Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Eleven!

Chapter Eleven – Watch!

When breakfast is finished, he places you back by the wall, arms secured over your head. He clears the table, and makes the bed. You watch his every move, but you don’t say anything.

When the living area is back to its perfect state, he comes over to you. Stands in front of you for a while, before he talks.

– I’m going out for a while.

You don’t know what to say to that. You can’t exactly tell him no.

– I’ll be back soon!

He says, before he walks out to the hallway, and starts to put his shoes on.

– You’re just gonna leave me here?

He turns towards you.

– Yes!

You look at him.

– What if I need to use the bathroom?

You ask. He comes back, and stands in front of you again.

– Do you need to use the bathroom?

You shake your head.

– Then hold it! I’ll try to be quick!

Then he just leaves, not even looking back. The second you hear him lock the door, you start to try to break free. But it doesn’t take long until you give up. There’s no use. This guy knows his stuff. You could try to scream for help. But then again, you have no idea what kind of place this is. Maybe his neighbours are as crazy as he is.


It feels like you’ve been standing there forever, when you hear him come back. You don’t know if you should look at him or not, so you look down at the floor.

You hear him approaching, and then he puts down a bunch of bags on the floor, before he frees your arms from the wall.

– You can use the bathroom now!

He tells you.

– And take these bags with you!

You look at the bags. The logos on them tells you that they’re from some high end clothing stores.

– Why?

You ask. Unsure if you want to know the answer.

– It’s some new clothes for you. Put something on, we’re going to have a movie night!

His voice so determined that you don’t argue. You pick up the bags, and walk into the bathroom.

You look through the bags. A lot of dresses, some sexy lingerie, and some makeup. All high end. This must have cost him a fortune. You put on something you think he’d like. That’s probably what he wants you to do. Then you put on some of the makeup. You’re really gonna have a movie night? What kind of movies do guys like him watch?

You slowly open the bathroom door, and walk out into the living area again. Brock is sitting on the couch, a six pack of beers on the table. He looks up at you.

– Good choice of clothes. Come and sit down!

He confuses you. But you do as you’re told. Walk over to the couch, and sit down next to him. Maybe a movie night isn’t so bad. But you’re unsure if you should drink the beer. Getting drunk with this guy doesn’t sound like a good idea.

He opens a beer, and puts it in front of you.

– Drink!

He commands, as he takes a sip of his own. Again, you do as you’re told, taking a sip.

Brock turns on the movie. A woman comes on screen, tied up, with her behind up in the air. You instantly look away. Hardcore porn wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you thought movie night.

Brock looks at you for a split second, before he grabs your hair, and force you to turn your face back towards the screen. Leaning in close, whispering in your ear.

– Watch!

You whimper. His grip of your hair hurts, and you really don’t want to watch this. Given the way he treats you, your guess is that this isn’t regular porn. This is something worse. Maybe snuff even. And you really don’t want to watch it.

– Watch with me!

He says again, and you take a deep breath.

– O..Ok.. I’ll watch…

You answer, hoping that it’ll make him let you go.

– Good girl!

He whispers in your ear, before he bites your earlobe.

– Do as you’re told.. Watch…

You desperately trying to keep your eyes on the screen, where the woman gets flogged. You almost jump yourself, when you hear her screams with every hit.

– See.. She likes it!

Brock says. It doesn’t sound like she does. It doesn’t sound like she likes it at all. It sounds like she’s in pain.

– And you like it too. Right?

He asks. You don’t answer. He takes a firm hold of your throat, and pushes your head against the back of the couch.

– You. Like. It? Right?

You almost can’t breathe. And you already know what’s coming next.

– Yes.. I like it!

You answer. That’s the only thing you can say.

– Watch this next part!

He says, as he lets go of you, and sits back in the couch, watching the movie. You don’t dare to do anything other than watch with him.

The guy on the screen puts a gag ball in the woman’s mouth, before he starts to fuck her anal. The woman screams in pain, trying to make her screams sound like moans. To you it sounds like desperate screams of pain. You flinch. Taking a deep breath.

Brock grabs you, drags you close to him, before he whispers in your ear again.

– I’m gonna do that to you!

You involuntarily try to get out of his grip. It only serves for him to hold you tighter.

– You’re gonna make me feel real good tonight!

Tears starts to form in your eyes again.

– Please…

You try. Probably no use, but you try anyway.

– To say thank you for breakfast, and all your new clothes.

– I…

You don’t get to say anything else, before he drags you off the couch and over to the TV screen. Pushes your face all up in it. All you see now is the guy on the screen fucking the living crap out of the woman’s asshole. Her screams echoing in your ears.

– Please.. I’ll do anything…

You say between tears.

– That’s right.. You will!

He answers, dragging you back towards the couch.

– Thank you for the food, clothes. Thank you for everything!

You desperately beg.

– You’ll get the chance to say thank you, don’t you worry!

He answers.

– Now watch!

He continues, as he positions you on the floor, between his legs, holding your head in place so you’re forced to look at the screen.

– Don’t you dare close your eyes!

He finishes, as he grabs your hair.

Now you’re crying for real, you almost can’t see what’s happening on the screen, because your tears makes your vision blurry. But you can hear, you can hear the screams, the sounds of bodies hitting each other, and the guys moans, as he brings himself up and up, until he finally finishes.

The sounds from the TV stops, all of a sudden. You try to slow your breathing down. Look at the screen through your tears. He pressed pause.

– Dry your fucking tears?

He says, as he again drags you over to the screen.

You try to dry your tears away, but his grip of your hair hurts so bad, that new tears takes over for the ones you dry off. When your face gets pushed into the screen again, you can see that the guy came all over the woman’s face. Her face on the screen, with his load all over it, and the gag ball still in her mouth. Tears in her eyes as well. She’s like you, used and abused for someone else’s pleasure.

– Please.. I…

You try again..

– Lick the screen!

He commands. You’re not stupid, you know that this is a taste of what he’ll put you through later on. He will bring in another party to his games with you, and this is your first taste of it.


He yells at you. You jump, before you slowly start to do as you’re told. You can feel the static energy on your tongue. This whole thing makes you nauseous. You can almost taste the cum, although you know it’s not real. You’re scared out of your mind, although you don’t think he’ll kill you, you do think this next part will hurt like hell.

– Now it’s your turn!

He says, while breathing heavily. Before he drags you across the room, and places you stomach down on the bed, with your behind on display for him.

– Please, Don’t!

You beg again.

His hand hits your behind, hard.

– Shut up! Let me have what’s mine!

He yells back, and you can’t hold your sobs back any longer.

– Stop fucking crying! Tell me you want me!

He says, as his hand hits you once again.

“I’m gonna do that to you” you repeat to yourself. You’re a total virgin when it comes to taking it through the backdoor, and it scares the shit out of you, that you know that’s what he’s about to do.

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