Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen – Out!

A couple of weeks go by, and on some levels you’re starting to settle into your new life. It’s not like he’s mean in every aspect of the word. He feeds you, clothes you, you get to take showers, and although he told you that you would have to earn your place in the bed, you’ve slept there every night since you “moved in”. It’s only during the day, when he’s out, that you’re chained to the wall. 

At first, you felt like your legs were dying, standing there for hours when he was out, doing God knows what. But after a while you got used to it. It’s strange what a human being can get used to, when the situation calls for it. 

The rough sex part too. At first you fought back, begged for him to stop, begged for mercy. After a couple of days, you stopped doing that too. No use anyway, he never listened to you. He got his way no matter what. By now, you feel that you’ve done every sexual thing that has ever been invented. And in some twisted way, it all started to feel normal. And it wasn’t like you had anywhere else to go. 

You jump, when you hear the door opening. Rough movements. Is he mad about something? You swallow, before you take a deep breath. Trying to stand as still as humanly possible. He’s turned on by your fear, that much you’ve learned. So you try your best not to show him. 

He’s walking straight over to you, looking at you, but not really looking. It’s like he acknowledges that you’re there, but that’s it. Your presence doesn’t mean anything to him. At least not more than the fact that you’re his sex slave, and he can throw you around like a ragdoll, whenever he feels like doing so. 

He gets the chain to your handcuffs off the hook it’s fastende to, on the wall, over your head, before he pushes you, stomach down on the bed. So it’s one of those days. A rough quickie before he orders food. If you let him; you get to sit at the table to eat, if not…. Well, that’s a different story. One you don’t want to experience tonight. So instead of moving away from him, you let him. You’re always naked when you’re chained to the wall, so it doesn’t take too long before he enters you. You’re not prepared at all, and it hurts. The degrading part you can live with. That doesn’t bother you anymore. But the pain of him entering you without any kind of foreplay; that part will take a while to get used to. 

His hands gilde up your back, hard and rough. Pushing you down into the mattress, before grabbing your hair, yanking you up into a standing position. You can’t help but let out a whimper, when he drags your head back, giving him full access to your neck. 

He breathes roughly into your ear, and takes a hold around your throat. 

– You’re not even ready for me!

He growls, before he spins you around, and pushes you down on the bed again. This time on your back; once again he takes a hold around your throat. 

– How the FUCK am I supposed to enjoy you, if you’re not even ready?!?

He almost screams. You try to swallow, but his grip makes it impossible. 

– I… I’m sorry.

You try. But you’re out of luck. He lets go of your throat, and his hand hits the side of your face. His other hand grabs your pussy. You whimper in return, and the pain from his hard grip of your pussy, makes you move involuntarily. 

– But you’re going to get ready for me, won’t you?

He asks, grabbing a bit harder. 

– Yes! YES!

You answer, desperate for him to let go. 

He stands up, looking down at you. You don’t dare to move. You hardly dare to blink. 

– Then get ready! You have five minutes!

He tells you. Like it was the most normal thing in the world. 

– Wh-What?

You ask, you really don’t understand what he means. 

– Get. Ready. For. Me!

He says again, still looking down at you. 

– I… I’m sorry.. I do…

You don’t get to say anything else, before he grabs your hand, placing it on your pussy. 

– Make yourself ready for me. Is that so fucking hard to understand?

He almost spits the words to you. You don’t know what happened today. But he seems more angry than usual. And if you could, you would make yourself ready for him. But you know you won’t manage. You’re too afraid. Too scared of him. Your whole body is shaking. He looks at you again, his expression softening. 

– It hasn’t been your day today, has it?

He asks. Letting his hand glide over your hair. You shake your head. You know this can go both ways. He can let you off the hook, or he can go dangerously rough and hard. Painfully rough and hard. And it scares you that this day feels like one of those painful ones. 

– Hasn’t been mine either…

He continues, letting his hand glide down your face, and glides his thumb over your bottom lip. You try to slow down your breath. Waiting for the inevitable, waiting for him to punish you for not being ready. 

