Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten – Deep!

Brock wakes you up. You have no idea what time it is, but it feels early. He gives you no time to wake up. He just gets on top of you, sits up on your torso, pins your arms down with his knees, and shoves his cock up in your face. 

– It’s a good morning, don’t you think?

He says, grabbing your hair. 

– Please.. I.. I need to…

You beg. Pleading with your eyes, to make him stop. 

– You need what?

He stops, but he’s not letting go of your hair. 

– I… I need to use the bathroom…

You say, your voice almost breaking, as you force your tears back. 

– Sure, go ahead!

He says, and lets you go. 

You almost roll out of bed, and leave for the bathroom. There’s no lock on the door. So you just close it. Shit, what are you going to do? What is he going to do to you when you get back? 

You take your time, wash your hands, and look at yourself in the mirror. Take a deep breath before you open the door. 

He’s standing right outside. Big and threatening. You jump, before you freeze in place. 

– You’re not thinking about running away now, are you?

He asks. You shake your head to answer. 

– Good! Because if you were…. I’d have to punish you!

He grabs your hair as he says the last words, pulling you into him. 

– I didn’t, I swear… 

He yanks your head back. 

– Get on the bed!

His commanding voice is if possible, even stronger than it was yesterday. So you don’t dare to disobey. When he lets go of you, you walk over to the bed, and lie down. Watch him, as he slowly walks over to you. 

– Not like that!

He says, as he stands tall over you, looking down on you.

Not like that? How many ways are there to lie on a bed? 

– Like THIS!

He says, yanking you around, so your body is on the bed, but your head is over the edge, pushed down, with the way he stands, his cock is perfectly aligned with your face. 

– I told you I’d teach you real sucking!

He smiles down at you, almost triumphal. 

– Noh…

You say. Scared of what’s to come, you try to get back up. He pins you back down. 

– Oh, no,no.. What was rule 4?

Rule 4… What was rule 4. You desperately try to think back.. 

– Wh… When you want me… You’ll have me…

At least you hope that’s right! 

– Good girl.. See, now I can make you feel good as well…

He lets his fingers glide over your nipples. You don’t dare say a word. 

– See.. You like this..

He says, as he pinches your nipples between his fingers. You let out a whimper. 

– Now, open up!

He commands, continuously pinching your nipples. When you don’t comply right away, he grabs your throat, completely cutting off your air supply. 

– Open. Up! 

He says again. This time, you do as you’re told. He let’s go of your throat, moves his hands back to your nipples. 

– See..That wasn’t so hard, now, was it?

He starts off slow, letting his tip touch your lips and your tongue. You’re scared that he’ll force himself down your throat without warning, so you put your hands on his hips, to get some form of control over the situation.

He reacts instantly, grabbing both your wrists. 

– What the fuck are you doing, huh?

His grip around your wrists is hard, and the look in his eyes even harder. 

– I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

You beg, you really don’t want to be restrained when he does this. 

He gets out a rope of some kind. Your eyes widens when you see it. 

– I won’t do it again. I promise!

You plead, desperately. 

– That’s right, you won’t!

He says, as he gets the rope around your wrists. 

– Please. I’ll be good! I’ll behave! I’ll do anything you want!

Now, you’re almost crying. 

– Who invited you into their home?

He asks, as he tightens the rope. 

– Please!

There’s no use trying to get away, he’s too strong for that. 

– Who gave you pizza and beer last night?

He continues, fastening the other end of the rope around the leg of the bed. 

– No! Please!

You’re immobilized again. Not able to move your arms at all. You’re totally at his mercy. 

– Who let you sleep in the bed?

He says, as he tightens the last part of the rope. 

– You! You did, Master! Thank you!

You try one last time. Desperate to regain some form of control. 

– Not everyone would do that! You should be more grateful!

As he says the last word, he forces himself down your throat. You gag, your whole body tenses up, tears streaming from your eyes, and you feel that you can’t breathe. Thankfully he pulls himself out again right away. You breathe heavily. 

– I told you I’d teach you! Now learn!

He says again, putting one of his hands around your throat. 

– Please, Master. I need to breathe!

You try again, when he gets ready to force himself into your mouth one more time. 

– I’m not pinching your nose. Breathe through that!

He almost yells, before he forces himself down your throat again. You try to break free from the restraints, as he continue to fuck your throat, showing no mercy. 

You gasp for the air you can get, as tears and saliva is running down your face, mixing together, so you have no idea what is what. You’re scared beyond beliefe. And you literally feel that you’ll chocke on his cock. Killed by oral sex, guess that’s also a way to go.

You can feel that he’s close, by the way he moves, and how his body tenses up, how his grip around your throat changes. You close your eyes. Silently begging for him to finish fast. 

– Aaaa.. Fuck…

You hear him say, before he delivers his load all over your face. You know he’s watching you, but you don’t dare to open your eyes. You keep them firmly shut. Even when he sits down, and unties your hands, you don’t open them, instead you focus on breathing. To catch your breath again. Here’s your proof of ownership! Fuck! What did you get yourself into? 

– Take a shower, wash off. You look like shit!

He says. And you know you have to do what he says, besides, you really want to wash this stuff off your face. 

You slowly get up from the bed. And start to move towards the bathroom. You can feel his eyes on your back the entire time. When you finally close the door to the bathroom, you take a deep breath.

You take your time in the shower, washing every single part of your body. The warm water relaxes you, and your breathing finally goes back to normal. You breathe in and out a couple of times, before you exit the shower.

When you’re dying off, Brock comes into the bathroom, with some clothes in his hand. 

– Here! Put this on! I don’t want you to be cold!

He puts the clothes down on a chair, before he leaves again. You pick them up, look at them. It’s some black pants, and a white blouse. Nice fabrics too. You put them on, even though you have no idea where they come from. Maybe an ex girlfriend or something. Anyway, he’d probably be pissed if you don’t put them on, and everything is better than the harness. 

You’re nervous when you exit the bathroom. You don’t know what he has in store for you next, and after what you just endured, he could do anything. But to your surprise the table is set for two, with a ton of breakfast items, juice, eggs, bacon, toast. What is with this guy? Is this part of the game? 

– Sit! 

He commands. You sit down on the same chair you sat on last night. Looking at him, sitting across the table from you. 

– Eat!

Again, just one word, commanding! You reach for a toast. Taking a small bite of it. Unsure if you’re hungry or not. 

– Have some bacon, eggs! You need to eat something!

You look at him. You’ve heard about trauma bonding, and narcissistic abuse, but this must be abuse at a whole nother level. 

– Eat?

You ask. 

– I made breakfast. Now you eat!

No emotions is showing in his face. But you know that he can jump at you any second, so you take some eggs and a bit of bacon. 

– What do you think about the clothes?

He pours you a glass of juice. You look down on your clothes. 

– They’re nice.. Thank you. But I thought.. 

– I changed my mind about the harness. You need to look decent if I have people over.

That’s the last words exchanged over breakfast. The clothes are nice and all, and fits perfectly. But you can’t stop thinking about what kind of “people” he’ll have over, and why you need to look decent for them. 

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