Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentynine

Chapter Twentynine – Capital Letters

The marker in the Google search bar blinks. You take a breath and let your fingers glide over the keyboard. 


Then you erase it again. Searching for this on your computer at work is probably not the best idea. Search history never lies. And you never know if your dad checks it or not. No, you’re no child anymore, but old habits are hard to break, so you suspect he at least thinks about it. And you feel that with the whole Brock situation, a conversation about questionable Google searches is not what you want to have with your dad right now. You can wait until lunch and ask Jess and Molly. Jess will surely have some information about this. 

It’s extremely hard to focus on work with these questions hanging over you. Fist pegging, what the hell is that? Fist you know what that is, but pegging. God. You feel young and inexperienced. And kink. What is a kink? Or the kink? Or just kink? Damnit! You have to get some work done. James is starting tomorrow, and you must delegate a few jobs to him. Easy things at first, local deliveries, and maybe a pickup or five. That you can manage to do, at least, you hope you can. 

You take a glance at the time—two hours until lunch. You can manage not to think about this for two hours. You have to. You can’t let this ruin work. 


You watch Jess enter your office with a greasy takeout box and a milkshake. She sinks onto the couch and tosses her feet on the cushions. You watch as she opens the brown box and pulls out a perfectly crafted double bacon cheeseburger. She does a little happy dance sitting there; your Dad always said it was demons leaving her body after being pleased by the sacrifice. She’s about to take her first bite when your question shoots out of your mouth.

-Hey Jess, do you know what kinky means?

You ask, looking at her pleadingly, hoping she has the answer. You haven’t brought yourself to Google it yet and are unsure what you might find.

Jess’s mouth opens and closes quickly. Her head cocking a little, looking slightly confused.

-Like kinky hair?

She asks, her brows quirked a bit. 

-Kinky hair?

You frown, realizing this might not be the kink your Dad was talking about, but you’re curious.

-Yeah, you know. Naturally dry, uh, coarse, and wiry.

Jess replies, taking a massive bite of her burger, cheeks pushing out. She looked at you, seeing the quizzical look on your face. That wasn’t what you wanted to hear. 

-Oookey… I kinda have a feeling that wasn’t the kinky you were searching for.

She says, her mouth still ridiculously full. 

-Who’s kinky?

Molly asks, walking into your office with a plastic take-out bag and two drinks. She pulls out one container, placing one before you and taking the other for herself. You can’t even think about eating right now. 

-Oooo.. Is Brock kinky?

Molly guesses as she bats Jess’s legs away so she can have a seat.

-Definitely not the hair!

Jess exclaims with wide, curious eyes as she pulls her knees up. Molly chuckles at Jess’s response, shaking her head. 

-No, no, not hair kinky. 

She clarifies, opening her container and pulling out a grilled chicken wrap with bright, crisp lettuce popping out the top;

 -It’s…well, it’s more of a…sexual thing. 

She had just taken a bite when she realized two sets of eyes were on her. Molly looks back and forth between the two of you as she slowly chews her way too big a bite of her wrap. Your eyes widen as you take a sip from your drink, almost spitting it out in surprise. Jess nearly chokes on her burger, her face turning a shade of red that matches the ketchup dripping from her fingers.

– What?

She finally says, still with half a mouthful. 

– You know what that is?

You and Jess say at the same time. Both are pretty baffled by Molly’s obvious knowledge about this particular subject. She’s always been the shy one out of the three of you. Your Dad even nicknamed her Little Mouse when you guys were in elementary school. 

– Uh.. Yeah? You don’t?

Molly replies, judging by the look on her face, this is something she thought you knew. For a second or two, you look at each other in silence. Then Molly’s face lights up with a smile almost as bright as her blonde hair. 

– Shut the front door. Are you telling me that I know something you don’t know?

She says clearly, being more excited about this than you and Jess are. She does a happy little wiggle in her seat as she takes another bite. 

– Molly! Please, please tell me. My dad said that Brock was into some kinky shit, and I have no idea what it is. Please, please, please!

You beg; you’re so desperate that you don’t think about what you actually said. Jess slowly moves her head so she looks at you. Then she theatrically stops to show her confusion. 

– Okay, this just went from interesting to……

Jess looks over at Molly, her eyes wide and mischievous. 

– What’s a better word for interesting?

Jess asks, looking thoughtful.


Molly supplies as she chews; Jess snaps her fingers and points at Molly.


