Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Six

Chapter Six – Killing An Orange!

You slam the door shut behind you. Probably not the best idea, but Alvey needs to hear the truth. And if your assessment of the situation is correct. You’re the only one with the balls to tell him. And you’re probably the only one he listens to as well. Super job you just got. Super.

– Hey. Nate, Jay! Wait up!

You shout after them, when you see them. They both stop, and wait for you.

– What, he let you leave?

Jay asks, looking at you.

– Let me leave? I’m not his fucking property!

You say.

– Anyway, he probably needs some time to think. ALONE!

You add.

– Thanks, for sticking up for me!

Jay says, patting your back.

– Anytime Jay. He should at least let you try. He can’t just brush you off like this. Let’s make a deal. OK? If you pass the tests, I’ll get you a fight!

You say, with your most determined voice.

– You can’t just get me a fight, YN!

Jay argues.

– Yes, she can. Alvey listens to her. You know that Jay!

Nate says, entering the conversation.

– Fine, I’ll take the stupid tests!

Jay says, before he turns around and starts to walk again.

– That includes drug testing!

You yell after him. You turn to leave, when Nate stops you.

– YN, can I talk to you for a bit?

You look at him. There’s something in his eyes that makes you feel like you have to walk with him.

– Sure. You can always talk to me.

You say, before you walk with him.

You walk for a long time without him saying anything. And you’re starting to be a bit worried about how Alvey is doing.

– So, you wanted to tell me something?

You say, hoping that he’ll talk.

– Yeah.. About the stuff you heard earlier today…

Nate says, looking down.

– I’m not going to tell, Nate. If that’s what you’re afraid of.

Again there’s silence for some time.

– Who was the girl?

You ask. It’s not hard to understand that this is a sensitive subject for Nate to talk about, and you absolutely do not want to push him away.

– Nobody!

Nate says, kicking a small rock down the sidewalk.

– Have you ever known a fighter who’s gay?

The words leaves Nate’s mouth fast, like he has to, to be able to actually say them out loud.

– Nate?

You say, then you both stop. Facing each other, but Nate looks down. You gently place your hands on his shoulders.

– Who you’re attracted to has nothing to do with your fighting skills. You’re still the same Nate as you’ve always been.

You say, giving him a hug.

– To you maybe….

He says, it’s almost so you can’t hear it.

– No one would ever fight me if they knew. This is a close contact sport. They will kick me out. And my dad…

Nate’s voice almost breaks. You hug him tighter.

– Hey, Nate. No matter what happens, I’ll always be here for you. OK? You can always come to me, with anything.

You say reassuringly as you hold him in a tight hug.

– Thanks.. I’ll hold you to that..

Nate answers, as you break the hug.

– So, are you seeing anyone?

You ask, giving him a little smile.

– Err.. Everything is kinda new to me. I have one I talk to. But nothing serious.

Nate answers, a bit more confident now.

– You deserve love, like anyone else, Nate. If you like this guy. Go for it! Come on, let’s go get a drink.

You say, as you reach for your purse.


You say.

– What?

Nate asks, almost scared. Maybe he thinks someone overheard your conversation. You take a deep breath.

– I forgot my purse, my keys, my wallet, everything…

You say, as you take another deep breath.

– Where?

Nate asks, although he probably already knows the answer.

– At your dad’s place..

You say, as you realize that you now will have to face him again tonight. You won’t even get inside your apartment without your purse. Given that your keys are in there.

– Thanks for the talk, YN! Thanks for listening to me.

Nate says, giving you a quick hug.

– Rain check on that drink!

You answer, as you part ways. And you walk back to Alvey’s place.



The second he hears you slam the door behind you, he throws a plate at the wall. Then he takes a bottle of Jack Daniels, and take a big gulp, straight from the bottle.


He yells to the wall, before another plate gets thrown.

He knows he’s hard on them. But that’s the only parenting skill he has. And Jay needs to get his life in order before he can do any kind of professional fighting. That was what he wanted to talk to you about. To get you to help Jay clean up. But of course he was too hard on you all, and then you left. It seems like the only thing he knows how to do is screw things up.

And why the fuck did he sleep with you? He was done with you a long time ago. You left him. That was probably also his fault, just like Jay said.

The bottle of Jack Daniels gets emptied fast, so fast that he doesn’t even realize how drunk he gets.

