Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – Nate´s Secret!

You get to Navy Street early the next morning, before everyone else, even before Alvey. You walk into the kitchen area, to make yourself a protein shake. You only had a cup of coffee before you left home. You usually have your shake at home, but you wanted to get in early today. This stuff with you and Alvey is really messing with your head. And you didn’t know how fucked up Jay really was. This will be harder than you originally thought.

You sit down on one of the beds. You never actually understood why Alvey decided to have beds in the gym, but right now, you’re happy that you have a place to “hide”. Fuck, you should’ve never slept with Alvey again…. Twice. What is wrong with you? And what’s wrong with him? You hate each other. You can hardly talk without fighting.

As you sit there, you hear someone enter the kitchen. Probably Alvey. You stay put. You really don’t want to talk to him right now. What is he thinking about all this? Does he think you can just start over again, just where you left off? Does he think you forgot everything?

A door slamming yanks you out of your line of thoughts. An angry voice, female. You listen in.

“What the hell is this, Nate?”

So it wasn’t Alvey in the kitchen. It was Nate. Who did he piss off?

“Explain this, Nate! You fucked me Last night!!”

Hey, way to go, Nate! You think. Except the fact that he obviously pissed this girl off somehow, he got some.

The quiet that follows makes you want to listen in. What did Nate do? Is he just like Alvey when it comes to girls? Fucking every single one that smiles at him?

“You fucked me last night!”

The girl states again, before you hear a thump in the wall, like she pushes Nate up against it.

“Who knows what kind of disease you’ve given me!!”

You close your eyes. Like father like son. Please, Nate. Find yourself a steady girl, and stick with her. Don’t mess everything up, like Alvey did! You think, before you get yanked back into listening mode.

“I saw the pictures on your phone, Nate! The conversations! The FUCKING dick picks!”

The what??!!?? You almost hold your breath. What are you up to, Nate?

“Shhhh… Shut up!”

Nate’s voice sounds desperate. Should you stop this?

“Fucking forget it, Nate! We’re over. Fucking faggot!”

Angry footsteps, before the door slams again. You take a deep breath, before you slowly get up and walk out into the kitchen. Nate is leaning against the counter. He slowly turns around, when he hears you enter.

– Oh. YN! Hi…

He says, before looking down. You put your empty cup in the sink.

– What was that all about?

You ask. Nate looks up at you. There’s something in his eyes that makes you regret asking.

– You heard that?

He says, swallowing. You don’t answer, instead you just nod.

– How much did you hear?

He asks again, taking a deep breath.

– Enough to know that you have a secret…

You answer, putting your hand on his shoulder.

– Don’t worry, Nate. I won’t tell..

You continue, giving him a reassuring smile.

– Thank you..

He says, looking down. You gently squeeze his shoulder, before you turn to leave.

– YN?

Nate says, as you reach the door. You turn around.

– Yes!

You say, secretly hoping he’ll open up to you.

– Are you sleeping with my dad again?

Nate asks, as if nothing happened. You clear your throat.

– What? Who told you that…

You say, without thinking.

– I mean…. Oh, screw it…

You continue, in a half angry tone. Nate gives you a look that you can’t misunderstand. You shake your head.

– Ryan! Fucking Ryan!

You mutter, as you yank open the door and walk out into the gym.


– What the FUCK is wrong with you?!?

You yell, as you push Ryan up against the wall. He looks like he just fell out of the sky.

– What is wrong with you?

He asks back.

– Do you think this is funny? Letting everybody know how easy I am?

You continue to yell.

– Oh, that!

Ryan says, smirking a bit. You push him again.

– Shut your fucking mouth, if you know what’s best for you!

You say, before you turn away from him, and walk straight into Alvey.

– Get out of my way!

You yell, trying to push Alvey out of your way, but he grabs you.

– My office! NOW!

He commands, looking at you.

Ryan lets out a little laugh.

– You think you’re off the hook? Both of you! My office! NOW!

Alvey almost spits the words out. You yank yourself away from him, and turn towards Ryan again.

– See what you did? Jealous much?

You say, before you walk into Alvey’s office. Alvey looks at Ryan, before they both follow you.


You sit down and fold your arms over your chest. Looking at Alvey. You can feel Ryans eyes on you, but you keep yours on Alvey.

– So, YN. You’ve been here for how long? A week? And you already managed to make an enemy?

Alvey looks at you.

– Ryan’s a blabber mouth!

