Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentythree

Chapter Twentythree – Trustfall!

The second you open the door, the smell of spices and homemade tortillas hit your nostrils, Taco Birria, by far one of your favorite home cooked meals. Your dad usually only cooks that for special occasions, mainly because it takes forever to make, your dad must have been home since before lunch to get this meal ready. Why is he cooking this now? Did something happen? You feel a cold shiver in your spine. Did something happen to your mom? How do you ask your dad that, without giving everything away? You can hear your dad working in the kitchen; humming like he always does when he’s making food. You used to love that when you were younger. Listening to him humming as he prepared food for you. Like he was happy that he was able to make you happy. Right now, you feel guilty, and scared. Guilty because you’re doing what you’re doing behind his back, and scared that something really bad happened to your mom, and he feels the need to cushion the blow, with good food, before he breaks the News.

You take a deep breath before you walk into the kitchen.

– Oh, YN! How was work today?

Your dad asks, as he turns around, put the meat into a different bowl, before he starts to shred it.

– Err.. Normal… Are you making Taco Birria?

You ask, looking from your dad to all the pots and pans on the kitchen counter. Jack looks at you, raises an eyebrow.

– No! I’m making Apple pie. Looks tasty, right?

Jack answers, with a little smile. You shake your head a bit.

– Why are you making Taco Birria today?

You ask again, feeling your heart beat a bit faster. Please, please let mom be OK. You think for yourself. Before you take another deep breath.

– I thought we should have a good old fashioned father daughter talk. And what better way to do that, than over your favorite meal. It’s still your favorite, isn’t it?

Jack asks, a bit nervous. Maybe this isn’t your favorite anymore. He has to admit that his knowledge of you, your favorite things and basically everything, went downhill over the years. He doesn’t even know about your years in New York, or why you moved. Other than the fact that you lost your job. He is totally in the dark about why you moved.

– Talk?

You say, swallowing. A talk sounds scary. And Brock and you aren’t the only secret you’re keeping from your dad.

– Do you have other plans?

Jack asks, as he cuts a lime in half.

– No… No. I… I just… I’m surprised, that’s all.

You answer, desperately trying to calm down that scary feeling in your chest.

– Surprised is good!

Jack says, as he dips a tortilla in the sauce, and then puts it in a Pan to crisp it up.

– The food is almost ready. If you want to change out of your work outfit before dinner, you’ve got some time.

Jack tells you, before he flips the tortilla, and proceeds to finish it up. The smell of spices and meat make you hungry.

– Nah, it’s fine. I don’t need to change!

You reply, as you grab some plates to set the table. Jack looks at you.

– No! YN, take the fine china!

Jack tells you. Still looking at you. You carefully place the plates back in the cabinet, before you take out the fine china.

– I know we almost never use those. But what’s the point in having them, if we never use them?

Jack says, placing a couple of finished tortillas in the oven, to keep them warm.

You set the table for the both of you. Looking at your dad in the kitchen. You clear your throat.

– Dad?

You ask, a bit nervous. Jack turns around, looks at you.

– Did something happen to mom?

You ask. Hoping and praying that he won’t ask too many follow up questions.

Jack laughs a bit, giving you a smile.

– Why would anything happen to Gen?

He asks. You take a breath, before gesturing to the table and the food.

– I can’t make you a wonderful dinner, without it being attached to bad News?

Jack asks, as he gets the last tortilla ready, and then brings the food to the table.

– Look, YN. I know that I haven’t been there for you all the time. And that this dinner feels sudden. I want you to know that I love you. And I am curious about what’s going on in your life.

Jack says, looking at you.

– What do you want to know?

You reply, taking a bite of your Taco, hoping that you eating will help you get away with short answers.

– I worry about you, YN. You’ve been distant ever since I got back from Chicago. I know it wasn’t the best idea to have Brock look after you. I know that you’re an adult. And that you make good choices in your life. But… For me, you’ll always be my little girl. And I hope that you’ll let me know if you’re having a hard time. Or if you….

Jack lets the sentence die out.

You look down on your plate. Thinking about what would happen if you tell him that you’re sleeping with his best friend. What he would do if he knew what happened when he was away. If he knew who took your virginity? He’d kill Brock, that’s for sure. Hell, he’d probably kill him twice, just to make sure. What did you do? How did you get here?

– I didn’t meet anyone new, if that’s what you mean.

You say. That’s not really a lie. It’s just not the whole truth.

– I don’t mean to pry, YN. It’s just that… I know how many animals that are out there. Guys who will take advantage of you. Guys who want you just for your money. I want….

