Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Eight

Very graphic descriptions of Non-Con! ⚠️

Rough treatment!


Chapter Eight – Heaven!

He takes a hold under your arms, lifts you up, spins you around, and pushes you down on the bed again. Standing over you for a while, before removing your handcuffs. You take a relieved breath, before his hand hits your behind. You almost scream in pain.


He yells back.

– Please!

You beg, as his hand hits you yet again.

-Please, who??

He shouts, as he lets both hands hit you at the same time.

– Please, Master! I’ll do anything!

He stops, instead he lets both his hands glide over your behind.

-Will you now?

It’s something in his tone, that makes you regret what you just said.

– Let’s see about that, shall we?

In one swift move, you’re up on the bed, with him on top of you.

– Spread out for me!

He commands, eyes fixed on you, and his whole body Weight on you. Even if you wanted to, you’re unable to move. You know he’ll be rough, since you don’t obey. But you don’t dare to move your eyes away from him.

He lets his tongue glide up the side of your face, before he roughly grabs your arms, and places them over your head, sits up, and secure them to something. You move your head, so you can see. The same restraints he put on you when you first entered his apartment. Only this time, the restraints are connected to his bed.

You try to yank your arms away. But he’s too strong. When both your hands are secured, he moves down, stopping over your face. Grabbing your throat, moving his face all the way up in yours.

– Now, I’m gonna secure your feet.. And you, You’re gonna be a good little girl, and let me!

You open your mouth to answer, but the only sounds escaping you are your desperate whimpers of denial.

– Don’t worry… I’m only gonna do good things to you…

He slowly moves down to your feet. You follow him with your eyes, too scared to look away. He stops for a second, over your pussy. He’s so close, that you can feel his breath on you. Again you let out a whimper of denial.

– I’m gonna play with this pretty little thing…

He says, before lifting his head, to look at you.

– Make you feel real good….

He says, with a smirk, then he lets his hand glide over you.

– Noh…

You say, while sucking in a breath. He laughs again.

– Oh, yes!

He answers, looking at you, lets his tongue glide over his lips. You take a deep breath, your whole body is shaking with fear, and you desperately try to calm down.

He lets his hands glide down your legs, all the way down to your ankles, before he secures them to the bed. Spreads you out. You try to move, but it’s impossible. Again, you’re immobilized, exposed, totally at his mercy.

– There you go! All for me to play with…

He says, before he spanks your pussy.

– Good little slut… Opening up for me like this…

He praises, before placing a bite on your inner thigh. You let out another whimper.

– Shhhhhh… Lay back… Enjoy…

He says, before placing a bite on your other thigh.

– I bet you taste like heaven…

He puts one of his fingers in his mouth, before slowly gliding it over your clit. You push your lower body down into the mattress, to get away from him. Totally overlooking the pain you feel when you do it.

– You tasted it… What did it taste like?

He asks, still moving his finger around.

You don’t manage to answer. Too scared to even make the softest of sounds. He stops, looks at you, before making his way up to your face.

– Well… If you’re not going to speak anyway..

He says, as he gets something out from underneath his pillow.

– You might as well use this!

He presents you with something. You look. It’s a gagball.

– No! NO!

You almost scream to him. Desperately moving your head away, when he tries to get it on you. Yanking both your arms and legs. Tears again falling from your eyes.

He grabs your hair, holding your head in place.

– I’m not one to deny!! Behave, and you’ll be treated good.. Keep this up, and I’ll make sure to hurt you!

Again he moves his face all the way up in yours. And you really can’t understand, how a person can be this horrible towards another human being.

– Please!

You beg. Trying to look at him, through your tears. You really don’t want to wear the gagball, and you hope that he will show you some mercy.

He lifts his upper body up, by his arms, lingers over your face for a while. Looking at you, and your begging eyes.

– Fine! I’ll give you one more chance. But then you’ll answer! Use. Your. Words!

He leans down and kisses you. You whimper softly.

– Do we have a deal?

You can feel his erection growing. And it scares the living shit out of you, that treating you like this turns him on.

– Yes, Master!

You answer, you don’t dare to say anything else. You’re totally at his mercy. He can do whatever he wants to and with you, and you won’t be able to get away. So you try your best to keep him in a good mood.

He slowly moves down to your breasts, squeezing them, before he takes a nipple in his mouth.

– Nah…

The only sound you manage to make.

– Yes.. Tell me how good it feels. Tell me how good it feels to have my lips on your body.

He isn’t moving away from you as he talks. His lips on you, the entire time, him talking into your skin, as he slowly moves his lips back and forth between your breasts.

You desperately try to calm your breathing down. What is this guy into? Will he hurt you? What is he going to do to you?

– Wh.. What are you going to do to me?

You ask, with a shaking voice. Not at all sure if you even should ask. You get your answers even before you’re done thinking. He instantly grabs your throat.

– Did I say you could ask questions?

You shake your head. His hold of your throat makes it impossible to speak.

– Then shut the fuck up!

He says, before he turns his attention back to your breasts.

You look at him, as he is pressing your breasts together, swirling his tongue around your nipples.

– I want to glide my cock up and down between your soft peaks, and then I want to come all over your face…

You involuntarily look away from him. You know he’s going to do it. Every single thing he says he want’s to do to you, he’ll do.

– But first..

He looks into your eyes, as he slowly moves his hand down to your pussy.

– I want to do this…

Before you even have the chance to process what he just said, two of his fingers is inside of you. You gasp from his touch. His eyes still fixed on yours, the muscles in his upper arms flexes as he starts to viciously pump his fingers inside of you.

– Yesss! So fucking wet. Little bitch likes it! Fucking wet little cunt!

He snares at you, before he once again licks the side of your face. Then he slowly moves his face down between your legs. Slows down the movements of his fingers inside of you, just looking down at your pussy.

– Do you know how fucking sexy it is, to se how wet you make my fingers right now?

He asks, as he slowly massages your sweet spot. Your lower belly clenches from his touch, and a moan, disguised as a whimper rolls over your lips.

– Haha.. Continue with that sound.. I like that..

He says, licking his lips, before dipping down, and gliding his tongue over you.

You gasp again, a little louder than you should have. He laughs into your wet flesh, before he closes his lips over your clit. Works you hard, with both his fingers and his mouth.

You try to hold your breath. Fuck! Involuntarily! You almost scream the word to yourself in your head. Clenching your fists, desperately trying not to come.

He feels it. Sits back up. Presses his free hand down on your lower stomach, before starting to move his fingers inside you in a motion you’ve NEVER felt before.

– Ask permission!

He says, almost out of breath himself.

– Ghod.. sh….

You try to speak, but no real words leave your mouth. Your whole body tenses up. Your toes curling, back arching as much as you manage. You have no control. The sounds his movements are making inside you, tells you, that you weren’t able to ask.

And you know that he’ll probably punish you for it. You close your eyes and wait for what’s to come.

You expect something rough, like another whipping or him grabbing your throat. But none of that is happening. Instead he slowly removes his fingers from inside you. Looking at them, marveling your wetness on them, before he puts them into his mouth. Smiling at you.

– Like I said… Heaven!

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