Wrong Address (Brock Rumlow One-Shot)

The picture on the screen almost screams to you. “Order me, use me, you need me”. The magic wand on the screen is black, with some blue details on, you read the description again, and stop at that one sentence “guaranteed to bring you to orgasm”. Fuck, how you need this now. After a month as a single woman, you’re tired of using your fingers. You need this. You press order, and then “continue shopping”. You find a couple of other things you’d like to try as well. You’re single now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

PLACE ORDER (EXPRESS DELIVERY) the price for express delivery is ridiculous, but with the way you’re feeling right now, you just can’t wait. The order confirmation mail tells you that the package would be delivered in about two hours. You take a breath. You can wait for two hours. Right? Take a shower, that might help. Even though you’d be on your own with these toys, you can still shave, and look good. That will probably make the fantasy easier to really feel.

You take your time in the shower, both to pass time, and to really make sure you look your best. Not one hair out of place, and not one hair in places they shouldn’t be.

When you’re done in the shower, and fully dressed again, you pour yourself a glass of white wine, and turn on your TV. You contemplate putting on an adult movie, but you push it away. That can wait. You need your toys first.


Your phone tells you that you received a message. You grab it, and read “your package has been delivered to your door!” You almost jump up from your couch, and open your door. But you can’t see any package. You look up and down the hallway in your building. Nothing. Could someone have snatched it, in those three seconds it took you to open the door? This is so typical! Typical your luck! Screw this!

You slam the door shut, and call the delivery company.

– UPS delivery service, how can I help you?

A lady says on the other line.

– Err.. Yes, this is YN YLN. I just got confirmation that my package was delivered to my door. But there’s nothing there.

You say, upset.

– OK, let’s see, what number did you get your confirmation from?

The lady asks. And you give her the number.

– I’ll call the person who delivered it, and see what I can find out, and I’ll call you right back!

You hang up. Fuck this shit. Those things you ordered aren’t exactly something you want the whole world to know about. Not that you care that people know, but it’s not like you broadcast it.


Your phone tells you you got another message. A picture this time. A picture of your package outside a door. A door that is not yours. It’s not even in your building. The floor and the walls are different. Where did they deliver your package? And to whom? Your phone beeps again, it’s the UPS service calling back.

– Yes!

You say, angry this time.

– Did you get the confirmation picture ma’am?

The lady on the other line sounds upset as well.

– Yes, but that’s not my door!

You answer, still angry.

– The package was delivered to the correct address ma’am! Maybe you should check again!

She continues.

– The delivery person is sure of that. They delivered it to the correct address.

Now she sounds angry as well.

– Well I didn’t move in the last two hours, so that’s not my address!

You say, before you hang up. Fuck this shit. You could study the picture, and try to find out where the package was delivered. But that will be almost impossible. FUCK! Anyway, you need to relax before you even think about doing that. So fingers it is…. Again. Screw UPS! You were looking forward to trying something new tonight. And to actually get an orgasm for a change.

You make sure that your door is locked, before you make yourself comfortable on the couch. Let your hand slowly glide into your underwear. You close your eyes. Trying to see your dream guy in front of your face. Trying to convince yourself that he’s the one touching you. God, how amazing that’d be. To have that tall, dark, muscular strong man, with brown eyes, touching you like this. Kissing your neck, and whispering sexy phrases in your ear, with that husky voice you imagine he has. To have his strong hands grabbing your wrists, and tell you to stay still and let him do his thing. You can almost smell the imaginary perfume. Fuck, you’re getting wet as fuck just by thinking about it. You let your index finger glide over your clit. You let out a soft moan. Fuck, you can’t take this anymore. You push two of your fingers inside you, massaging your walls with them, clenching your muscles. Fuck. You moan again. Jesus, are you actually going to make yourself cum. You pick up the intensitet on your fingers, your other hand helping by rubbing your clit.

– Ahhhh..