The phone cuts him off. You take a relieved breath. You have no idea how long you’d manage to keep this charade up. You feel so guilty. And you absolutely HATE the fact that you’re lying to him.

– Rollins!

Jack says into the phone. Before he pauses. His facial expression changes a bit. Like he is surprised.

– Mom… Mom.. Yes, I get that. But she came on to me. I felt really uncomfortable. So I told her to stop it. You know how she is.

Another pause, and you can see Jack gripping the phone tighter. This is not a good conversation, that much you get.

– NO! Absolutely not. I’m not saying sorry to that woman!

Jack’s voice is determined. But you know your dad. His face tells a different story.

– I’m 40 years old! I can decide that on my own!

Another short pause.

– I know that, mom! But that doesn’t give her the right to treat me or YN with that kind of disrespect!

Your heart skips a beat. Why are you a part of this? And why does your dad think that some woman is being disrespectful towards you?

– FINE! You do that. If you’ll excuse me, I’m trying to have dinner with my daughter.

Jack almost yells into the phone, before he hangs up. He’s usually really respectful towards his parents, especially his mom. So this must be something he feels strongly about.

– Miss. Spencer…

Jack mutters to himself, as he sits back down.

– Miss. Spencer?

You ask. There is something really familiar about that name, but you can’t place it.

– You remember the Spencers, don’t you? They own the Horse Ranch, where you used to ride when you were younger.

Jack asks, he looks surprised that you don’t remember them right away.

Of course you remember the Spencers. It was their daughter that taught you how to ride horses, care for them and everything else you knew about that. She was about the same age as your dad, but a really weird girl. Brown hair always in a ponytail, fancy Gucci glasses, that absolutely didn’t fit her well, designer clothes for every single occasion, and one of the most spoiled people you’ve ever come across. You remember all of that, but you can’t remember her first name.

– Yeah.. I remember them. I helped their daughter in the stables….

You reply. Looking at your dad. Hoping that he’ll tell you her first name. It’s almost embarrassing that you don’t remember.

– Taylor…. Taylor Spencer..

Jack says, with a sigh.

– Tay… Taylor?

You ask. Jack nods.

– Taylor? Brown hair and glasses Taylor? Crying to her dad when mom sat down on her chair Taylor?

You ask again, getting another nod from Jack.

– THAT’S Brock’s ex?

You blurt out, instantly regretting it. Jack narrows his brows, looking at you.

– How did you know that?

He asks you. And your mind is searching like crazy for an answer that sounds believable.

– Err.. Jess… Jess and Molly told me…

You say, hoping that’ll do.

– Jess and Molly?

Jack asks. You don’t know why, but you get the feeling that he doesn’t quite believe you.

– And a girl was with him at the garage, when I came by with my car. And I heard him calling her Taylor. I didn’t recognize her though….

You add. Praying that your dad will stop with the questions.

– Yeah.. She told me she saw you.

Jack says. Clearing his throat, before he lets out a little laugh.

– She actually insinuated that you and Brock…. That you…

Jack shakes his head. Your heart is now beating so intently that you feel like your dad can see how nervous you are.

– What?

You ask. Could Taylor be spying on you? Maybe she saw something.

– She insinuated that you and Brock had something going on. Have you heard anything more ridiculous?

Jack says, still with that little laugh attached to it.

You nervously bite your lip. What are you going to do if she actually saw you? Should you tell Brock about this?

– I shouldn’t have told you this. Don’t think about it, YN. Taylor loves to create drama around her. I told her to keep you out of her shit.

Jack looks up at you.

– Taylor is one of those people that will never grow up. I just hope she’ll get the picture, and leave you out of her drama.

He adds.

You swallow. Desperately trying to keep your tears of guilt from leaving your eyes.

– Thanks dad.

You say. Your voice is shaking.

– Hey, sweetheart. No matter what she says about you or Brock. I know it’s not true. And so will everybody else. You are a well behaved adult. And Brock is my best friend. Practically your uncle. I don’t even understand why she thought I’d believe such accusations.

Your dad looks at you, caring. And your guilt is too much to handle right now. You take another deep breath, as you’re getting up.

– I think I’m gonna take that shower now…

You quickly say, before you walk as fast as you can, towards the stairs.

Jack looks after you, as you disappear up the stairs. Then he drags his hand over his face. Is he holding you too tight? He should never have told you about Taylor’s insinuation. But at the same time he knows how good that woman is when it comes to rumors, and it would be better for you to hear it from him, before it starts to go around.

