Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen – Possession!

You feel like your legs can’t hold you up any longer. The hard shower jet hurts so bad, that you’re constantly whimpering. Which makes him furious. His grip around your throat is so tight you feel like you can’t breathe. But you don’t dare to move. He’s not saying anything, he just moves the shower head so you get a short break from the pain now and then. 

Suddenly he yanks you around, pushes you down to your knees, grabs your hair, and yanks your head back, looking down on you. 

– Swallow it down!

He commands, taking a firmer hold of your hair. You open your mouth, and slowly close it around him. He doesn’t push, like you thought he would. You pull your head back. His hand hits the side of your face, before he grabs your chin. 

– I told you to fucking swallow it down!

He yells. His fingers digging into your flesh. You can’t even make a sound. 

– I’m gonna show you how it’s fucking done! Open your mouth!

He yells, before he lets go of your chin. You do as he tells you, trying to relax your muscles, so you won’t gag on him. He forces your head even further back, then he thrusts into your mouth without any hesitation. 

– This is how you do it, fucking whore!

He says, as he keeps fucking your throat, with every inch he has. You gasp for air every time he pulls out, tears uncontrollably leaving your eyes. The hold he has of your hair hurts like hell, and him fucking your throat isn’t exactly comfortable either. The water pouring out of the shower head above you makes it hard to breathe, even when he pulls away for a second. 

– Take it, fucking take it!

He says, breathing heavily, as he holds your head in place, you desperately try to get away. With him deep down your throat it’s impossible to breathe. 

– Lick my balls!

He commands, before he pulls himself out again. You desperately gasp for air. He yanks your head back again, spits in your face, before his hand again hits the side of your face. 

– I told you to fucking lick my balls!

He yells. Spitting in your face again. 

– Please!

You manage to pleade. 

– You’re nothing but a fucking whore. My fucking toy. Do as you’re fucking told!

He hisses through gritted teeth, as he once again forces himself down your throat, all the way down. You do your best, to stick out your tongue, and touch his balls with it. 

– Ahhh.. Yes, fuck that’s it!

He moans, before he pulls your head back again. 

– Good little slut! Keep it up!

He says, as he repeats his movements. You want to put your hands on his hips to push him away, but given his previous reaction to that move, you don’t dare to. 

– Yes, fuck. There! Lick them. Ahhh…

He continues to moan, every time he pushes your face into his groin. You can feel his muscles tensing, and his moans, almost like growls. He yanks you away from him, and lets his cum hit your face. 

– Yes! Fuck! That’s a good little slut!

He says, slowly moving his face and looking down on you. For a while he just looks at you. His eyes look like they’re filled with hatred. 

– Wash that stuff off your face. Dirty little whore!

He says, as he lets go of your hair, and leaves the shower. You let the now cold water hit your face. Washing him off. Your whole body hurts, and if he was serious about fucking you until sunrise, he’s not even halfway finished. 

The water is cold, but you still don’t want to leave the shower. You’d rather stay there and freeze to death, than to go out and face what he has in store for you next. You keep letting the water hit your face. Dragging your hands over it, to make sure every trace of him is gone. 

Suddenly he grabs your hair, drags you out of the shower. 

– You fucking think I have all night?

He says, yanking you around to face him. 

– You think you can do as you fucking please?

He spits at you, before he grabs your pussy. You whimper, and get up on your tiptoes, to get away from his grip. 

– THIS is what happens when you don’t fucking listen!

He yells, grabbing harder. 

– Sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll listen.

You scream in pain. He lets go, leans into you, and whispers in your ear. 

– Keep your fucking voice down.

He says, before he yanks your head back again. 

– I’ll tell you when to fucking speak!

He says, demanding an answer with his eyes. You nod. Tears leaving your eyes again. He licks them up, letting his tongue glide from your chin up to your eye. 

– What did I fucking tell you about crying?

His voice is so low and threatening, that you take a deep breath, forcing the rest of your tears back. Forcing yourself to look at him. He looks back. His eyes look black, lifeless. It scares the shit out of you. 

– Good little slut. 

He says, before he drags you out of the bathroom. 

