Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – Rules!

He leads you over to the table, and puts you down on a chair. You sit down, and put your hands on the table. You don’t know why, but you have a feeling that he want’s to see them. The chair feels cold against your bare skin. And your thighs are still wet from your orgasm. You press your legs together. Shit! How is he able to do this to you? Twice! You came twice tonight. And he’s barley touched you. Involuntarily, you tell yourself. Involuntarily!

He stands over you for a while, looking down on you. Studying your posture.

– Good girl!

He finally says, before sitting down opposite you. Still looking at you, as he opens the pizza box.

It smells delicious. And your stomach growls again. He picks up a slice, and places it on your plate, before opening a bottle of beer, and placing it in front of you. Continuing to do the same for himself.

You look at your plate, and the beer. The pizza, you have no problem with. But the beer… Is it really the time to be drinking now?

– Eat!

He commands, as he brings his slice up to his mouth, and take a big bite. You slowly lift your slice, and take a little bite of it. It’s utterly amazing. Almost like heavenly so. You close your eyes to really take in the taste. To be able to eat warm food again is beyond anything you can even describe with words.

– Good?

He asks, as he takes another bite. This is strange. Why is he so nice all of a sudden? You nod. You don’t know if he want’s you to speak or not. And you don’t want to upset him in any way.

He lifts his bottle, takes a sip. His eyes on you the entire time. To be able to look away from them for two seconds, you take another bite of your pizza.

– Drink!

He says, gesturing to your open bottle in front of you. You look at it, still unsure if drinking is the right way to go.


He yells, as he slams his fist into the table. The bottles and your plates jumps. You jump. Your heart is pounding out of control. You grab the bottle with shaking hands, lifting it to your mouth, and take a sip. It doesn’t taste bad. It’s just that alcohol is probably not the smartest thing for you to drink, given the possition you’re in.

He clears his throat. Takes another sip of his beer.

– I have some rules!

He says. You just look at him. Still unsure if he want’s you to speak.

– And you! You’re gonna follow them, without question!

Again you nod. Not saying a word.

– Good girl! Make me happy, and I won’t have to punish you!

Make him happy? Like clean his house? Cook him dinner? Sleep with him? Let him do whatever he want’s to you?

– Rule 1!

He stops, assesses you.

– Only speak, when spoken to!

You nod!

– Answer!

He commands.

– Y… Yes!

You say. Still nervous, but at lest now you know what to say.

– Rule 2! Do what I say, when I say!

His eyes hard, and focused on you. You swallow.

– Yes..

He takes another sip of his beer.

– Rule 3! Always wear that, when we’re inside the apartment.

You look down at the harness. Now, in summertime it’ll be OK enough. But during the winter it’ll be cold, for sure.

– Yes..

What else can you say?

– Rule 4! When I want you, I’ll have you!

Have you? Probably for sex. But what if he want’s sex like 5 times a day? And in the middle of the night?

– Yes…

It’s not like you can say no.

– Rule 5! I decide when you go out, and where you go!

Out? You’ll be allowed to go out?

– Yes..

Another sip of his beer.

– Drink!

He tells you. You hesitate, just enough for him to notice.

– What was rule 2?

He asks.. You think back. What was number 2 again? Too many, there’s just too many rules for you to remember which is which.

He gets up from his cair, walks over to you, grabs your hair, and yanks your head back.

– You do what I say, when I say. NOT a second after. Understood??!

His grip hurts, his other hand touches your breast. You let out a whimper.

– Understood??!!

He repeats.

– Yes… Yes…

He yanks your head even further back. Another whimper rolls over your lips.

– What did you call me again?

You want to lift up your hands and relieve some of the pressure, but you don’t dare to.

– Yes, Master!

You say, before another whimper escapes you, when he lets go of your hair. He doesn’t move away from you, instead he takes your nipples between his fingers. Twisting, squeezing, pulling.

– Did you do what I told you to do?

He says, as he moves down, and breathes into your ear.

– No….

He takes a tighter grip of your nipples.

– No, who?

– No, Master..

He drags your nipples, to the point where you have to arch your back to relieve pressure.

– Good girl. Did you remember the rules?

– No, Master!

You say, gripping the table, to prevent you from gripping his hands, and make him stop.

– You know what that means? Right?

He asks, as he continues to play with your nipples.

– No, Master!

Your voice louder, from the pain.

– That means, that I’ll have to punish you.

He says, before he lets go of your nipples. Sits back down. Looks at you again.

– But first, we eat and drink up. I need time to think about what kind of punishment you’re gonna get.

You look at him, asking without asking. You know that you can’t talk anymore, unless he tells you to.

– Well, some punishments are good….

He lets the sentence stop, as he takes another slice of pizza.

– Some punishments are bad….

Another sip of his beer. It’s like he’s dragging it out on purpose. Enjoying the fear showing in your face.

– Some punishments are worse…

He sorta smiles to you. But not exactly in a friendly way. More like in an I-own-you-and-can-do-whatever-the-fuck-I-want way.

– Some punishments are grusom…

He let’s out a little triumphal laugh, when he sees the look on your face.

– And some punishments are all of the above..

He finishes. Keeps looking at you. You’re half sure he can actually see your heart pounding through your chest.

– But don’t you worry, my toy… I’ll start off slow..

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