A Helping Hand (Hydra Husbands One-Shot)

You hear heavy footsteps going through the house, almost immediately after you rang the doorbell. For a second you almost regret agreeing to this. Jack is your best friend, he has been for the last 20 years. You were the first one he came out to. Of course you did suspect that he was gay. He was always a good looking guy, and a lot of girls wanted him, but he never acted on it. So you had your suspicions. But you never told him. He’d come out to you in his own time, and you didn’t want to push. It wasn’t until he met Brock, that he had to reveal his secret. Brock was the love of his life, and a really great guy. They deserved this. You never hesitated when they asked you to do this. But now, standing here, with a bottle of red wine in your hand, hearing Jack’s footsteps approaching the door. You can’t deny that you have some second thoughts.


– So, YN? What do you think?

Jack asks. You look from Jack to Brock, and then back to Jack again.

What should you answer? You look at them again. They both look at you with anticipation. And you can see in their eyes that they want you to say yes.

– Listen, YN, if you feel this is too….

Brock starts, but you cut him off.

– Yes!

You say, without even thinking.

– Yes?

Jack asks, placing his hand over yours.

– Yes, Jack! I’ll do it. You’ll be great parents. I want to help you. Do you have an appointment at the clinic?

You ask, looking at Jack again. He slowly removes his hand from yours. Clears his throat.

– Err.. Yeah… About that…

Jack starts, looking down on his hands, drumming his fingers together.

– We can’t afford that… So…

He continues.

– We kinda hoped you’d be open to like…

Brock takes over. Trying to look you in the eye, but you can see that it’s hard for him.

– To what?

You ask, narrowing your eyes.

– Doingitthenormalway!

Jack says, fast, without even taking a breath.

– The what?

You ask, reaching for his hand, trying to offer some comfort.

– Err.. We kinda wondered if you’d…

Brock enters the conversation again, dragging his hand over his face.

– If I’d sleep with you?

You ask, with a hoarse voice. You feel your heart beat a bit faster.

– Err.. Yeah..

Jack says again. Trying to look at you.

– Which one?

You ask, looking at both of them. How long have they been thinking about this?

– Err.. Both of us?

Jack says, looking at Brock, before he looks back to you. Brock gives you a tiny nod.

– B… Both… Of you?

You croak. Jack looks at you, nervously biting his bottom lip.

– Yeah.. I… We both checked ourselves, we’re perfectly healthy, and there’s nothing wrong with…

He gestures to his crotch.

– Your swimmers?

You ask, sending them both a little smile.

– Yeah.. Nothing wrong with those..

Brock speaks again.

– You don’t have to answer right away. Just think about it, okay?

Jack tells you. Tugging his lips up in a nervous smile.

– Err.. Would you even be able to do it? I mean with me? Aren’t you both….

You say, letting the sentence die out. Can gay men even get a hard on with a girl?

– We’re both, all three of us going to be there. I don’t think that’ll be a problem…

Brock says, pleading you, with his eyes, hoping for you to say yes.

– Don’t you care who’s it is? I mean, if I sleep with both of you…

You start, but Jack cuts you off.

– It’ll be ours. That’s all that matters. And we both want you to be the mom. There’s no one else we want for that role.

Jack says, gently taking your hand in his, squeezing.

– Okay!

You say. Squeezing Jack’s hand back.

– Okay?

They both say, at the same time. Smiling wide.

– Yeah.. I can do that…

You say again. Unsure if you actually CAN do it. But you want to help them. They’re your best friends, and they will be great parents.

– Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

They both say, giving you a hug. You hug them back.

– So, when did you think we were going to do this?


That was three weeks ago. You do want to do this for them. But you’ve never been with two guys at once before, and on top of that, both Jack and Brock are gay men. You don’t even know if they’ve ever been with a girl before.

The cerulean blue front door opened, and the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread wrapped around your senses, sweet and yeasty.

– YN!

Jack greeted you, pulling you into a hug.

– Jack!

You squeaked as his big arms surrounded you. You barely got the bottle of wine moved in time.