Jess parrots, pointing her burger at Molly.

– Wait…did you say that your dad told you?

Jess turns her head toward you, confusion written all over her face. Your cheeks heat up when you realize what you have just said.  

– Well…he didn’t say it to me! I heard him telling Brock that he knew that he was into some kinky shit. And maybe fist pegging. 

You stutter out your reply, glancing between your two best friends. Molly raises a curious brow at that; she licks the bit of sauce that has dribbled onto her lips off as she chews slowly.

– Brocks into pegging? Wow, did not see that coming..

Molly says after swallowing. An impressed look on her face as she nods a bit.  

– It sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you.

She continued before Jess abruptly cut her off with a question.

– You know what that is, too?

Jess asks; if you hadn’t really listened, you wouldn’t have understood a word of what she just said due to the burger in her mouth.

– Yes. 

Molly says slowly, looking between the two of you again. She sits her wrap back in the box and wipes her mouth. 

-You two really don’t know? 

She asks again, double-checking. Jess shakes her head, looking at Molly as if she holds all the universe’s secrets. 

-Okay, um, pegging is when the girl… well, to be crass, she fucks the guy in the ass.

Molly says, wrapping her lips around her straw. 

– When the girl does what in the where now?

Jess nearly shouted; the look on her face was priceless as she looked to you, then back to Molly, then back to you. Molly nods as she picks up her wrap again, holding it to her mouth.

-It’s pretty common for men to like anal; prostate orgasms are very enjoyable.

Molly says, then takes a bite. 

– So Brock likes to take it up the tailpipe… good to know….not. 

Jess mutters, shaking her head as if an image appeared in her mind. 

– Oh God!

You squeak, covering your face with your hands. 

– Just how do you know all this?

Jess asks, looking intently at Molly. 

– I read…

Molly informs. 

– Thank God you read it. I was starting to worry.

Jess says. You’re still leaning your face into your hands, trying to wrap your mind around Brock and this pegging thing. Will you ever be able to do something like that? 

– As for kinks. 

Molly continues, looking at you as you peek through your fingers to assess the situation in the office. 

– Sss.. As in plural?

You ask, letting your hands fall down on your thighs. 

– Well, it’s a wide term. Kink isn’t just one thing. 

Molly says as she starts to push some buttons on her phone. 

– Here, look at this!

She continues, handing you her phone. You slowly take it. Wondering what she’s about to show you. With her obvious knowledge about this stuff, it could basically be anything. 

You take a relieved breath when you look at the screen. It’s just letters, no pictures. Thank God. You don’t know how you would have reacted if Molly had actually had a picture of pegging. You’re unsure if you’d do it if Brock’s into it. But you know that you definitely don’t want to see it. 

– What is this?

You ask, looking at Molly. 

– FanFiction!

Molly replies, smiling wide. 

– You have no idea how many amazing writers there are out there that have never been published. Many of these stories are better than any book I’ve ever read. 

She continues. Looking between Jess and you to see your reaction. 

– Are you telling me that you learned all of this kink/pegging stuff from fuckin’ Fanfiction?

Jess asks, eyes wide and inquisitive. 

– Eh, well, I had to Google some things to find out what it was. But basically… Yeah…

Molly casually replies. 

– Holy fuck! I have to read this! Where can I find it?

Jess asks as she gets her phone out of her bag. 

– You should check this page called Archive of Our Own. That’s where you find all the dirty stuff. 

Molly informs, and then she gives Jess the address for the page. 

– There’s this writer on there called LadySif, and holy fuck, she can write a steamy scene. It’s better than porn, trust me!

Molly continues, guiding Jess to the correct user and the correct story. 

Jess skims through the story for a bit before she looks up at Molly, a mischievous smile dancing on her lips. 

– Well, well, well. Molly Jacobs. I didn’t know you had such a dirty mind!

Jess teases, wiggling her eyebrows. 

– Still, waters run deep…

Molly replies. 

Jess continues to skim through. 

– Apparently really deep…

Jess almost whispers. 

– Oh, baby boy! You could do porn with this thing…

Jess continues, quoting the storyline. 

– This is impossible. What am I even looking for?

You say, putting Molly’s phone down on the table. 

– You just put the kink you’re looking for in the search bar. 

Molly replies, then she looks at you, compassion written in her eyes. 

