Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentythree

Chapter Twentythree – Trustfall! The second you open the door, the smell of spices and homemade tortillas hit your nostrils, Taco Birria, by far one of your favorite home cooked meals. Your dad usually only cooks that for special occasions, mainly because it takes forever to make, your dad must have been home since before […]

Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentytwo

Chapter Twentytwo – Trouble Brock took a deep breath, gripping the steering wheel a little tighter than necessary as he peered across the parking lot at the brick building; a sign hanging on the front of the building read A Safe Space with a silhouette of a kneeling soldier next to it. A glance at […]

Bloody Nose (Rumlow X Reader One-Shot)

You chug your drink, and lean your head back on the couch. – Seriously, Nat! You could’ve told me he was coming. You say, looking at Natasha. – We’ve been partying together for years. It’s like an unspoken rule that he’s here. I thought you knew. Natasha shrugs. And you know she’s right. You know. […]

A Helping Hand (Hydra Husbands One-Shot)

You hear heavy footsteps going through the house, almost immediately after you rang the doorbell. For a second you almost regret agreeing to this. Jack is your best friend, he has been for the last 20 years. You were the first one he came out to. Of course you did suspect that he was gay. […]

Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyone!

Chapter Twentyone – Family! – Uncle Boc! Sophia, Brock’s three-year-old niece, squeals and runs into him the second he enters Rebecca’s apartment. Her little dark ringlet curls bounced, warm brown eyes wide and excited. – Hi there, sweetie pie!  Brock replies, lifting the little one with an exaggerated groan that makes the little girl giggle. […]

Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty – My Little Girl! JACK’S POV He looks at his phone again. No message. Where are you? Why haven’t you checked in yet? He knows you said you spent the night at Jess’ house. But can he really be sure about that? He’s young enough to remember his own late teens, and his […]

Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Nineteen!

Chapter Nineteen – Love Me Like You Do! Brock lets his fingertips glide up and down your spine, soft, carefully feeling the warmth of your skin through the thin material of your shirt. – Thank you… He says, letting out a shaky breath. You look up at him. His eyes look wet. Is he crying? […]

Friendly Fire (Alvey Kulina X Reader) Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – One Wrong Turn! You close the folder in your hands, and place it down on your desk, before you look up at Jay.  – This is… Err.. This is really good Jay. You did good. You say, still looking at him. He’s been pissed ever since he caught you and Alvey together, […]

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