– Come on in, Brocks out back finishing up on the grill.

Jack said, before he stepped aside, allowing you entrance to their home.

You’d been there many times before, but it never ceases to amaze you how beautiful their two-story home is. The further you got into the house, the stronger the mouth-watering fragrance got. You weren’t surprised Jack loved to cook; he always whipped up something spectacular in the kitchen.

– Something smells amazing

You commented, handing Jack the bottle of wine. Before peeling out the sliding glass door that led to their fantastic backyard, Brock stood dutifully in front of the grill.

Brock was perfect for Jack; he’d brought out the best in your friend. The missing piece Jack had no idea was missing; you were thankful he was operating the grill. Now Jack could cook the most delicious and tender roast you’d ever tasted, sweet curry that left a slight tingle on your tongue. But the man should not grill to save his life; gone were the days of dry steaks and burnt burgers.

You sat at the rectangle-shaped dining room table; Jack handed you a glass of wine. The smokey, red currant flavor danced across your tongue.

– Oh hey, YN!

Brock greeted you as he walked in the door with a plate of steaks. He leans over and places the plate on the table, simultaneously kissing your cheek in greeting.

It doesn’t take long for the table to be set, seared, juicy cuts of meat, a steaming plate of golden delicious sweet corn, a bowl of broccoli salad with thick, crispy chunks of bacon, fluffy baked potatoes, and golden brown, butter airy homemade rolls. Your mouth starts to water at the sight; Brock stands up, reaches across the table, grabs your plate, and fills it with a little bit of everything.

– Here ya go, YN

He says, placing the load plate before you as Jack tops off your wine glass.

The steak is seasoned just right; it’s so juicy and flavorful that the steak sauce isn’t needed. You scoop a bite of the broccoli salad, the creamy dressing for the tiny bits of crunchy fresh broccoli, the sharpness of the cheddar cheese, a touch of sweetness from the dried cranberries, smokiness from the bacon, the spiciness of the red onion, all balanced out. The corn was sweet with a soft butter flavor, and the rolls were by far your favorite, light, yeasty, buttery, and slathered with cinnamon butter.

– Wow, you really went all out on this one.

You say, closing your eyes, to really take in the taste.

– Yeah? Well, only the best is good enough for the future mother of our child!

Brock replies, taking a sip of wine.

You eat and drink for a while, talk about everything and anything. Just like you always used to do. Like a normal dinner. But you know it’s not. This isn’t a normal evening.

When you’re done eating, you help to clear the table. You feel the nervousness welling up in you. Will you be able to do this? Have Jack or Brock even been with a girl before? Are you going to watch them do stuff to each other? How should you react, if that happens? You never took an interest in what other people do in their own bedrooms. But now, you can’t help but think about it.

– Hey, YN! You ok?

Jack asks, gently rubbing your shoulders.

– Yeah…

You reply. Taking a breath.

– I’m just…

You continue. But you can’t seem to find the right words.

– We should probably talk about this.

Jack says, guiding you over to the couch, and hands you another glass of wine.

Jack sits down next to you, and not long after, Brock sits down on the other side of you.

– We want you to feel completely safe, YN. So if you don’t want to…

Brock starts, but you cut him off.

– It’s not that. I just have a couple of questions.

You say, quietly. Looking from Brock to Jack.

– Fire away! What do you want to know?

Jack asks, letting his hand rest on your thigh.

– How…. How are we going to do this?

You ask, swallowing.

– You mean having sex?

Jack asks, jokingly.

– Have you been with a girl before?

You ask again. Jack shakes his head, while Brock nods. You look at Brock.

– How was that for you?

You ask. Probably a stupid question. But if you’re going to do this, you feel like you need to know.

– It was….. Different.

Brock replies. Looking at Jack, as to make sure he doesn’t hurt his feelings.

– Were you… I mean…. Did you penetrate her?

You’re usually pretty open about your sexuality, but this situation makes you nervous. And you feel that you should use nice words.

– I was inside of her, yes!

Brock replies, with a little smile.

