Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – Here We Go Again!

It’s a sunny day in Fresno, when it’s time to weigh in. You, Alvey and Nate stand there and wait, when the opponent walks by. You look at him. He looks way bigger than Nate. You nudge Alvey.

– Seriously, Alvey? This guy?! He’s probably 8 or 9 pounds over. This is not happening!

You say, and start to move towards the stage. Alvey stops you.

– Wait! Let’s wait and see!

Alvey says, through gritted teeth, as Nate steps on the scale.

– Exactly at 154.3!

You hear someone say. Alvey pats your back.

– Good, you did good!

He says, you turn around to face him.

– I don’t like this, Alvey.

You say, nervous, as Nate comes over to you. You pat him on the back, before you turn your attention to the other guy, as he steps on the scale.

– Weighing exactly 163.1!

You look at Alvey, narrowing your eyes.

– That’s too much! Alvey, that’s too much!

You say, as you start to approach the Promoter.

– He’s fucking….

That’s all you get to say, before Alvey steps in front of you.

– That’s 9 pounds over! 9 fucking pounds!

Alvey yells to the Promoter.

– So he’s a little over. No big deal!

The promoter answers. Alvey is about to jump him. Both you and Nate stop him.

– Hey, Alvey. Not good for business!

You say, as you try to take his arm, he shakes you off. But leave with you. You try to calm him down, but he keeps shaking you off.

When you reach your room, you sit down on your bed. Alvey and Nate do the same.

– You need to eat!

Alvey tells Nate. You look at them both.

– None of you are upset about this?

You ask, looking from Nate to Alvey, and then back at Nate again. Nate shrugs.

– I can take him..

He says. You look at Alvey.

– You’re just going to fucking sit there? SAY SOMETHING, ALVEY!

You yell. Scared that Nate will get himself hurt. Alvey gets up, you do the same.

– Don’t start a fight right now! Go get some air!

Alvey tells you. You don’t answer. You just keep looking at him, angry.

– Go get some air, YN!

You sigh, then you turn around and leave Alvey and Nate alone to talk.


You slammed the door shut. Probably not a good idea, but it’s not easy to contain the feeling of enormous fear that you feel right now. And, after being in the fighting business for most of your life, this is usually how you deal with your emotions.

– Hey, YN!

You hear Alvey yell behind you. You don’t answer, and you don’t turn around.

– YN, wait!

Alvey continues to follow you down the hall. You still don’t answer.


Alvey yells, as he grabs your arm, and pushes you against the wall. You look at him.

– There!

He says, letting go of you.

– Now, will you just listen to me?

He continues, taking a step away from you. You look at him.

– Listen to what, Alvey? How this is Nate’s decision? How he’s a grown man, capable of making decisions on his own?

You say. Waiting for an answer. Alveys jaw tenses.

– Something like that…

You continue to look at him

– Do you know why he fights, Alvey? Why Nate fights?

You ask.

– That’s all he knows!

Alvey answers. His casual approach to this makes you furious.

– To get your attention, Alvey! To get your love, your approval! That’s why Nate fights!

You say, still furious, but it feels good to finally let it out.

– I love Nate. He knows that. And I spend time with him!

Alvey says back, a bit more thought through now.

– Where, Alvey? At the gym? You spend time with Nate at the gym!

You say. Looking at him. Alvey opens his mouth,and then he closes it again.

– Do you even know him? Do you even know Nate?

You continue.

– He’s my son. Of course I know him!

Alvey snaps back at you.

– Yeah? Tell me five things about Nate, that isn’t about fighting!

You say, as you look him dead in the eye. Alvey looks at you for a bit, then he looks down.

– OK. Tell me three things!

You say. Alvey lifts his face, looks at you. Opening his mouth, before closing it again.

You open your mouth to say something.

– OK! I get it! I fucking get it, allright!

Alvey says, cutting you off. You nod your head a bit.

– Now go spend some time with him. He needs that!

You say, before you turn away from him again.


BAM! You put your hands in front of your mouth, everything happens in slow motion. You can see that Alvey yells something to you, but you can’t tell what. All you can hear is the BAM, when Nate hit the floor in the cage.

– YN!

Alveys voice finally reaches your ears, and you enter the cage with him, kneel down next to Nate. Pry open one of his eyes, and shine your little flashlight in it. You look at Alvey, he’s saying something, but the yelling from the spectators, and your own screaming inside your head, makes it so that you can’t hear what he’s saying. This is what you feared the most. That Nate would get knocked out.

You can see the lights from the ambulance, but you still can’t hear anything, and things around you are still in slow motion. Alvey keeps talking to you, but you only see his lips moving, you don’t hear one single word.

Alvey points to the ambulance, saying something, you still can’t figure out what, but you climb into the ambulanse, and sit down where the paramedic tells you to.

You try to slow your breathing down. To clear your head. You still can’t make out what anyone’s saying.

– How old is he?

The paramedic asks you. Finally you can hear again.

– Err.. Nathaniel (Nate) Kulina. 22 years!

You manage to say.

– Are you family?