– But that doesn’t give you the right to disobey me now, does it?

He screams the words to you, grabbing your hair, and dragging you to the edge of the bed, your head outside the bed, your body on the bed. 

– I’m sorry. I’ll do it. I’ll get ready for you!

You beg, desperate to get out of this situation. You’ve been here before, and you know what he’ll do. You also know that it’ll be painful and degrading. 

– NO! You won’t! You had your chance. Now I don’t fucking care which hole I use, as long as I’m using one! 

He spits the words out, like you mean nothing to him. Tugging his pants and underwear down, and taking a step towards you. 

– Please!

You beg, lifting your hands in a reflex to get him to back off. 

– Don’t even try to touch me, you useless fucking slut! Now take it!

There’s no use. He forces himself inside your mouth. Leaning against the bed on his palms, as he starts to mercilessly fuck your mouth. 

– That’s it! You fucking whore! Take it! All of it! Swallow my cock!

He’s talking like you weren’t even there. You desperately try to keep your hands off of him, as tears and saliva mixes together on your face. 

Just as you feel you’re about to pass out from the lack of oxygen he pulls out, bends down and looks at you; as you desperately try to catch your breath again. 

– Quick, short breaths…

He tells you, dragging his hand over your face, smearing your saliva around. 

– It helps you to recover faster. Which means I can start up again faster. 

He continues. You’re desperately trying to calm your breathing down, but it’s almost impossible. 

He gets back up again. 

– Now, I’m gonna start up again on the count of ten. And you better be ready. Because if you’re not… I can promise you, you won’t like what’s coming to you!

His voice deep and dark, threatening. You force yourself to take small shallow breaths, and to keep your tears in check. 

– Five, Six, Seven

He counts. You take a breath, telling your heart to stop beating so fast. 

– Eight, nine

It’s like he doesn’t even notice you. Like the counting’s just for show. 

– Ten!

He wasn’t kidding. At the count of ten, he once again mercilessly enters your mouth. You try to let your tongue glide over him, in the hopes that he’ll finish faster. 

He leans over you, pushing himself further in. Then he spits at your pussy, before he smears it around. 

– So now you’re fucking wet!

He says, pulling out of your mouth and standing up. 

– Turn around!

He instructs.

You follow his command without question. Happy that you get out of the position you were in. 

– Feet on the floor!

He commands again. You do as you’re told. You have absolutely no idea what he’s planning to do to you. But you put your feet on the floor, as you sit on the edge of the bed. Looking at him. 

– Lie down, and spread your legs!

He continues. You swallow nervously, but you do as he tells you. 

– That’s a good little slut!

He says, as he kneels down. You try to look at him. But it’s hard, you know you can’t move too much, or he’ll get mad. He spits on your pussy again, followed by fingers smearing it around. 

– Is getting dominated making you wet?

He asks. You whimper in return. He laughs. 

– The little whore likes to be used. Doesn’t she?

He asks again, as he leans in, breathing into your pussy. When you don’t answer, he gets on top of you. 

– Tell me! Tell me you like to be used!

He commands, before he enters you in one hard thrust. 


He screams to you. You jump from his sudden outburst. So you don’t manage to answer right away. 

He takes a firm hold of your throat. 

– Tell me that you like to be used!

He tells you again. You look at him, desperately trying not to cry. 

– I like to be used!

You reply. 

He smiles at you. 

– You’re a dirty little slut whore, that wants nothing more than to be used and abused for other people’s pleasure!

He tells you. You keep looking at him. 


He screams. Once again you struggle with keeping your tears back. How did you end up in this situation? 

– I…. I’m a dirty little slut whore, and I want to be used and abused..

Your voice is shaking. And you’re scared he’ll hurt you if you cry. 

– You enjoy being used!

He said again. You’re unsure what he wants with this. But it’s better to just comply. 

– I…. I enjoy being used..

You tell him. Your voice now gives away that you’re on the verge of crying. 

– You know.. I might have just the thing for you!

