Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty – My Little Girl!


He looks at his phone again. No message. Where are you? Why haven’t you checked in yet? He knows you said you spent the night at Jess’ house. But can he really be sure about that? He’s young enough to remember his own late teens, and his 20’s. Like the night he made you. He was home after Basic training. Told his parents he’d spend the night at Brock’s place. But he didn’t. He was WITH Brock, but they were NOT, absolutely not at his place. And he’s not a nitwit, he knows the lies told to parents. All of them. And even though he raised you well, you could lie to him. He knows that. He doesn’t think you’ll ever lie to him. But you could. And he has been absent. He knows that. He has been working too much, been away too much. Yes, you were 20 years old, and yes, you had a full time job, at HIS company (which would be yours one day), but you were still his little girl. And he’d do just about anything to make sure you were safe. Actually he’d do anything. If that meant you were safe and protected. If it meant that you’d never end up in the same situations he did. Not that he ever regretted having you. He just didn’t want you to make the same careless choices he made. Careless choices? The same choices that gave him you. Can he say that that was careless? Yes, he was undoubtedly young. And so was Gen. But he loved you. More than anything else in the whole world. He’d give his life for you, if he had to. So how could creating something as amazing as you possibly be careless? But still he didn’t want you to end up in that situation. He wanted you to be better than that, smarter than that. He wanted you to live, to experience life, before you created a new one. And it scared him to his very core when he let that though in, that tingling feeling he had, that you met someone, someone he didn’t know, someone you hid from him. 

“Oh, come on, Jack” he tells himself. Give it a rest. She’ll come home. What if you actually got a boyfriend, and didn’t tell him about it? Jack swallows. Maybe he’d been too protective over the years. Greeting your dates in the door with his Glock-17. Scaring the young boy half to death. Scaring him away. Maybe you choose not to tell for that reason? If he used his common sense, he understood that you’d get a boyfriend, and maybe even a husband, eventually. But that didn’t mean that he couldn’t have a screening process. No one was good enough for his daughter. He had some criterias. If he’d ever follow you down the aisle, to give you away, that man standing up there waiting to give you his “I do”, would have to make damn sure he could protect you and provide for you. He had to know his way around firearms, he had to have a good and steady job, that paid more than your job. Now, he knows that might be difficult to find, since you wouldn’t just inherit his delivery company, you’d also inherit the Lewis jewelry line. But this was how he was raised, and his father and grandfather before that. The husband provided for the family, even if the wife made her own money. The husband provided. He had to have the mental and physical strength to be able to protect you from anything. From a mentally unstable gunman, to a tornado or any other natural disaster, housefires or anything else life might throw your way. He had to understand that his wife (meaning you) came before him, and his job as your husband was to provide, protect and care for you. And behold, he’d release his fatherly wrath if anyone EVER used or abused you. The poor guy who would have the audacity to hurt you, use you or even look at you wrong, would not feel good about it, once he found out. 

It wasn’t like he didn’t think you could stand your own. He taught you that as well. To stand up for people, be including, understanding, and an overall nice compassionate human being. But even in your younger years he was absent. Going overseas for the first five years of your life. Fighting a war that still (after over 20 years) wasn’t won or lost. He missed so much of your life. And even though he spent as much time as he possibly could with you when he retired, Gen made sure he never crossed that magical line when his visitation rights made her lose her child support. He never argued, he could afford it, and he wanted you to have everything and anything your heart desired. The reason he chose this particular house, when he was buying, was you. He wanted you to have a pool. And he taught you how to swim, in the pool. He missed your first steps, your first word, your first solid meal, even your birth. But at least he got that one. He taught you how to swim. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought back to that day. How your face lit up when you realized that you could swim. He’ll never forget that. 

