Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Professional Opinion!

You walk into the gym, grab a black Navy Street shirt from Shelby’s desk. Then you drag your old shirt over your head, as you continue further into the training area.

– Didn’t know this was turning into a strip club?

You get your shirt over your head, and look at whoever talked to you.

– Oh, fucking shut up, Ryan. You’ve seen a bra before!

You say, as you drag your new shirt over your head. Look at him. He’s sweaty, after his workout. “DESTROYER” tattooed over his chest. He follows your gaze.

– Like what you see?

He says, playfully, yet serious. You pat his shoulder.

– You wish, Ryan… You wish… Come on, let’s check the scale.

You say, turning away from him, and walking over to the scale.

– If I’ve reached my goal, will you fuck me?

He says behind you. You’re about to turn around and tell him to go fuck himself, when you hear Alvey.


Alvey yells to the phone in his hand, as he walks over to his office and closes the door. Ryan sits down.

– This should be interesting!

He says, looking up on you. You sit down next to him.


Alvey yells. You look at Ryan again, looking at you.

– This is about me, isn’t it?

You say, sending him a little half smile.

– Yep!

Ryan answers, nodding. You nod back!


Alvey yells again. You turn back to Ryan .

– Lisa owns 25%?

You ask. Ryan nods.


Alvey continues to yell. The whole gym can hear him. You swallow.


Alvey yells again. You look at his office door.

– You got any popcorn?

You ask Ryan. Continuing to look at Alvey’s door.

– I got a bottle of water!

Ryan answers, giving you a bottle. You take it.

– Eh.. That’ll do!

You answer, taking a sip.


Alvey yells again, before he throws his phone across his office.

– Well, that conversation went well..

You say, taking another sip of your water, before you get back up. Ryan gets up as well. Standing next to you.

– He’ll come around, YN! We need you!

He says, placing his hand on your back.

– I don’t fucking care. Alvey is a fucking cunt!

You answer, before you go over to the ropes and start to work.

– Time me, Ryan! Five minutes!

Your voice is so determined, that Ryan looks at the time right away.

– You always this hard on people?

Ryan asks. You look up at him, continuing to work with the ropes.

– Only when I need to get some aggression out!

You answer, breathing heavily.

– You fight?

Ryan asks. You look at him, smiling.

– Sometimes, if the occasion calls for it. Why?

You say, looking over at Alvey’s office, when you hear his door open.

– Neh..  Nothing..

Ryan says, following your gaze, over to Alvey.

Alvey snaps his fingers at you, gesturing for you to come into his office.

– Give me….

You look at Ryan.

– 3 minutes!

He says. Alvey comes over to you. Yanks the ropes out of your hands.

– The fuck, Alvey. I was using those!

You yell. Alvey looks at you.

– You’re not a fucking fighter, and I need to talk to you. So get your fucking act together!

Alvey says, still looking at you.

– Fucking screw you, Alvey.

You say, as you catch the water bottle Ryan throws at you. Then you follow Alvey.

Inside his office he sits down on his couch, and gestures for you to do the same. You shake your head a bit, before you sit down.

– This better be important, since you cut my workout short!

You say, looking at him, angry, and drumming your fingers on your knee.

– I need to talk to you about Nate!

Alvey says, serious. You take a breath.

– What about him?

You ask, and take a sip of your water.

– I need you to clear him for a fight!

Alvey says, rubbing his forehead. You look at him, raising your eyebrows. You know Alvey. Better than most people. When he’s like this. There’s some shady stuff going on.

– You do know I can’t just clear him, right? I have to run some tests. I’m serious about my work. Especially when it comes to head traumas.

Alvey gets up, then he sits back down. Scratching his forehead with his thumb.

– Why did you give him a fight, when you know he’s not cleared?

You ask. Alvey drags his hand over his face.

– Nate did this himself.

You roll your whole head, to show how stupid you think this is.

– Why the fuck did he do that?

You ask. Gesturing your question with your hands as well, to stress your point.

– I don’t fucking know. To show me that he can fight?

Alvey says, just as irritated as you.

– So tell him that you know he can fight. You’re his fucking father. This is your fucking job!

You say. Pointing your finger at him.

– Don’t you think I fucking did that? Just clear him, allright!

Alvey almost yells at you. You take a deep breath.

– When?

You ask, defeated.

– A week!

Alvey answers. You look at him again, almost laughing.

– A week? A fucking week, Alvey? What do you think I am, a fucking magician?

You yell. Almost throwing your bottle at him.

– Just fucking do it, YN!

Alvey argues. You get up. Walk over to the door.

– It can’t BE done, Alvey. And you fucking know that!

You say, walking back into the gym.

– Do your fucking job, YN!

Alvey continues your argument, following you. You turn around.

– You think wounds just dissapeares as soon as I show up? You think I can just snap my fingers and REMOVE a severe head injury? Because I can’t, Alvey! I can’t do that! I’m not fucking Dumbledore!

You yell. Alvey faluters.

– Just see what you can do, allright!

You look at each other for a while.

– Fine! I’ll talk to him. But I’m not promising anything!

You say, and then you turn away from him.