He says, before he gets up. 

– Take a shower, we’re going out tonight!

He tells you. 

You slowly get to your feet and walk to the bathroom. Going out? Where are you going? And why did he want you to say all those things before he decided on going out? Should you be scared? There’s a million questions in your head, as you let the warm water from the shower wash away all the pain and degrading you just went through. 


When the taxi drops you off outside the club, and you see the endless line out front. You secretly hope that you won’t get in. You have absolutely no idea what awaits you if you get in, and you hope for the love of God that the line is too big. “I enjoy to be used!” Please God, let this be a normal club, and not some orgy place. If you’re going to judge the place on the people outside alone, it should be a normal place. But what do you know? 

– Mr. Hades! Welcome back! Your table is all set for you!

A big bouncer guy tells you, when you approach the door. So obviously the line is something “Hades” can drop. And what the fuck kinda name is “Hades” anyway? Didn’t the guy at the auction house call him Mr. Rumlow? Hades sounds like the grim reaper or something. Maybe you should be more scared than you are. Maybe he really is dangerous. 

Inside the club, your nervousness starts to dissipate. It looks like a totally normal club. No orgies happening, no dungeon like things, not even strippers. Thank God. Maybe his actions back home were just for show, to scare you, or degrade you, or both. 

He guides you to a table in the back, away from most of the commotion in the club, even the music is muffled back there. A guy already sits at the table when you arrive. 

– Jack, my man!

Rumlow, Hades or whatever his name is greets the other man. 

– Finally back here huh, did you settle things with…

Jack asks, gesturing towards the bar. 

– Nah.. He still owes me money. I think the interests are about to kill him.

Rumlow replies. You’re unsure if he means kill literally. But if you’re going to witness a murder tonight… Maybe you should try to sneak out the back. 

– I was thinking about making him an offer tonight. An offer he should take. Not that many people get a free pass from me.

Rumlow continues. The other guy gives you a quick glance. 

– Should we really talk about this in front of her?

He asks. Again it’s like you’re an object. Like you’re not really there. They’re talking about you, and not to you. 

– She won’t be a problem! She knows her place! Don’t you?

Rumlow takes a hold of the back of your neck as he asks. For the common club goer it might look like a soft loving touch, but for you it hurts. You suck in a breath. 

– Don’t you?

He asks again. And you realize that the other guy, Jack, follows the situation with Rumlow and you closely. 

– Yes, Master!

You reply.

Jack smiles, as Rumlow sits you both down. 

– You trained her well. I’m impressed!

Jack says, again looking right through you. 

– She knows what happens if she doesn’t comply!

Rumlow replies. Like you weren’t even there. You should be used to this by now. Even before he bought you, you were a nobody. But you’re not used to it, especially not in this particular situation. 

The night goes on. You don’t say or do much. Just sipping champagne and listening to Rumlow and Jack talking business. For the most part, money. Illegal poker games mostly. And if you understand it correctly Rumlow isn’t only getting back money people owe him. He also helps other people to get their money back. To your surprise it doesn’t sound like any of them are into drug trafficking or anything like that. Probably to avoid getting caught. You do get that they have a couple of dirty cops in their pockets. So if you do manage to escape, the Police is probably not the place to go. 

After a couple of hours of business and money talk, Rumlow decides it’s time to approach the bartender they talked about. You follow him with your eyes. You can’t hear what he’s saying, but from the looks they send your way, you do get that they’re talking about you. 

You can see in the corner of your eye that Jack follows Rumlow with his eyes, as he makes his way back to you. 

– Did it work?

Jack asks, when Rumlow sits back down. 

– He should take the offer. If he knows what’s best for him. 

Rumlow replies, looking at you quickly. 

– What did you offer him?

Jack asks. 

– For us to get free drinks and free passes here. He looks the other way, no matter what it is. And if he feels he’s having a hard time hiding his embezzlements, he can borrow her from time to time. 

