Private Workout (Alvey Kulina One-Shot) X Rated!

Contains Graphic Sexual Descriptions!

You put your bag down, next to the free weights. Look around the gym. You’re the only one here. Lisa probably kicked everyone else out. You knew that NAVY ST. struggled financially. And you hoped that they would manage to continue. Not only because of the atmosphere and the people there. But it was cheap, considering the equipment available, it was close to your apartment. And then, of course there was Alvey. The sexiest man you ever laid eyes on. He was taken though. He and Lisa owned the gym together. And although they fought like all the time. They always went home together. You shouldn’t want him. But you could look, right? That was allowed? Wasn’t it?

You lift up the dumbbells, and take place in front of the mirror. Start to do your reps. 15, and then a pause. You’re up 2kg from last time, and you feel that. For the last 5 reps, you look down on the floor. That’s why you don’t see him approach.

– You need to lift your head up. Or else you’ll strain your neck!

The voice is deep, and dangerously close. You jump, and drop the dumbbells.

– Hey, easy there. Are you trying to wreck my gym?

You turn around. Alvey Kulina! He’s standing there, right in front of you.

– Al… Alvey… I’m sorry… You scared me..

– I’m sorry. I just wanted to help..

He sits down, picks up the dumbbells. He lifts his head. Facing right at your… You can almost feel the tension in the room. You swallow, as he gets to his feet, puts the dumbbells back.

– Hey! I was…

He turns to you.

– Shhh…

There’s something in his tone, that makes you follow his command.

– I’m gonna show you a proper workout!

He says, as he comes all the way up to you. You freeze in place. It’s Alvey Kulina. The man you’ve been staring at for the past six months. And now, now he’s standing here in front of you. Dangerously close, looking down your body. Offering you a proper work out.

– Pick up the 8kg!

He commands. You swallow again, before slowly turning around to pick them up. You can see in the mirror that he’s eyeing your behind as you lean down to pick them up. They’re heavy. You usually do 5kg. But today you tried the 7kg. And you almost didn’t manage that. And now he want’s you do do 8kg.

You turn around to face him again.

– On the floor… Over there..

He points to a yoga mat on the floor. You put the dumbbells down where he tells you.

– Not them…. You!

He commands again.

– I’ll take those..

He says, as he comes over, and picks up the dumbbells.

– On the floor!

You start to get the feeling that this won’t be a normal workout. And you can’t deny the you want it. You want him. You get down on the floor, on your knees. Alvey stands over you, looks down on you. Before he carefully unzips your sports bra, and removes it.

– Al…

You start. But he cuts you off.

– Shh…

One of his hands takes a hold of your hair. Roughly but carefully dragging your head back.

– My shorts… Take them off!

You swallow again. You’re flooding with wetness. Almost to the point that you’re afraid it will show through your tights. You slowly move your arms up to the lining of his shorts. Drag them down. He’s already rock hard, standing proud. Waiting for you to please him. You let out a little gasp.

– You like it, huh? Taste it!

His other hand moves up to your mouth, and he opens it with his thumb.

– I know you want me! I’ve seen you eyeing me. You didn’t think I noticed.. But I did. Taste it!

You move closer. Fuck how you want him. You can’t stop.

You open your mouth more, before closing your lips over his tip, pressing them together, and swirl your tongue around.

– Aaaa.. Good girl.. fuck…

He says as his grip of your hair tightens. He pushes deeper inside, and you put your hands on his hips, to make him stop. You can’t take it any further down. He get’s the picture. Slows down.

– Can’t take anymore, huh? That’s OK.. Just make it good and wet for me to fuck you. Your lips feels so good around me.

He stands still, let’s you work him. Let’s you decide how far back you’ll take it. His hand still in your hair, holding your head in an angle, so he can look at you.

After a while, he lets go of your hair. Commands you to get on your back on the floor. And to place your arms over your head. You do as your told. At this point, you’ll do anything just to feel him inside. He sits down on top of you, placing a 8kg over each of your wrists. Before moving down on you, and removing your tights.