You answer, angry.

– Hey! No one told me it was a secret!

Ryan says.

– Shut up, Ryan!

You say, without looking at him.

– What you two decide to do with each other on your own time is none of my business.

Ryan continues.

– Then stop making it your business!

You answer, still keeping your eyes on Alvey.

– But next time you decide to fuck her in the cage, maybe lock up the gym first!

Ryan tells Alvey, and you can see on Alvey’s face that the statement pisses him off.

– Leave!

Alvey says. Not a word more. Ryan gets up, you do the same.

– Not you, YN!

Alvey continues, and you sink back in the chair, fold your arms over your chest again. You take a breath when you hear the door close behind Ryan.

Alvey looks at you. You look back. You have no idea if he’s mad or not, or if he’s mad at you.

– Next time we should agree on an entry fee, before we put on a show, don’t you think…

Alvey says, before he starts to laugh.

– This is funny to you?

You ask.

– Come on, YN! You’re killing me here!

Alvey says, but he stops laughing.

– You got what you wanted, and I got what I wanted. We’re both consenting adults. What’s the big deal?

He continues.

– The big deal Alvey, is that I’m not so fucking thrilled about the whole gym knowing that I’m screwing the boss!!

You say, as you get up.

– Haha! Every girl in here would be happy to be in your position, YN!

Alvey answers your statement with a smirk. You yank the door open, before you turn towards him.

– You think way too highly of yourself Alvey!

You say, as Alvey gets up as well,and walks towards you.

– It sounded like you enjoyed it last night!

Alvey says, when he reaches you. He places his hand under your chin, and tilts your head, leaning in, letting his lips stop millimeters from yours.

– Or did you fake it?

He continues. You swallow. You know Alvey, you know that this is how he is. Using his charm for all it’s worth. And you hate yourself for falling for it.

– Go fuck yourself, Alvey!

You say loud, and push him away from you, then you walk through the gym to the locker rooms.

– I don’t need to. I can just fuck you!

You hear Alvey say, as the locker room door closes behind you.


You sink down on one of the chairs in the kitchen area, when Nate comes out of one of the showers, wearing only a towel around his waist.

– I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was like in here!

He says to you. You laugh a bit, before turning away from him.

– Just let me know when you’re dressed.

You say, drumming your fingertips on the table.

– So, are you sleeping with my dad?

Nate asks. The question catches you off guard, so much so that you almost turn around.

– Why do you want to know?

You ask back. It’s not like it was supposed to be a secret. You just thought you had more time to prepare for these questions.

– Because Alvey invited Jay and me to have dinner at his place tonight. And I thought that if you two are back together, you could join us. Jay doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with our dad.

Nate answers fast, without hesitation. His answer is even more surprising than the question.

– We’re not back together. But I’m not saying no to free food.

You answer, as Nate sits down next to you.

– So, Ryan was lying about you two?

Nate asks again.

– That depends on what he said…

You say, drumming your fingertips against the table a bit harder.

– But I’ll join you for dinner. Isn’t that enough?

You continue, your tone a bit more angry than you intended.

– I don’t want you to be sleeping with him!

Nate says, standing up. Your heart skips a beat.

– W… Why?

You ask, getting up as well.

– He has more respect for you if you don’t. And I haven’t forgotten what happened last time.

Nate answers, before he turns to leave. You stop him.

– OK. We did sleep together. But we’re not BACK together. And me leaving was more about his drug and alcohol addiction, than him cheating every chance he got.

You say, looking into Nate’s eyes, to show him that you’re not lying.

– I won’t leave this time, Nate… At least not like that.

You add, giving Nate a little smile.


You take a deep breath before you knock on Alvey’s door. Reminding yourself that you’re here for Nate and Jay. You promised Nate that you wouldn’t leave, and now, when you hear Alvey’s footsteps from inside, you regret that promise. You and Alvey just don’t get along, you can have sex like animals, and then don’t look at each other afterwards. But to have a real conversation with him, to actually talk, that’s impossible. And now you’re standing here, outside of his door, ready to have dinner with him and his sons. Are you really ready for this? Should you put Nate and Jay through this? This dinner will turn into a fight, for sure. The only thing you don’t know is who will leave first.

– What are you doing here, YN?

Alvey asks. Looking at you. He looks nervous, maybe he’s dreading this dinner as much as you do.

– Nate invited me. But I can leave. I don’t want to put you in a….

