Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Nineteen!

Chapter Nineteen – Love Me Like You Do!

Brock lets his fingertips glide up and down your spine, soft, carefully feeling the warmth of your skin through the thin material of your shirt.

– Thank you…

He says, letting out a shaky breath. You look up at him. His eyes look wet. Is he crying? You let your hand glide through his hair again, looking at him and flashing a reassuring, loving smile. 

– You want to talk about it?

You ask, leaning closer to show him you won’t leave, that you’re there for him. Brock kisses your forehead. 

– I love you.

He replies softly before his lips find yours, pulling you into a deep kiss. You swing your leg over him, get on top of him, sitting up, bracing your hands on his solid chest. He hums approvingly, his calloused, warm hands gliding up your thighs. You take a glance at his alarm clock. 

– Shit!

You say, suddenly scared. You haven’t checked in yet; you know how your dad is about this. Even if you’re an adult with a full-time job and paying taxes, you’re still his baby girl, and he worries sick about you if you spend the night away or if he’s unsure of where you are. 

Brock follows your gaze, then looks at you with an inquisitive brow.

– What?

He asks with a teasing smile. 

– It’s already 11:30 in the morning; my dad is going to send out a search party in about an hour or so. 

You say. Your heart’s pounding in your chest. Even though you know Brock’s place is probably the last place, your dad will look for you. You still feel the fear of being caught. 

– I wouldn’t worry too much about that, Princess.

Brock says, a smirk ticking up his delectable lips, flipping you around so he’s suddenly on top of you. You let out a little laugh, curling your arms around his neck, legs parted to cradle him against you.

– Because I’m usually that search party, and I know exactly where you are.

He continues, tucking a couple of hairs behind your ear. 

You know that to be very true; your dad always called Brock when he worried about you. Brock went out to search, and your dad stayed home in case you returned by yourself. You usually did, but Brock had picked you up from various places over the years. It always embarrassed you that your dad sent Brock to pick you up. But Brock was usually cool about the whole thing. He and your dad were thick as thieves, like brothers. Not strange at all, given all the experiences they shared. The military and the war, those things were bound to create a thick bond between people. 

– And I do believe that you and I were in the middle of things….

Brock says, wagging his brows playfully, amused by your unnecessary panic. 

– When someone interrupted us…

He continues, gliding his hands up your sides, rucking your shirt up so that his hands slide underneath your shirt before gently cupping both breasts. His thumb flicked over your pert nipple.

– Mmmmm…

Your eyes flutter as you hum; happily; Brock leans down and steals the noise from your lips with a deep possessive kiss.

– And I kinda want to finish what we started

Brock almost whispers to you as he lets his lips touch your neck and slowly drags your shirt further up before he quickly gets it off you. He buries his face between your breasts, placing soft kisses up to your collarbone and neck and lying on top of you. The feeling of his warm, muscular body against yours is amazing. You slowly glide your hands up his back, feeling every part of his rippling corded muscles. You can feel yourself growing wetter by the minute, with each caress of his calloused thumb over your nipple, each kiss that steals the air from your lungs, each groan of appreciation, it makes your pussy clench with want. His hands slide down your sides, slowly it’s almost a sensual caress as he maps out all your curves. His hands grip your hips, he loops his finger under the band of your cotton sleep shorts, and he kisses your stomach as he tugs on your shorts; you lift your hips, helping him out. Once you’re completely naked, he tosses the cotton shorts behind him.

– Brock…

You breathe out when he presses his groin down on you, the tent in his pants a clear indicator that he’s just as affected as you are. It’s a heady feeling that you are responsible for this.

– I know…

He moans into your neck as his mouth nips and sucks at your heated skin; he pulls himself up onto his hunches sliding his thumbs into the band of his sweatpants. He pulls them down, groaning in relief as he frees his thick erection, the fat bulbous head flushed, already oozing precum; you can feel the ache between your legs; you want to feel him buried deep inside you, feel his girth stretch your walls.

You gasp his name when you feel his finger slowly gliding through your wet folds, touching every part of you. Brock hums, appreciative, letting his finger dip into your warm wet heat before sliding it back up to your clit, smearing your wetness around. You mewled, feeling his calloused fingers rub against your most sensitive spot; he leaned forward, stealing the sound from your swollen, kissed lips. 

