Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight – Back Then!

You wake up the next morning from Alvey growling in your ear, kneading your breasts. It takes a second or two for you to realize what’s happening. When your brain finally wakes up, you yank Alvey’s hands away from you, and get up.

– What are you doing Alvey?

You ask, looking at him. Jesus, he hasn’t changed a bit. Still living from pure instinct.

– What?

He replies. Tossing his hands up.

– Seriously, Alvey?!? You could’ve asked first!

You say, as you put your bra on. You have to get out of this. You can’t start a relationship with him again. You curse at yourself for even contemplating living with him.

– What is wrong with you, YN?

He asks, sitting up in the bed.

– Consent, Alvey!

You tell him, as you angrily put the rest of your clothes on.

– Consent?

He asks, looking at you.

– Yeah! It’s a term! I don’t know if you’re familiar with it. But it is actually a term!

You continue, as you start to leave the bedroom. Alvey gets out of bed, and stops you.

– I know what consent is! I thought that…

He starts,but you cut him off.

– That’s the problem isn’t it! You just think. And then you act on thoughts alone. You never ask, Alvey. You just do. Always! And you always did!

You almost yell at him, when you try to walk past him. But he pushes you up against the wall. Holding you by your shoulders. You react instantly, lifting your arms up, knocking his arms off you, with your elbows.

– Let go of me, Alvey!

You spit at him, then you turn to leave again.

– This was a stupid idea. I never should’ve slept with you again!

You continue, as you move towards the kitchen.

– What the fuck do you want me to do then?

Alvey continues your argument. It makes you furious. He can’t just assume that you want him all the time. He always did that. Assuming that everybody wanted him. And he never managed to keep his dick in his pants.

– Stop assuming that every girl in the world wants you!

You say, it came out a bit different than you wanted it to. But the message was clear enough.

– What is your problem, YN!? A Lot of guys want you too. You’re not an easy girl to be with!

Alvey argues back. You turn around, and walk up to him again.

– You’re wrong, Alvey! A lot of guys want to fuck me. There’s a difference!

You say, and that leaves Alvey speechless for a second or two. He just looks at you, confused.

– Wasn’t that what we talked about!

He asks, taking a step towards you. Your back against the wall again, and Alvey dangerously close to you.

– Forget it, Alvey! You’ll never understand anyway!

You say, pushing him away from you again.

– Enlighten me then!

He says, his face morphed from angry to somewhat understanding. You take a deep breath. Contemplating if you should tell him everything.

– It was always the Alvey way. King Kulina, Kulina the star. You were surrounded by all these women all the time. I was just…

You let the sentence die out. You were never in love, not now, not back then. It was a collaboration. Exchange of services. At least that’s what you always told yourself.

– The medic?

He finishes the sentence with a question mark.

– Yeah…

You say, while letting out a breath.

– You were the only one I beat someone up for.

Alvey tries. But he already knows what your reply is going to be.

– Alvey! You live for beating people up. You beat people up for a living. Why would what you did matter?

The angry tension from before is dissipating. And you have to admit to yourself that you like the angry tension better than this one. Angry you know, fucking you know, fighting you know. This.. You don’t even know what this is.

– Because he would’ve killed you…

Alvey says, you slowly lift your head and look at him.

– And I kinda liked having you around. I like having you around…

He continues, looking into your eyes.

– Don’t do this, Alvey!

You say, shaking your head a bit.

– Do what?

He replies. Moving a bit closer to you. Liking his lips.

– Forgive me for..

You start. But Alvey cuts you off.

– There’s nothing to forgive!

He says. Moving even closer to you.

– I…

You start. But he stops you with a kiss. You know you shouldn’t do this. Deep down inside, you know that this eventually will blow up. You know Alvey, and you know what’ll happen. But you can’t stop. You need this, you want this. So you kiss him back.

You could cut the tension with a knife, as he gets your clothes off. He grips your hair, growling into your neck.

– Fuck, Alvey!

You gasp, when he lifts you off the floor, and spreads your legs apart. He lines himself up with your entrance. You grab his shoulders.

– Alvey, wait!

You gasp. He doesn’t answer, he just looks at you, inquisitive.

– Couch, Alvey!

You breathe out, grinding your lower body into his erection.

– Wanna ride me?

He breathes into your neck, as he grabs your behind.

– Yes!

You answer breathlessly.

The second you hit the couch,he enters you with no hesitation. You grind into him, as he grabs your lower back, pressing your lower bodies together.

– Fuck, yes!

He growls, when you roll your hips against him. His hands glide up to your breasts, kneading them, as you lean back, continuing to roll your hips.

– Faster!

He says, as he leans into you, tasting your skin.

– Fuck me, Alvey!

You moan breathlessly. He gets the message, getting down on the couch, with you still on top of him. Then he plants his feet on the couch,and starts to mercilessy fuck into you.

– Shit! Fuck!