He takes a look at the table. A half eaten Birria is left on your plate, same for him, plus the ones in the middle of the table. He could reheat them later. Try to talk to you again. Or maybe he should wait until you come to him? He might push you further away, and make an already hard situation worse, if he tries too hard.

Jack lets out a sigh, before he starts to clear the table.

You lean your forehead against the marble tiles, and let the warm water wash away your tears. This whole situation is so wrong. And it keeps getting worse by the minute. It’s getting harder and harder to tell your dad about this. Not that it wasn’t hard, almost impossible before. But now. God! What were you thinking? It’s Brock for fucks sake. Your dad’s best friend. And your dad is right. Brock is practically your uncle. He’s always been around. Always. And since both of your parents were an only child. Brock was sorta the only uncle you had. If your dad ever finds out about this, he’ll see Brock as a monster. And it will totally ruin their friendship. It’ll probably ruin your relationship with your dad as well. He’ll probably cut you off completely. And you can’t blame him. How could he ever look at you the same, if he knew about this?

This isn’t fair. This isn’t fair to anyone. It’s not fair that you lie to your dad, when all he wants is the best for you. It’s not fair that Brock is 26 years older than you, and your dad’s best friend. It’s not fair that you fell in love with the “wrong” man. And it’s not fair that he fell in love with you. Everything is just wrong. So, so wrong. And you still don’t understand how you ended up here.

You grab a towel to dry off. And then you slip into some comfortable clothes, before you walk back down to the living room.

Jack is finishing up in the kitchen. You feel so bad for him. Not only are you secretly dating his best friend, but the dinner he made was cut short. Now, that wasn’t entirely your fault. But he’s really trying. Sometimes too hard, but he’s trying.

– Dad?

You say, a bit nervous. Maybe you hurt his feelings when you left the table.

– I am kinda hungry…

You continue.

– Say no more, I’ll reheat the food. I actually have some work stuff I wanted to talk to you about.

Jack replies, as he puts the tacos in the oven to reheat.

– Work stuff?

You ask, sitting down on the couch. You know that you’ll inherit the company in just a few months, when you turn 21. But it still feels so far away, that you don’t actually think about it too much.

– Yes. I thought you should get a bit more responsibility. And I’m about to hire a new driver.

Jack tells you. What? He’s taking in a new driver? You can’t remember the last time someone was hired. Usually your grandfather and your dad take care of all the deliveries, and if it’s bigger deliveries, you use other companies.

– You’re hiring? Why?

You ask.

– Yes. He’s the son of my old Sergeant in the Army, Sergeant Peters. He’s new here, and he needed a job.

Jack replies.

– Peters? He died, didn’t he?

You ask. You’ve heard the story, and seen the pictures enough times to remember at least some of the names.

– Yes. And when he called me. I felt I needed to step up and help him. He recently lost his mom as well. He needs this.

Jack says, looking at you, with that look that says “I’m still in charge of the company, so don’t argue”.

– So now you’re doing charity work?

You ask. You don’t mean to be rude. But hiring someone just because you feel bad for them. That doesn’t seem right to you.

– Talking like a true CEO. Are you talking as a company owner now, or as an heiress?

Jack asks you. Sitting down on the couch beside you.

– None of the abow. I just think it’s stupid to hire someone just because you feel bad for them. I mean I’m sorry that he lost his parents….

Jack cuts you off.

– I haven’t made any decision yet. He’s just coming in for an interview. And I want you to take care of that. Given your opinion on the whole thing. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

He says, as he gets up to take the food out of the oven.

– You want ME to interview the guy?

You ask, surprised by your dads sudden need to give you more responsibilities.

– Yes. It’ll soon be your responsibility anyway. And this is a perfect way to show your skills.

Jack answers, as he sits back down with food for the both of you.

– Can you tell me something about this guy? If you know anything, that is.

You ask. You still feel it’s stupid to hire someone out of guilt or what it is, that is his reason for even contemplating hiring this guy.

Jack looks at you.

– His name is James something. I’ll find his papers so you can read them over. He’ll come in around lunch tomorrow.

Jack’s tone leaves no room for any kind of argument. You sigh.

– Tomorrow?

You say, raising your eyebrows. To show your dad that you feel you need more time to prepare for this.

– This business is fast paced. You need to learn to keep up.

He answered. Still he leaves no room for argument.

– So, James Peters. Tomorrow, around lunch?

You say, defeated.

Jack gets up, and finds some papers. Reads them over.

– Barnes! It’s James Barnes!

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