Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyone!

Chapter Twentyone – Family!

– Uncle Boc!

Sophia, Brock’s three-year-old niece, squeals and runs into him the second he enters Rebecca’s apartment. Her little dark ringlet curls bounced, warm brown eyes wide and excited.

– Hi there, sweetie pie! 

Brock replies, lifting the little one with an exaggerated groan that makes the little girl giggle.

– Are you a ballerina today?

He asks, gesturing to the pink velvety-topped ballerina dress, with light pink lace trim over the square neckline and where the short little sleeve met the bodice, the fluffy pink and purple layered tulle skirt, and a bejeweled edge around the top layer. Little pink and purple fairy wings with gold accented swirls strapped to her back. 

– You sure look like one. 

Brock continues, hugging his niece. Sophia’s small arms wrap around his neck. 

– I’m dancing. Wanna see? 

Sophia asks eagerly. 

– Dancing?

Brock asks as he puts Sophia down on the floor again. 

– I’d love to see that. Why don’t you dance to wherever your mom is?

He continues. He looks at his little niece as she readies herself, a cute, determined look settling on her face. Sophia brings little hands to her hips and stands tall, her feet together; she takes a step and hops, pointing her toes down. She looks over her shoulder, smiling; Brock nods, encouraging her; Sophia, her little hopping, trots into the living room. She halts on the last little skip, bringing her heels together, toes pointed out to make a V, resting her arms in a loose circle in front of her. Then rises onto her tiptoes the best she can; she slowly starts to spin, arms rising slowly as she moves across the living room toward the bathroom. She falls from her tiptoes a few times but doesn’t stop trying to stay in the correct position.

– THAT is amazing, Sophia. Did you practice?

Brock asks, getting down on Sophia’s level. 

– Mommy plays music.

She tells Brock. Brock pats her head before getting back up. 

– Becks? You ready?

He asks, looking at the closed bathroom door. 

– Just about. Can you get Sophia into her seat and get the trays from the kitchen? I’ll be right out. 

Rebecca answers from the other side of the door. Then there’s water running; Brock knows his youngest sister. Something is definitely going on that she doesn’t want Sophia to know about. 

– Err… Sure. 

He replies. Before he lifts Sophia again, he grabs her favorite stuffed animal and walks outside to get her into the car. 

– Mommy’s sad…

Sophia tells Brock when he gets the seat belt on her. 

– I know, sweetheart. I’ll take care of it. 

Brock replies, giving Sophia a loving pat on her head before he gives her a present. Sophia takes it and looks at Brock. 

– Is it my bijthday?

She asks. Brock smiles at her. 

– No, sweetie. It’s just a present. 

Brock replies, getting another small box from the front seat. 

– Is it your bijthday?

Sophia asks, still waiting to open her gift. Brock gives her a loving pat on the head. 

– No, sweetie. It’s just something I thought you might like. Open it. 

Brock tells her before she eagerly rips the paper off. Brock picks the ripped pieces up and throws them in the garbage. Sophia gasps when she sees what’s inside the gift. 

– Uncle Bock! A tiaja! Foj me?

She asks, beaming with joy and pride. 

– Yes, Sophia! Just for you. Your mom told me how much you like butterflies. See? It’s shaped like one?

Brock says, showing Sophia the silver and purple accented butterfly jeweled crown with intricate swirled designs and a trim layer of purple glitter fluff. 

– Should we put it on you?

Brock asks, getting a frantic nodding that only a three-year-old can make as an answer. 

Brock places the tiara on Sophia’s head, carefully letting the comb glide into her dark locks, ensuring the tiara is exactly where it should be. Then he gives the other box to Sophia. 

– This one will give you magic Powers. 

Brock tells her as he gets out a butterfly wand and perfectly matches the tiara on her head. 

– Can this make Mommy happy again?

Sophia asks him. Her expression turns happy to sad, and Brock can feel his heart sink. But he does his best not to show Sophia. 

– That’s my job, sweetheart. OK? Let Uncle Brock take care of that. 

Brock tells her, turning around for a split second, hoping that Rebecca Will come out soon. 

– Why don’t you try some of that magic on me while we wait for your mom?

Brock asks the three-year-old with a playful smile. 

– Abla Cadabla youj a bunny!

Sophia says while tapping her new wand against Brock’s forehead. Then she looks at him anxiously, waiting for him to turn into a bunny. 

Brock lifts his arms, making bunny ears behind his head, before jumping around outside the car. Sophia’s infectious laughter sounds all over right away. 

– Sophia! What did you do to Brock?

Rebecca asks, laughing as she digs her keys from her purse and locks the door. Brock can hear that she’s trying to hide that she just cried in the bathroom; the reddened rim of her eyes is a dead giveaway.

