Forbidden Fruit (Jonathan Pine X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – Cairo 5 Years Ago!

You sink down on the black leather couch in the hotel lobby. Great, another day stuck inside here. You actually thought that a trip to Egypt with your sister would be fun. You never expected all of this to happen. Well, Samira wasn’t exactly your sister. But she was the closest thing you had to a family. After your parents died, she took you in. Gave you a home, a new life. She was well off, had a nice house, and plenty of room. And she traveled a lot, so you were often alone in the big house. But this time, this time you chose to tag along.

The hotel is almost empty now, guests fleeing like animals at a stampeed. You don’t blame them. The riots outside have reached it’s third day, and it seems like it won’t stop any time soon. You try not to listen to the loud noises, shouting and screaming. You’re lucky, you can stay at the hotel. But you feel bad for the people forced to go outside. It doesn’t feel safe. You’re scared for Samira, every time she leaves the hotel to take care of business. But she always comes back. Always.

– Can I get you some coffee, mam?

You look up. At a face so divine, it takes your breath away.

– Err.. Sure.. I.. I.. Mean, tea maybe. I kinda want to sleep tonight. You know, get away from all the noises outside…

– No coffee after 6pm. I understand!

He sits down in a chair. Pours you a cup of tea, and then proceeds to make one for himself.

– How are you holding up, mam?

How are you holding up? Really. You’ve been wanting to fly back home for the last two days. But Samira still have some business to attend to, and given the riots outside, leaving the hotel and the country requiers connections. Connections you don’t have.

– Ehh.. I don’t know. I’ve been wanting to go home. But my sister is working, so I guess I’m stuck here.

– I see. Don’t worry, mam. The hotel is the safest place to be.

You look up at him again. Then you see the name tag on his tailored suit. He works here. That explanes it. The mam, and the calm voice.

– I don’t mean to sound rude. And I do enjoy your company. But don’t you like have other guests to take care of?

He puts his cup down on the table.

– You’re the only one left, mam. I am all yours. Tell me what you need, and I’ll be right there.

You send him a little smile.

– Your company is more than enough for now. Thank you!

– No need to thank me, mam. I’m the night manager here. It’s my job!

The night manager? Does that mean that he will be here the entire night? Maybe you should get that coffee after all. Sitting down and talk to this man the entire night, sounds more fun than staying alone in your room, listening to the riots outside.

A loud bang sounds from outside. Some of the lobby windows gets blown in, and pieces of glass rains over you. Everything happens so fast, you don’t realise that you’re on your back on the floor, with him on top of you, shielding your face from the raining pieces of glass. You don’t dare to look at him. Instead you look towards the lobby doors. Smoke pouring into the hotel lobby. Guards taking their places. A tear escapes your eye. Where is Samira? Is she OK?

– Don’t worry, mam. It’s only outside. This hotel is safe. I can promise you that!

You move your head, look at him. He is if possible more divine now. His face is in lack of a better word, perfect. Ocean blue eyes, radiating kindness and compassion. Strong features, but at the same time, something playful. And a jawline that screams masculinity. And he just saved you. And… You’re suddenly very aware that he’s on top of you. His face dangerously close to yours.

– Are you allright, mam?

His expression worried. And finally you realise that you haven’t said a word.

– Ehh.. Yes… I think. Just a little shaken up.

He gets up from the floor, then he helps you up. Holding you close, to make sure you manage to stand on your own.

– I’m Jonathan Pine!

He hands you a tissue. You’re so shaken up, you don’t realise that you’re still crying.


– Nice to meet you Miss. YLN

– Same. Mr. Pine!

You offer him your hand, he doesn’t take it. He looks at your hand, and then back at you.

– Are you sure you’re fine, YN?

You look down at your hand. It’s shaking like crazy. You cover it with your other hand. Look up at him again.

– I think so. I don’t know. My sister is out there.

– You worry about her? Business or pleasure?

What kind of a question is that. How can anything outside of this walls be pleasurable?

– Business. She works with the Safe Haven project.

– From Irolast Limited. I know that project.

– Everybody does. Isn’t it great that people like Roper, spends some his money for the greater good?