The last 15 years after he came back, went so fast, he almost didn’t manage to keep up. And now you were a grown up. You did well at work, and soon, soon you would be the owner of the company. Every firstborn at the age of 21, inherited the company. His father did, he did, and now, in only about 6 months. It was your turn. He had no trouble leaving the company in your hands. He knew you’d do a great job, maybe even better than him. But he couldn’t help but feel a bit sad about the fact that you grew up so fast. And all the things he missed in your life. He could have started a big court case, but what good would that do? He never once said a bad word about Gen to you, and they both did their best to not fight in front of you. But he suspected that you knew, anyway. Especially after Gen moved to New York, and took you with her. But then you came back, and although Jack was used to living alone, he didn’t hesitate for one single second, when you asked him if you could move in. But, he had set some ground rules. You would go to work every day, and you’d pay rent (cheap, but still rent). And you didn’t complain about that, not once. That’s probably why he never asked why you decided to come back. He was so happy to be able to spend time with you, that he almost forgot. And now, he brushed it off that it was about being close to your friends, and hopefully a bit about you wanting to spend some time with your dad as well. 

He looks at his phone again. 01:30 pm. He makes a split decision to give you one more hour, if you’re not home by 02.30 pm he’ll call. 


Molly moves to sit behind Brock, as Jess enters the car. 

– So, how is my favorite Stealth couple?

Jess says, in her own teasing way, winking at you, as she fastens her seatbelt. 

– We’re all good, Jessica. Held any guns lately?

Brock replies. You can’t hide your smile. Maybe Brock is the one to actually leave Jess speechless. 

It’s not that far from Jess’ house to your place, and you’re actually starting to think that Jess will keep quiet. Maybe Brock is intimidating enough for her to actually think about what she’s saying. You turn around to face her, kinda to say a quiet thank you. You love Jess, you do, but sometimes her smart mouth is making you want to disappear. Jess looks like she’s about to burst. And you know that this is the moment when she’ll say something extremely inappropriate. 

– So, was it like hot and heavy sex on the couch?

Jess asks, flashing a smile into the rearview mirror. You never understood how she manage to deliver these kind of lines with a straight face. You still don’t. But right now, you’re seriously tempted to answer the question. Maybe that will turn her down a notch. 

– No comment!

Brock says, looking at Jess through the mirror. Raising his eyebrows a bit. 

– Pffft..

Jess says, looking away for a split second. 

– That’s just a fancy way of saying yes!

She continues, persistent. Just Jess being Jess. 

– No! It’s not. No comment means No comment! 

Molly says, giving Jess a small bump on her thigh, while mouthing “He’s an adult!” 

– Yes, it is!

Jess continues. She’s not backing down, and you hope for the love of God, that she won’t embarrass Brock. You can take it, Jess is one of your best friends. But how Brock will take Jess’ smart mouth and inappropriate comments, you have no idea. Although Brock knows about this, Jess’ comments had never been aimed directly at him before. 

– When you don’t want to answer a question, you always reply “No comment”!

You take a quick glance at Jess’ face in the mirror. Fuck, you know that look. God, please don’t embarrass Brock, you think. Brock cleared his throat. 

– What exactly are you basing this logic on Jessica?

Brock asks, taking a quick look in the mirror again. 

– OK! Do you masturbate?

Jess asks, looking directly into Brock’s eyes in the mirror, not even flinching once. You admire her for this, but at the same time, you’re almost desperate to have her shut up. Do you masturbate? That’s a question you wouldn’t even ask him. And you’re sleeping with him. 

Your mind wanders back to this morning, Brock on his back in the bed, his hand around his cock, stroking it. His eyes, dark from hunger, roaming over your naked body. Asking you to get on top of him. Fuck. 

– Absolutely, no comment!

Brock answers, rolling his eyes towards Jess. 

– See, it means yes!

Jess says, triumphantly. Nudging Molly back. 

– I feel like I’m being punked!

Brock says, as he parks his car in your driveway. 

– You’re not. This is just Jess being Jess. But you’ll learn to love it. 

Molly says, as she exits the car, closely followed by Jess. Brock looks at you, sending you a reassuring smile, a little laugh and a nod. Thank God for Brocks humor. He can take this. Thank God.


You place your shoes on the shoe rack, when your dad comes around the corner. 

– Hi, dad!

You say. Praying that he won’t give you a hug. You feel that you smell like Brock, and that he’ll notice that as well. You could of course say that you were just IN Brocks car. But still. You hate lying to your dad. You absolutely HATE it. But what can you say? No matter how you say this, you’ll break his heart. So instead you continue to lie, breaking your own heart instead. Your dad doesn’t deserve this. He really doesn’t.