You let out. Fuck this feels good. Your eyes still closed, as you conjure your dream guy in your head. What he feels like, how he smells. His fingers inside you, and his lips on your neck. FUCK! Your back arches off the couch, your toes curling, you’re breathing so heavy it makes your mouth go dry.

Then there’s a knock on your door.

FUCK! Why is this happening to you? You can’t even have an orgasm without people interfering! This better be important! Or else the person knocking will get a BIG piece of your mind!

You angrily unlock and open the door, ready to yell at whoever’s outside. But when you open the door, and look at the person standing there. You almost fall backwards. HOLY FUCK! Did you actually conjure your dream guy? That is some powerful masturbation. You can’t get a single word out. This guy, standing outside your door has rendered you speechless.

– Err.. Hi?

He says.

– Eh…

That is the only sound you’re able to make.

– Are you, YN YLN?

He continues.

– Ehmm..

God, YN. Say something! Right now you probably both look and sound like a fish on dry land.

– Is this your package?

He says, lifting up the package.

– W… what?

You say. Unable to take your eyes away from this guy’s face. He is literally the spitting image of the guy you conjured in your head just a few seconds ago.

– Your package?

He says again.

– It was delivered to me, by mistake. You are YN YLN right?

He says, looking at you.

– Yes, yes. That’s me!

You finally manage to say.

– Thank God! You’re a hard person to find. I feel like I’ve been in every building in a four mile radius.

He says, as he gives you your package and takes a breath.

– Thank you!

You say, continue to look at him. He even has the right shade of brown in his eyes. How did this happen?

– Err.. Do you want to come in for a cup of coffee?

You ask. What are you doing? He could be an ax murderer or something worse even. But for some reason you can’t seem to believe that an ax murderer can look this fricking good.

– Sure, a coffee sounds great.

He says, as he enters your apartment. You look at his back. He has a tshirt on, and jeans. Fricking hot body. You just stand there and look. Move, YN, move. You think for yourself, but your eyes are glued to this guy’s back.

He turns around.

– Err.. Weren’t you going to make coffee?

He asks, smiling. Fuck, even his smile is perfect. And you didn’t have that orgasm. This guy isn’t exactly helping your body to get over that fact.

– Yes, yes.. Sure! Just sit down….

You look at the couch you just lied on, and you desperately try to find another spot for him. But you’re too late. He sits down on your couch.

– There…

You say, defeated.

– Nice place you have!

He says, as you turn on your coffee machine. Then you hear a small pffts, and the machine goes dead.

– Fuck!

You almost yell. He turns around to look at you.

– Something wrong?

He says, getting up, and walks over to you.

– Nah… Just my fucking coffee machine…

You say, putting the two coffee cups down in the sink.

– No worries. This wine is good!

He says, lifting up a bottle of wine. You look at him. What is his deal? Not that you would say no to a glass of wine with this guy. But, where is he getting all this self confidence from?

He walks back to the couch.

– Looks like you already started. Did you know I was coming?

He asks, when he sees your wine glass on the table. What in the world? You think. You’ve never met anyone like him before, and it intrigues you. Not only because of his looks.

– What? I can’t enjoy a glass of wine by myself?

You say, trying to sound as confident as he is. But you’re unsure if it’s working.

– You’re single, aren’t you?

He asks, letting his tongue glide over his bottom lip. That move alone makes the spot between your legs throb.

– As of recently, yes!

You answer, as you sit down, and pours you both a glass.

– I can tell! Aren’t you going to open your package?

He asks, taking a big gulp of his wine. You look at him. Taking a gulp yourself.

– Nah, it can wait.

You say, putting your glass back on the table.

– It said express delivery. Felt like it was important to you.

He continues. Pouring more wine for both you and him. You clear your throat.

– Well, I have company now, so it can wait.

You answer, sending him a small smile. And lift up your glass to drink some more wine. All this talk about your package makes you a bit embarrassed. After all, you know what’s inside.

– Something in the package you don’t want me to see? Something private?

