Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – One Wrong Turn!

You close the folder in your hands, and place it down on your desk, before you look up at Jay. 

– This is… Err.. This is really good Jay. You did good.

You say, still looking at him. He’s been pissed ever since he caught you and Alvey together, this is the first real conversation you’ve had with him in almost four weeks. He didn’t even talk to you when you drew his blood to test it. And you’re happy that you can give him some good News. Jay stayed clean, totally clean, if the tests are 100% right, and you didn’t make any mistakes, Jay didn’t even have a drink over the last four weeks. 

– And your assessment is…

Jay asks. Still a bit angry, if you’re only judging by his tone. You take a deep breath. 

– You’re cleared for fighting, Jay. I’ll give these to Alvey, and hopefully he’ll get you a fight in no time.

You say, sending him a small smile, hoping that he’ll turn his frown upside down. 

– You think Alvey will get me a fight? You think way too highly of him, YN! 

Jay says with a frown. 


You say, picking the folder back up. 

– I’ll give these to Alvey, and I’ll ask him if I can get you a fight!

You say, annoyingly, not breaking eye contact with Jay. 

– You’ll get me a fight? Who do you know that can do that part of the job, YN?

Jay is obviously still angry. 

– I’ve got my connections! Seriously, Jay! Do you want a fight or not?

You ask. What is his problem? Both you and Alvey are consenting adults. You can sleep with whoever you want. 

– I want a fight, YN! I just….

Jay replies, looking down on your desk. HIs tone goes from angry, to almost sad. Your heart sinks. He thinks you’re going to leave again. 

– You just want someone who stays…

You say, taking a deep breath. 

– Yes, YN! I need someone who stays. And now you slept with him again. So you’ll leave again!

Jay says, not looking up. 

– It’s different this time. He’s different, and I…

You start, but you don’t know how to explain it. 

– Let’s just say I’m more mature. 

You continue. There’s a long pause. You hate uncomfortable silences, and you hope that Jay will say something soon. 

– Mature?

Jay asks, rubbing his forehead with his thumb. 

– More adaptable, more capable, you know, better…

You reply. 

– You promise you’ll get me a fight?

Jay asks, getting up to his feet. You follow, getting up as well. 

– I promise, I’ll get you a fight. You might have to move down a weight class though. Your former lifestyle is showing.

You say, determined. You really want Nate and Jay to believe that you’ll stay this time. And you’ll do just about anything for them to trust you again. 

Jay comes over to you, stopping in front of you. 

– You’ll get me a fight?

He asks, smiling at you. You nod, and smile back. 

– I’ll get you a fight, Jay!

You reply. 

– Yes, you fucking are, YN! It’s going to be the fight of the century. Jay Kulina is back in the CAAAAAGE!

Jay almost yells, grabbing both sides of you face, then he stops. 

– You… You haven’t been with my dad today, have you?

Jay asks. You laugh a bit, before you shake your head. 

– Great!

Jay continues, before he gives you a very dry kiss. 

– I want to be on good terms with my New trainer. YN is in the HOUUUUUUUSE!

Jay shouts, as he leaves your office. You laugh for yourself, shake your head a bit, before you grab your files, and leave your office as well. 


Alvey pushes Jay’s folder back over to your side of his desk. 

– Looks good!

He says. Nothing more. 

– Looks good? Jay is totally clean. He hasn’t even had a drink. It looks great, Alvey. Jay is cleared for fighting!

You reply. You have no idea why he’s giving you a hard time with this. He was the one who told you that Jay could fight again, as long as he stayed clean. 

– Right now, yes! But who knows what he’ll do tonight, or next week, now that the blood tests are in, and you cleared him.

Alvey says, narrowing his eyes. 

– I scheduled him for regular blood work, Alvey. I’m not new in this line of work.

You reply, pushing the files back over to his side. 

– Now sign them!

You say, determined. You promised Jay this, and you will get Alvey to sign them. No matter what it takes. 

Alvey takes the folder, opens it, looks at you, before he grabs a pen. Looking at you again. 

– He’s your responsibility. I will hold you accountable for ANYTHING he does!

Alvey says, as he signs the papers, and gives them back to you. 

– Thank you, Alvey!

You say, as you get to your feet. 

– You can thank me by keeping him clean!

Alvey replies, when you reach the door. You stop, and look at him. 

– He’ll stay clean, Alvey!

You say, when you leave his office to give the good News to Jay. 


Jay and Ryan are in the cage, when you walk out into the gym again. You walk over to the cage, and grab the gratings. 


Jay and Ryan looks at you for a second, before they go back to fight mode. 