Rumlow replies, gesturing towards you. You feel your heart skip a beat. Is this what you are now, a bargaining chip? You open your mouth to say something, but you quickly close it again, when Rumlow takes a firm grip of your thigh. 

– Of course I will oversee the encounter! She doesn’t leave my sight.

Rumlow continues. 

– Now that would be something I’d like to see. I bet she’s good. Is she good?

Jack asks, placing his hand on your knee. You want to move away, but something tells you that would be a bad idea. 

Rumlow leans into you. 

– Spread your legs!

He whispers in your ear. You do as you’re told. Even though every fiber in your body tells you not to. But if that bartender guy is supposed to look the other way, that probably means that Rumlow and Jack can do whatever they want with you, without anyone even raising an eyebrow. And it’s safer to be on their good side. 

– You want a test run?

Rumlow asks Jack. It sounds like a serious question. You swallow audibly, as Jack slowly moves his hand up the inside of your thigh. 

– A test run, huh?

Jack replies, still moving his hand up your thigh until he reaches your silk underwear. He lets his fingertips glide up and down the smooth fabric a couple of times. 

– You bought her luxury underwear. I’d never thought of you as the wooing kinda guy.

Jack tells him, still with his fingertips on your underwear. 

– Merchandise needs to look good! 

Rumlow replies. You swallow again. Merchandise? That’s what you are? Is he going to sell you, lend you out, use you as payment? 

– We should probably see if it works. Don’t you think?

He continues. Jack gives him a nod.

Rumlow leans into you again. 

– You go over to the bar, and you’ll tell the bartender that you’ll be paying for our drinks tonight. 

He tells you. You look at him, open your hand to take his card. But he shakes his head. 

– Wh.. What am I supposed to pay with?

You ask, suddenly realizing that you already know the answer. 

– Well… This!

Jack answers your question, by placing his whole palm on your pussy, outside your underwear. 

– And if he declines?

You ask. You’re scared. And embarrassed. And what the fuck do you do if that bartender actually lets you pay this way? More importantly, how will you break this to him? 

– That would be a really bad decision on his part!

Rumlow replies. Before he leans into you again, and takes that death grip on the back of your neck. 

– If you don’t want another round of what I did before we came here. I suggest you get to work!

He snarls in your ear. 

You get up, and walk towards the bar, on shaky legs. Your heart is beating like a drum in your ears, and you feel both Rumlow and Jack’s eyes on your back like laser sights. 

You don’t have to stand by the bar too long before the bartender approaches you. 

– Here to pay for your table?

He asks you. You just nod. You still have no clue what you should say to him. 

He puts a payment terminal in front of you. You look at it, and then you look back up at him. 

– You’re Hades girl, right?

He asks. Again you answer him with a nod. He leans in close. 

– Look.. Tell Hades that he’ll get his money. I just have to sell my house first, and that takes some time. Time I don’t have. I know. I just need a little more time, and he’ll get everything I owe him. Please tell him that.

He tells you, his voice low and scared. You swallow. 

– And, if you ever get the chance. RUN! 

That’s the last thing he tells you, before he goes back to work. 

You turn towards the table again. Both Rumlow and Jack are still staring at you. Rumlow gestures a question. You shake your head to answer. You get a quick head gesture to return to the table. Although you know that Rumlow won’t let you off the hook for this. You feel saved. Saved from what? Saved from being used as payment. Saved from degrading yourself to that level. Saved from becoming a real whore. 


The whole cab ride back, Rumlow doesn’t say a word. Your guess is that he’s thinking about how to punish you, since you didn’t do what he told you to do. But it can also be because he’s thinking about what to do to that bartender guy. You can’t help but wonder how much money he owes. If he had to sell his house, it must be alot. 

He’s completely quiet when you enter the apartment complex too, and when he locks you into the apartment. You swallow. What is he planning to do to you? It can’t be anything good. Good for him maybe, but you can’t imagine it’ll be good for you. You try to tell yourself that anything is better than a cardboard box in a parking garage, but to be honest you’re not completely sure about that anymore. 