Letting his hands glide up your bare thighs. You gasp. He let’s his hand rest between your thighs.

– You like to work out….

He lets the tip of his fingers enter your underwear. Teasing you.

– Or do you come here to look at me?

You nod.. He lets his tongue glide over your underwear.

– So, which one is it?

– You…

You say, while sucking in a breath. He lets his tongue glide over your underwear again..

– That’s what I thought… Naughty little girl..

He says, as he drags his t shirt over his head. Your eyes widens when you see his bare, perfectly toned upper body.

– Look all you want. You won’t get this until I decide that you do…

– Please…

You beg. Blushing. Alvey lets out a little laugh.

– Please what?

– I.. I want you…

He looks you up and down. Lying there on the floor, arms over your head, nipples peaking, underwear probably soaked with your wetness.

– I can see that.. And if I do this…

He puts his hand inside your underwear. You gasp.

– I can feel it. Wet little cunt.. Just waiting for me to fill it up…

You let out a moan, when he teases your entrance, and then brings your wetness up, circling your clit.

– Fuck!

He looks at you, as he continues to smear your wetness around.

– I thought you wanted a work out. I’m not even halfway done with you.

– Please.. Take off my underwear..

You beg, bucking your hips.

– And now she begs… Want me to taste you?

– Yes!

He slips two fingers inside you, only to remove them again, bringing them up to your face, forcing them inside your mouth.

– Taste it. Tell me how it tastes! Make me WANT to taste it.

You can hear on his voice, see in his eyes and feel by the way he moves that he want’s this as much as you do. But he’ll probably hold back, make you beg.

– Mmmmmm…..

You say, closing your eyes..

– How does is taste?

– Good!

You answer. His fingers still inside your mouth.

– Yeah? Should I taste it?

– Ylbk..

The only sound you manage to make with his fingers inside your mouth. He removes them, and takes a hold of your chin.

– Should. I. Taste. It?

– Yes! Yes! Please..

You almost scream.

Another laugh escapes his lips, before he removes your underwear, and buries his face between your legs. The sounds escaping you echoes in the empty gym.

– Good girl..

He murmurs into your wet flesh. As his fingers joins his tongue. Finding that sweet spot, massaging it as if his life depended on him giving you an orgasm. His tongue lapping at your clit like it was made to do just that.

– Fuck! I… I’m going to.. Cu…

He yanks his fingers out, sits up, looking at you.

– You thought it would be that easy?

– P…Please…

Your body still shaking. Like that sweet release sits on the edge off the cliff, just needs that last push, to go over.

– I promised you a proper work out…

He says, as his fingertips teases the inside of your thighs, it makes you shiver.

– Alvey…

You beg again..

He gets on top of you. Wiggles his lower body, teasing your clit. Kissing you intently. You buck your hips, desperate to have him inside. His kisses moves down to your neck, before he bites your earlobe, and whispers in your ear.

– The fact that you’re still able to talk. Let’s me know, we have some work to do…

– Please, Alvey.. I need…

He lets his tip tease your entrance. You buck your hips one more time.

– Beg for it…

He says, continuing to rub his tip over your wet slith.

– I want you, Alvey. Please..

– Not good enough…

He growls in your ear.

– Fuck me please…

You try..

– With what? My fingers?

He moans the words into your ear.

– I want your cock, deep inside my pussy.

You say, furiously blushing.

– Good girl…

He says, as he enters you in one hard thrust.

– Fuck!

You scream.. As he keeps pounding you into the yoga mat.

– Feels good, doesn’t it? Me filling you up? Filling up your hungry little pussy?

– Yes! Fuck… I… I won’t last long..

He removes the dumbbells over your wrists. Slows down his pace a little.

– Oh, yes you will. I decide when you can come..

You desperately try to follow his movements, for him to hit that spot again.

– You want to come?

He asks, as he takes a hold of your chin.