Another question.

– No, no.. I’m his medic! His MMA medic!

How do you explain this? He wasn’t at all fit to fight. You should’ve stopped this. Will they take away your license now?

– Weight?

You look at Nate. Weight? Why are they asking how much you weigh?

– How much does he weigh?

The paramedic asks again. Oh, they ment how much he weighs.

– 154.3!

You answer. Your eyes locked on Nate.

– Will he be OK?

You ask, your voice shaking.


You stand in front of the door to your room for a while, before you knock.

– It’s your room, why the fuck are you knocking?

You hear Alvey say from inside. Sounds like he’s been drinking. You could need a drink as well. You hope he has some left.

You slowly open the door, then you just stand there, looking at him.

– Where is Nate?

He asks, chugging his drink. You take a step inside the room.

– They wanted to keep him in the hospital overnight, for observasjon. He has a concussion and a black eye. But he’ll be fine.

You say, look down. Alvey pours himself another drink.

– Want one?

He asks, gesturing to another glass on the table.

– Yeah…

You say, walking over to him, and sit down. Alvey pours a drink to you as well. You take a small sip.

– Thanks, Alvey. I needed that.

You say, emptying your drink in one chug. Alvey does the same. Pouring you both another one.

– Listen Alvey… I’m sorry about before.. I didn’t mean to.. I know you love Nate!

You look at him, then you take another sip of your drink, waiting for him to answer.

– Nah.. You’re right! You’re fucking right, YN. I’m not the best father.

He says, chugging his drink. You look at him. You can’t help but to feel bad for him. You reach out to put your hand on his knee, but he gets up. Grabbing the now empty bottle on the table.

– This one is fucking empty. Join me downstairs!

He says, offering you a hand. You look at it.

– Alvey, can we just stay here? Check the minibar?

You ask. With the way you’re feeling right now, and with how much he’s been drinking. A crowded bar isn’t the best place for him to be.

– He’s downstairs, isn’t he?

Alvey says, as he starts to walk towards the door. You quickly get in front of him. Trying to stop him.

– Al..Alv… Alvey, please.

You plead, putting your hands on his chest to stop him. He looks at you. But he doesn’t answer.

– Don’t!

You say. He doesn’t move, but you can see that he’s not going to do as you tell him.

– He’s downstairs?

He asks again. His eyes on yours, demanding answers.

– Yes, but Alvey. Leave it alone!

You say. He walks past you, opens the door.

– The fuck, YN!

He says, as he walks with firm steps down the hall. You quickly follow.

– Alvey!

You try. No answer.

– Alvey, stop!

Still nothing.


You yell, as you see him enter the elevator.

– Alvey, you hold those doors!

You yell, and to your surprise he does. You enter the elevator, look at him as the doors close.

– Please, Alvey. Don’t do anything stupid.

The doors open again, and Alvey starts his fast firm walk into the bar, and then straight over to the Promoter. Punch him in the face without even giving him a warning. You grab Alvey’s arm to stop him. He yanks it back, and hits the Promoter again. Now your adrenaline takes over. You grab Alvey’s jacket, yanking him back.

– Alvey! That’s enough!

You yell, before you point a finger at the Promoter.

– Get the fuck out, if you know what’s best for you!

The Promoter immediately runs out of the bar, not looking back. Alvey sits down, looks at you, breathing heavily. You point your finger at him.

– Don’t go and pull any of that shit now! Fucking shit!

You yell, before you sit down opposite him. He looks at you for a while.

– Are you done fucking yelling?

He asks. You nod. You don’t want to open your mouth. You just want to calm the fuck down.

– What more do you want to do?

He asks. You let your head fall down on the table.

– Now….

You say, sitting back up.

– I want to get shit faced drunk  And then…

You point towards the toilets in the back with your thumb.

– You’re going to fuck me back there…

You continue to look at him, to see how he reacts to your statement. Alvey raises his eyebrows, nods his head a little.

– Sounds like a plan!

He says, as he waves to the bartender, ordering a new bottle for you.

– Yeah…

You answer. Looking at him.


You pour the last drops from the now empty bottle into your glass, shaking the bottle a bit to make sure it’s actually empty. You place the bottle back on the table, and chug the last drops in your glass. Then you look at Alvey.

– Alvey?

You say. You’re both drunk as fuck. And you want. No, you need to go to bed. Alvey looks up at you.

– I…. I’m gonna go and use the… err.. bathroom…

You say, before you get up, and stumble towards the bathrooms.

The bar is empty, just you and Alvey, and it’s dark. The dim lights inside the bathroom aren’t exactly helping. It’s not that you actually needed to use the bathroom. But you and Alvey had a deal. And you could really use a good fuck right now. 

You’re not even halfway into the ladies room, when Alvey grabs your hair, and pushes you face first against the wall. Breathing heavily into the side of your neck, before whispering in your ear.

– Something like this?

He hisses, before he yanks your head back against his shoulder.

– Hard enough for you?

He asks again. You laugh.

– Fucking pussy!