Jack gets up, and you can almost feel Brock tense up. They’re sweet. Not wanting to hurt each other’s feelings. Maybe they are just as nervous as you are.

– Let’s move this into the bedroom!

Jack says, offering you a hand. You take it, and at the same time, you feel Brock taking your other hand; before they both guide you into the bedroom.

You sit down on the bed, Jack and Brock do the same. Then you nervously drum your fingertips together. Jack places his hand on your shoulder; gently and carefully put a bit of pressure on it.

– Why don’t you lie down?

He tells you, and you do. Lie down on your back, with Jack on one side, and Brock on the other.

– Want to tell us what you like?

Jack asks, placing a kiss on your neck.

– Mmmmm.. That!

You answer, surprised about how good this actually feels. You move your head, to give Jack better access to your neck. Brock slips his arms around you, lifting you up in a sitting position, leaning your back against him; you can feel him taking off his shirt. Jack keeps kissing your neck, and you can feel your lower belly clenching, and your wetness flowing.

You can’t take it any longer, you grab your shirt, getting it off you. Brock opens the clip on your bra, and before you know it, you’re down on your back again; Jack and Brock softly playing with your breasts. You close your eyes, as they both let their lips touch your skin.

– Mmmmm… Ahhh..

You let out a breathless sigh as you feel two pairs of hands caressing your body. Your head lolls back, eyes slipping close, surrendering yourself to their touch. Someone’s hands, you can’t tell now, are massaging your breasts as the other slides into your skirt, cupping your sex. You whimper as lips press into your neck and teeth tease the sensitive skin at your pulse.

– You like this?

Brock husks into your skin.

– I think she does, baby; she’s so wet

Jack chuckles roughly.

– Mmmm huh…

You answer, afraid to speak, afraid your voice would give out.

You get lost in the sensation of hands and lips touching, caressing, licking, and sucking. Your blood is buzzing in your ears, making you feel dizzy. It’s almost too much; it’s intoxicating being between them.

Their lips leave your body, and you frown slightly at the lack of attention. Brock’s hand on your breast starts massaging again as Jack’s finger rubs your clothed cunt; you open your eyes, blinking through the lusty haze.

They lean into each other, lips pressed together in a sweet kiss; Brock licks along the seam of Jack’s lips. The blonde whimpers opening up for his husband as Brock dips his tongue in tasting the other man. The kiss turns dirty and fierce; it’s hands down one of the sexiest things you’ve ever witnessed. Jack’s finger presses hard against you; you buck your hips feeling wonderful pressure against your swollen pussy. You bite your lip, moaning as you continue to watch.

– Want to join in?

Jack asks. You can feel your heart beating rapidly in your chest.

– Mmmhmm..

You reply; before your lips meet theirs. Holy shit! This is amazing. Their tongues gliding over yours, your tongue between theirs. Soft, wet, sexy. You feel the need to open your eyes, to watch this unfold; but it just feels too damn good.

Hands roaming over your body, soft moans escaping all three of you. Your bodies rubbing together, grinding against each other.

– Ngsh.. Fuck!

You breathe out, as Jack’s fingers slip into your underwear, and glides down your wet folds.

– Want to taste her, sweetheart?

Brock husks, removes the rest of his clothes; as Jack removes yours, as well as his own.

– You ok, with being on all fours?

Jack asks you, with a playful, yet lustful smile. He doesn’t have to ask twice. That is one of your favorite positions. If the angle of the guy is correct, this is the best way to do it. At least orgasm wise. You arch your back as best you can, to give Brock better access to you. You don’t know how many times he’s done this. Hell, you don’t even know if he ever penetrated Jack. Do gay men actually do that, or is that just something people tend to think?

You don’t get to finish that line of thoughts at all; before Brock enters you. Slow and careful, and Jack lies down and crawls under you. Aligning his face with your pussy, looking up on Brock penetrating you. Fuck! This is hot. You always thought Brock was hot. But he was gay, so you never thought about him this way. And Jack, well Jack had been your best friend for the last 20 years or so. You NEVER thought about him like this. Not until now. Jack is undoubtedly hot. And his cock, standing proud, right here in front of your face. It’s beautiful.

