Alvey´s Game (Alvey Kulina One-Shot) X Rated

You sit down in the chair Lisa gestures for you to sit down in. You usually deal with Alvey, when it comes to these kind of things. These being in the boss’ office things. But, since Lisa owns this gym WITH Alvey. You can probably deal with her too. After all, she does pay your salary. 

– Like it here?

Lisa asks. Isn’t it kinda obvious that you do? The pay isn’t THAT good. You could probably get a job that payed twice as much. 

– Yeah. People are really nice here!

You answer. And you mean that. You do enjoy working here. 

– Anyone in particular?

Lisa continues. 

– No, not really. Everyone is nice..

You say again. Lisa folds her arms over her chest. 

– Look, we both know that you’re screwing Alvey, so I’m just gonna skip the chit-chat!

She says, getting to her feet, and leans her arms on the desk. 

– Two words….

She continues. You look at her. 

– You’re fired!

Your heart jumps. She knows? Lisa actually knows? How? Did Alvey tell her? 

– I’m not..

You try. 

– Yeah? So he didn’t fuck you on this couch?

Lisa says, throwing some papers at the couch. 

– He didn’t fuck you on this desk?

Lisa says again, hitting the desk with both her fists. You slowly get up from the chair, and walk over to the door. When you reach the door, and walk out into the gym, Lisa follows you. Pushes you. 

– You little whore!

She says, pushing you again. 

– You fucking slut!

You try all you can to keep your cool. But people are looking, and you really want to leave. 

– Get out of my gym! Get out of my gym! Get out of my gym!

Lisa repeats over and over again, pushing you for each sentence. 

You snap. Pushing back. 

– Hey, hey, HEY

Alvey yells, as he gets between you. Stretch out his arms to keep you apart. 

– What the fuck is going on here?

He says, looking from Lisa to you, and then back to Lisa. 

– I fired your little slut!

Lisa says, pushing Alveys arm away from her. 

– You fired, YN? Why?

Alvey asks. Still looking at Lisa. Lisa looks back for a second or two. 

– Oh, fuck off, Alvey!

She says, then she leaves. 

Alvey turns to you. 

– What is going on here, YN?

Alvey looks at you. You shrug. 

– She fired me, Alvey! There’s really not much more to say.

You say, turning to leave. Alvey grabs your wrist. You yank it back. Not turning around. 

– Go to hell, Alvey!

You say, before you leave the Navy St. Gym for the last time. 

Three weeks later you sit at a local bar having a beer. You were right, back there in the gym that day. You did get a new job. And the pay is way, way better. 

– Is this seat taken?

A voice behind you, and you can feel someone sitting down on the stool next to you. You turn around. Alvey fucking Kulina. 

– Piss off Alvey!

You say, getting up to leave. He grabs your wrist, and this time, you don’t manage to yank it back. 

– Sit the fuck down!

He says, looking at you. 

– Oh for fucks sake, Alvey. What the fuck do you want?

You say, angry, before turning away from him again. 

– I want you back!

Alvey says, leaning in a bit closer. You turn around. 

– Forget it, Alvey! I’m NOT coming back to Navy Street!

You say, trying to get back up. He still holds your wrist. Again he leans in a bit closer. You can feel his breath on your neck now. 

– Forget about the fucking gym, YN! I ment ME! I want you back!

He says, breathing into your neck. You turn around. His face is dangerously close to yours. 

– Leave me the fuck alone, Alvey!

You say, yanking your arm back, and leave the bar. 

Halfway to your apartment complex, you can’t take it anymore. So you turn around. 

– What part of “leave me the fuck alone” don’t you understand, Alvey? I’m done! Done with Navy Street, done with Lisa, done with YOU!

You yell. Stupid fucking Alvey. You never should’ve slept with him in the first place. 

– Hey! I just want to help you!

Alvey answers. You walk all the way up to his face. 

– Listen, Alvey. I can handle my own fucking shit, allright! So leave me alone!

You say, pushing him, before you again turn away from him, and walk the rest of the way home, without looking back. 

You fish up your key from your purse, and are about to unlock the door to your apartment complex, when you get pushed up against the wall, face first. An underarm on the back of your neck, and another arm pinning your arms in a locked grip in front of you. 

– Shhh…. Shhhhh…. Shhhh..