– Yes, please..

Your voice almost desperate.

– Then beg for it. Look at me, and beg for it.

The way he looks at you, his words, it makes your belly clenche. He feels it, and smiles down at you.

– Use your words. Beg me to make you come.

– P….Please, Alvey.. I want to come…

Alvey drags his tongue over your lips.

– You can do better than that. Can’t you? You’ve been eyeing me for the last five months. Tonight I can make all those fantasies, all those scenarios in your head a reality. You. Just. Have. To. Tell. Me!

God! Of course you have made up pictures in your head. About him doing things to you. Infact a-lot of it has been pretty similar to what he does now.

– I…

You don’t get to say anything else, before he starts to move again.

– You see.. I. Have a fantasy about you…

He grabs your shoulders, and thrusts so hard and deep it hurts.

– It’s me fucking you senseless on every single surface in this gym. You screaming my name as you’re coming all around my cock.

Your belly cleches again, from his words. Your hips following his slow agonising motions inside of you.

– It’s me tasting your sweet nectars, as you’re coming on my tongue. Over and over again, until you can’t even remember your own name.

Your fingernails now digging into his back. He smiles at you.

– Want something like that?

– Yes…

– Which part?

Another deep thrust.

– Fuck, Alvey..

Again he takes a hold of your chin, drags his tongue over your lips.

– Which. Part?

– All of it… I want all of it…

You almost scream the words to him.

He ups his pace, fucking you raw into the yoga mat. Grunting in your ear, moaning, breathing heavily.

Your whole body tenses up. You lift up your legs, and wrap them around him, to make him go even deeper.

– Fuck.. I’m going to…c….

– Come for me! Grip your walls around my cock. Come on. Scream for me!

The orgasm is so intense, you can’t even hear your own screams. You can’t even move, locked in a grip around both his thighs and his neck, when you finally start to come down.

Your arms falling down to your side, your legs letting go of the grip around him. He slips a hand into your hair.

– Fuck…

You say..

He looks at you..

– Still talking, I see.. That means I’m not done. Get up!

You have no idea how, but you manage to get up.

– Hands on the mirror! I want you to watch yourself as you’re coming! Watch me, as I fuck you senseless!

With your first orgasm fresh in mind, you don’t hesitate to do what you’re told. Placing your hands on the mirror, watching him repossition you, to get better access to what he wants.

He enters you again, with one thrust. You try to focus on watching him, instead of your own reflection. How he watches you in the mirror, as he fucks you from behind.

He leans over you, taking a hold of your chin, moving your face, so you see yourself in the mirror, before grabbing your breasts. Growling into your ear.

– Look at you… Look at how beautiful you are when I’m fucking you.

He says as he ups the pace, and letting one of his hands glide down your stomach before hitting your clit.

– Fuck!

You gasp, leaning your head back.

– Look at yourself!

He commands, as he continues to fuck you hard, hitting that sweet spot with every single thrust. His fingers on your clit. Bringing you closer and closer to the top.

– I’m coming. I can’t hold it. Filling your hungry little pussy up. Come with me!

The second orgasm hits you like a freight train on full speed. Alvey moans behind you, biting your earlobe, breathing heavily onto your ear.

You lean your head back on his shoulder, and he puts his arm around your neck, holding you in place.

– Full filled your dirty little fantasy yet?

He whispers into your ear..

You can’t talk. The waves of the orgasm, still inside you, still hitting your lower stomach and your thighs, making you shiver.

– That’s what I thought…

He says, pulling himself out of you, replacing his cock with his fingers. Pulling them out again, covered with both him and you. Moving them up to your face. This time, he doesn’t even have to force your mouth open, the second his fingers hits your lips, you open for him, letting him in.

– Taste good, doesn’t it?

– Mmmmm..

You answer, closing your eyes, feeling the last waves of the orgasm leaving your body.

– Same time tomorrow?

He whispers in your ear again..

– Every day..

You answer…

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