– He’s a bunny!

Sophia replies, between her laughs. Before she does a little swing with the wand, repeating the magic words. And Brock goes back to normal. 

– That is some powerful magic; how did you do that?

Rebecca asks as she approaches the car. 

– Uncle Bock gave me magic Powejs.

Sophia beams, lifting her new wand. Brock sends his niece a smile. 

– I need to talk to your mom for a minute, OK, sweetie?

He asks, getting a slight nod from the three-year-old. 

Brock and Rebecca walk a couple of steps away from the car, out of earshot of Sophia. 

– What is going on, Becks?

Brock asks. He is protective of all his sisters; Rebecca is the youngest and the only one who’s a single mom. And Brock wants her and Sophia to have a good life. 

– Everything, Brock. Nothing is working right now.

Rebecca answers, desperately trying to hold her tears back. She glances at the car, her daughter strapped into the car seat.

– Is it money?

Brock looks at his sister; she gives him a little nod and digs a crumpled piece of paper from her purse. Brock takes the paper, unfolding; it’s a disconnect notice from the city.

– Why didn’t you tell me this? 

He asks, gesturing with the water bill in his hand.

– You know me, Brock.

She whispered, looking down at the ground and wiping her eyes.

-I want to provide for us without depending on someone else’s charity. Everything was okay until it wasn’t; Sophia hit a growth spurt; I had to buy her all new clothes and spend more on groceries. Everything got out of hand; utilities started getting paid late…it went downhill so fast.

Rebecca replies, taking the bill back from her brother and stuffing it into her purse.

– You should’ve told me; you know I don’t mind helping you guys out. What if your water actually was turned off?

Brock says, placing a hand comforting on his sister’s shoulder. 

– It’s so embarrassing, Brock. I bust my ass working two jobs and still can’t make ends meet. I can’t provide for my daughter, I can’t buy her things she—

Her voice cracks with emotion.

-I have to weigh everything out; is it a need or a want. I’m so scared that CPS will come and take her. 

Rebecca says again, leaning her head into her brother’s shoulder, as a few tears break past the barrier she had built up. Brock places his arms around her. 

– Two jobs, what happened to the third?

Brock asks, concerned. He knows how hard it’s been for Rebecca; she works her ass off to make ends meet and still refuses to ask for help. Rebecca was as stubborn as he was.

– Yeah, I lost my job at the diner.

Rebecca mumbles into his shoulder. 

– What? Why?

Brock asks softly, rubbing smooth circles on her back, offering comfort. 

– They gave me no choice but to be fired or quit.

She replies again, sniffling a bit. 

– You’ve been there so long, I can’t believe it. 

Brock mumbles, surprised. 

– I don’t blame them, Brock. I kept showing up late; finding a reliable babysitter is hard. And now the money is shorter than ever, and getting another job is impossible.

Rebecca says again, with another sniffle. 

– I don’t want her to know how bad it is, Brock. But now she wants to start taking ballet classes, and I can’t afford it. All her friends are there; I only got the outfit from Brady because it no longer fits Hannah. And…

Rebecca continues. Brock takes a gentle hold of her shoulders. 

– Hey, Becks, take a breath for me will ya? I’ll take care of everything. I’ll take care of all you’re overdue bills. And I’ll pay for Sophia’s ballet classes, don’t worry about that. 

Brock tells her before he guides her to the car and opens the door. 

When Brock gets the car in gear and drives out of Rebecca’s driveway, he glances at Sophia in the rearview mirror. 

– Sophia? What do you say? We have a quick stop at Kroger’s on our way back from Grandma, and you can pick out whatever you want to eat for the next week.

Brock asks the three-year-old. He knows he should’ve asked Rebecca, but at the same time, he knows she’d say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” So this was the best way to make Rebecca agree to him grocery shopping for them. And no matter how much Rebecca wants to say no and hold her own. She NEEDS his help.

– Can we get ice cjeam?

Sophia asks, waving her butterfly wand around. 

– Absolutely. You can pick out your favorite one…

Brock replies into the rearview mirror. 

– …And so can your mom!

He continues, looking over at his little sister sitting beside him. Rebecca tilts her head slightly to say, “You cheated!” but simultaneously mouths “Thank you” to him. 

At the Rumlow house, there’s chaos already. The second they enter the house, they hear food being prepared in the kitchen, laughter from the dinner table, and Samantha and Michael’s 5 and 6-year-olds bickering over something in the living room. 


Aaron, Samantha, and Michael’s 6-year-old screams. 

Brock lifts Sophia and walks further into the house. He was greeting Samantha with a hug. 