– Lucky for you, the medic is your dad’s girlfriend, huh!?

Ryan says. 

– She’s not his girlfriend! 

– I’m not his girlfriend

You and Jay reply at the same time. Before Jay puts Ryan down, in one swift move. 

– YESSS!!!

You shout! Ryan turns his head to look at you, you send him an amused look, before he turns back to Jay. 

– You haven’t lost your touch. Still a Kulina!

Ryan says, when he gets back up. Jay walks over to you. 

– Celebrate tonight! You’re coming, right?

Jay asks. You smile at him. 

– What do you think, Jay? Who do you think Alvey assigned to keep you in check?

You say, jokingly raising your eyebrows. 

– Ouch! That was below the belt!

Jay replies, pretending to fall down. 

– I told you motherfuckers, look out for this one, she’ll fucking eat you alive!

Jay yells to the whole gym. 

– And then I’ll spit you out!

You add. Tapping the cage before you leave. 

Ryan walks over to Jay. 

– Can she fight?

Ryan asks. 

– Can she fight!

Jay replies, getting back up. 

– I wouldn’t go there, Wheeler. She’ll knock you the fuck out. Alvey taught her to fight back in the days. 

Jay continues, grabbing a bottle of water. 

– Really?

Ryan says, narrowing his eyes. 

– Really!

Jay replies, before he leaves the cage, and walks towards the locker rooms. 


You toss your bag over your shoulder, and grab your medical supplies, before you walk out into the reception. 

– Shelby, are you coming to celebrate at Nate and Jay’s later?

You ask her, as you grab a bottle of water from her desk. 

– I’m sorry. I’d love to. But I have a date.

Shelby replies. 

– A date! Good guy?

You say, flashing her a smile. 

– I don’t know yet, that’s what this date is for. To find out.

Shelby continues, laughing a bit. 

– Good luck. Or maybe I should tell him that… See ya tomorrow!

You say, as you open the door, and walk out of Navy Street. 


You see it the second you open the gate to the front yard of your ridiculously overpriced rented apartment. A break in? Fucking perfect! 

You slowly push the door open, grabbing a syringe from your medical bag. Your apartment isn’t big. Basically kitchen, living room and bedroom in one, and a bathroom. That’s it. It’s easy to see if the perpetrator is still in there. When you don’t see anyone, you carefully put your stuff down, take the cap of the needle, and slowly move towards the bathroom. You hold the syringe ready, to attack if needed. 

No one in the bathroom either. You take a relieved breath. Placing the needle back in your bag. 

You drag your hand over your face before you look around the apartment. It doesn’t seem like anything is broken, except your front door. Screw this. You kick the wall, it gives in, you try to yank your foot back, but it’s stuck on something, and you lose your balance, suddenly you find yourself lying on the floor. Motherfucking perfect! After some twisting and turning your leg, you finally get it out of the wall. 

You get back up, and call the Police. This was so just not what you needed right now. You’re going to be really late for Jay’s party. You should probably text him, and let him know. 


“Jay, I might be a bit late for the party, but I’ll be there. Take it easy. Don’t do anything stupid!”


“You just enjoy my dad!”

Arrg.. Screw this. You think when you read Jay’s reply. But you don’t tell him that you’re not with Alvey. 

After telling everything you know to the Police, you take a shower, and pack some of the stuff you need for a couple of days at Alvey’s. You should probably call and ask him, but at the same time you think it’ll be more likely for him to say yes, if you just show up at his place unannounced. 

When you leave your apartment, you take a deep breath. Please, please just let the rest of the night go smoothly, and as planned. You think for yourself, before you start the 20 minutes walk over to Nate and Jay’s place. 


You can hear gunfire, when you approach Nate and Jay’s place, and then Nate comes rushing out to meet you on the sidewalk. He doesn’t have to say anything, you just rush into the yard behind him. And then you see Jay. Butt naked, and high as a kite, shooting his gun against the fence.

You don’t think, you just rush over to him, tackling him to the ground, keeping him in a death grip, and use your other arm to take the gun away from him, throwing it away. 

– I’m having fun!

Jay laughs. You don’t answer him. Instead to turn towards Nate. 

– What did he take?

You ask, still holding Jay in a tight grip. 

– I’m having fun, YN. Fun!

Jay continues. You look up at Nate again. 

– WHAT did he take?

You yell. Nate shakes his head. 

– Fine!

You day, gesturing to your medical bag. 

– Give me the naloxone!

You instruct Nate. He picks up your bag, with shaking hands, and give you what you ask for. 

– What is naloxone?

Nate asks, as you prepare the needle. 