– Like what you see, sweetheart?

Brock breathes out behind you, slowly, agonizingly slowly moving.

– Oh, yes, baby! Fuck, yes!

Jack answers under you. You can feel his breath on you. Fuck, how you want to hear him moan. Hear them both moan.

You slowly lean down, careful not to move too fast, so you’ll lose the feeling of Brock inside you, massaging your walls with every agonizingly slow movement. You let your tongue glide over Jack’s erection. Slowly from base to tip, before you swirl your tongue around his tip. The taste of preecum hits your tastebuds right away. You slowly lick your lips.

– Yes, Angel! You do that! Taste him!

Brock’s voice behind you. Horny as fuck. And you don’t blame him. This feels like sex herione, and you’re unsure if you can live with doing this only this one time. You carefully close your lips around Jack, before you slowly start to bob your head.

– Oh, fuck!

Jack moans under you; as he moves one of his hands up between your legs, letting it glide over you; before he focuses on Brock’s balls, caressing them.

– Shit, sweetheart! Oh, fuck!

Brock moans, thrusting harder.

– Want to taste her, Jack, Sweetheart?

Brock continues, letting one of his hands glide up your back.

– Oh, yes baby, please!

Jack answers, and Brock pulls out of you; still keeping his hand on your back. You feel Jack adjusting under you, and even if you can’t see; you know that Jack is tasting you off Brock. Fuck you need to see this. You move slowly, careful not to ruin the sight you’re about to see. You turn around, and your eyes meet Brock’s; before you move them further South.


Screw the kiss, this is by far the sexiest thing you’ve EVER witnessed. Jack on his back, swallowing Brock’s cock down like he was starved for it. Like you’re hypnotized by your two best friends pleasing each other; you move closer.

– Oh, fuck, sweetheart.. Feels so good..

Brock moans out, as he reaches out for you, gently grabbing some of your hair, bringing your face up to his; devouring your lips in a filthy kiss. Moaning into your mouth, as Jack keeps taking him down.

You can’t help but open your eyes, and look down on Jack. You can’t even begin to describe how sexy this is. It’s better than any porn you’ve ever seen.

– Fuck..

You silently breathe out.

– Yeah… You like that, Angel?

Brock asks you. You move your hands down his upper body, until you feel Jack’s face.

– Want a taste?

Brock continues; without even answering, you sink down, letting your tongue glide around the parts of Brock’s cock, that aren’t inside Jack’s mouth. You’re more turned on than you have ever been before. You can almost feel your juices pouring out of you.

Brock gestures for you to get on top of Jack. You carefully do so. But when you’re about to sit down on him, you remember that Jack told you he’d never been with a girl before. Is he a virgin? At least penetration wise. Asking that question now, will surely ruin everything. So instead of asking, you decide on being careful. Gently grabbing Jack’s cock, guiding it to your entrance. The second the fat head breaches you, Jack makes a sound from the back of his throat. Sounds like a good sound. But you still tense up a bit.

Brock slowly pulls away from Jack; before he leans down for yet another filthy kiss. You slowly let yourself sink further down on Jack, slowly and carefully, until you’re fully seated.

– Fuck, Angel!

Jack breathes out, letting his hands glide up your thighs.

– Yeah? You like this?

You ask, rolling your hips.

– Oh, fuck, Angel. So soft!

Jack moans. You love this. Him moaning, Brock watching, as he strokes his fat cock. You start to move more aggressively. And wiggle your hips a bit, in the hopes that Jack’ll hit that sweet sensitive spot inside.

– Ahhh, ahhh.. Shit, fuck!

Jack almost screams the words. Then he plants his feet down on the mattress, grabbing your hips, and starts to fuck up into you. You let out a breathless moan, as you almost fall forward; meeting Jack’s lips in a needy kiss.

– Need to taste you baby!

Jack moans out; then he once again takes Brock’s cock down, as he keeps fucking up into you. You can’t possibly hold this. The sight of Jack sucking Brock like this, and the sensation of him fucking up into you.