You scream, as you fall forward, planting your palms on the armrest steadying yourself. Alvey grabs your hair with one hand, letting the other one glide down to your behind. Still fucking you as hard as he possibly can. Your eyes meet, and for a second you sense something there, but just for a second before Alvey goes back to his animalistic self, smashing your lips together in a filthy kiss.

– Ooo.. Fuck!

He moans into your mouth, before his hand hits your behind, before squeezing it.

– Don’t stop, Alvey!

You moan, as you try to grind your hips against his hard thrusts.

– There! Right fucking there!

Alvey moans out, as his hands grip your hips, holding you in place. Fucking up into you with renewed force. You feel his cock massaging that sweet spot deep inside, with every thrust.

– Ooo.. Fuck! Right there, right there!

You almost scream out, before the orgasm overpowers you completely. The only thing grounding you, is Alvey’s firm grip of your hips.

– Yes, fuck! Cum for me. Cum all around me. Fuck!

He moans out, as your pussy spasms erratically around his throbbing cock.

– Aaa.. My… Fuckehh…

You scream, it feels like multiple orgasms. Shit. You have no control of your own body. If it wasn’t for his firm grip of you, you probably would have fallen off the couch.

– Inside?

Alvey growls, as his grip of your hips tightens even more.

– Yes, yes, fuck!

You manage to answer, then he plunges upwards unsteady a couple of times, before he lets out a deep growl from the back of his throat.

You both need a minute to catch your breaths again. Alvey’s hands glide from your hips up to your hair, he grabs some, then he spins you around, so he’s now on top of you. He grabs your throat with his free hand, before kissing you.

– That…. That was one of the better ones…

He finally breathes out. You let out a little laugh.

– You remember the good ones?

You ask.

– Off course. There’s been some of them you know.

He replies, leans down, and whispers in your ear.

– Like that one time when we got complaints at that shabby hotel. Remember that?

He asks. The memories send shivers down your spine. Alvey had lost a fight, and after you’d stitched him up, he fucked the living shit out of you. It was so rough and loud, that other residents at the hotel called the cops.

– Mmmm…

You moan out a reply, with the memories still floating around in your head.

– Or…

Alvey continues, giving your earlobe a quick nip.

– That time we celebrated my win…. In the cage after… When I had my face buried between your legs.

Alvey seductively whispers in your ear. Yes, you do remember that particular celebration mainly because it quickly turned into a funeral.

– Al..

You try. But Alvey cuts you off as he continues to whisper in your ear.

– I gave you the orgasm of a lifetime. Several of them, if I remember correctly…

He continues, gently nibbling on your earlobe.

– Alvey…

You say, swallowing.

Alvey sits up in the couch, you do the same. And for a second you just look at each other.

– I remember that, Alvey…

You finally say.

– You know I do..

You continue. Then you’re both quiet again.

– I’m sorry, Alvey.. I don’t even want you to forgive me..

You finally speak again. This quiet is killing you.

– What do you want me to not forgive you for?

Alvey asks. You take a deep breath.

– You know what happened that night, Alvey. So why ask?

You say. Trying to get up, but Alvey grabs your wrist.

– Yes! I know what happened. What I don’t know is why you feel you need forgiveness for any of it.

He says. You look at him, then you take a breath, and let it slowly.

– Christina..

You finally say. It feels good to finally admit this to him. It’s been eating away at you for some time. Especially after what Christina went through after. For a long time you’ve felt like this was all your fault.

– Christina?

Alvey asks.

– She saw us, she yelled at you, she left…..

You say, taking another deep breath.

– And you didn’t go after her..

You finish, looking at Alvey. He sends you a playful smile.

– I had some stuff I had to finish first..

He says, with a little laugh attached to it.

– I ruined your marriage, Alvey. And I ruined Christina.

You say. You never meant to say it at all. But you hated the fact that Alvey seemed to not care at all. He might not love Christina any longer. And maybe he never really did. But she’s still Jay and Nate’s mother. And the least he could do was care a tiny bit.

– My marriage was already ruined..

Alvey tells you,as he gets up from the couch.

– And Christina….

He continues, walking into the bedroom, collecting your clothes from the floor.

– Christina managed to ruin herself. None of that is your fault.

Alvey continues to talk, as you get your clothes back on.

– But if you feel the need for forgiveness. Then I forgive you.

He tells you, as you follow him into the kitchen.

– I said I didn’t want you to forgive me.

You say, as you sit down on one of the kitchen chairs.

– I do it anyway. You’re the one who’ll stitch me and my boys back up. It’s best to be on your good side.

He informs you, as he gives you a cup of coffee.

You take another breath. What is this, really? Some bonding thing? What are you and Alvey, really? You decide on friends with benefits for now. But if you’re completely honest with yourself. You don’t even know if friends are the correct term to describe what you have. And asking seems like a bad idea. Besides that’s not how you do things. You and Alvey were always nothing and everything all at once. You fucked, you fought, and then you fucked again to make up. You can’t remember ever having had a real conversation with Alvey, except the one you just had. And you really don’t know what to make of it.

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