– It’s usually used on overdoses. Hopefully it’ll sober him up fast enough, for his next blood test to pass. 

You answer, as you insert the naloxone into Jay’s arm. 

– And if it doesn’t?

Nate asks again. 

– I’ll fix it!

You say, giving Nate an “and you shut up” look. 

You hold Jay in place for a little while, trying to calm down. When his breathing starts to go back to normal, you get up. 

– Get him inside. I have to wash up!

You tell Nate, before you walk into the house, not looking back. Fuck this shit. You think to yourself. 


When you walk out into the living room again, there’s a lot of people there. You didn’t see them when you walked in. Jay is sitting on the couch, with his boxers on, and a blanket over his shoulders. 

You look at the people in the room. You can tell, right away that these are not good people for Jay to be around if he’s going to stay sober. You take a deep breath. 


You say, as loud as you can. Everyone except for Nate and Jay, leaves right away. Not one single one argues. 

The living room goes silent for a couple of seconds, before Jay lifts up a bottle of beer, and is about to take a sip. You knock it out of his hand. 

– Are you fucking insane??!!??

You yell at Jay! 

– I went out of my way to get you cleared for fighting, and THIS is how you repay me??!!?? THIS!!???

Jay doesn’t say anything. He just looks at you. 

– Don’t ever do that shit again, Jay! EVER!!!!

Jay gets up in front of you. 

– I screwed up. I’m…

He starts, but you cut him off. 


Jay sinks back down. 

– I’m not telling Alvey. This time. But if you do this again, Jay! I won’t be able to help you. 

You say, a bit calmer now. 

– What about my blood tests?

Jay asks, looking down on the floor. 

– Leave that to me. And Nate!

You turn towards Nate. 

– Not a word! Not ONE word!

Nate looks at you, nods slowly. 

– You’ll lie to my dad?

Nate asks, swallows. 

– Yes!

You answer. 

– So… You won’t leave?

Jay asks, nervous. 

– No, Jay. I won’t leave. But if you do this again…

You don’t finish the sentence. 

– Yes. I get it!

He says, finally daring to look at you.

You sink down in a chair, drag your hand over your face. 

– Well, this was a really nice party. But I think I’ll Call it a night. I’ll be at Alvey’s if you need me. And get rid of this shit!

You say, gesturing to the pills and other stuff scattered around the table. 

– NOW!

You make sure Nate cleans everything up, before you grab your stuff, and leave. 

– See you tomorrow! Jay! Tomorrow, at the gym!

You tell Jay, before you close the door behind you. 


You walk with angry steps. It’s about a 30 minutes walk over to Alvey’s place, but with the way you’re walking, you probably shave off about 15 minutes, if you keep up the pace. That’s probably why you don’t see the guys following you, until they are dangerously close. 

– Hey, YOU!

You hear a voice behind you. You don’t answer. Instead you up your pace a bit. 


You still don’t answer, but you prepare yourself mentally for a fight. 

– HEY! You have any drugs?

The guy behind you is obviously not going to let this go, and Alvey will go ballistic if you bring them over to his place. You stop, take a deep breath, then you slowly turn around. 

– Drugs?

You ask. 

– Yeah, drugs!

The guy asks, gesturing to your medical bag. 

– We need them!

He continues. 

You roll your eyes. 

– Anyone hurt?

You ask. 

– No. We need the drugs. You know…

He continues, taking another step towards you. You don’t move. 

– Listen, pal! My drugs are there to help people. Not to get high. So go search someplace else.

You say, before you turn around, and start to walk again. Then you hear a click behind you, someone is pointing a gun at you. Jesus. Can this night get any worse? You think, before you turn around again. 

– Listen, little girl. I. NEED. YOUR. DRUGS! So give them to me.

You look him in the eye, you know the gun is pointed at you, but you keep eye contact. This isn’t your first time at gunpoint. 

– OK. Listen to me pal, because I’m only going to say this once. I’ve had a really, REALLY rough night. So unless you want to end up in the emergency room, with a broken nose and your teeth knocked out. I strongly suggest you start to move away from me.

You tell him. Putting your bag down. 

– You think I’m scared of you, little girl. 

He says, taking yet another step towards you. Then two other guys come up behind him. 

– Give us the drugs, or this will not be pretty!

He says, getting so close to you, his gun is touching your forehead. 

– I hope you have insurance!

You say, then you grab his gun with your right hand, loosening the magazine, snatch it up when it falls out, before you punch the magazine into the guy’s face. You can hear his nose breaking. The two other guys behind him take a couple of steps towards you. You grab the guy in front of you, smashing his face into your knee three times, before he falls down on the ground. Then you turn to face the two other guys. 