– Enjoy your coffee, Sam. I’ll take care of it. 

He says, before he calmly walks into the living room, sits down between the two brothers, placing Sophia on his lap. 

– Let’s see if we can use your magic to stop your cousins from fighting. 

He whispers to Sophia. 

– Abla Cadabla!

Sophia says, smiling wide as she waves her wand around. Sophia lets out a little laugh when Brock snatches up the little toy car from the floor without the boys noticing. 


Aaron screams again but stops when he notices the car is gone. Look up at Brock and Sophia. 

– Lucas took it!

Aaron tells Brock. Brock smiles back. 

– You know what, Aaron? I think Sophia conjured it away.

Brock says, gesturing to Sophia’s wand. Then he leans a bit closer to Aaron. Whispers to him. 

– Girls don’t like boys who fight. Maybe if you and your brother stop fighting, we can persuade her to return it. Right, Sophia?

Brock says, turning towards Sophia. Again he pulls that frantic three-year-old nod from her. 

– I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to yell. 

Aaron says, looking down at the floor. 

– Was it your favorite car?

Brock asks him, getting a tiny, sad nod in return. 

– Is it gone forever now?

Aaron asks, looking up at Brock. 

– No, I don’t think so. I believe that you have to say one magic word, and then you’ll get it back. 

Brock says, giving the 6-year-old a little smile. 

– I’m sorry, Lucas. We can play together.

Aaron says, looking at his brother. 

Brock lets out a little gasp, getting the attention of both boys. 

– What?!?

They say, at the same time. 

– I think I see it…

Brock says playfully, intently looking at Aaron’s left ear. 

– Where?!?

Aaron asks, looking around. 

– Shhh… Stay absolutely still. 

Brock whispers as he slowly brings his hand up to Aaron’s ear. Then he snaps his fingers and beholds. There is a little blue toy car. Aaron looks at Brock, amazed. 

– How did you do that?

He asks, taking the car from Brock’s open hand, clutching it in his own. 

– I did nothing. You used the magic word. 

Brock says, giving the 6-year-old a loving pat on his head. 

The two boys start to push the car back and forth between them. 

– How do you not have children?

Samantha’s voice sounds over Brock’s head. He turns around, looking at his sister, before he gets up and lifts Sophia again. 

– Well, you know. I lack certain body parts to actually carry them to term. 

He says playfully. 

– Ha ha! We all know there have been a ton of women over the years who’d just love to carry your child.

Samantha argues back. 

– Look at you with Sophia; fatherhood looks good on you.

She continues, looking from Brock and Sophia, then down at her boys playing on the floor. 

– I guess I haven’t met the right one yet.

Brock says, shrugging. 

– Haven’t met….

Samantha says playfully, raising her eyebrows. Brock sends her a “please don’t tell” look before he turns to Sophia again. 

– What do you say? Should we see if Grandma needs some help in the kitchen?

Brock asks, giving his sister another glance while he waits for Sophia to answer. 

– Soda!

Sophia says, getting a small laugh from Brock in return. 


The conversation flows just as usual, around the dinner table at the Rumlow house, as everyone gets food on their plates. 

– What do you want to eat, Hannah?

Brady asks his five-year-old daughter as he reaches for her plate. 

– I got it, Brady. Enjoy your meal. I’ll take care of the kids.

Brock tells him, getting Hannah’s plate and carefully putting the items she’s pointing at on there. When he puts Hannah’s plate down in front of her, he turns to Sophia. 

– How about you, sweetie? What do you want to eat?

Sophia points eagerly at items on the table. Brock helps her while he has a little conversation about everything she wants and why she likes it. 

He gets food for himself when he’s done and ensures that Sophia has everything she needs to eat. As he grabs his utensils, he notices Katherine, Brady’s wife, smiling at him.

– What? Do I have something on my face?

He asks, putting a piece of Mac & Cheese in his mouth. 

– I… You’re so good with the kids, Brock. I’m just amazed that you still don’t have any of your own. 

She says, in a caring and nervous tone. 

– And, now you’re wondering why I never got any?

Brock answers, looking down at his food. It’s not like he doesn’t want kids. He just needed to meet the right girl. He thought he’d get children with Taylor, but that… Well, let’s say he’s glad that never happened. 

– Mmmhm…

Katherine answers, still a bit nervous. This particular topic has been brought up before. And although Brock was pretty calm about the whole thing. It could be that he misses it. 

– I think it’s a good thing today not to have children…

Gabriella shoots in. 

– We live in a cruel and inhumane world. Where people go to war for nothing, and everyone carries a gun. The world is unjust and, quite frankly, dangerous! Brock knows this; he fought a war he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Gabriella continues, getting everyone’s attention. 


