Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twelve!

Chapter Twelve – Used!

He gets your dress off you, and then your underwear. You don’t even try to fight him. His rough movements tells you that will be a bad idea.

He gets you up on the bed, on your back. He sits down on the edge of the bed, hand on your stomach.

– Please, you don’t have to do this!

You try. He smiles down at you.

– I know! But I want to!

You turn your head away from him. One lonely tear rolls down your cheek. He takes your nipples between his fingers, squeezing.

– Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you’re wet enough to take it.

He keeps twisting and squeezing your nipples, it hurts, so you move your arms to stop him. You know it’s a bad idea, but it hurts so bad, that you don’t have control of your own movements.

Now everything happens so fast, you don’t even have time to think. He grabs your arms, and restrains them over your head, then he grabs your legs, and fastens them over your head too. You can’t move, and the position you’re in makes you completely open to him.

– Please! Don’t!

You manage to say.

His hands hits the inside of your thighs, it stings.

– Shut the fuck up!

He says, before he hits you again!

– You’re hurting me!

He looks at you for a while, before he gets some stuff up on the bed. Then he leans over you, and puts a gag ball in your mouth, fastens it, and sits back up.

– Fls..

You say. It’s supposed to be yet another “please”, but it’s impossible to make any sense.

– Shhh…

He says. Before he picks up one of those butt plugs, you whimper involuntarily from the sight of it.

– Feel this? It vibrates!

He continues, smearing lubricant on the butt plug, before he smears some on you as well.

– This is one of my smaller ones, just to open you up a bit!

He looks at you, when he slowly starts to get the plug inside you. You whimper. It doesn’t exactly hurt, but you feel so exposed, so degraded.

– I want to fuck you until sunrise.

He says, before he buries his face between your legs. Greedily tasting every inch of you, while his hands squeezes your breasts. It’s a strange feeling. The position you’re in hurts, and it’s degrading. But at the same time, the way his tongue keeps circling your clit, you can’t deny the way that feels. You try to keep the noises in, but he keeps letting his tongue touch you on your most sensitive spots.

– Haha.. Yes! You like this. Tell me!

You can’t form any real words, with the gag in your mouth. He ups his pace, and slips two of his fingers inside of you. Closes his lips over your clit. You can’t hold back anymore. You don’t want to, but again he manages to bring you to climax.

– Come for me!

He murmurs into your dripping pussy, before he again sucks on your clit. Your moans intensifies.

– Come for me, and I might take it slow with the ass fucking!

He mercilessly fucks you with his fingers, and laps at your clit, like his life depended on giving you an orgasm. You lose control, shaking, almost screaming. Even though it’s pretty clear that you came, he doesn’t stop. You feel that you’re about to pass out when he finally stops.

Looking at you for a while, before he gets a condom out, strokes his cock a bit, before he puts it on, removes the butt plug, and carefully starts to enter himself. He’s big, and it hurts. Not as much as you thought it would, but it hurts non the less. You whimper.

– So fucking thight!

He says, as he brings his thumb down on your clit, rubbing it. You’re still overly sensitive from the orgasm, so you jump from his touch.

– You’re gonna make me cum. Push your ass against me again!

He says, something in his voice tells you that he’s enjoying this a bit too much for your liking. He continues to rub your clit, putting a bit more pressure on it. You jump again.

– Yes! Feels good, doesn’t it?

He says, breathing heavily, as he ups his pace. Pushing himself deeper in. Now it really hurts. You whimper in pain.

– Oh no, you pretty little thing. You take it. Like it!

He continues to push himself into you. And his thumb still back and forth over your clit. You don’t know what to feel anymore. His thumb on your clit makes you shiver, and it makes your lower belly clench, but him pushing himself deeper and deeper into you hurts, and you don’t know which feeling is stronger.

– Aaaaa.. Fuck, so thight around me. Thight little asshole. Fuck.. Gonna make me cum!

You try to hold your breath, to move your body into a position that doesn’t hurt. He continues to up his pace. His eyes locked on you. Now he focuses on himself. His thumb still on your clit, but he almost doesn’t move it.

– Mmmm.. Fuck yes.. There.. Fuck. Aaaahh.. Yes!

You can feel him coming, and finally he pulls himself out of you. Spanks you a couple of times, before he leans down, and removes the gag ball. You take a relieved breath. He slowly unties you, you let your arms and your legs fall down. Try to feel if he ripped you in some way. It doesn’t feel like it. You close your eyes for a second, to catch your breath again.

When you open your eyes, he holds the condom in front of your face, filled with his cum.

– Drink it!

He says. You instantly shake your head, keeping your lips firmly shut. He grabs your chin.

– Open your mouth!

You try to shake your head, but it’s impossible, but you keep your mouth shut. He spits in your face, before letting go of your chin, and his hand instead hits the side of your face.

– You think you can deny me, without consequences?

He yells, as he empties the condom on your face. You try to move away, but he holds you in place. He leaves the empty condom on your face as well, looking down on you for a while.

– Don’t ever say no to me again! Understood?

You don’t answer, you feel so degraded you don’t even want to look at him.


He screams, grabbing your hair. You whimper again.

– Yes, Master! I understand!

You manage to say.

He let’s go of your hair.

– Take a shower, fucking dirty little whore, wash this off!

You get up from the bed, and walk towards the bathroom again. A shower sounds great right about now, and it gets you away from him for a while.

When you move to close the bathroom door behind you, he stops you. Walk all the way up to you.

– You really think you’d be taking a shower alone?

You look down, swallow.

– I said I wanted to fuck you until sunrise!

You keep looking down on the floor.

– Now wash the mess of your face, so I can fuck you again!

You slowly walk into the shower, let the water run down your face, let your tears fall with it. Maybe you should just start to please him, maybe it will get easier then. He does own you, after all.

His hand around your throat, and his body pressed up against you forces you back to reality. He slowly takes down the shower head, slowly moving it down your body. Stopping between your legs.

– Look down!

He commands. You do as he tells you. Looking down can’t be that dangerous.

– You know what this is?

He touches a little handle or a knob of some kind on the side of the shower head. You shake your head.

– It changes the shower jet. Want to try it?

Rhetorical question again. To avoid any more confrontations, you nod.

– That’s my good little slut. This is going to be fun!

You can feel the laugh welling up in him, before he changes the shower jet to hard, pointing it straight at your clit. You jump, and he laughs.

– We can hold it like this…

He says, moving the shower head further away from you. The jet still hits you, but not at all as hard as before.

– Or… We can hold it like this…

He moves the jet closer, after the orgasm from before, you’re already sensitive as fuck down there, and this hurts. You try to move away. His grip around your throat tightens.

– Stand absolutely still! We’re going to play a game!

You’re pretty sure you’re shaking, but it’s hard to tell if it’s because of the pain, or because you’re scared.

– O…OK, Master. I’ll play..

He leans down and whispers in your ear. You can feel him hardening against your behind. Torturing you like this actually turns him on. This guy is sicker than you thought.

– Did you really think you had a choice?

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