– Who’s next?

You ask. Getting into fight mode again. The two guys look at you, then at each other, before they run away. You shake your head, look down at the guy on the ground. He looks up at you, breathing heavily. 

– Not so little now, huh?

You tell him. 

– You crazy bitch!

He says, spitting blood. 

– I warned you!

You say, before you collect your stuff again, and walk the last ten minutes to Alvey’s place. 


You take a deep breath before you knock on Alvey’s door. It doesn’t take long before he opens. Leans against the doorframe, looking at you. 

– YN?

He says. 

– Alvey…

You answer. 

– Why are you here?

He asks, blocking you from walking inside. 

– Get out of my way!

You say, pushing him to get inside. When you walk past him, he grabs your wrist. You yank it back. 

– My apartment was broken into! I need a place to stay.

You say, turning to face him. 

Alvey pushes you up against the wall. 

– So you thought you could just come to me. That I have nothing better to do..

You look him in the eye. You know what’s going to happen, and you also know that it’ll be rougher and better if you piss him off. 

– You’re welcome to look for something better. But I doubt you’ll find it. 

You say, teasingly raising an eyebrow. 

– You came here to get some…

He says, leans in closer, breathing into your ear. 

– Screw you, Alvey!

You say, trying to push him away from you. He yanks you around, grabbing your throat, and pushes you face first against the wall. 

– Just tell me that you want me. And you’ll get it.

He whispers into your ear. You feel the devil coming over you. Fuck him. You arch your back, and rub your behind against his groin. 

– Can’t lie now, can you? I feel that you want me. 

You say with a smirk, when you feel his erection against you. 

– I never said I didn’t…

He answers, letting his tongue glide over your earlobe. You let out a shaking breath. 

– Tell. Me. You. Want. Me!

He breathes into your ear, slowly letting his hand glide into your underwear. Then he lets out a little laugh. 

– I can feel it…

He adds, letting his lips touch your neck. You let out a soft moan, and lean your head back against his shoulder. 

– You lost….

He whispers in your ear. 

– I don’t care, Alvey… Just fuck me! 

Alvey yanks you around again. For a split second you just look at each other, before your lips meet. He lifts you up, and you grab his hair, and wrap your legs around his waist. Finally you can let it all go. Alvey laughs a bit. 

– Oh, I’ll fuck you alright!

He says, against your lips, as he carries you into his bedroom. 

– In every fucking way imaginable. I’ll make you scream my name!

He tells you, as he gets on top of you in the bed, pinning your arms over your head, rolling his hips against you. 

– Fuck, Alvey!

You breathe out. 

– Yes! Beg for it! 

He murmurs into your neck. 

– God damnit, Alvey!

You say, angry. Yanking your hands out of his grip, and start to get his clothes off him. 

– I’ll scream your name or whatever! Just fucking fuck me, alright!

You almost yell at him. Alvey stops, looks at you. 

– What happened, YN?

You sit up halfway, lean your back against the headboard. 

– My apartment was broken into. I got robbed. I’m tired as fuck, and I NEED to blow off steam. 

You tell him. Tossing your hands up. 

– Fine!

Alvey answers, grabbing your hips, yanking your clothes off you. 

– Turn around!

He says, through gritted teeth. You don’t process what he says right away. Alvey grabs your hair. 

– Turn the fuck around!

He commands again, yanking you around. Now on your hands and knees in front of him, open, exposed. You hear him removing his clothes, before he grabs your hair, yanking your head back. 

– Tell me you want it!

He commands. 

– I want you inside me, Alvey!

You breathe out. Then he enters you, just as rough as before, pushing your head down in the bed, grabbing your neck, as he thrusts into you over and over. 

– Fuck, Alvey!

You moan, as his cock glides over that sweet spot inside over and over. 

– Like this? This is what you wanted?

Alvey asks, between his groans of pleasure. 

– Yes, Alvey.. I want…

You start, but with the way he hits all your nerves at the same time, thrusting into you harder than before, you can’t form words. 

– Yes! Come! I’m gonna fill you up!

Alvey moans behind you. Your legs give in under you. Alvey holds you in place, as he plunges into you, over and over, until he collapses on top of you, breathing heavily. 

You stay like that for a while, until he lies down next to you. You look at each other. 

– You can stay here for as long as you need.

Alvey suddenly says. You’re not prepared for that at all. He wants you to stay, with him? 

– Err.. Thanks.. I guess..

You say, surprised.

– We’re Navy Street, we’re family. 

Alvey says, before he turns around. 

– Good night, YN!

He says. 

– Night, Alvey…

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