Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – Plaything

You’re in survival mode. Imobilised, vulnerable, and totally open to him, with the way you’re lying on his bed. You can’t see him, so you try to feel his movements. Still standing on his feet, looking down on you. You don’t dare to move, not eaven your head, to try and look at him.

Suddenly he yanks you around. Now, on your back on the bed, and your behind down on the mattress. It makes you feel the aftermath of the whipping you just went through. You open your mouth, but he cuts you off.

– My little plaything…

He says, before yanking you off the bed, down on your knees on the floor. He sits down over you, grabs your throat, and pushes your head down on the mattress.

– Now open that pretty little mouth of yours…

You don’t dare to disobey. After what he just did to you. It still hurts, and you really don’t want him to do it again.

He lingers over your face, and your open mouth for a bit. Then he smiles, almost laughs down at you, before spitting into your mouth. A whimper escapes your throat, and you involuntarily yank the handcuffs.

He takes a firmer hold of your throat.

– Close it…

He commands.

You hesitate again. Too scared to actually get a hold of what’s really happening. He takes an even firmer hold. Gets all the way up in your face.

– Do I have to punish you again??

He asks, letting his other hand glide over your hair.

– No!!

You answer, almost desperate. Tears again threatening to leave your eyes.

– No, who??

He is scary calm when he’s asking. Is this some kind of calm before the storm?

– No, Master!

You answer, your voice choked with the tears, you try to hold back.

– Swallow…

He says, as he lets go of the hold he has on your throat.

You close your mouth, looking at him, as tears start to fall from your eyes again. You’re so scared, that you’re not able to follow his command. You’re completely frozen from the fear.

Again, his hand hits the side of your face. You whimper, loud, mixed with sobs.

– You do as you’re FUCKING told!

He yells! Eaven though his voice is strong, you almost can’t hear it. You’re so scared that everything around you is like cotton, muffled, you can’t even feel your tears.

– Again! Open your mouth!

He says. His eyes fixed on yours, dark, almost black. And you don’t know if it’s because of hate, anger or arousal. Maybe a bit of all.

Your lips shaking as you part them again. You know what’s coming. Is this what he called starting off slow? If it is, you don’t even want to know what the whole package is.

Again he spits in your mouth. What’s with that anyway? Is it his way of telling you that he owns you? What is he getting out of this?

– Now, SWALLOW!!

He yells, grabbing your hair. Leaning into you.

You know you have no choice, but to follow his command. He will hurt you, for sure, if you don’t.

Closing your lips again, looking at him, and then you swallow. Tears still rolling down your face. He leans into you, licking the tears on the right side of your face away. Before whispering into your ear.

– Stop crying….. It doesn’t look good on you….

You suck in a breath, before forcing your body to stop shaking.

– That’s a good little girl.

He whispers into your ear, before he gets up on his feet, and removes his t-shirt. You follow his movements. Looking at him, standing over you, looking down at you. If you’d met him under different circumstances, you’d probably find him attractive. But with the way things are happening now, you find him scary. Big, rough and dangerous.

Now he only has his boxers on. You swallow. What the hell is he going to do to you? He puts one arm down on the mattress, on each side of your face. Leans in, kissing your forehead.

– You’re gonna make me feel good… Yes?

He moves his face when he talks, aligned with yours. You have no idea what he means with his question. You take a deep breath.

– Yes, Master!

He lets out that little laugh again, that I-can-do-whatever-the-fuck-I-want laugh.

– You are gonna follow my every command… Let me play with you?

His hand brushes over your chin, before he opens your mouth with his thumb.

– Yes, Master

You answer, although you have no clue what his commands will be. You just know that you don’t want him to hit you again.

Without warning he pushes his fingers inside your mouth, as deep in as he manages, before you gag, and move your face away.

He sits down on top of your thighs, grabs your hair.

– Don’t you fucking move away from me, you dumb bitch!

He yells to you again, continuing to fuck your mouth with his fingers. Between your gags, and the sound of his fingers fucking your mouth, a few whimpers escapes you.

– You’re going to let me fuck your throat… Any way I fucking want.. And when I’m done, you’re going to thank me….

He removes his fingers, and drags them over your face.

– Got it?

Instead of answering, you nod. He grabs your chin. Moves his other hand down to your pussy, and uses his knee, to push your legs apart, giving him room to enter.


– Yes, Master!

He slips two of his fingers inside of you. You tense up by his touch. He smiles at you.

– And then… Maybe… If you behave.. I’ll make you feel good too…

You yank the handcuffs again, as he starts to make “come here” motions with his fingers.

– I’m going to enjoy this…

He says, as he pulls out his fingers, move them up to your face, forcing them into your mouth.

After playing with your tongue for a bit, he gets to his feet, and removes his boxers. Stroking his cock, before he grabs your hair.

– Open that pretty little mouth.. Suck it!

You open for him. Hoping for the love of God, that he’ll be careful. You’re totally helpless, unable to stop him.

He looks down at you, when he enters. You try to tell him with your eyes, that you need him to take it slow.

– Oh, fuck.. Take it.. Suck on it..

He slowly enters your mouth, bit by bit. And you start to feel that you can’t take anymore.

– You can take a bit more!

He says, when he sees the look on your face. You whimper in denial. But he doesn’t seem to care. Holding your head in place, as he pushes himself further in. You try to move your head, but his grip is too strong.

– Yes! That’s it. Take it, like a good little whore.

You yank the handcuffs again. There is no way you’d be able to take anymore.

– Yes! Keep your tongue right there. Taste it, lick it!

He continues to fuck your mouth. Looking down at you, watching as his cock keeps gliding in and out of your mouth. Your lips pressed together over it.

– My perfect little plaything. Look at you, so obedient. Fucking perfect!

He ups his pace, tightening his grip of your hair.

– Fuck, yes! Take it… Press those lips together. Yes… Fuck..

You can’t say anything, you can’t even move. You just continue to look at him, his face shows you that he’s close to coming.

– Ooooohh.. Fuck! YES! Fucking take it. Taste it.. Right there.. Fuck…

His cock throbbing inside your mouth, his body tenses up. Grabbing your hair even tighter, as he comes in your mouth.

He slowly pulls out. Still looking down at you. You have no idea what he wants you to do, so you don’t dare to do anything. He sits down over your thighs again.

– Open up! Show me!

He says. And you silently thank yourself for not swallowing. You don’t even want to know what he would do to you, if you couldn’t show him.

You open your mouth, showing him that you still have it. He takes a good, long look.

– Pefect! Good little slut! Swallow!

He commands. You do as you’re told. Keep your eyes on him, as you follow his command.

– Now, thank me!

The look in his face. He enjoys the power he has over you. You swallow again.

– Thank you, Master!

You say.

– Thank you for what?

He asks, hard.

– Thank you for fucking my mouth, Master!

You answer, furiously blushing, as the words escapes you. You’ve never felt this degraded before.

– Good Girl! You might have just earned yourself a treat….

He tells you, as he gets back up.

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