He doesn’t answer. That in itself makes you uncomfortable. You’ve never actually met Roper, or any of the other people Samira mentioned. But they sound like stand up people. Who genuinely wants to help people. Like with the Safe Haven project for refugees.

– I saw that Freddie Hamid is paying for your room!

Why is he changing the subject? Freddie you’ve actually met. And although he is eccentric, filthy rich and overly confident. He never looked down on you. Maybe because of Samira. But you didn’t care. He provided for the both of you.

– Yes. He does! He’s my sisters boyfriend…. I think…

Again no answer. He just looks at you.

– Are you hungry, Miss. YLN?

Changing the subject again. Is there something wrong with Freddie? Is Samira in danger? You decide not to ask questions about it. If Samira really is in Danger, it’s better you don’t know. You can’t do anything about it anyway, being stuck here.

– I guess I could eat something..

He puts his hand on your back. Leads you into the hotel restaurant. Seats you at at table, and sits down himself as well.

– I know the chef here personally. Mey I join you for dinner?

You smile at him.

– Yes. Mr. Pine. You mey!


Midnight, and Samira’s still not back. Maybe she’s staying the night at Freddies. So she wouldn’t have to walk the streets at night. You sit in your bed in your room. Thinking about all the awful things that could happen to her. You can’t sleep. You just can’t.

When you walk into the lobby. You regret not taking your clothes on. The only thing covering your body is your underwear, and a robe.

– Is everything allright, Miss. YLN?

You turn around. Losing grip of the robe, so parts of your bra is visible. You don’t realise before you follow his gaze, down to your breast. You quickly pull the robe back in place.

– I’m sorry Miss. What can I do for you?

– Just keep me company. I can’t sleep. And I worry about my sister.

– Of course. Do you need anything?

– Whiskey perhaps.. Or a shot of something else.

He laughs a bit.

– Do you think drinking is the right way to go in a situation like this?

– Drinking is always the right way to go, in situations like this..

– Then whiskey it is!

He gets a bottle from the hotel bar, and two glasses. Pours you both a shot. You just look at the glass.

– What do you know about Richard Roper and Freddie Hamid?

He looks up at you. You can see that he doesn’t want to answer. His whole body is flinching. Like he wants to get away from your question, and the uncomfortable silence that follows.

– Look, mam. I really shouldn’t be telling you this.

Why is he calling you mam all of a sudden? Is he distancing himself from your question?

– Mr. Pine! If you know something that can help my sister. Tell me!

He clears his throat.

– Richard Roper is the worst man in the world. He has built his empire from trading human lifes, selling arms and providing private mercenary services to carry out inhuman acts, all to the highest bidder. He deals with Iraqi goventments and Columbian drug cartels. Purchasing every soul that gets in his way. All while hiding behind Ironlast Limited and the Safe Haven project. And Freddie Hamid… Freddie Hamid.. He deals with him. They are about to make a deal that will… It will be devastating for the world if this goes through.

You look at him for a while, before you get to your feet.

– I don’t believe you!

You try to leave, but he stops you.

– Listen to me, YN! Your sister is trying to stop them! I’m helping her. If you don’t believe me. I have proofe!

You swallow. Samira is trying to stop Freddie? How will that affect your lifes? Did Samira tangle herself into something she can’t get out of? Are you in danger?

– What kind of proofe?

He takes your hand. Guides you away from the table. You look at the glass with whiskey. You Haven’t touched it. He leads you into a small office. Really small. The only things in there are a desk, some securely locked cabinets, a computer, a copier and two chairs. He gestures for you to sit down in one of them. You sink down in the chair. He turns away from you, and proceeds to unlock a drawer in one of the cabinets. You follow his every move with your eyes. When he turns around with the papers, you reach for them. But he’s not giving them to you.

– I shouldn’t be showing you this. It could put your sister in more danger.

– Then why did you tell me, Mr. Pine?

He takes a deep breath, then he hands the papers over to you. You look through them. Your hands shaking. Graphic descriptions of how to conduct murder. Vivid explanations on how mercenaries carried out their missions. Contracts in arms dealings, bomb making, drug trafficking and human trafficking. When you’re done reading. You hand the papers back to him. Tears falling from your eyes.

