When I Met You (SlowBurn Rumlow X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – I Know Who You Are “Baby Face”!

After Natasha helps you to settle into your room, she leaves. Turning towards you in the doorway.

– My room is right across the hall if you need anything…

You send her a little smile, before she closes the door behind her. Then you sink down on your bed, look around the room. Big Windows covering an entire wall. Letting in tons of natural light. The other walls painted in a boring, but stylish light grey colour. You bed neatly made. You lie down. Looking up at the ceiling. How did you end up here? How could you have been so stupid? You should have left him the second he started to mention your money. You never felt rich. Your mom didn’t have any money, and although you always got money from Tony if you needed it. You never felt rich. The only reason you got the Stark name was because your mom wanted you to have choices and opportunities growing up. And the Stark name opened doors for you.

You especially remember one time. You were out shopping with your friends. It was in your goth fase as a teenager. So you stood out, wearing all black, and looked like a prostitute. So a manager of a high end store told you to leave. That was before your best friend grabbed your arm, looked the manager straight in the eye, and said “Do you know who she is? This is YN Stark. Tony Stark is her father!” And you still remember how the managers eyes went from disgust to respectful, with a side of fear. Like she thought you’d tell your dad, and ruin her store. You never used the name to get stuff, but your friends absolutely did. To be honest, you didn’t even know how you felt about your father. He felt more like a bank than an actual dad.

There’s a knock on your door. You can tell by the knock alone, that it’s Tony.

– Come in!

You say, without moving.

The door opens, and Tony enters. Rubbing his forehead. Maybe he is nervous as well. He sits down on the chair by the desk.

– So… YN.. How is the room? To your liking? If… If not I’ll have it redecorated first thing..

You sit up. Look at him..

– Tony.. I’m 35 years old. The room is fine. I’m over the princess fase you know.

He gets up. Clears his throat.

– I just want you to feel comfortable. Welcome. Did Nat treat you well?

You sigh..

– Yes, Tony. She was really nice.

He clears his throat again.

– Err.. Well. Wanda is making dinner. It’ll be ready in about two hours. YN… daughter.. I’d be happy if you’ll join us..

The way he says “daughter” it feels forced. No surprise. He isn’t used to have one. And you’re 35 years old. YN is totally fine.

– YN is fine, Tony. I’ll think about dinner, OK..

– In the kitchen.. Two floors down..

He says, before he leaves you alone.

You fall down on your bed again. Super.. Dinner with hybrid guy, pretty face, Point Break, Legolas and.. Well both of the girls seems pretty OK at least. A dinner filled with testosteron and a “save the world” complex. Screw it.. You need to eat..


The first guy you see when you enter the kitchen is a big green guy. Like really big. He could probably crush you with his pinky finger alone.

– Err…

You say. Totally caught off guard. The green monster guy turns around. Looks down at you. You try to think… Hulk.. The Hulk.. is that a name? He extends his arm. You don’t quite understand why, because you can’t even take his pinky finger in your hand.

– Professor Banner.

He says. His voice unnatural soft given his size.

– Err..

You say again. At a loss for words.

– You must be, YN! Mr. Stark have told us so much about you.

– Oh.. Really? Like what?

Tony comes up behind you. Puts a hand on your back.

– Bruce.. Let’s save the conversation for the dinner table.

Oh God.. Is this kinder garden? Are you like gonna hold a tennis ball and talk about yourself? You should have stayed in your room.


You all sit down to eat. You nervously rub your hands against your thighs underneath the table. You almost feel like you’re on display. Everyone is watching you. Natasha is the first one to speak up.

– So.. YN! Tony’s daughter huh?

You look at Tony, then back at Natasha.

– Yes.. Err.. I mean.. He was so graceful as to donate sperm to my mom, and then be Stark financial for me for 31 years.

Everyone goes dead silent. Looking at Tony, waiting for a reaction. Are they like afraid of him or something? Tony puts down his fork. Looks at the others.

– Well…

The others gets if possible almost more quiet.

– I guess I can’t exactly argue with that. I told you that my fatherly skills isn’t something I like to brag about. But I’d like to change that, YN. And I hope you’ll let me.

Wow.. You didn’t expect THAT. And by the looks of it neither did anyone else.

– I’m Steve Rogers by the way.

Finally someone talks. You absolutely hate uncomfortable silences. You look up at him.

– I know who you are, “Baby Face”..

Natasha can’t stop her little laugh.. You continue to look at Steve while you talk.

– The all so noble Captain America.. How is saving the world going for ya?

– YN…

Tony starts. But you cut him off..

– Seriously. We’re making small talk? I’m never gonna remember all your names anyway. So I came up with my own. Deal with it..

You get up, and leave the table. And you can hear Tony desperately trying to excuse you. God.. You knew this would be awkward, but jeez.. You’ll just order a pizza or something, eat in your room. Watch TV. For you to be Tonys daughter, he has to be your father. And he was more like your ATM.

You slam the door to your room shut. You don’t have to wait long until there’s a knock on your door.

– Piss off, Tony!

You yell.

– Err.. It’s me. Natasha. Can I come in?

You turn towards the door.

– Sure..

The door opens, slowly. Like she’s almost afraid of you. Isn’t she like a super spy or something? She closes the door behind her just as careful, before turning towards you.

– That was… err.. Quite a show, you put on downstairs.. Why the hostility?

– It’s not hostility, Nat. It’s just… I hate guys.. And the slicker they are, the worse they are..

You sink down on your bed.

– An honest opinion.

She says, sitting down next to you.

– And to be honest.. Steve sometimes needs a cold shower or two.

You can’t help but smile at her. Natasha is nice. And she’s not a guy, so she’s safe to be around.

– Hey, say what..

Natasha gets back up.

– We go out tonight. Talk, drink, maybe dance a little. Have a good time. Feels like you need it.

You look up at her.. Sound funny enough. And it’ll get you out of the compound for a while.

– Sure. I’ll just… Get ready. Thanks, Nat.

– Anytime..

She says as she exits your room.

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