As soon as Alvey is back in his office, Jay comes over to you.

– What was that all about?

He asks. You sigh, shake your head.

– Your brother wants to fight!

You answer, shaking your head again.

– Yeah, the fuck he wants.

Jay says, making a boxer pose.

– This is serious stuff, Jay!

You say, friendly punching one of his fists away.

– Nate suffered a severe head injury. I can’t just LET him fight, just like that.

You say. Giving Jay, THAT look.

– I’ve gone into the cage worse!

Jay states, and goes back into boxer pose.

– Yeah, I know…

You answer. Tilting your head a bit.

– But you’re not as soft as Nate!

You continue, giving Jay a friendly smile.

– Ahhhh..

Jay says, grabbing your hand, and placing it on his abs.

– This motherfucking hard stuff right here. That’s what you mean?

He continues. You laugh a bit. Before you yank your hand back.

– Yeah. THAT!

You answer, playfully boxing him in the stomach when you say the last word. Jay bends over, pretending that you hurt him.

– I’ll go and find Nate!

You say, before you leave for the locker rooms.

– Good fight, good fight!

Jay shouts after you, pointing at you.

– Look out for that one, I’m telling you. She’ll beat the FUCKING shit out of you!

You can hear him continue as you close the locker room door behind you.


You drop the blue balance mat down in front of Nate’s feet. He looks at you, and you look back

– Balance, Nate!

You say, gesturing to the mat.

– I said I was fine!

Nate states. You nod your head.

– I know you did! But, that’s just your words. I need to be sure. So.. Balance. Twenty seconds!

You say, folding your arms over your chest, and leaning back in your chair. Nate reluctantly gets on the mat, closes his eyes, and concentrates. You look at your watch.

Ten seconds in, Nate loses his balance. You look at him, shaking your head.

– One more try? Please!

Nate says, begging you with his eyes. You gesture to him that he can have one more try. Same routine. After ten seconds he loses his balance again.

– OK, Nate!

You say, getting your papers out.

– Please, YN. One more! I need this!

You look at him. You feel for him, you do. But at the same time he’s your responsibility.

– Time is up, Nate! I’m not gonna clear you. Sorry.

Nate looks at you for a while, before he leaves the room in anger. You look at the open door he left behind for a while, before you drag your hands over your face.


You throw Nate’s papers down on Alvey’s desk.

– I’m not gonna clear him, Alvey!

You say, as you sit down. Alvey looks at the papers.

– Looks like he’s ready to me!

Alvey says, placing the papers down on the desk again.

– The fuck, Alvey. Are you the medic now? Where did you get your degree?

You ask, angry.

– I know fighters who went into the cage worse than this!

Alvey says, making a “I dont give a fuck” face at you.

– Seriously, Alvey? You dismiss my professional opinion?

You ask, your voice a bit louder now.

– Nate wants to fight. He’s gonna fight!

Alvey argues. You get up.

– What the fuck is wrong with you, Alvey? What if he gets hurt?

Alvey gets up as well.

– Then you’ll be there, and I’ll be there. We’ll make sure he’s fine!

He says, looking at you.

– I’m not gonna be there, Alvey! This is some shady fucking shit. I have a reputation to uphold!

You say, continue to look him in the eye, to show him that you’re serious.

– And I guess that’s why you took THIS job?

He says, raising his eyebrows. You know you’ve lost. You sigh.

– Fuck you, Alvey! When and where?

You say, rolling your eyes at him.

– Up in Fresno. This weekend. We leave on Friday.

Alvey says, before gesturing for you to leave.

– 154 pounds. Make sure he reaches that weight!

Alvey says, as you’re about to leave. You don’t answer. Instead you give him the finger, as you leave his office.

– Just fucking do it!

That’s the last you hear, before you slam the door shut.


Nate falls out of the sauna. Alvey catches him, and you start to get the sauna suit off him.

– Breathe. Breathe.. Slow steady breaths. Slow and steady!

Alvey repeats over and over, as you check that Nate’s fine.

– Relax for a bit, then we check the scale again.

Alvey says, as he gets up. You help Nate up in a sitting position, steadying him against the wall. Then you look up at Alvey. You’re still angry about this whole thing. Him running you over like this. You shake your head.

– Five minutes until weighing!

Alvey says, before he leaves. You take Nate’s face between your hands, look him in the eye.

– You OK?

You ask, searching his eyes. He’s still breathing heavily, but steady. He nods.

You lean your back against the wall next to him.

– You know what I think about this, right?

You ask. Nate nods again.

– There’s still time, Nate! You can still say no!

You say, looking at him.

– Without fighting, I’m nothing!

He manages to answer between breaths. You let your head fall back against the wall, sighing.

– Fighting isn’t everything, Nate!

You say, closing your eyes. Wishing for him to stop this while there’s still time.

– Then why did you come back?

He asks. You sigh again. 

– Because fighting is all I know. This life is all I know.

You answer. Turning your head to look at Nate. He just nods. You nod too, you know there’s nothing more to say.

– I’m ready!

Nate says, getting to his feet. You get up as well. Help him get the rest of the sauna suit off. Before you walk with him to check the scale, one last time, before you leave.

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