The second he’s finished locking the door, he grabs your hair. You suck in a breath, forcing yourself to look at him. 

– You can’t even get a bartender up! You useless fucking slut!

He growls to you. You can’t reply. His grip hurts too bad, and you’re completely frozen from fear. 

– You know what happens to people who don’t follow my orders?

He continues, as he drags you into the next room. You whimper, but you still can’t get a single word out. 

– They get hurt!

He says, as he pushes you down on the bed. You’re relieved that he’s not holding your hair anymore, but scared out of your mind for what’s coming next. 

– Take off your clothes!

He commands, as he gets that trunk with his toys out again. You can’t move. Your whole body is shaking from fear, and you don’t manage to move an inch. 

He gets some stuff out of the trunk, before he turns towards you again. Looks you up and down a couple of times, before he launches towards you, grabs your throat, and lifts you up. You desperately try to not show him your fear. And you try to slow your breathing down. 

His hand hits the side of your face, the pain makes you tear up. 

– Am I speaking in a language you don’t understand?

He screams to you, and his hand hits the side of your face again. You quickly shake your head. 

– Then do as you’re fucking told!

He commands, as he lets go of you. You fall back down on the bed. To your surprise you manage to get your clothes off. You can’t see what kind of toys he lined up. But half of his toys are borderline torture devices, and you have to force yourself to endure this, without fighting back. 

He chains your arms to the wall on each side of the bed. Long chains holding them in place. You’re incapacitated. You can’t even move your arms. He moves down to your legs, fastens them too, and then he proceeds to hoist your lower body up in the air. Not too high, just enough for him to have full access, and for you to have full view of everything that happens. You’re on full display for him, without any chance to move. You’re totally at his mercy. 

You let out an involuntary whimper. 

– Shhh.. My sweet little thing…

He says, as he glides his hand over your pussy. 

– First, I’m going to get you nice, wet and sensitive. I want you to feel this. 

He tells you, before he lets his tongue glide over you. Then he stops, looks at you. 

– Make some noise!

He commands. Then he closes his lips over your clit, and sucks violently. It’s both arousing and painful. His hands grab your breasts, squeezing them as hard as he can. It hurts like hell. Your whimpers almost turn into screams of pain. Then he lets go. 

– That was a test run! Keep it up!

He tells you, before he spits on your pussy.  You whimper again. 

– Oh, how I’m going to play with you.

He says, as he lets his finger smear his spit over your clit. Slowly smearing the wetness back and forth. 

– Please…

You breathe out. 

– Please what?

He asks, licking his lips. 

– So… Sorry..

You beg. 

– Please. What?

He asks again, pinning your clit between his thumb and his index finger. Pressing them together. 

– Nah…

You beg. Your voice filled with pain. 

– Does it hurt?

He growls. Pressing harder around your clit. You try to breathe through the pain,  it’s impossible to speak. 

– Does. It. Hurt?

He asks again. Sweat forming on his forehead. It scares you that this is turning him on. 

– Yes! Yes, it hurts!

You almost scream. You so desperately want him to let go, but you can’t do anything. You can’t even move. 

– Good!

He replies, before he leans down, and lets his tongue glide over your throbbing clit, still pinned between his fingers. You can feel the blood pumping there, and you’re scared that he’ll ruin you in some way. 

The feeling of his tongue takes some of the pain away. But you don’t know what’s worse. The intense burning pain, or the fact that he makes you feel this way. That he can actually arouse you like this, that he can make you cum. 

A whimpering moan escapes you. Earning a condescending laugh from him. But at least he lets go of the hold he has on your clit. You let out a relieved breath. 

– Oh, you want me to make you feel good. Little slut wants to cum. Doesn’t she?

He asks, condescending. He wants you to degrade yourself. But you have no idea if it’ll help to answer yes. He might have a different idea than you have on how to give you an orgasm. 

– Or do you want me to continue this? 

He asks, slowly moving his hand towards your clit again. 

– No! Please! I want to cum! I want you to make me cum!

You almost shout the words out. Desperate to get him to stop hurting you. 