– I was expecting you sooner. And I would have appreciated a phone call. 

Jack tells you. He doesn’t want to sound upset. Especially since you have your friends with you. But he was worried about you. Usually you did check in. Even if it was only a short “Good Morning” or “On my way home in a bit”. Today there was nothing. 

You want to answer, but Molly beats you to it. 

– We’re sorry Mr. Rollins. We just got caught up in a movie marathon. 

Molly says, whilst removing her shoes. You know why she takes her time with them. Molly is by far the worst liar you know. It’s almost like she can’t lie. And now she’s standing here, lying to your dad, without even a second thought. You cannot get a better friend than that. 

– Did you girls thank Brock for the ride?

Jack asks, giving in. You have no obligation to check in. He has to come to terms with the fact that his little girl is 20 years old, and that you deserve some privacy. Whatever it is, you’ll probably tell him, eventually. Jacks looks at all three of you, before he looks at Brock. Brock cleared his throat. Maybe he finds this lying to your dad thing, as hard as you do. 

You should probably just say yes, that you did say thank you, and leave it at that. But your brain keeps screaming “well, I slept with him, is that a thank you enough?” 

– Actually, I think YN thanked him for all three of us!

Jess blurts out. On one end you’re thankful for her outburst, but on the other end you’re so scared that your dad’ll find out about you and Brock, that you want to duck tape her mouth shut. 

– What?

Jack says, looking at Jess. You can almost see her heart beating in her chest. Like one of those cartoons, when the heart beats out of their chests. 

– What?

Jess says back. Trying to send your dad an innocent smile. But she looks more scared than innocent. If you weren’t scared of your dad finding out, you’d probably laugh about this whole situation. 

– Err. Thanks for the ride Mr. Brock… I.. err.. Mean Rumlow. 

She continues, before Molly grabs her arm, and they dodge up the stairs. You follow closely behind. You don’t want your dad to ask any more questions. 

Jack scratches his forehead with his thumb. Then he looks at Brock, takes a deep breath, before pointing his thumb towards the stairs. 

– I’ll never understand that one..


Jess sinks down in a chair by your window. 

– Why do I keep doing this to myself?

She asks, placing her hands in front of her face. 

– You were born without a brain to mouth filter. That’s not your fault, and we still love you.

You answer, as you start to unpack your bag, throwing your used clothes in your laundry basket. 

– Jesus. Your dad must think I’m on something. 

Jess whines, leaning back and looking up at the ceiling. 

– Nah..

You say, as you get your cotton sleep shorts up from your bag. And you remember how Brock took it off you earlier, how his hands felt on your body, and how he pinned your arms to the mattress. His lips on you. 

– Hey, earth to YN!

Molly says, waving her hand in front of your face. 

– My dad doesn’t think you’re on anything. If he did, he’d probably prevent me from spending time with you. AND he’d call your parents. 

You continue, placing the rest of your clothes in your laundry basket. 

– He probably thinks you’re into Brock or something…

You continue. Laughing a bit. Jess screams her frustration into her hands, bending forward, hiding her face. 

– I need to learn to keep my mouth shut… 

Jess says, halfly laughing. 

– Err.. That would be a bad idea, if it’s Mr. Rollins you worry about. If you stop talking now, he’ll probably be more convinced that you’re into Brock…. Or him…

Molly says, staying quiet for a split second before adding the “or him” part. 

– MOLLY!!!??

You say. Covering your eyes. 

– No, no, no, no. Please take it back…

You continue. You actually can’t picture your dad with ANY woman, but Jess? That is a picture you REALLY don’t want in your head. 

– Molly Jacobs! Are you trying to knock me off my throne? THAT was amazing, but I’m with YN on this. Please take it back!

Jess says, almost whispering the “that was amazing” part. Suddenly you all burst into laughter. 

After you’re done laughing, and drying your tears off, you look at Molly. 

– Please, Molly, don’t ever mention my dad and Jess in the same sentence again.

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