Alvey whispers in your ear behind you. 

– Get your fucking hands off, Alvey!

You say, trying to get out of his grip. 

– Shhh…Shhhhh….Shhhh

He continues to whisper in your ear. 

– Fucking scumbag! Let go of me!

You say, your voice a bit higher now. Alvey grabs your chin, yanks your head back, pinning it against his shoulder. 

– Just shut the fuck up for one second will ya?

He hisses into your skin. He’s got you locked in his grip. There’s no way you’ll get out of this. So you relax your body. 

– Fine! What the fuck do you want, Alvey?

You ask. 

– I told you… I want you back…

He answers, before he leans into your ear, and whispers into it. 

– All. Of. You!

You shake him off, as you unlock the door, and walk inside. When you’re about to close the door, he stops you again, following you inside, pushes you up against the wall, grabbing your throat. You just look at him. Angry. 

– You and me! We’re gonna have some fun!

He says, before he kisses you aggressively. 

– Fuck off, Alvey!

You say, as you once again push him away from you. He reacts instantly, spinning you around, and pins your arms in front of you, before he grabs your throat, pushing your head into his shoulder. 

– What, Alvey? Are you going to rape me now?

You say, still in an angry tone. Alvey leans into the side of your face, breathing heavily into your ear. 

– Now, that would be something. I bet you’d like that!

He hisses into your ear, as he starts to move you both towards your door. 

Inside your apartment, Alvey again pushes you up against the wall. 

– I’ll scream!

You say. Keeping eye contact. 

– I’d want nothing less!

Alvey answers, dragging you into your bedroom. Oh fuck!

Before you know it, you’re stomach down on your bed, with Alvey on top of you. Breathing heavily into your ear, as he gets your skirt up around your waist. 

– You like this?

He asks, as he lets his hand glide over your behind. You don’t answer. 

– How about this?

He continues, letting his fingers enter your underwear. Still no answer. 

He roughly spins you around. Grabbing your throat again. Leaning down into your face, forcing his tongue into your mouth, before he bites your lower lip, so hard it hurts. You scream. His other hand, glides into your underwear. 

– Yeah… You like it. I can feel it! You dirty little girl!

You don’t dare to fight back. Alvey starts to get his clothes off. Using only one hand. The other one firmly around your throat. Using his body weight to hold the rest of you down. 

Then, without any warning, and with his pants not even down to his knees, he pushes your underwear aside, and enters you. Hard, rough and mercilessly. 

– Aaaa.. Fuck. Yes!

He murmurs in your ear, as he mercilessly fucks you into the mattress. 

– Alvey…

You try. But he stops you, placing one of his hands firmly over your mouth. 

– Ahhh, fuck.. You dirty little girl. Fuck you’re tight. 

He continues to moan into your ear. As he keeps fucking the living shit out of you. Showing no mercy. 

– Fucking tell me how good this feels!

He commands, removing his hand from your mouth. 

– Ahhhh.. Fuck.. Alvey!

You moan. He grabs your throat again. Looking into your eyes, as he continues to pound you into the bed. 

– Yes! That’s it. Moan my fucking name! 

He commands, between his rugged breaths. 

– Fuck… Alvey…

You don’t manage to say anything else, before the orgasm overpowers you. He leans down, and silence your screams with his lips. Aggressively keeping them locked with yours, until you collapse next to each other. Breathing heavily. 

You turn your face and look at him. He send you a little smile. 

– If we’re going to continue to do this….

He says, catching his breath again. 

– We’re going to find a new bar. I’m pretty sure they think I’m stalking you by now. 

You laugh a bit. 

– Well it’s your turn next time. Whatever you come up with… Just let me know..

Suddenly Alvey grabs your throat again. 

– Like this?

You smile at him. 

– You know me too well, Alvey!

You answer, still smiling. 

– You really outdid yourself with your lines tonight, YN!

Alvey suddenly says. You send him a teasing smile. 

– Just trying to make it authentic, that’s all. 

You say, turning away from him. 

– “Are you going to rape me, now?”

Alvey delivers your line back to you. 

– And..

You teasingly answer. 

Alvey roughly moves you over on your back, grabs your throat again. 

– Ready for another round? Am I going to rape you now?

He says, before he roughly kisses you. 

– I’d like that!

You answer..

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