Forbidden Fruit (Jonathan Pine X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – A Part Of Life

⚠️Content might be disturbing for some viewers. Contains graphic description of violence & torture, Choking, rape Non-Con, prisoner, talk about wanting to murder someone⚠️

Life continues. Even though you don’t care one bit for it. It continues. Every day is the same. You’re free to go anywhere you want in the mansion, and in the gardens. Free to use every facility the way you like. Free to do whatever you want. As Richard puts it. But you know that you’re not. You’re not free at all.

And every night, he makes sure you know that. Handcuffing your right arm to the bedpost. Putting the key on his nightstand. Close enough for you to see it, but far enough away, so you can’t reach it. Like a form of torture. Not like what he does with you every night is torture enough.

For the first week of sleeping in his bed, you screamed, cried, yelled, every bad word you could come up with at him. While he took what he wanted from you. One night you accidentally hit him, trying to push him off of you. He got so furious, he chocked you, until you passed out. And you have no idea what he did to you while you were out, all you know is that your whole body hurt when you woke up. After that you gave up. Just lying there, letting him take what he wanted, do what he wanted. At least he didn’t hit you anymore, or chocked you.

The late night rape sessions became a part of life. Something that just happened to you. After a while you learned how to turn off your feelings completely. It’s like you were a robot when he grunted in your ear how thankful he was for your service. How a whore like you should give yourself away to whoever wanted you. How you gifted him the pleasure he felt while fucking you. And how thankful he was for your warm wet cunt.

At first it made you nauseous beyond beliefe. You wanted to throw up all over him. But then, you learned to shut off every feeling you had. Not only the phycological emotions, but also the physical ones. If you closed your eyes. You couldn’t even feel him anymore. You hated that too. What he turned you into. Like a psychopath. You hated what you’ve become. But it was the only way to survive. The only way to not end it. Take your own life. It was better to shut it all off. To not feel a thing.

For years you saw no way out. You just did what Richard told you to. Whatever it was. You bankrupted a bunch of companies. Ripped families apart. Threatened people with a certain death if they didn’t do what Richard told them to. You tored down companies like it was nothing. Blackmailed people. Lured people into doing things, that would eventually make them lose what they worked their whole lives for. And you felt nothing. The only thing keeping you alive, was the hope that you one day would be able to do what you wanted the most. To kill Richard Roper.


The Swiss Alpes looked amazing. It could be because you were finally away from that prison, and for the three days of travel you just had, Richard didn’t rape you. But it could also be for the beautiful nature, and the fact that you haven’t been able to see snow for years. The white blanket over the mountains looked peaceful.

The hotel looked secluded, like it was built in some ancient time, and never used since. It felt strangely safe to be here. Maybe you could actually manage to escape here. You could maybe get back down to the civilisation from here. If you don’t freeze to death on your way down. Either way it will be a better way to die, than by the hands of Richard Roper.

You enter the lobby behind everyone else. You know your place. Sure you’re kinda like Richard girlfriend. Or, at least he introduces you as such. But the truth is you’re just his. A person he uses as he see fit. And whatever the task, you do it.

A guy stands in the lobby greeting you all. You recognise the voice. The British accent. And when it’s your turn to shake his hand, you both stop. You see it, and he sees it. But none of you say anything.

– Darling, aren’t you gonna introduce yourself? Certainly you’d want the Night Manager to know your name now. In case you’ll be needing anything.

Richard tilts your head, and places a kiss on your lips. You flinch just enough for Jonathan to notice. Before you again extend your hand towards him

– YN YLN. Delighted to meet you Mr. Pine!

Jonathan shakes your hand, just a tad longer than what’s normal.

– Likewise Miss YLN. Likewise!

After you get your luggage in the doors. Jonathan Escorts you up to your rooms. Roper, Corcoran and you in the biggest, the rest of your entourage in the other one next door.

Champagne on the table already, all set up for you. You take a deep breath. Look around the room. Is this really where you’ll be spending the next few days? Thank God, there is a separate room for Corcoran to sleep in. Although he might listen in. Aarrgh.. Fuck this!

– I’m gonna get in the tub!

You walk towards the bathroom. Close the door halfway. You know Richard likes it that way. Keeping an eye on you. No good idea to make him mad.

– Bring me some champagne, please love.

You ask through the door. You can hear Richard telling Jonathan to bring it in to you. And you can hear the embarrassment in Jonathan’s voice. God, for fucks sake. Stop messing with him. Thankfully he leaves, before the joke goes any further.


The night goes on, Richard and his associates having champagne and talking business in the room, you excuse yourself and walk down to the lobby. You don’t exactly know what you’re doing. You don’t even know if you can trust Jonathan. He could be working with Richard. Just like that secretary did. You have no idea who Richard have in his pockets. Who is working for him or not. You have to be careful. Richard will not hesitate to kill you, if he knew you were looking for a way out.

You sit down in one of the lobby sofas. Jonathan is there almost immediately.

– Anything I can do for you miss?

He’s just as careful as you, and you don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. You know that he recognises you. And he knows it too. You can see it in his eyes. But none of you is saying anything about it.

– Is the pool open?

You ask. You don’t know why. You just had a bath. It’s just so that you can say something. Keep the conversation going.

– Yes, mam. I’ll get everything settled up for you!

Then he leaves. You look after him. He could be your way out. But he could also be a certain death. Or a certain torture leading up to death. And you’re not ready to take that chance. Three days, YN. You’ll be here for three days. You’ll manage to think of something. Anything. Maybe you should take a chance. If Richard kills you, at least you won’t have to do it yourself. And to be honest, you don’t know what’s worse.


After spending some time in the pool, you walk back upstairs. But even before you reach the door, you can hear that Richard and the others are still talking business. So you decide to go back downstairs. Taking your coat around you, before stepping out in the cold snowy air. It’s been some time since you smelled snow. It tickles your nostrils but it feels good.

– Enjoying the cold air, Miss?

You jump. Turn around to face him. He still looks as divine as he did back in Cairo. But looks can be deceiving, you know that. He lights a cigarette. Blowing the smoke out in the air.

– You got one for me as well, Mr. Pine?

You ask. Just to be able to say something. This silence is making you uncomfortable. And you really don’t want him to ask how you ended up with Richard. What will you even answer if he do ask?

– Sure, mam!

He says, getting a cigarette out for you, lighting it.

– So. You started smoking?

You quickly look over at him.

– Not really.. I just really needed one right now.

He clears his throat.

– No need to explane, mam. I understand. Richard talking business. You feeling left out.

Was that an opening for you to say something. Is he talking to you in code. What can you say? What can you say, without giving too much away, without putting you in the spotlight.

You take another drag. Blowing the smoke out in the cold Mountain air.

– Make sure to empty the trash right away, Mr. Pine. Richard hates mess!

Then you leave him alone. Throw your cigarette down in the snow. Walking back inside. The only thing you can wish for right now, is that he understood the message. And if he works for Richard, you can just tell Richard that you actually wanted the room to be spot free. So that he could enjoy his little vacation. No harm done either way. Hopefully.

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