Alvey sinks down on his couch, picks up an orange from the tray on the table and throws it at the wall. Then he gets his gun up, and fires two rounds at the wall. The sound of the gun and the fact that he’s shit faced drunk, makes him jump. He gets up and points his gun at the orange on the floor.



When you reach for Alvey’s door, you hear the gunshots. You jump. Fuck, fuck, fuck. You think, as you reach the handle, and yank the door open.

– Fuck you!

You hear from inside. Thank God, Alvey’s still alive. You run into the living room, and then you see him, shit faced drunk, standing with bent knees, pointing his gun ….. at an orange? What the fuck did you take, Alvey? You think, as you make your way over to him.

You carefully kneel down in front of him. You’ve dealt with drunk And high people with guns before, and you know how unpredictable they can be, so you’re really careful, when you reach for the gun. Placing your hand on top of it. Alvey lifts his face.

– It’s an orange, Alvey. Give me the gun!

You say, gripping the gun a bit harder. Alvey lets go right away, before he sinks down on the floor, leaning against the wall, putting his hands in front of his face.

You throw the gun as far away from you as you manage, then you make your way over to Alvey. Lean against the wall next to him.

– What did you take, Alvey?

You ask, trying not to be mad. But he scared you. You almost thought he killed himself. He really shouldn’t have guns in his house.

Alvey nods his head towards the table, and the empty bottle. You raise your eyebrows.

– Shocker! How much was in it?

You ask, looking at him. He still has his hands in front of his face. Is he crying? That will be the first.

– Full!

He answers. You look at him a bit more, before you get up.

– OK! Time to go to bed, Alvey!

You say, grabbing one of his arms.

– I always manage to fuck shit up!

He says, to your surprise.

– OOOK! Bed time. Come here!

You say, leaning down, placing his arm around your neck, before you drag him up from the floor, and walk him into his bedroom, placing him down on the bed. Sitting up. You drag his t-shirt over his head. Alvey grabs your behind.

– OK, Alvey. Sober up first, and then we’ll see!

You say, as you get his hands off you, and place him on his back, down on the bed.

– Now let’s get these off you!

You say, as you start to get his pants off him.

– You’re undressing me, but I won’t get to fuck you?

He asks, looking up at you, he’s so drunk you’re unsure if he even knows Who you are.

– You won’t even get it up in your condition. Sober up, and then we’ll see.

You say again, as you cover him with a blanket.

– I’ll be on your couch!

You say, turning to leave.

– You’re not staying here with me?

Alvey asks, not opening his eyes.

– Fine! I’ll stay!

You say, walking over to the other side of his bed, and lie down next to him, making sure there is some room between you. This is one of the times you’ll NOT give in to his charm. You slept with shit faced drunk Alvey before. But then you usually were in the same condition yourself, and you hadn’t just stopped him from killing an orange.


You wake up before Alvey the next morning, you take a quick look at him, before you get out of bed. You walk into the living room, and start to clean up the mess from last night. The bullet holes in the wall you can’t fix, but you take care of everything else.

The kitchen looks even worse, broken plates, and broken glass. What did he actually do after you left last night? You start to clean up in the kitchen as well. Just as you throw the last broken pieces of glass and plates in the trash, you hear the shower. So he’s awake. You think for yourself, before you walk into the bathroom.

You stand there for a while, just looking at his back in the shower, before you open your mouth.

– You OK, Alvey?

Alvey jumps, and turns around.

– YN? How did you get here?

He says, before he gets that he’s naked and in the shower.

– Came to see, huh?

He says, smirking. You roll your eyes.

– I spent the night, Alvey. You were shit faced drunk last night. I got you to bed. After I stopped you from killing an orange. You don’t remember?

You say, folding your arms over your chest.

– I remember a really sexy girl taking my clothes off…

He says, almost laughing. You take a breath. Concentrating to not be mad.

– That was me!

You say, as he exits the shower.

– Good to know you think so highly of yourself YN!

He says, before he starts to brush his teeth. You just look at him. He seems totally cool about the fact that he’s completely naked.

– Still looking I see!

He says, when he’s done with his toothbrush.

– Fuck you, Alvey!

You say, turning to leave. But he stops you.

– I’m only kidding, YN. I remember. I also remember that I wasn’t very nice.

He looks at you as he’s talking, and he lets go of the grip he has on your wrist.

– So what else is new?

You answer. Trying to keep your eyes on his face, and not his body.

– Come on, YN. Have a shower with me?

