Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Six

Chapter Six – Punished!

You eat and drink in silence for the rest of the meal. His eyes on you the entire time. It makes you nervous, but you try not to think of the fact that he said he was going to punish you. He’s already slapped you, tied you up, forced you to orgasm twice, made you wear this stupid harness thing. What more can he do?

– Get up!

He says, as he gets up himself, placing his hands on the table, looking at you. You don’t dare to do anything other than to get up. He’s not moving an inch. Just leans against the table, looking. You swallow. What is he going to do?

– Get over here!

He speaks again. Just as hard and commanding as before. You slowly start to walk over to him. Is he going to hurt you? And if he is, how much?

You stop right in front of him. Still he’s just looking at you. Calm and collected. Is he still thinking about what he want’s to do to you? You look down on the floor. He places two fingers under your chin, lifts your face up.

– Look at me!

He commands. His fingers still under your chin. You force yourself to look at him. He gently taps your cheek.

– We’re gonna have a good time tonight. My little plaything….

You try to breathe slowly. To slow your pounding heart down. What does he mean by a good time? Probably a good time for him, that much you understand. Given that he calls you a plaything. That can’t be good. That can’t be good at all. Toys break. Will you break?

Suddenly he grabs your hair. He’s fast, you don’t even have time to think, before your face is all the way up in his, and he once again drags his tongue over your lips.

– Don’t move!

He says, before turning around and gets yet another thing up from that trunk thing of his.

He turns towards you again, and lifts up a long handle of some kind. Looks like a whip. Holds it horizontally in front of your face. You try to look at it, to figure out what it does, to try to mentally prepare yourself for the pain, you know is coming. But at the same time, you’re scared to take your eyes away from him. He did tell you to look at him, and you don’t want him to get another reason to punish you.

– Open your mouth!

He says, as he places the whip on your lips. You don’t dare to disobey him, so you open.

– Good girl! Now, bite down on it!

Again, you do what he tells you to. Bite down on the fake leather, holding the whip in place with your teeth.

He looks at you. Looks like he’s thinking. You press your lips together, over the whip, to be able to swallow. Then he turns to his trunk again. Turns back to you almost immediately.

– Turn around! Hands behind your back!

He talks to you like you weren’t even a person. And it scares you more than the thought of what he’s gonna do to you. So you obey, without question. Following his rules. Turning around, placing your hands behind your back.

He roughly takes a hold of them, and places another set of handcuffs on you. Not at all as comfortable as the leather ones, but this set has a longer chain on, almost so long that you can still have your arms by your sides. But, you’re still immobilised now. Whatever he does, you can’t fight back.

He drags you close to him, back against him, before he turns you both around, and pushes you stomach down on the bed, with your knees resting on the floor. You try to find a comfortable way to lie, but with the handcuffs and the whip, it’s almost impossible. Your behind up in the air. All of you on display for him, as he kneels down behind you. Placing a hand on each of your butt cheeks, squeezing.

– Nice little ass….

He says, continuously squeezing. Before he leans down, slowly kissing each cheek, before letting his teeth scratch over them. You desperately try not to move.

– But it’s the wrong fucking color….

He continues, as he gets back up, leans over you. Steadying himself on the mattress with one hand, as the other one grabs your hair, yanking your head back. He leans into your ear whispering.

– Don’t you think?

He places one of his feet up on the mattress, steadying himself, as he grabs the whip. You open your mouth, and let him take it.

As soon as he has the whip in his hand, he lets go of your hair. You fall back down onto the mattress. Preparing yourself for what’s to come.

He lets the whip glide down your spine.

– A nice red color….


You jump from the sudden hit. Fuck, this hurts.

– That will look good on you….


– Don’t you think?


You can’t keep the whimpers in anymore. Your small cries of pain only serves to make him hit faster and harder.

– Please!

You beg. You’ve never felt this kind of pain before. Every new whip feels like a knife.


He screams back at you. Something in his voice. And the way he breathes. Is this turning him on? Is hurting you turning him on? You close your eyes, you can feel your tears, before they hit the mattress.

– Stop, please!

You beg again.

– Shut your fucking mouth!

He tells you, before he continues to whip you, with renewed force.

You bite down on the mattress to keep you from screaming in pain. But there’s no use. You’ve lost count of how many times he’s whipped you.

– Please…. P… STOP!!

You scream in pain.

– If you say stop one more fucking time, I’m gonna continue this until fucking sunrise!

He screams to you. Again, you bite down on the mattress, desperate to keep quiet. Your tears and your biting makes the mattress underneath your face wet. The pain is almost unbearable, and you’re so scared you almost can’t breathe. He has to stop soon. This is going to kill you. You feel like he’s been at it for hours.

Finally he slows down. Waits a bit before each hit. Give you time to breathe. Now you can hear on his breath that he’s turned on. He can’t possibly be fucking you after this. Your behind hurts like hell. You probably can’t sit for a week, let alone be fucked.

He lets the whip fall to the floor, you can’t see anything, but the hits stop, and you hear the whip hitting the floor. You take a relieved breath.

Again, he kneels down behind you. You can feel his breath on you.

– Fucking beautiful….

He proclames, as he lets his hands glide over your behind. You whimper from his touch.

– Shhhhh…

He tells you, before his tongue glides over both your butt cheeks. Is this guy insane? You’ve met a lot of creeps, living on the street. But this guy outdo them all.

Once again, he lets his teeth scratch your butt cheeks, one at a time. Before he takes your hands, moving them down, and gliding them over your beaten behind.

– Feel it…. Fucking spectacular.. Perfect..

He says, before you hear him removing his pants.

You swallow…. Hard…

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