– Does that feel good?

He breathes out, mouthing at your neck as he rubs slow sweet circles around your swollen bud.

– Uh-huh…

You mumble the response as you bite your bottom lip. 

– Fuck you are so pretty…

Brock husks, his dark eyes are blown with a hunger that makes you shiver as he stares down into your eyes. He looks at you like a predator looks at their prey; his pink tongue darts out slowly as he licks his lips. 

Your breath catches when you realize you’re the prey, the hunger in his eyes is for you.

Brock pressed one more kiss to your lips before slowly crawling down your body, kissing your stomach before stopping between your legs. You suck in a breath, biting your bottom lip as you watch him through hooded eyes, waiting for his next move. This is beyond exciting; you feel your whole body ache for him. And you’re floating over with wetness. 

You move your hands to touch him, but he grabs your wrists, pinning your arms to the mattress. Not a hard grip at all; his sudden change in demeanor makes you want him even more. 

– Not today… Today I’ll do the work… Without assistance!

Brock almost growls the words as he slowly lifts his face, looking at you. 

– O-okay.

You reply, swallowing audibly; that’s about the only sound you manage to make right now. You continue looking into his hungry eyes as you bite your bottom lip again. 

Brock flashes a devilish smirk your way before he leans down and lingers over your pussy momentarily; you can feel his warm breath fanning your lower lips.

– Please…

You beg breathlessly; it’s borderline whiny, but you’re desperate to feel his tongue slide between your folds; the thought makes you ache.

Message received; the first glide of his tongue has you clinging to the sheets. Then, you let out a breathless moan that’s downright filthy; between your legs, Brock is feasting on your sopping wet pussy like a starved man.

– Oooh, fuck.

You moan, feeling your whole body reacting to what he’s doing. You can’t move your arms because Brock still holds them in place. But you manage to grab the sheets. Bending your legs a bit since Brock’s strong arms over your hips prevent you from bucking them. You should get points for trying, in any case. 

Brock’s tongue glides down through your wet folds, slowly curling up, dipping in momentarily, before moving back up, circling your clit with precision. Your hips buck up on their own accord; Brock hums before he lets go of your wrists; he puts an arm over your lower stomach, pinning you to the bed. His lips wrap around your clit then he sucks; at the same time, a thick finger glides into your dripping heat; a second finger joins it, bumping into that oh-so-delicious spot; you moan, trying to grind down.

– Ah ah ah.

Brock tuts at you, licking his swollen shiny lips.

-You stay still now, Princess.

Brock murmurs against your inner thigh into you before slowly letting his fingers massage that sensitive spot inside you. 

– Ungh…

You let out, followed by a needy moan as your body trembles.

– Do you have any idea how incredible you taste?

Brock continues, looking up your body, watching your face; your pussy clenches from his dark, hungry eyes and raspy voice. Then, finally, he looks down, admiring how you clench your muscles around his fingers. He hums approvingly.

– Want to tell me how good this feels?

Brock husks; he flattens his tongue, then slowly, teasingly drags it up your slick folds.

You open your mouth, but only a whimper escapes; you can’t form any words. So how do you tell him how good it feels? What kind of words should you use? Every sentence you manage to come up with sounds like something out of a comedy show. And you feel that anything you say will be stupid. 

Brock lets the palm of his hand rest on your pussy, before slowly dragging his fingers out and gliding them up through your wet folds before gently bumping them against your clit. You gasp from his touch, feeling your heartbeat reach your throat. Brock hums appreciatively, continuing to glide his hand up your stomach, leaving a trail of your juices all the way up to your breasts and playing with your nipple, smearing more of your wetness around, before he leans down, sucking your nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. 

– Ahhh… Brock…

You mewl, sliding your hands into his thick hair. Brock reaches down and grabs his neglected cock giving it a squeeze and a couple of strokes before gripping the shaft; he slowly drags the tip through your glistening pussy. You close your eyes, hips bucking up, desperate to feel him inside you, to feel him stretch your walls. It’s an ache you’ve never felt before; the throbbing between your legs is almost too much. Suddenly the looming heat of his body is gone; you open your eyes, feeling the mattress beside you dip. You look next to you; Brock is lying there with a cheeky smile, his hand stroking his fat cock.