He walks so fast, that you almost fall, and he’s only holding you up by your hair. You don’t dare to keep him from pulling either. 

He pushes you down on the bed, you move away from him instantly, but he’s faster, grabbing both of your arms, securing them over your head. Then he gets up, opens another case of some kind, takes up something. You can’t see what it is, and that in itself is scary to you. You swallow. Following his every move. Is he going to hurt you? 

He turns around, looks at you. He’s holding something, but you can’t see what it is. He sends you a little smile. Oh fuck. This is not good. 

He slowly gets up on the bed, sits on top of you. Placing whatever he held next to him, so you still can’t see what it is. He puts his hand on your chin. Almost compassionate. You swallow again, forcing yourself to keep your eyes on him. 

– You are really beautiful! You know that?

He says. Letting his thumb glide over your bottom lip. You keep looking at him. What is he talking about? Where is he going with this? 

– I always enjoyed looking at beautiful things…

He continues. You don’t dare to move, you almost don’t dare to breathe. 

– That’s why I always take good care of my things. To keep them beautiful. Just like you.

His voice is so calm and soft, and that scares you. You just want to get this over with. It would’ve been easier if he continued to scream at you. At least then, you knew what he wanted. Now you don’t have a clue. 

– You’re one of my favorite things…

He says, leaning down, placing a kiss on your lips. You almost hold your breath. When he sits back up, he picks up the thing he brought with him. 

– You…. And…… This…

He says. Presenting a knife to you. Holding it in front of your face, for you to see. It looks polished. The light reflects off the blade. You swallow, as you take a better look at the knife. 

A four-inch steel blade with a smooth black solid wooden polish-handled, with just a strip of stained wooden through the middle knife with a three-inch decorative silver grip with a grove to make handling more comfortable for the wielder, little what looked like tribal markings etched into the grip. 

– You should feel it…

He says, still calm and collected. Letting the blade slowly glide down your arm, without it hurting you. It’s cold. The whole time he’s looking at you. 

– You two together. Taste it.

He says, flipping the knife over, placing it in front of your mouth. You’re so scared you don’t dare to do anything other than letting your tongue glide over the blade. 

– Fucking beautiful…

He says. His calmness scares you almost more than the knife does. 

– You think it’ll fit?

He asks. Again, you have no idea what he’s talking about. He keeps looking at you, then he flips the knife around in his hand, presenting the hilt to you. 

– You think I can fuck you with this?

He says, like it was the most normal thing in the world to do. Maybe it is, for him. Your eyes widens from his question. He’s joking! He has to be joking! 

The hilt itself is smooth, but still, it’ll hurt. 

– My two most prized possessions. You should become one. It’ll be fucking beautiful.

He continues to talk in this scary calm way. Still holding the knife in front of your face. You don’t dare to move your eyes away from the knife. You hardly dare to blink. He flips the knife again, lifting the blade up to his nose, smelling it, before he moves down on you. You follow his movement with your eyes, trying to see what he does with the knife. 

He slowly spreads your legs, and sits down between them, looking at your now exposed pussy. You let out a whimper of denial. And he laughs at you. 

– Don’t you worry. I’ll get you good and wet. You’ll be glistening in no time. 

He says, before he lets his hand glide over you. You whimper again. 

– Shhhh…

He says, before he opens you up, and spits at you, smearing it around, as he keeps his eyes locked on yours. Then he slips two fingers inside. Almost instantly finding that spot, slowly massaging it. You can’t help but moan. He lets out a laugh. 

– Yes! You like this. I can feel it!

He says, picking up his pace a bit. 

– Nah…

You let out, yanking your arms, but they’re still secured over your head. The sounds from his fingers viciously pumping inside, makes him smile at you. 

– I told you. My little baby will glide easily into you. 

He says, before he leans down, closing his lips over your clit, still mercilessly pumping inside you. It’s impossible not to make any sounds. 

Suddenly he yanks his fingers out, lifting his face up, looking at you. 

– Perfect!

He says, lifting up the knife, gliding the hilt against your wet flesh. Then he slips the hilt inside you. You scream. The pain is undeniable. 