Rebecca says, looking angry at her sister. 

– Brock went to that war to make sure that we were safe! To make sure that we could have a good life. How dare you disrespect him like this!? Do you have any idea…..

Brock puts his hand on Rebecca’s shoulder, cutting her off. 

– Hey, Becks… The kids. 

Brock says calmly. Rebecca huffs in return, but she doesn’t say anything else. 

– I know how you feel about the war, and my guns, Gabbi.

Brock looks at his sister. 

– But those things are not the reason for me not having children….

He continues swallowing. 

– I just want the perfect girl first. You know. I like the whole thing—a family where I can see my kids daily. Be with them every day. I mean, I’ve been there with Jack since YN was born. I know how much he’s been missing her and how much he wanted to be with her all the time. I want to make sure I get those important things. Like their first words, their first steps. I want to be there…. For everything. 

It gets quiet around the table for a bit after Brock is done talking. Brock is thankful for that. Mentioning your name does something to him. He wishes you could be there, beside him. Be a part of this family. He hopes to show everyone how much he loves you and how amazing you are. How happy you make him. But he knows it’s too early for that. And if he brings you, Jack would undoubtedly find out. And that is something he’s not ready for. 

– You met someone?!?

Amanda enters the conversation, looking intently at her brother. 

– What?

Brock says. His heart skips a beat. Does she know? Has she seen anything? Did Samantha tell anyone? He glances at Samantha; her look tells him she did not say a word. 

– You’re glowing!

Amanda continues. Still looking at Brock. 

– I’m not… “glowing”!

Brock replies, turning his attention back to his food. 

– Yes, you are! Olivia, isn’t he glowing?

Amanda turns to her younger sister. Olivia takes a look at Brock, smiling wide. 

– Oh, yes. He’s glowing, alright!

Olivia says, sending Brock a teasing smile. 

– Can we talk about this later, please? How are you feeling, Mom? Tired? Want me to help clean up after?

Brock looks at his mom, desperate to derail this conversation. He can feel Rebecca’s eyes on him, she’s sitting next to him, and it feels like her eyes are burning their way into his mind to read his thoughts. 

– You met someone? Why didn’t you tell us? Does anyone know? Sam?

Rebecca looks over at Samantha, who’s sitting across the table from her. Samantha shakes her head. 

– Did you… Meet someone?

Samantha asks to make the lie about her not knowing more believable. Brock takes a deep breath. There’s no way he’d be able to hide this. He knows his family all too well for that, and they know him. 

– Yes, I met someone. But….

All of his sisters start to talk at the same time. “Who is it?”, “Do we know her?” “How long have you been dating this girl?”, “Why didn’t you tell us?”. Brock takes another deep breath. This is different from how he wanted Sunday dinner to go. 

– Hey, hey, now. Let him breathe. One at a time. And Brock, why didn’t you tell your only brother that you found yourself a girl?

Brady shuts down the endless line of questions. 

– Okay, Alright…

Brock says, looking at everyone around the table. 

– I did meet someone. But it’s all really new, and I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want this to happen. I’m still—we’re still trying to figure it out. I know you guys are excited for me, but please let me just enjoy this for now. If it works out, I’ll bring her around someday. Alright?

Brock tells them before he takes yet another deep breath. So, well…at least that cat is out of the bag. 

He feels a little hand tugging his shirt. He turns around, looking at Sophia; her brown eyes look at him excitedly. 

– Is she pjetty?

Sophia asks; Brock sends her a smile. 

– She’s gorgeous, Sophia. Gorgeous.

Brock answers. 

– Like a Pjincess?

Sophia asks again; everyone else is quiet, following the conversation between Sophia and Brock. 

– Yes, Sophia. Like a Princess.

Brock answers, and he can see your face before his eyes. You are, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. 

– Do you love hej?

Sophia continues to ask questions, no matter how much Brock wants to keep all of this to himself. But how can he not answer his niece’s question?

– Yes, I love her very much.

Brock answers the three-year-old again and can almost see the stars in his sister’s eyes. 

– Does she love you?

Yet another question, and a question he wants to know the answer to. Do you love him? You haven’t told him you love him yet. But then again, you’re young. And maybe you’re not sure of what you feel. Or perhaps those three words are hard for you to say. 

Sophia’s hand tugging his shirt again brings Brock back into reality. 

– I don’t know, sweetie. I hope she does.

Brock answers. 

– Don’t be sad. I love you!

Sophia tells him, and Brock can’t help but smile. He pulls Sophia up on his lap and hugs her. 

– How come you’re so smart, huh?

He asks the three-year-old; she waves her wand around in return. 

– It’s magic!

She tells him. 

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