Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Put On A Show!

You wake up, blinking a couple of times, trying to get used to the sunlight peeking through the window. Stretching, yawning. Then you notice the arm, casually slung over your chest, you follow it with your eyes, all the way from the fingertips, up the underarm, until you see the skull tattoo on Alvey’s right upper arm. Then you lift up the covers, and look under it. None of you have clothes on. You let your head fall down on the pillow, and drag your hands over your face. 

– Fuck, shit!

You say, and roll out of the bed. Waking Alvey up as you do. He looks at you, as you search for new clothes in your bag. 

– What’s with the hurry?

He asks. You get your bra on, and lift up one of your Navy Street shirts. 

– Fuck you, Alvey!

You say, and angrily drag the shirt over your head, before you get out the rest of your underwear, and some tights. 

– Yeah… You did, last night!

He says, smiling at you. 

– I was drunk, allright? I was fucking shit faced!

You almost yell, when you get your tights on. Sit down on the bed, and put your face in your hands again. 

– It was your fucking idea, YN!

Alvey says, as he gets up from the bed and puts his boxers back on. 


You yell again. As you turn around to look at him. He looks good. Like you remember him. Strong, muscular. You swallow. 

– I meant fucking downstairs, not sleeping in the bed together like we were a fucking married couple!!!

You continue. Angry, embarrassed. Fuck! Why the fuck did you do this? Fucking Alvey wasn’t exactly part of your plan, when you decided to come back to Navy Street. 

– You should’ve been more specific then…

Alvey says, shrugging. You don’t answer, instead you just roll your eyes at him. Then you get up, and start to pack up your things, angrily putting items into your bag. 

– What’s your fucking deal, YN? It’s not like I haven’t fucked you before!

Alvey says, as he starts to pack up the rest of your stuff. You look at him. 

– What’s done is done, Alvey! Just don’t let it happen again!

You say, before his phone rings, cutting you off. You stuff the rest of your stuff into your bag, and close it. 

– We can go get Nate!

Alvey says, not looking at you. He just picks up his bag, and walks towards the door. You look up. Great, just fucking great. The drive home will be absolutely fucked up. You think for yourself, before you follow him. 


You slam the passenger side door shut. Then you turn to Nate in the back. 

– You, OK? Should we switch?

You ask, searching his face. Nate doesn’t answer. He just shakes his head, before he puts his headphones on. You turn away from him, try to get comfortable in your seat. Fuck this whole trip. Fuck, Alvey. Fuck everything. You lean your head against the seat, and close your eyes. 

– Tired, did I wear you out last night?

Alvey says, as he starts the car. 

– Shut up, and fuck you Alvey!

You answer, your eyes still closed. Fuck, fuck, fuck! None of you are saying anything for the whole trip back. And you have to admit that you find that both awkward and peaceful. Screw, Alvey. 

When you finally park outside the gym, you’re so focused on getting out of the car and away from Alvey, that you almost don’t notice that Shelby is there, waiting for you. 

– WHAT?!?

Alvey asks her, angry. Fuck, he’s probably as pissed off about last night as you are. 

– Jay and Ryan are in the cage. Jay’s high out of his mind!

Shelby tells Alvey, then everything happens so fast you almost can’t keep track. 

Alvey walks fast into the gym,and over to the cage. 

– Hey, HEY! STOP! FUCKING STOP! Ryan, cut it out!

Alvey yells, as he opens the cage. Ryan is the first one to leave. 

– What the fuck are you doing?

Alvey yells at him. Ryan moves quickly to the locker rooms. You look after him for a split second, before Alvey’s voice catches your attention again. 

– What the fuck are you thinking, Jay? Come into my gym high as a fucking kite?!??

Jay doesn’t answer. Probably because of the high he’s on. You put your bag down,and start to search for something that can sober him up. 

– Leave, fucking leave my gym!

Alvey yells, as he throws his cup of protein shake at Jay. Before you know it, Jay and Nate have left, and Alvey slams the door to his office. 

You look at the syringe in your hand. Then you sigh. Well, looks like staying away from Alvey isn’t an option anymore. You think for yourself, before you walk over to his office. 

You sit down on the couch, the syringe still in your hand. 

– You could’ve at least let me sober him up, and had a real conversation with him!

You say, lifting up the syringe. Alvey yanks it from you. 

