When I Met You (SlowBurn Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – As In Tony Stark Is My Father!

You put on the last of your make up, and take another look in the mirror. Why did getting dressed become so hard all of a sudden? It never was before. Is it because you’re suddenly living in the Avengers Compound. Like you care what any of them thinks of you. At least Natasha is nice, and easy to be around. She kinda has the same attitude as you. Maybe this night can actually be fun.

You walk down to the living room, sink down in the couch. Pick up your phone, and go through your messages. It’s been beeping non stop. A couple of your friends are asking about the Avengers.

“How is it to live amongst the Avengers?”

“Are Bucky really as cute as his pictures?”

“Hooked up with Americas Ass yet?”

“How was it meeting your dad again?”

Finally a normal question. You start to answer.

“Well. He’s the same Tony as he always was. Natasha is nice though….”

You don’t get to type in anymore, before there is a Dump in the couch next to you. You take your eyes off your phone, and look at whoever sat down beside you. Great, hybrid guy.

– So…

Nothing more. Perfect, did he short circuit or something?

– Yes?

– Did T.. Your dad tell you about me?

You turn your attention back to your phone.

“We’re going out tonight!”

– What? Is there like something special about you?

– Err..

Bucky looks down on his metal arm.

– Jeez.. Get your wiring checked!

Once again Bucky looks at you. He looks relieved. Wow. You didn’t exactly expect that reaction.

– Natasha told me you were going out!

– Yeah.. I.. Arrg.. Forget it. Why am I talking to you about this?

He sighs, and gets up from the couch, when he’s halfway out of the room, he turns towards you.

– I am a good listener, you know. If you’d like to talk.

You look at him. Let out a little laugh.

– Forget it Robot guy.. You’ll never even see my underwear.

He shurgs, before he turns around and leaves. Almost walks straight into Natasha. She looks at you..

– Woah.. What was that all about?

You shrug, and get up.

– That guy should really have his wiring checked.

Once again Natasha laughs of your remark.

– They all need that, from time to time. Even To.. Your dad.

You don’t want to talk anymore about your dad. He’s not THAT special anyway.

– Ready to go?

Natasha answers you with a gesture of drinking. Before you leave the living area.


The club looks fancy. With an almost endless queue outside. You look at Natasha as she drags you across the street.

– Hey, Nat. I wasn’t exactly planning on spending the entire night in a queue!

Nat looks at you. Smiling.

– Who said anything about a queue?

Then she grabs your arm, and approach the bouncer at the door. Of course he stops you.

– Get in line miss. This isn’t one of those clubs, you’ll get into just by good looks.

The bouncer looks at you. Natasha nudges your side.

– Show him your ID!

She whispers to you. Oh, so that what she wanted? Screw it, if your name gets you both in here, you’ll take it. You fish up your ID, along with the VIP card Tony gave you to the compound. The bouncer looks at them. Then back up at you, and then your ID one more time. Before he steps aside, and gestures for you to enter. Woah.. The Stark name can get you like everything in this City.

– Good thing you’re a Stark, YN. I’ve been wanting to get in here for ages.

Natasha says, when you take your places on one of the balconies, looking down on the dance floor.

– So being an Avenger doesn’t have it’s perks?

You look at her. You thought.. You don’t know what you thought. Probably something like if you lived in the Compound, you were pretty much a Stark..

– Well maybe on some levels. But I mean being a Stark will get you just about everything.

You send her a little smile. You never thought of it like that. Being a Stark.. Well, you’ve always been one.

A quick glance over at the bar, you notice a guy with a slick Suite and a typical “dads money” look, staring over at you and Natasha.

– Including a lot of unwanted attention..

You say while nodding your head towards the bar. Natasha looks at the guy.

– Hey. Aside from his obvious looks. He might be really good in bed.

You both laugh. It feels good. It’s been a long time since you actually laughed. Natasha gets up.

– I’ll get us a drink. Don’t want to make it too obvious that we were talking about him.

She winks at you when she leaves. And you lean back in the couch, looking at the people down on the dance floor.

After a while someone sits down next to you. You turn around, expecting it to be Natasha. You jump, when you see it’s actually “Dads money” sitting next to you. Oh God. Piss off already.

– I saw you eyeing me over there. I haven’t seen you here before. You new in the City?

Fuck. Hurry up Nat. Or else I’ll throw this loser over the railings.

– Yeah. I just moved in at my dads place.

You try not to look at him, to not show interest, but it doesn’t look like your strategy is working.

– Yeah? I just did that too. You might have heard of me. Stephen Saunders. Of Saunders Inc.

Oh God. Not the bragging. If it’s one thing money have taught you through the years, it is that the braggers are below the rest of you. Get lost “Daddys Porsche”. Or else I’ll show you what “daddys money” really means. Arrg… Fuck it.. You turn to look at him.

– You might have heard of me as well.

You extend your hand.

– YN Stark. As in Tony Stark is my father!

The shock in his eyes is priceless.

– Oh… Err… You… You’re…

You give him a little “fuck you” smirk.

– Way out of your league..

Then you turn away from him again. He almost frantically gets up, and leaves your table, as Natasha gets back with your drinks.

– So… No good?

She asks, as she hands you your Martini.

– Guys are pathetic, Nat. I’m done with them.

– Well, get your game face on. Because I saw two or three more of them eyeing you on my way back.

You look around. No one catches your attention. God how you hate these money people. Always thinking they were better than everyone else.

– Well, guess I could use the Stark name for what it’s worth tonight.

You answer, taking a sip of your drink. Natasha nods her head, and you see another guy approaching your table. Oh, for fucks sake. Can’t you have like ONE girls night out alone?

A guy sits down next to you. Extends his hand to you.

– Patrick Fields. As in Fields Investments.

You take his hand.

– YN Stark, as in Stark Industries.

His eyes isn’t even reacting. Fuck! This guy will be a challenge. You’ll have to get your game face on to get rid of this one.

– Wow. Stark! My dad did some business with him back in the days.

Oh, shit! You turn your attention back to Natasha, in the hopes that he will get the picture and leave on his own. Man, how wrong can you be?

– I didn’t know Stark had a kid.

You still don’t answer. Trying to keep the conversation with Natasha going. Her smile tells you it’s not working.

– You know! I actually visited the Stark Towers once.

Did he now? What, like when he was six? Ok, YN. Show him who’s the boss. You turn towards him. Look him straight in the eye.

– Does your dick reach all the way back to your asshole?

You can see in the corner of your eye that Natasha is trying to keep in her laugh. The guy who’s name you’ve already forgotten looks at you for a while.

– Err.. Well, if you really want to know… Yes, it does.

You lift your drink. Turn away from him.

– Well. Then I suggest you go fuck yourself!

You look him in the eye again, while gulping your drink. Natasha is desperately trying to keep her laugh in. Thankfully the guy finally gets the picture, and leaves. Natasha raises her hand in a high five, you give her one.

– I’d drink to that. I’ll get us one more.

She says, laughing when approaching the bar.

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