– Ahhhh.. Fuck me!

You scream out; before you take part in the lip, tongue and mouth work on Brock’s cock. You’re so turned on, you need to feel something rubbing against your swollen kissed lips.

– Oh, fuck, Sweetheart! Let her taste me! Do it together!

Brock breathes out over your head. You feel the urge to look up at him. But what you’re doing feels too good, so you continue. Letting your tongue glide up and down Brock’s shaft, occasionally Brushing over Jack’s tongue. Fucking hell, this is it. You’re going to cum, and you’re going to cum hard. You can feel it in your entire body.

– Oh, fuck, shit.. Fisskh..

Jack moans, as he thrusts into you, in an unsteady rhythm, grabbing your hips with his big strong hands. You squeeze your legs around him, your whole body is shaking. Your pussy spasming around his fat cock.

– Oh, fuck Angel! Gonna cum!

Jack moans out, before Brock steals the sound from his lips. The sight of them kissing, the feeling of Jack’s last deep thrusts inside, before he paints your walls, the sound of Jack moaning into Brock’s mouth. It all pushes you over the edge. And you let pleasure take over. You almost lose your balance, your body sways forward; lost in euphoria. Brock’s strong arms prevent you from falling all the way down.

You untangle yourself from Jack; lie down on your back. Brock comes over to you; let his hands glide from your ankles up to your knees, then he spreads your legs seductively. Leaning down; giving you a long, torturously slow lick.

– Oh, fuck! Brock!

You moan; your head lolls back, your hands grabbing the sheets.

– I can taste you on her, Sweetheart!

Brock tells Jack.

– You’re so fucking sexy right now, baby!

Jack replies, before leaning into your neck; breathing into it.

– Ungh…

You breathe out, when you feel Brock’s tongue glide over you again.

– Sweetheart!?

Brock murmurs into your pussy; calling for his husband. Jack plants a kiss on your lips, before moving down between your legs; joining his husband.

– Fuck Baby, look at you!

Jack breathes out, looking down on Brock’s tongue gliding over your most sensitive spot.

You let out a shaking breath. Just thinking about the two of them looking at you like this, makes you belly clench. You buck your hips. Almost desperate to feel more. Your eyes closed, to magnify your other senses.

They both have their tongues on you now. Tasting you, occasionally bumping into each other.

– Ahh.. Fuck! YES!

You moan!

You feel Brock moving, sitting up between your legs. Jack’s tongue glides over your clit. Followed by The tip of Brock’s cock, gliding down through your folds.

– Please!

You whine. Putting your hand on Jack’s head.

– Oh, baby, she likes it!

Jack says, letting his tongue glide over you again.

– Yeah? You like this, Angel?

Brock asks you, simultaneously teasing your entrance.

– Yes!

You breathe out, bucking your hips. Desperate to feel him breach you; when the fat head of his cock starts to stretch you out you move your hands up to your breasts. Carefully pinching your already peaking nipples.

– Oh fuck, yes!

You moan, arching your back as you feel Jack’s lips moving up your stomach. Before he sits up, give his growing cock a couple of strokes; then he settles on the side of your face, as he keeps stroking himself, slowly.

– Ahhh, ahh..

Brock breathes out, when you clench your muscles around him. This whole situation is so hot, that you’re afraid you’ll finish too soon.

– Fuck Angel! YES! Taste him for me!

Brock moans again. And you grab Jack, before you close your lips around him.

You feel like you’re levitating off the bed. Fuck. Both of them, enjoying both you and each other. It’s the most intense thing you’ve ever experienced.

– Oh, yes.. Baby!

Jack moans out, slowly pulling out of your mouth, before Brock leans in for a kiss. You’re almost out of breath already, and the kiss steals more air from your longues. You close your eyes again, take a deep breath. Telling yourself that this is real.

When you open your eyes again, you’re looking straight up at Brock, swallowing Jack’s cock down; as he keeps pounding into you with renewed force. Holy fuck, how enormeously sexy this is. You can’t help it, you need to join in on this. You lift your hand up, letting it glide over Jack’s balls, before you lift your head, and let your lips and tongue touch them.