– That’s what I thought…

He says, picking up the womanizer from the table, presenting it to you.

– Now you need to learn how to follow simple orders. 

He continues. Turning the womanizer on. Going through the intensities on it, first all the way up. 

– So I’ll decide how long and how many…

He says, as he turns the womanizer down, and off. 

– And you! You’re going to count them. Every. Single. One!

He informs you. You’re unsure if you’ll manage. But you’ll try. You have to try. 

The second the buzzing head of the womanizer touches your clit, you suck in a breath. 

– Look at me!

He instructs. And you force your eyes to be open, and locked on him. He turns the intensity up, and presses the device harder down on you. 

– Ahhh… Ngsh..

You let out. Fuck! How is he doing this? How does he make you wet like this? 

Your lower body twitches when he hits a certain spot. 

– Aha.. Right there.. Feels good, doesn’t it?

He says, and then he places the device over the spot that made you twitch. 

– Fuckehh…

You scream. Your body moves on it’s own. He slips his arm around your waist, holds you still, as he presses the device down on that spot again. 

– Aaaaaahhh…. Shhhng… Aaaaahaaa..

Your whole body is on fire. Your toes curling. Your body moves on its own, the little you can move, due to him holding you in place. 

– That was number?

He asks, when he removes the womanizer from your clit, to give you a short break. 

– O… Ooooneh.. Plh.. Please..

You manage to breathe out. He can’t keep this up much longer. You’ll never manage to keep track. 

– You think I’m finished? You think this was enough?

He yells, before he spanks your pussy. You jump from the hit and the burning pain that follows. Letting out a few whimpering sobs, that makes Brock furious. 

– Don’t you dare fucking cry, BITCH! You brought this upon yourself. Now take the punishment you deserve!

You close your mouth, and do your best to swallow your sobs. You desperately don’t want him to hurt you again. 

After more rounds with the womanizer and so many orgasms that you’ve lost count. You feel like you’re about to pass out. Your brain has short circuited, and you can’t even speak anymore. Your desperate screams of pain and pleasure echoes in the walls. Your body feels like it’s about to give up. Like you’re about to die. 

When you once again hear the familiar sound of the womanizer you send Brock a pleading look. 

– Plh… Please.. I.. I can’t take it anymore. Please..

You beg, before your voice gives up on you. Your throat so sore from the screaming, that you don’t even know if he understands what you’re saying. 

He looks at you, then he turns the device off, and puts it to the side. 

– I think you’re sensitive enough. How many was it?

He asks. Grabbing the inside of your thighs. Again you suck in a breath, and swallow your sobs. 

– How. Many?

He asks again. 

– I… I… Don’t re… Ahhhh..

You scream in pain, when his grip thightens. 

– I don’t knoooow!!

You scream. The intense pain reaches your whole body. 

– You stupid, fucking whore!

He screams at you, slanking your pussy when he says the last word. You scream in pain. You’re so sensitive down there right now, that even the smallest softest touch hurts. 

– Count them!

He commands again. Followed by another hit. 

– Twoooo!

You reply. 

– You start on two? Did you forget one?

He asks. 

– Learn. How. To. Fucking. Count!

He commands, each word accompanied by a hit. You don’t even manage to scream anymore. Your voice is dead. 

Another hit. You’re unsure if it’s harder. But it hurts. It hurts so bad that you feel he’s about to destroy you, ruin you. 

– One…. Twoooo. Threeehee. Four…

You count. Desperately hoping he’ll stop at five. 

– Sixehh. Seven. Eight. Ninehhe. TEN!

You scream the last number, with your remaining energy. With what’s left of your vocal chords. You probably won’t be able to speak for days. 

You don’t remember what happens next. If your brain blocks it out, or if you’re so tired that you just block out everything, you don’t know. All you remember is that he gets you out of your restraints, and covers you with a blanket. He’s not saying anything, he just covers you, and then he lies down next to you. 

You hope it’ll be a long long time until you have one of these nights again….

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