-Climb on up, Princess.

He rasps, gesturing with his head. You gulp.


You mumble, looking down at his sculpted chest and abs; your eyes slide lower. Before you can talk yourself out of it, you’ve got a thigh tossed over him, your hand planted firmly on his chest, trying to steady yourself. His big warm hands grip your hips, holding you as you adjust.

Brock hums appreciatively, his eyes roaming over your body as he rubs his hands up your thighs, your stomach, and your breast, cupping them.

– Need to feel you, Princess.

He breathes, looking at you like you’ve hung the moon and stars in his sky.  

You drag your bottom lip in with your teeth, biting it as you lift yourself; you can feel his hand moving between you as he grips his cock. You slowly sink, feeling the blunt head breach you, you wanted to watch his face, but the pleasure was too much; your eyes slide close, and your head lolls back. Brock groans deep in his chest as your velvety walls engulf him; you cry out breathlessly as your walls stretch around him.

– Fuck, you’re so tight around me.

Brock grunts as he slowly keeps stretching you out inch by inch until you’re fully seated. The glide of his cock against your pulsating walls makes you shiver, and your legs quake as your fingers dig into his pecs. You quickly realize he’s just as a mess as you are right now; he grips your thighs and you can feel the tension thrumming through his body.

Once you’ve adjusted to his girth, you sit up and wiggle your hips. You have no idea how to do this, but this feels so good that you’re not about to stop—Brocks moans and groans, pushing you closer to oblivion.

-Princess, you gotta move I—

He grunted, fingers flexing on your thighs.

You nodded wordlessly, giving your hips an experimental roll; you gasped, feeling his cock slide against your G-spot. You have no idea what you’re doing, but it feels good, and with the noises Brock’s making—you must be doing something right.

Even though you’re almost afraid to hurt him, you lean back, placing your palms on his thighs, carefully moving up and down on him. Brock’s hands move to your waist, and you start to feel more confident, so you pick up the pace bouncing on his cock. Brock lifts his head, looking down on himself where you’re connected.

– Oooh Fuck, I’ve never felt this way before.

He says, his voice wrecked. Those words do something to you, to your whole body; your pussy clenches around him, gripping him tightly.

– Pri… Fuck!

Brock moans out. You smile at his inability to form words. The realization that you’re the one that makes him feel like this is amazing, and you never want this to end. You try to move at a different angle and feel Brock’s body tense up. 

Another deep groan from the back of his throat escapes him before he grabs your hips again; planting his feet on the bed, he starts to fuck up into you meeting you halfway. The sounds of your harsh breathing and skin slapping echo around the room as he pounds into you.


You mewl out, you can feel yourself moving closer to the edge. You can feel yourself starting to tire; Brock can too. He sits up when your bounces slow down; he jerks you forward, smashing your lips together in a filthy kiss.

– Oh yes—Fuck!

Brock moans into your neck; his grip on you tightens, then, in one swift movement, you’re on your back.

His whole body is pressed against yours, he pants into your neck before his lips reach your earlobe, his teeth softly nibbling on it, and his breath makes you clench your walls around him again. 

– Keep doing that, Princess—So tight!

Brock moans into your ear. Your whole body is lit up like a livewire; how can words alone make you feel like this? You don’t even know where to place your hands; it’s like you lost control. 

– Oh my… Fssskhh…

You keen breathlessly, unable to form actual words. Brock slowly moves his hands up in your hair, weaving his fingers in as he grabs some. Not hard at all, soft and fucking sexy. You open your eyes and look straight into his. The look is so intense, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

– Brock….

You whimpered before his lips found yours, his tongue desperately wrestling with yours as he pounded into you. You can feel your toes curling, your fingernails scraping his back, holding on for life. 

– You wanna cum?

Brock grunts after a hard thrust. You feel your heart beat a bit faster from his question. What should you say? “Yes, Brock! Want to cum!” Sounds really stupid in your head. But then again, he asked, so to answer that would probably not sound stupid to him. The million-dollar question is if you can actually say the words out loud. 

– Want me to make you cum?

He asks again as his cock glides over that spot deep inside you. And his hands take a firmer hold of your hair. Shit, you’re going to cum, no doubt about it. 