– Yes! Fuck, Angel!

Jack moans out, almost desperate. And you can feel his balls drawing up. Oh, holy fuck. Is he going to cum? You so want to see this. But you’re ripped out of the beautiful sight when Brock’s cock hits that delicious spot inside you.

– Nghssk…

You almost scream, before you lift your legs up, and wrap them around Brock, pushing him in, as deep as he goes. Your eyes closed, you’re totally wrapped up in feeling this. Your desperate moans almost sound like screams.

A couple of hard thrusts inside you, and Brock leans into you. Whispering into your skin.

– Ahhh.. Oh…. Fuck, Angel. You’re amazing!

You slowly open your eyes. Brock is still on top of you. Breathing heavily, just like you. Jack lies on his side next to you, looking at you, smiling.

– You’re beautiful, Angel. You know that?

Jack tells you, letting his hand brush over your hair. You send your friend a smile. You both know that you just took your friendship to a new level. Nothing could ever ruin the friendship between you. But this sure is something new. Not only did you sleep with him, you also slept with his husband, and you watched them have sex as well. You can’t get over how incredibly sexy THAT was.

Brock carefully untangles himself from you, rolls over to his side next to you. Placing his hand on your stomach, Jack does the same. You look at them.

– You really, really want a baby, don’t you?

You ask, feeling the responsibility of actually getting pregnant, and carrying the baby to term dawn on you.

– Yes, Angel, we really, really want a baby. But…

Jack replies, and you know that look he has in his eyes, so you cut him off.

– No, Jack. Don’t think like that. I’ll do this for as many times as it takes to get this right.

You tell him, lifting your hand up to his face.

– Ok, Jack? I have no problems with this.

You tell him, and then you feel Brock’s arm sliding around your waist.

– Good, because we wanted to run something by you.

He says, getting a nervous “Really? Now?” Look from his husband.

– Ok?

You reply, turning your head towards Brock.

– We want you to be the mom!

Brock tells you. You open your mouth to reply that you already said yes to that. But Brock continues, stopping you, before you even get a word out.

– We want you to BE the mom. We want the little one to know that you are the mom. We don’t want to use formula, and we want you to be part of the baby’s life. Every day!

Brock says, swallowing nervously, when he’s done.

– What does that mean?

You ask, looking at them both.

– I don’t think it’s healthy for any child to have two different homes. I’m so…

Again you’re being cut off. This time by Jack.

– We want you to move in here. We have a room for you, and plenty of space. We love you. And it will make it easier for everyone.

Jack gives you a “please say yes look”.

– And then you can move out of the shithole of a rental you have. You live on the fourth floor, and you don’t even have an elevator. How are you supposed to walk those stairs when you’re this big?

Jack gestures with his hands how big you’re going to get.

– Are you serious? Why didn’t you say this right away?

You ask, looking at them.

– I’m not mad. I’m just surprised!

You add, when you see the look on their faces.

– So…. What do you say?

Jack asks, giving his husband a quick glance. With the way he’s looking at you, and the way you can almost feel Brock’s nervousness behind you. You know what is the right thing to do here.

– Yes, ok.. I’ll move in.

You say, giving Jack a little smile, and then his whole face lights up, almost the same way it did when he told you he’d met Brock.

Brock lifts himself up on his forearms, leans over you; giving you a quick kiss on the cheek, then he gets up.

– Ok. I’m gonna pour you a bath. And while you’re in there, resting up. I’m gonna whip up some late night snacks for us.

They’re like two five year olds on Christmas morning. You can’t help but smile at them. Your two best friends, and you, and hopefully a baby, when that time comes. How many times will it take, to get this right? Will you continue this after? Was it as good for them as it was for you? It obviously didn’t ruin anything, because you’re moving into their home. This wasn’t exactly how you’d picture how it’d go down, when you thought about becoming a mom. But to be perfectly honest, this is the best way. It’ll be perfect. You know it will.

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