You say, turning to leave. But Alvey stops you, cutting you off.

– If Nate wants you here, you should stay. Come in.

He steps aside, letting you inside. You look at him for a split second, as you enter.

You walk into his living room, letting your fingertips glide over the back of his couch.

– You haven’t changed a bit…

You state, sending a quick glance into his bedroom.

– Why change something that works?

Alvey answers, coming up behind you. You can feel it. And you can’t deny that you like it. Alvey is an asshole, selfish asshole. But, he’s a really good looking asshole. And the sex is great.

– Yeah.. Why change that….

You say, turning to face him. Alvey instantly grabs you, pushes you against the wall. You don’t even have time to think before his lips are on yours.

– Alvey…

You try, but he continues to kiss you.

– Alvey…

You try again, when his hands glide up your back on the inside of your shirt, reaching for your bra.

– Alvey! STOP!

You yell. He stops instantly, but he’s not moving away from you.

– You really want me to stop?

He asks, swallowing.

– Yes I want you to fucking stop, Alvey!

You say, pushing him away from you.

– What’s wrong with you? You think you can just have me whenever you feel like it? I’m not a fucking toy, Alvey!

You say, moving towards the door.

– You’re leaving? I thought you wanted to… YN…

Alvey tries.

– This was a really bad idea..

You say…

– What? Having dinner?

Alvey asks, clearing his throat.

– Sleeping with you!

You answer, as you open the door. Both Nate and Jay are outside, looking at you.

– You were leaving again!

Nate states. Jay just looks at you.

– No, I wasn’t leaving Nate. Who’s up for dinner?

You know that Nate knows you’re lying. But you made him a promise, and no matter what happened between you and Alvey, you’re not about to break that promise.

– Yes! Dinner, I’m starving!

Jay says, as he walks into the house. You send Nate an I’m sorry look, as you step aside to let him in as well.

You all sit down around the dinner table, it almost feels like a family gathering,and you don’t know if you feel uncomfortable or just out of place. It’s the regular Alvey meal, chicken and salad. A typical healthy meal, packed with protein. But it tastes good.

– Why won’t you let me fight?

Jay suddenly asks. You hold your breath waiting for Alvey’s response.

– Why won’t I let you fight?

Alvey says, dangerously calm.

– Yes! You let Nate fight!

Jay isn’t backing down. And you know that this could blow up at any second now. You swallow. Should you say something. You’re a big part of why Nate took that fight in Fresno, you could have put your foot down, and said no.

– Jay, that was me. I cleared Nate for that fight.

You say, in the hopes that Jay won’t start a full blown fight with his dad.

– No, YN! You don’t own the gym. And if you cleared me, he still wouldn’t let me fight. I can do it! I know I can!

Jay continues. Looking from you to Alvey.

– I’ll tell you why I won’t let you fight!

Alvey says, looking at Jay.

– I won’t let you fight, because you’re high as a kite every single time you come into the gym. You have no respect for what I’m trying to do. You have no respect for the gym, no respect for the other fighters, and most importantly, no respect for yourself, your body or your mind.

Alvey says, harsh, putting his fork down on the table.

– You fucking hypocrite!

Jay says, getting up.

– Back when you were fighting, you did the same! Isn’t that why she left you back then?

Jay continues, pointing at you.

– Shut up and sit down!

Alvey says, angrily looking at Jay.

– NO! Back then you would lick a fucking horses ass if it would make you high or drunk. So don’t come here and tell me I have no respect!

Jay almost yells. Both you and Nate have totally forgotten about your food, you just look from Alvey to Jay.

– That was back then. I changed! I got my life together!

Alvey says getting up, to you it looks like the two of them are about to start fighting any second.

– He IS you back then! Like I said before, Alvey. You should take a look in the mirror, before you start to take it out on them!

You say, without thinking about the consequences. All you think about is stopping this thing.


Nate yells, as he throws his plate to the floor. The quiet that follows Nate’s outburst is almost smothering you.

– Leave!

Alvey suddenly says. Nothing more. You swallow again. Jay and Nate both leave, you sit there looking at Alvey, before you get up as well.

Alvey follow you out in the hallway.

– YN! Can we talk?

He tries. Calmer now.

– Not now, Alvey. I have to catch up with Jay and Nate. This thing you’re doing, Alvey. I mean it. You’re the one to blame. Give him some slack, and he’ll come around. He needs you.

You don’t even turn around to look at him. You just leave.

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