The way he says the last word makes you choke on your wine, you calf like crazy. He pats your back.

– Hey, you OK?

He asks, you nod. You don’t dare to speak, afraid that your voice will break, and you’ll start to calf again. He keeps his hand on your back. And you like how his touch feels.

– I’m Brock, by the way. I think I forgot to tell you that.

He says, as he lets his hand gently glide up and down your back.

– YN! But you already knew that.

You say, and look at him. You can’t believe that someone can actually look this good.

– Well, YN!

He says, clears his throat.

– I… I think I might owe you an apology..

He continues, clears his throat again.

– Eh..

You say. Apology? You don’t even know this guy. The only thing he should apologize for, is the fact that he knocked on your door right the second you were about to have an orgasm.

– I… I kinda opened your package..

He says, letting his hand rest on your lower back.

– What??!!? Why did you do that??

You almost yell. Embarrassed out of your mind, and probably red as a tomato in your face. Brock laughs a bit.

– I was waiting for a package myself. So when I got this one…

He puts the package in your lap.

– I thought it was mine. I kinda understood that it wasn’t when I opened it.

He says, laughs a bit again. You look at him again. Trying to at least pretend that you’re not embarrassed.

– Were you going to have some fun tonight?

He asks, letting his hand glide up to your shoulder, and down your arm. For some reason you let him.

– What makes you think that?

You ask. Trying to sound confident. He just points to the note that says “Express Delivery”, then he smiles at you, a teasing smile.

– Want to test them out?

He asks, letting his fingertips glide over your hand.

– I wasn’t..

You say. He gently grabs your wrist, lifting your hand up to his face, smelling your fingers. Smiles at you again.

– It kinda smells like you want to test them out..

He says, before he lets his tongue touch your fingers. You let out something that sounds like a moan.

– See.. I told you..

He says, leaning in closer, you do the same.

– So? Should we open your package?

He asks. You nod, slowly. Swallowing. He leans in even closer, whispers in your ear.

– That black thing will make you scream my name!

He whispers, lingers next to your ear for a while, before he slowly moves his lips to meet yours.

– Mmhmm..

You say, when he pulls back again. Then you slowly start to open your package. The whole time you can feel his eyes on you.

When you’re finally done opening it, and all the four items you ordered, lies on the table, he picks up the box with the magic wand. Carefully open it, and take it out.

– Beautiful, isn’t it?

He says, moving his eyes from the wand, to you.

– Do you have any batteries?

He continues. You nod, slowly. For some reason you really want to see this through.

– You might want to go and get them.

He says again, letting his hand slowly glide up your thigh.

You get up, and get the batteries. When you sit back down again, he takes them from you, and gets the wand ready. Then he proceeds to your other devices. You follow his movements with your eyes, swallow.

– Lie down!

He says, when he’s finished. You slowly lie down on the couch. Keeping your eyes on him. When you’re on your back, he lifts your skirt up, slowly removing your underwear,and then he places your leg up on the back of the couch. Now you’re completely open to him. You take a shaking breath.

He lets his fingertips glide over the inside of your thigh.

– Ahhhmmmmm…

You let out, and he smiles at you.

– I knew you’d like this…

He says, before he starts to place kisses on your inner thighs. All the way up. Then he stops for a second. You let out a whimper.

– You want me to continue?

He asks. You nod.

– You want me to taste you? To taste this beautiful wet part of you?

He continues, as he uses two fingers to open you up, exposing you even more.

– Yes!

You say. Bucking your hips.

– So eager…

He says, before he leans down, and lets his tongue glide over you. Painfully slow.

– Fuck!

You almost scream. Shit! This is better than any toy. He lets his finger tease your entrance, before he slips it inside, quickly joined by another.

– Ahhh..

You moan, as he closes his lips over your clit, sucking on it. You desperately bucky your hips, as he finds that sweet sensitive spot, and focuses solely on that.

– Yes, that’s it!

He murmurs into your wet flesh. His breath on your already sensitive clit, makes it throb even more.