He says, is that a smile you see on his face?

– You were just IN the shower, Alvey!

You say, emphasis on the “in”.

– Yeah, and then you showed up. Why do you think I brushed my teeth? You should brush yours too, by the way.

He says, gesturing to an extra toothbrush by the sink.

– I’m not going to use a random toothbrush that all your conquests have used before me. And I didn’t drink a bottle of Jack Daniels last night.

You say, folding your arms over your chest again.

– I bought that toothbrush for you, when you got back. And you did eat chicken last night, and I really don’t want to relive that dinner.

He answers, looking at you, searching for a reaction. You try to not give him one. Instead you reach for the toothbrush.

– You can get undressed first!

Alvey says, still standing in front of you, naked, exposed.

– Why?

You ask, with a little laugh attached to your question.

– So I can look at you!

Alvey answers, with a grin. You look at him, narrowing your eyes.

– Imagine it!

You answer, before you start to brush your teeth. You know that brushing your teeth is an answer in itself. By grabbing the toothbrush you basically told him “Yes, Alvey. You can fuck me!” But right now, you don’t care. He probably needs this. And after the scare he gave you last night, you need it too. The thought about him killing himself, did cross your mind. So feeling him, and being alive with him right now. YES. You need that.

Alvey walks into the shower again. When you get undressed, he just stands there watching you.

To your surprise he doesn’t grab you the second you enter, like you thought he would. Instead he lets his hands glide over your breasts and stomach, as he looks into your eyes.

– I’ll let Jay fight!

He says, letting his hands rest on your hips.

– If you can clean him up!

He continues, not moving his hands from your skin.

– I’ll clean him up!

You say, swallowing. Alvey leans in, and places a kiss on your lips.

– Really, you don’t want to get down and dirty?

He says, when he pulls back. You let out a little laugh, before you sink down to your knees in front of him, looking up at him. He swallows.

– That’s not what I meant!

He says, still looking at you.

– I don’t see you stopping me!

You answer, as you carefully take his cock in your hand, licking the tip of it, as your other hand glides over his balls.

– Niiskh.. Fuck!

Alvey lets out some form of sound, when you close your lips over him, taking him down. You continue to look up at him, expecting him to grab your head, like he usually does. But instead he closes his eyes, and leans against the wall.

– Ahhhh.. Fuck, YN! Continue!

You continue, taking him down, massaging his balls, slowly working him up to climax. His muscles tense, and you can feel his legs shaking. Once again, you expect him to grab your head, hold you in place as he finishes. But yet again he surprises you. He grabs you under the arms, and gets you up.

– I want you in my bed!

He says, as he turns on the shower. None of you bother to dry off, Alvey just grabs you the second you are out of the shower, and carries you into the bedroom.

He gets on top of you in the bed, but you flip you both around, so you’re the one on top, and then you slowly sit down on him.

– Fuck!

Alvey breathes out, as you slowly start to move. Lifts his hands up to your breasts. You let him touch you for a while, before you lean back, steadying yourself on your arms, and move yourself up and down on him.

– Nigshh.. Fuck!

Alvey moans, as he grabs your thighs.

– Fuck, YN!

Another moan escapes him. You’re surprised by his behavior, but you can’t deny that you like it. This feels good, different, but good.

Alvey opens his eyes, looks at you.


He screams, sits up, grabs your back, and pulls you close to him. You slowly turn your head.

– What the hell, Jay??!??

You yell, grabbing a blanket to cover yourself. Jay turns and walks into the kitchen. You untangle yourself from Alvey, wrap the blanket around you, and follow Jay.


You hear Alvey yell.

Jay’s leaning against the counter when you enter the kitchen.

– What the fuck, Jay??!?? Pervert much?! 

You say, angry.

– So, you were…. Exchanging fluids….

Jay says, slowly turning to face you. You give him an irritated look.

– Guess I can’t tell you “no”?

You say, shrugging.

– Nope!

Jay states.

– He said yes though…

You say, hoping that will turn Jay around.

– To what?

Jay asks, looking towards the bedroom.

– You fighting!

You look at him, try to give him a smile.

– If this is what you had to do to get me a fight. I don’t know if I want one!

Jay’s voice is a bit higher now. Then he turns around and leaves. You take a breath, before you walk back into the bedroom.

Alvey still lies on the bed, gesturing for you to get on top of him again. You look at him, and shake your head.

– Forget it, Alvey. The moment’s over…

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