You say. Letting out another laugh. Alvey yanks you around, pins your arms over your head, and takes a firm hold around your throat with the other hand, before he kisses you, aggressively.

– Are you fucking laughing at me now?

He almost spits the words in your face. You smile at him.

– As long as you’re gonna treat me like I was made out of FUCKING glass! Yes!

You say, still smiling at him. He lets go of your arms, and slams his fist into the wall next to your face. You turn your head, to look at his fist, before you turn it back to look at him. He looks back at you.

– There it is! “King Kulina”. You think I’m scared of you?

You say, condescending.

– You should be!

Alvey says, kissing you, forcing your mouth open with his tongue. You’re still half laughing.

– Is this all you’ve got?

You ask, looking at him.


You continue, delivering his nickname to him in the most condescending way you manage.

He takes a firmer hold around your throat. This will make it hard to speak. But not impossible.

– You have no idea, no fucking clue, what the King can do!

Alvey says, moving all the way up in your face.

You laugh again.

– Oh, but I do.. This is where the fun part starts.

You say, laughing a bit again. Just to piss him off some more. Before you get to think, Alvey lifts you up, your little skirt around your waist, and he pushes your underwear aside. Then he enters you, in one thrust, before he starts to pound you into the wall.

– Ahhhhh.. Fuck!

You moan. It’s been a long time since you and Alvey last did this. And you remember how much you used to like it. The aggression he shows every time, how you’re both merciless. Taking out all your aggression on each other. Amazing.

Alvey bites your neck, hard. You whimper and moan at the same time, before you move your hands up to his hair, grabbing it, yanking his head back, and look at him. You’re both smiling, as Alvey continues to mercilessly bury himself inside you up against the wall.

– Again!

You moan to him, before you let go of his hair. Alvey leans into your neck again. Breathing, grunting and moaning into it, before he’s placing yet another hard bite. Again you let out a half whimper, half moan, and grab his hair again, yanking his face away from your neck. His eyes locked on yours.

– Is that all you’ve got?

You ask again. Alvey grabs your throat again. You lean your head back against the wall. Laughing again.

– You’ve gone soft!

You state, slowly moving your eyes, to look at his reaction.


You almost fall into the room. Wrestling around for a bit, before Alvey pins you in what you call a “death grip”. He’s not holding your neck all that hard, if you just relax. Thinking about a way out.

– Tap!

Alvey whispers in your ear. OK! So you’re fighting him now. You’ll fucking show him. None of you finished downstairs, and you’re still a bit mad about that.

– Tap! Fucking Tap!

Alvey whispers again.

– Not a fucking chance in hell!

You say, then you focus all your strength to your lower back, before you do a rollover backwards, and he has to let go of his grip. You land on your knees on top of his face, and before you can get back up, he pins your legs down in a strong grip. Breathing heavily into your pussy. You try to move, but his grip is too firm.

– Now fucking tap!

Alvey hisses into your underwear. You laugh again, before you lean forward and start to unbuckle his pants. Alvey stops for a second, before he lets his tongue glide over your underwear. You answer his move by yanking down both his pants and his boxers, before you let your tongue glide over his already rock hard cock. It’s throbbing.

Alvey pushes your underwear aside, and lets his tongue glide over you, and at the same time he teases your entrance with his finger. You grab him, and close your lips around him.

– Ahhhh..

He moans into your wet flesh.

– So fucking wet!

He murmurs, as you take down his whole length. Letting your tongue massage him, as you keep taking him down again and again. You can feel him closing in on climax. Then you let your lips leave his cock, with a little pop, before you lean down, biting his inner thigh.

Alvey reacts instantly, yanking both of you around, then pinning your arms over your head.

– Tell me you didn’t just fucking bite me!

Alvey says, leaning down, biting your lower lip. You laugh at him again.

– You liked it, fucking pussy!

You spit back at him. Alvey lets out a growl, before he yanks you up, placing you stomach down on the bed. Then he enters you again, without any kind of warning. Grabbing the back of your neck, pinning you down, as he mercilessly fucks you so hard you’re surprised the whole bed isn’t breaking apart.

– Aaaahhhh. Fuck, Alvey!

You scream, clenching your walls around him, every time he thrusts into you.

– Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

Alvey hisses back to you. Continuously plunging into you. His grip around the back of your neck tightens, his fingers digging into your neck. It hurts, but then again, that’s how you like it.

– Ahhhh… Fuck, YN! Where do you want it?

Alvey grunts, as he ups his pace even more.

– Inside! Inside, Alvey! Fuck! Ahhhhhh! Right there!

You scream through the painful intensity that rushes over you, when your orgasm hits. Your legs shaking, your body completely taken over by the sweet pain of Alveys fingers digging into your neck, and the way his cock is massaging your walls, when he makes his last hard deep thrusts, before you feel his warm fluids unloading inside you.

He wastes no time, yanking you around, grabbing your throat, pinning your arms down with his legs.

– Now who’s the fucking pussy?

He asks, as he tightens his grip around your throat. Again you smile at him, letting out another little laugh.

– You!

You spit back at him.

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