– I want you!

You moan out, grabbing his hair. He gently gets himself out of your grip, stands up, and removes his clothes. You follow him with your eyes. His body is in lack of a better word, amazing. Broad shoulders, dark skin, and a six pack that screams “touch me”. You let your eyes trail further down. Some dark hairs showing the way down to his erection. It takes all you have, not to reach out and touch it. Fuck this guy is good looking.

– Want to feel it?

He asks, looking from his erection to you. You nod. Fuck how you want to touch it, feel it, taste it.

He picks up the magic wand from the table. Turn it on, smiling at you. You slightly turn your head, to get better access to him, before you close your fist around him.

– Ahhh.. Mmmm..

He says, when you let your tongue glide over his head. He slowly moves the wand down between your legs, and you close your lips around him, swirl your tongue around, before you slowly take him down.

– Aaaaa.. Yes!

He moans, letting the want touch your clit.

– Fuck, girl!

He lets out, before he puts some more strength on the wand.

– Mmmmmm..

You moan around his cock. You can feel it throbbing, and you taste the precum. Fuck! He ups the pace on the wand. You move your head away from him. Look up at his face

– I want you inside me!

You can hear yourself say, as your eyes meet. You don’t have to ask twice. He’s on top of you in milliseconds, entering you right away.

– Aaahh. Fuck! So tight!

He grunts into your ear.

– Fuck me, Brock!

You moan into the skin of his neck, as he grabs your shoulders, and fucks you into the couch. The way his cock is massaging your walls mixed with his breath on you, and his words. It almost pushes you over the edge. You can feel your orgasm start to build.

– Ahhhh.. Fuck! Shit!

You scream, as you clench your muscles around him.

Then he stops, sits up between your legs, looking at you.

– Don’t stop!

You say, almost angry. He smiles.

– So hungry for it…

He says, before he grabs your hips, and drags you up in his lap, before he enters you again.

– Fuck, this looks amazing!

He grunts, as he slowly glides in and out of you.

– To see you gripping around me, desperate to have me inside. You wetness glistening all over me! Fuck!

He continues, as he painfully slowly massages your walls with each thrust.

– Please!

You beg, falling down on the couch.

– Plh…

You try again, but you can’t even finish the word, before the wand touches your clit again, and he ups his pace.

– Fuuuuckkeehhhh…

You scream out. Grabbing whatever you can. Fucking hell. You’ve never felt anything like this before.

– YES!!

He moans.

– I can feel this thing vibrating on my cock! Fucking amazing. Want to cum?

He grunts, as he keeps thrusting into you.

– Yes! I want.. Need to cum!

You moan.

– Are you a squirter?

He asks. Your head is all wrapped up in that Electric feeling inside, but you get what he’s asking.

– I don’t know, I’ve never felt this befoooooooooo… Fuuuckeheee..!

You scream, moan, and shake without any control. God in heaven. Fuck! You feel like you’re about to lose yourself completely. You’re wildly bucking your hips, and you can feel his hands on your inner thighs. They are gliding up and down, caressing your thighs. You slowly start to come back to reality.

– You’re a squirter alright.

He says, when your eyes meet again.

– You might need to clean your couch..

You take a breath.

– They kept their promise…

You finally say, smiling.

– Promise?

He looks at you.

– Orgasm guarantee..

You say, then you both start to laugh.

– To be fair, I think I deserve half the Credit for that.

He says, when you’re done laughing. You look at him. Tilt your head a bit.

– I think it was the wand…

You say, with a teasing smirk.

– Oh, really?

He says, carefully leaning over you, slipping both his arms under your back, before he lifts you up, so you straddle him.

– How about you give me a chance to prove you wrong?

His erection still stands proud. You grind your lower body into him.

– Mmmhmm.. I’m all yours…

You say, leaning your head back. He leans in and places a kiss on your neck.

– No machine can compare to the real thing.

He says, as he slowly enters you again…

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