– That stuff is for real emergencies. Not some fucking loser wannabe fighter, that can’t get his fucking life in order!

Alvey yells back at you. You lean your head back. 

– He’s your son, Alvey. You should probably look at yourself, and think about what you did to make him do this!

You answer, instantly regretting it, when you see the look on his face. 

– What did you say? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO ME?

Alvey screams, as he hurls a glass into the wall behind you. You instantly get up. Furious, pointing at him. 

– Don’t ever fucking do that again, Alvey! Get your fucking shit together!

You yell, almost tearing up because of your anger, as you walk towards his door. 


Alvey continues to yell, following you out into the gym. You walk over to your bag, not looking back, when you lean down to pick it up, Alvey grabs your neck, yanks you back up, and pushes you into the outside of the cage. You suck in a breath. 

– Want to fight?

Alvey almost moans the words into your ear. You laugh. 

– What’s in it for me?

You ask. His breath in your ear turns you on, and you’re furious, and in serious need of blowing off steam. 

– A fight!

Alvey answers, yanking you around again, and almost throws you into the cage. You land on your back, and he’s on top of you in a millisecond. Pinning you down, fight style. 

– Look for an opening! Turn!

He instructs you, giving you just enough room to turn around, then he grabs your waits pressing your bodies together. You bend your leg as much as you can, before you push yourself off the mat, flipping you both around, so you’re now on your back on top of him. 

– I see you haven’t lost your touch!

Alvey hisses. 

– I learned from the best!

You say, as you do a backflip, and get to your feet. Looking down on him. He laughs a bit, before he gets to his feet. 

– You need protection? Heargear?

Alvey asks, as he gets into position. You smile at him, before you get ready as well. 

– Headgear is for pussies!

You state. Trying to get ready for what’s to come. You’ve fought Alvey before. Mainly because he taught you to fight, back in the days. But you also know how your fights usually end. Even most of your training sessions ended with him fucking the living shit out of you. You swallow. Alvey takes a step towards you. 


You yell. Before you remove your t-shirt and your tights. Throwing them into what should’ve been your corner, if this was a real fight. Alvey looks at you. 

– My tights make me slip!

You say. Then Alvey also stips down to his boxers. You tilt your head a bit, look at him. 

– Just like old days?

You ask. Alvey smiles, then he nods. 

– Just like old days!

He answers, you narrow your eyes. 

– No cheating!

You say, pointing at him. He lauches towards you, you quickly duck down, so he hits the cage instead of you, and when he turns around, you grab his throat, let your other hand glide down his stomach. Smiling at him, smiling at you. Then he grabs the back of your bra, and rips it off you, tossing it to the side. You look down on your breasts, then you look back up at him 

– Fucking cheater!

You say, before he grabs your waist, and gets you down on the mat. Him on top of you, breathing into the skin of your neck, before he bites you. You manage to turn around, now you’re on all fours, he grabs your waist again, pressing his lower body into your behind. You feel him. 

– Fucking pervert!

You say, trying to get out of his grip, but instead he yanks you around again, pinning your arms over your head with one hand, letting the other one glide into your underwear. Wasting no time, slipping two of his fingers inside you. You let out a moan, when he bites you again. 

– Ahhhh.. Fuck!

You moan, arching your back. Pushing your hips against his hand. 

– You just lost, you horny little cunt!

Alvey whispers into your ear. His words and his breath makes you want him even more. 

– Fuck you, Alvey! You cheated! 

You spit back at him, instantly after you let out a loud moan, as his fingers hit that sweet spot inside. Alvey laughs into your skin. Before he removes his fingers. You breathe heavily. 

– Fuck, Alvey! Don’t stop!

You moan out, as he brings his fingers up to your mouth. Letting go of your arms, and instead takes a hold of your throat, forcing his fingers inside your mouth. 

– So.. I’m cheating?

He asks. Smiling at you. You nod. 

– Like you did…. Last night?

He asks. You look at him. You don’t understand what he means. 

– When you swallowed my cock down! I’d won, if you didn’t do that!

He says, as he removes his fingers from your mouth, and lets go of your throat, instead he grabs your chin, kissing you. 

– Now….

He says,narrowing his eyes. You swallow. 

– I’m gonna get my revenge!

Before you can even think, he removes your underwear, spreads your legs and buries his face between them. You scream! 


