s beautiful. More now than ever before.

– YN! We’re in this together! You’re not the only one crossing lines here. So please, talk to me

He kisses you again, as tears starts to form in your eyes. Again he takes your face in his hands, whiping a few tears away with his thumb. Leaning his forehead into yours again.

– If you want to, we can stop…

Bucky says in a soft tone, but it doesn’t sound very convincing. Probably because you both know that you won’t be able to. The line is already crossed, it’s too late, way too late to go back.

You put your hands on his chest. Not pushing, just to touch him. Forehead to forehead, you just stand there, feeling each other. You’re probably thinking the same thing. And if things were different…. God, this is wrong, so wrong, on so many levels. But oh my GOD, so, so fucking good.

– Look, YN! We’re already there. No use to regret anything. I’m sorry that I started this. I just… I ment it.. When I said that I love you.

Bucky is the first one to talk. You look at him. Take a breath, trying to calm you down. You never in your wildest dreams thought that you would cheat on Steve, and at least not with his best friend.

– Now please tell me, why you keep calling me, James!

He wipes away another tear, before he kisses you again.

– It makes it easier… Bucky is Steve’s best friend. James…. James is…

Bucky takes a hold around your waist, pulling you close to him. Kisses you passionately. It almost takes your breath away. When he breaks the kiss, he looks at you for a split second, before he grabs your behind again, lifts you up.

– James is the one who’ gonna fuck you in the shower! Right now!

You let out a little laugh, before your lips meets his, soft, warm, tender, loving. And you can’t help but think, that Steve never kissed you like this. Never.

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