– How… How did she get herself mixed up in this?

He kneels down in front of you. Takes your hands.

– I don’t know, YN! But we’ll help her. I’m helping her!

You stand up. Suddenly angry.

– And how are you going to do that? Where is she?

– She is someplace safe for now. I’ll go to her tomorrow. Do you want me to bring her a message from you?

Now you’re really angry at him. He knew where she was this entire time, and he didn’t tell you. After you said how worried you were.

– You knew?!??

You almost spit the words at him.

– You knew all along, and you didn’t tell me?

– It was not my place to tell. Samira told me to leave you out of it. To protect you.

– You don’t think I can protect myself?

You turn to leave. Yanking yourself away from him.

– Not from Roper and Hamid? There is no protection from them? They own everybody. The military, the Police, the government. Everybody.

He pushes you up against the wall as he’s talking. Not hard, he just holds you in place.

– And you left her alone? What if they get to her? What then?

You cry, silent tears streaming down your face. He wipes them away.

– YN, calm down! She’s safe. I promise.

– Calm down??!! How am I supposed to calm do….

He stops you with a kiss. You have no clue why, and a kiss seems pretty off in this particular situation. But you still kiss him back. Just let it out. You need to get away from your thoughts for just one moment. And this seems like a good enough way of doing that.

You both fall into the kiss. Your robe falls to the ground. His pants as well. His hands on your face. His lips on yours. Your breaths together, mixed with moans, sweat and excitement. You let it all go.

He lifts one of your legs up, placing it on one of the chairs. Pushing your underwear to the side. Then he enters you. None of you planned for this to happen. But neither of you can stop it either. It’s like both of you need this release. And it feels so good. To have him this close. Inside. His lips on your skin. Smelling him, tasting him, feeling him. It feels right. You don’t know why, but it does.

It’s over almost as fast as it started. You don’t say anything when you get your clothes back on. But when you’re about to leave. He grabs your wrist. You turn around.

– What is it Mr. Pine?

He clears his throat. Looks at you. Like he wants to ask something, but doesn’t know how to.

– Ehh.. Do you want me to join you in bed tonight?

You give him a little smile.

– I thought you were The night manager. Aren’t you supposed to watch the hotel for the night?

He takes your face in his hands. Gently kisses you.

– You’re the only guest here, YN. And my job is to look out for you.

– Then how can I say no, Mr. Pine!

The sharing a bed agreement leads to more intimacy. For the entire night you explore each others bodies, in every way you can. It’s thrilling, exhilerating, warm, beautiful.

When you wake up the next morning, he’s gone. No note, no nothing. You get out of bed, and get dressed. Before you walk down to the lobby. Angry voices. Scared voices. You follow the sound.

– Why did you come back? I TOLD you to stay put! You’re not safe here!

– I found a way to get YN, out of the country. But she needs to leave today. This is the only window I have, to get her as far away from this as possible.

Samira? Samira is back. You almost run into the lobby throwing yourself into her arms.

– Oh God! I was so worried! Where have you been?

You look at her. She has a black eye and a swollen lip.

– Did someone hurt you?

Samira doesn’t answer. Instead she takes a hold of your shoulders, looks you in the eye.

– You need to pack up your stuff. I can get you out of the country. But you have to leave today!

– I’m not leaving you!

– You have to, YN! It’s not safe here. And I can’t watch out for you. You have to leave. Get your stuff, and be ready in 15 minutes. A car will pick you up.

The look in her eyes, makes you do what she tells you. You get back to your room, and pack up your stuff. When you reach the lobby again. The driver is already there. Waiting for you. Samira is eager to get you into the car. Like your life depends on it.

– When will I see you again?

Samira gives you a hug, a long hug.

– When I get this over with. I’ll be right with you at home. Try not to burn the house down.

The way she tells you. It sounds like a joke, but at the same time it’s not. It’s almost overly a joke. Like she knows something is about to happen. Like death is imminent. When the driver drives off, you look through the back window. Will you ever see her again?

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