He Saved Me! (Abe Point Blank One-Shot) X Rated

⚠️MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING⚠️Suicidal thoughts, alcohol abuse, depression, unprotected sex, speeding, guns, strong language! It will be a “happy” ending. But if you’re triggered by ANY of the things listed here. Please don’t interact with my story! Because of the emotions in this story. I decided to NOT write it as a Readers Insert. Instead I […]

Private Workout (Alvey Kulina One-Shot) X Rated!

Contains Graphic Sexual Descriptions! You put your bag down, next to the free weights. Look around the gym. You’re the only one here. Lisa probably kicked everyone else out. You knew that NAVY ST. struggled financially. And you hoped that they would manage to continue. Not only because of the atmosphere and the people there. […]

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