You desperately buck your hips against his face. His fingers digging into your inner thighs, holding them apart. Your back arches, and you arch your head back. 

Then you see him. Ryan. Standing in the opening the leads out to the reception. And he sees that you see him. You decide not to say anything. Fucking pervert though. Instead you moan and scream a bit louder than usual. Grabbing Alvey’s hair, bucking your hips into his face, as he greedily tastes every part of your pussy. 

– Fuuuuckeehhh!!

You scream, your voice horse. You let go of Alvey’s hair, and grab the cage. Pulling you away from Alvey, he roughly pulls you back. Closing his lips over your clit, sucking on it till the point where it hurts. 

– Ahhhhh.. Shit!

You scream again. Looking at Ryan, who’s still standing there, watching you. 

Alvey stops, moves to enter you. You stop him. 

– No! This way!

You say, flipping you both around, so you’re the one on top. If Ryan wants a show, you’ll give him a fucking show. Fucking pervert. 

You steady yourself with one arm, and use the other to grab Alvey’s cock, guiding him to your entrance, then you slowly start to sit down on him. Looking at Ryan, moaning, as Alvey’s cock slowly stretches you out, filling you to the brim. 

– Ahhh.. Fuck!

You say, leaning forward, steadying yourself on your underarms on each side of Alvey’s head, before you whisper in his ear. 

– Fuck me, Alvey! And don’t hold back!

You say, letting your tongue glide over his earlobe, before you again lift your face  to look at Ryan. 

Alvey lets out a growl, then he grabs your behind, and mercilessly fucks you, harder than ever before. Grunting and moaning, as he thrusts into you with all his might. 

– Aaaaahhhhh. FUCK! Fuck me!

You scream. You know that Ryan knows that you know, and that makes this whole situation even more fun. 

– Yes! Shit! Right there, right there!

You scream, your voice almost lost in your horse moans. 

– You fucking like this? 

Alvey moans. Again you look at Ryan, smiling at him. 

– Harder, Alvey! Fuck me!

You say, to Alvey, but your eyes still locked on Ryan. He doesn’t move. He’s too far away for you to see if this turns him on. But fuck, he’s a pervert anyway. 

You let out a whimper, when you feel Alvey’s fingers digging into your hips, as he ups his pace even more, thrusting so hard and deep it hurts. 

– Ahhhh.. Fuck. Keep going, keep going!

You manage to scream, before the orgasm rushes over you. You force yourself to keep your eyes open, and locked on Ryan. 

– Fuck, Alvey. I… I’m…

Your words get lost in your screams of pleasure. 

– Yes! Come!

Alvey grunts, before you feel him releases inside of you. You take one last look at Ryan, before you almost collapse on top of Alvey. Grabbing his hair, looking into his eyes. 

– You still cheated!

You say. Still holding his hair. 

– So did you!

He answers, before he pushes you off him, and gets up. You get up as well. Grabbing your clothes. Alvey does the same. Your bra is ruined. You look at it, before you throw it to Alvey. 

– You better buy me a new one!

You say. Raising your eyebrows. 

– This is going on the wall in my office!

Alvey says, laughing, and holding up your bra. You snatch it back. 

– Fucking pervert!

You say, before you turn around,and leave the cage. You sit down by your bag, using some extra time, putting your ripped bra into it. You sit there until you hear Alvey closing his office door. Fuck. You fucked him again. Jesus. You hate each other! Why do you keep ending up in this situation? 

You get up, and throw your bag over your shoulder. Then you walk into the reception area. Ryan stands by the door. Looking at you. You can’t make out what kind of expression he has. But he’s not mad. 

– What are you doing here?

You ask. He looks at you, taking a breath. 

– I.. err.. I was actually going to work out a bit. But the gym was occupied so…

He answers, looking down. Is he embarrassed? If he didn’t want to watch, he could’ve just fucking left. 

– So, you decided to just stand and watch?

You say, angry. 

– Well. Err.. It kinda looked like you wanted me to..

He says, clears his throat. 

– Fucking pervert!

You spit at him. Ryan clears his throat again. 

– So, you two looked friendly…

He says, looking down again. 

– Did it look like we’re friends?

You say. Fucking idiot, pervert, sicko. You walk past him, and open the door. 

– Hope you enjoyed the fucking show!

You yell, before the door closes behind you. 

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