– Yes! Yes! Yes!

You cry out before relinquishing control, letting pleasure take over your body as you’re pushed over the edge into ecstasy. You cry out wantonly.

– Fuck, Princess. Yes, that’s it cum for me—shit—fuck—I’m gonna cum..

Brock rasps, leaning his forehead against your shoulder as he thrusts into you with all his might. His hips stutter, losing their rhythm as he fucks into you one…. two…three times, then he stills with a low grunt as he cums, painting your walls. His hips moved lazily, working you both through your climax while placing a light feathery kiss on your shoulder before he collapsed on top of you gently as possible.

You feel like you can finally breathe; Brock’s breathing starts to slow down. You can still feel him inside you, your pussy spasming, your legs trembling. Fuck, that was intense. 

Brock lifts himself up and gently pulls out of you, flopping onto his back next to you. He snags the duvet, covering you both up; as soon as he’s settled, you immediately roll over, resting your head on his chest. He chuckles, wrapping his arm around you, his fingers making soft movements down your spine. 

– Your skin is so soft, Princess…

He whispers into your hair; you can hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest. That makes you feel better because you’re still trying to come down from your high; your brain isn’t entirely processing that he’s even talking to you. So you hum, hoping that will suffice.

Brock’s heart skips a beat when you don’t reply; panic starts to rise; shit, did he scare you?

He did dive in head first this time, totally forgetting that you don’t have as much experience as he does. Fuck! He should not have done that; he should have slowed down and checked in with you making sure you were okay. Fuck. Now what should he do? Does he pull away from you, give you space? Or will that scare you even more? God! How is it possible to be this dumb? How could he forget this? Although you didn’t tell him to stop, maybe you were too scared to do so. He’s a big strong guy; he knows that. Fuck! What is he doing? This was so not thought through. And now you’re laying on his chest, not answering him; he can’t see your face to gauge where your head is. Stupid, Brock. He thinks, kicking himself for not stopping to think about your age and your inexperience. 

Brock takes a deep shuttering breath, dragging his free hand over his face.

You slowly start to come around, your brain functioning properly now, and you realize his heart is still beating fast. You feel him move, rolling onto your stomach to look at him. His face is flushed, what you can see that isn’t hidden behind his bear paw of a hand.

– Brock…

You whisper his name. Did you do something wrong? 

– Something wrong?

You ask softly, desperately wanting to reach out and touch him, but you don’t dare to.

He takes a deep breath before removing his hand. He has to say something, ask you if he went too far. But every sentence he comes up with sounds stupid and almost condescending towards you. 

You breathe, nervously fiddling with the sheet under your naked body. You should have answered differently; maybe you should follow his lead with the dirty talk. But, unfortunately, you didn’t know how to. 

Brock sees that you’re nervous, and he absolutely HATES it, partly because that means you’re unsure of him and partly because he’s uncertain if he went too far or not; he needs to say something. Like right now.

Brock clears his throat. 

-Do you like what we do…I mean, together in bed? I—is it good for you?

Brock asks, unsure, mentally slapping himself for sounding like a fuckin’ teenager. 

You crawl onto his chest, pushing a breathless oaf from him as you lay your upper body on him. You scan his face, seeing the uncertainty lingering between you two; slowly, you soften.

-I love everything that we do together in bed.

You smile, leaning forward and pressing a sweet kiss to his lips. You rest your arm on his chest, then lay your head down to face him; moving your hand to his face, you trace his stubbled jaw lazily. 

-Good…that’s good. I just uh kinda jumped in, forgetting this is all new to you, and I’m sorry for that oversight…I’ll do better. 

He replies, feeling much better about what transpired between you too.

After several minutes of you tracing his features and him playing with your hair, you push off his chest, again pushing a breathless oaf from him. You giggle as he pokes your side in retaliation, then snuggle back into his chest, tossing your arm over his chest and your leg over his you wrap yourself around him like a koala. 

-I trust you. 

You whisper, looking up to press a kiss against his throat, sighing happily as he wraps his warm, strong arm around you. 

– I love you, YN.

He whispers before placing a loving kiss on your forehead. You hum happily, closing your eyes and snuggling even closer. You know this moment will be over any second now, and you want to savor every second of it until that time comes.

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