– Shhhh…

He hisses. As he viciously pumps the hilt inside. You cry in pain, desperately yanking your arms. 

– Fucking beautiful!

He moans. 


You scream in desperation. 

– This is a fucking spectacular sight!

He says, as he slows down, grinding the hilt against your walls, slowly moving it in and out of you. You start to calm down. When he’s careful like this, it doesn’t hurt. 

– Fucking beautiful. See your wetness glistening all over my baby!

He says again, as he grinds the hilt against that sweet spot inside. You twitch. He laughs again. 

– Ahhh.. Right…..

He continues to slowly move the hilt. You twitch again. 

– ….There

He breathes out, as he keeps the hilt in place, only moving it back and forth. You let out a moan. Fuck, this isn’t happening. 

– My baby’s gonna make you come!

He moans out, as he starts to move the hilt more aggressively. 

– Ighhh

You let out, desperately trying to hold back your moans. 

– Right there. Fucking beautiful. To see you grip around her! More!

This is turning him on. It must hurt, to grip around the blade like that. Is he bleeding? He wiggles the hilt again. 

– Ahhh.. Please!

You say, desperate to get him to stop. You’ve never been this degraded in your whole life. A fucking knife, the hilt of a fucking knife! 

– Yes! Continue!

He says between heavy breaths. 

– Grip around my baby! Right there. You’re fucking dripping all over her. Ahh. YES!

He continues, as he slowly moves the hilt again. 

– Squirt on her. Come on! 

He says, leaning down, and lets his tongue glide painfully slowly over your clit. Back and forth. Breathing heavily. 

There’s no use. Instead of trying to hold back, you relax. He’ll never give up anyway. 

– Shit!

You scream out, as he moves the hilt again, lapping at your clit like it was the sweetest thing he ever tasted. 

– Mmmmmm..

He murmurs into you. 

The orgasm starts in your lower stomach, spreading out like a bomb exploded. 

– Yes! There! Go on! More!

He hisses into you, as he continues to lap at your clit, keeping your orgasm alive. 

– Nahhhh! Fssskj!

You scream, as he slows down, sits up, and looks down on his hand, slowly dragging the hilt out. Marveling it. 

– Fucking spectacular. Look at this. This mess you made. Fucking beautiful!

He says, lifting up the knife for you to see. Your juices dripping from it, and his blood running down his arm. You look, you don’t dare to do anything else. The look on his face. Fuck this guy is insane. 

He makes his way up to your face, not letting go of the grip he has around the blade. Again he presents the hilt to you, blood drops from his hand, dripping down on your face. 

– She wants you to lick her clean! Taste her!

He says, letting the hilt rest on your lips. You can feel the blood from his hand dripping down your chin. But you don’t dare to look. 

– Go on! She’s not gonna bite you. Lick her clean!

He commands, with that same calm voice. You don’t dare to do anything other than opening your mouth, and let him push the hilt against your tongue. He looks down at you as you do what he tells you. 

– You two are so fucking beautiful together. 

He continues to talk about the knife as if it was a person, or maybe he talks about you as if you were an object. Anyway, you can’t do anything other than keep doing what he tells you to do. You’re  and too exhausted to do anything else. 

Finally he removes the hilt, and gets your arms out of the handcuffs. Then he gets up, walks over to that case again. You don’t dare to move, so instead you watch his every move, as he starts to clean off his knife. Meticulously cleans every surface, before carefully placing it back. Then he turns towards you. 

– You should clean yourself up. I want both my possessions to look their best.

He says, as he starts to clean the blood off his hand. You finally manage to move, slowly into the bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror. Your makeup is all over your face. Smeared out from your tears. Blood on your chin, and down your neck. You take a deep breath, before you grab a towel, and start to wash your face. Scrubbing as hard as you can, until you feel everything, this whole night is washed off you. Then you take a good look at yourself. 

He’s already in bed, when you’re done in the bathroom. You just stand there, not knowing what to do. Not knowing where he wants you. 

– You sleep here!

He says, lifting his arm, and pointing to the bed behind him. You take another deep breath, before you go and lie down next to him. His two most prized possessions. Possessions.

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