Best Friends Forever (Bucky Barnes X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – Breakfast!

When you wake up the next morning, Bucky is still sleeping. You carefully get out of bed, and take a shower. Drag one of Steve’s shirts on, before moving into the kitchen to make breakfast.

You crack three eggs in a the pan, cut up some Meat, and mix it together with some Bell Peppers and other stuff, to make an omelet. You kinda want Bucky to get a real breakfast. You know how guys treat themselves when they live on their own. He probably haven’t had a real breakfast in forever.

You turn up the volume on the radio, and dance around as you make the food. Placing two cups of coffee on the table, before reaching up in the cabinets to get the plates down. You still don’t get why Steve placed them on the top shelf. You have to get up on your tiptoes, and reach your arms all the way up to the top to get to them.

As you’re standing there with your arms over your head, you hear Bucky clearing his throat behind you.

– Morning!

– Good morning!

You answer, before you realise that he’s standing behind you, looking at your bare behind. You quickly turn around, and drag the shirt down. Look at Bucky.

– By all means, don’t cover yourself up on my behalf.

He says, dragging his hand through his hair.

You don’t know what to say to him, so instead you give him a little smile.

– You look good, YN! Steve is a lucky guy..

You get his food on a plate, before placing it on the table, next to his coffee.

– Yeah… Just wished he saw it that way..

Bucky looks at you for a while. Before he looks at the food.

– Is that for me?

– Mmm..

You nod.

– Thank you.

He says, before giving you a kiss on the cheek. Stays beside you. You don’t move either. You probably should, but it’s like you’re glued in place. His metal arm touches your back. You turn towards him.

– Look Bu….

You don’t get to say anything else before you collide in a kiss. Him pressing you against him. You can’t help it. You know you should stop it. But you can’t. Your hands moves up to his hair. His under your shirt. Steve’s shirt. This is so so wrong.

You break the kiss, but you don’t remove your hands from his hair. Still almost as close as you can get, you look at each other.

– We really shouldn’t do this, Buck..

– Something that feels this good, can’t be wrong to do..

He answers as he pushes you up against the kitchen counter. Before he kisses you again. You can’t stop it. Your whole body is drawn to him. You don’t even stop him, when he lifts you up on the counter.

– I want you, YN. I can’t help it..

He says when he drags your, Steve’s shirt over your head. His head buried between your breasts even before the shirt hits the floor. Your hands back in his hair.

– Shit, Buck…

You say, leaning your head back. Straight into the cabinet. Bucky looks up at you, before he again takes a hold around you, dragging you off the counter.

– Not here. For obvious reasons.

He walks backwards over to the couch. Sits down, and places you on top of him. Before he buries his face in your neck.

– I need you, YN!

He murmurs into your skin.

– I can feel that…

You answer, pressing your lower body onto his. You’re not wearing any clothes, and his thin boxers aren’t holding anything back.

– You want me to stop?

Bucky stops for a second, looks at you. You think for a split second, before shaking your head. The damage is already done. And if you stop now, you’ll come back to this later.

Bucky takes a hold around you, and places you on your back down on the couch, before sliding his hands up each of your thighs, pushing your legs apart. He places a kiss on the inside of your thigh, before looking up at you.

– You know for how long I’ve been wanting to do this?

He asks, not waiting for an answer, he just slowly lets his tongue glide over you.

– Aaahhaa..

You gasp. It’s been too long since you’ve experienced this. His touch so soft. You look down at him, settling between your legs, adjusting, before putting his metal arm over your stomach, before leaning down again, closing his lips over you, slipping two of his fingers inside.

– Fuck, Buck…

You gasp again.

– Shhh.. Doll. Let me please you.

You let your head fall down on the armrest, slowly moving your hands to his hair.

His fingers finds that sweet spot, carefully massaging it. Your belly clenches from his touch.

– Yes, right there. Feels good?

He murmurs into your wet flesh, as he picks up his pace.

– Bucky….

You almost scream. When he closes his lips over you once again. Grabbing his hair, carefully pulling it, to show him you want him up to your face.

You don’t have to ask twice. He removes his fingers, and his boxers, before getting on top of you.

– Bucky…

You say, before his lips meets yours. His tongue dancing around with yours, before he lifts his head a bit, watching you as he enters.

– You are so beautiful, YN!

You don’t answer him. Instead you take a hold around his neck, pulling him into yet another kiss.

The next part is so intense, you almost leave your own body. You both close your eyes, as you bring each other up and up, until that sweet release hits you both like a tidal wave. Lips searching for each others. Breathing and moaning with each other, until you collapse together as you slowly come back down.

You have to feel him. Your hands glide up and down his spine, as he lifts himself up, steadying himself on his metal arm, letting the other one caress your hair.

– Do you know for how long I’ve been wanting to do that?

He asks again. Before placing a soft kiss on your lips. You look at him. Shake your head.

– I’ve always loved you, YN..

– Wh.. what?

You ask, before he kisses you again.

– I love you, YN!

You close your eyes. You knew this was wrong. Bucky looks at you for a second, before getting up.

– Too soon, sorry, YN.

You stand up.

– I’m married, Bucky!

Bucky drags his hand through his hair.

– I know that, YN. Because Steve met you first…

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