– I hardly know what kink is. And I have no idea what Brock’s into. I don’t think I could search for YN Rollins here.

You say, tossing your hands up. 

– Well…

Molly says, assessing you, wondering what to say next. 

– You could maybe…. You know… maybe ask him…

She tries carefully. 

– Yeah… Maybe…

You let out, biting your inner lip. Push Molly’s phone back to her and take up your own. 

– Maybe he’s scared of telling you. If he’s into something rough. Maybe he feels it’ll scare you away. 

Molly continues in her own caring way. 

– The only way to know for sure is to ask him. He might even want you to ask. 

Molly tells you as she gathers her things and gets ready to get back to work. 

You lift your phone, and then you look at it. How do you ask something like this? Should you ask in a text or wait until you’re face-to-face? Face-to-face is probably the best way, but the thing is that you never know when that’ll be. With your dad at home, it isn’t easy to keep seeing Brock. 

– Ask him, YN! Okay? And let us know…

Molly tells you before both she and Jess leave your office. 

– Yeah…

You say to yourself when the door is closed behind them. Then you look at your phone again. You’ve had Brock’s number on there for years; that’s not new. But the texts are about to reach a new level. You look down at your food. You didn’t touch it at all. God, this is so fuckin’ hard. Are you ready for rough kinky shit? And how can you know if you are ready or not when you don’t even know what it is? 

You take a deep breath before you try to write down a text to Brock. 


Brock takes a sip of his coffee, looking over at Sarah, his receptionist. 

– Saturday off should be okay. It’s usually a slow day. And I can ask my sister to help.

He tells her, sending her a little smile. Sarah is a single mom, just like Becca, and Brock is willing to do almost anything to help out. He had already given her a much bigger salary than a regular receptionist’s salary. But Sarah did a great job, and he wanted to keep her. 

– Thank you, Mr. Rumlow. Oliver will be so happy that I can finally take him to the movies. 

Sarah beams with joy and excitement. 

– Please, Sarah! How many times must I ask you to call me Brock?

He tells her. Sarah is about to respond when his phone beeps. He looks at the screen, smiling when he sees your name. He takes another sip of his coffee as he opens the message.

YN: Do you like kinky or rough sex?

Brock chokes on his coffee, coughing like crazy. Sarah quickly gets up to help him. Brock lifts his hand to show her that he’s alright. 

– Wrong pipe. I’m good. Thank you. Thank you, Sarah. Sorry. I have to reply to this one. 

He tells her before he walks into his office. Sitting down on his couch, he rereads the message. 

Brock: I don’t know how to respond to that, Princess. Why do you ask?

The reply comes faster than Brock anticipated. Should he have been honest with you? This isn’t the first time you’ve asked him about his preferences in the bedroom. Maybe he should tell you. He swallows before he opens the new message from you. 

YN: So, you’re not into that stuff?

Brock lets his phone fall down next to him and leans his head back against the wall. If you want to know about these things, maybe he should tell you, show you. Slowly, of course. He’ll never go all out right away. 

Brock: Can you come by the garage after work? 


When you park your car outside Brock’s garage, he opens the gate for you and gestures for you to drive into the garage. When you’re well inside, he closes the gate again. 

– We can at least pretend that I’m fixing your car.

He says, with a teasing laugh, before he guides you into his office. 

Brock sinks down on the couch, placing his hands behind his head. You look at him. He’s changed from his work clothes into his regular clothes: stonewashed jeans and a t-shirt. 

– Err… You..

Brock starts, and then he clears his throat before getting up and walking over to you. 

– You’re not wrong about the.. err.

He tries again. You sense that he has trouble telling you this. You take a breath. 

– The rough and, or kinky sex?

You say, looking at him, raising your brows inquisitively. Brock lets out a little nervous laugh. 

– You never learned how to pull punches, did you?

He says, clearing his throat again and dragging his hand through his hair. 

– But, errr.. Yeah… You’re not wrong… about that…

Brock continued as he was biting his lower lip. 

– What do you like then? 

You ask. No matter what it is, it can’t be that bad. Brock is a fantastic guy, and the tenderness he’s shown you clearly indicates how much of a good guy he is. 

– I… err.. I kinda like to dominate. But.. not in a bad way… 

He tells you. Your heart skips a beat. Dominate. That means he likes to take control. That doesn’t sound too bad. It could even be fun. Brock looks into your eyes as if he tries to read them. 

– It’s nothing bad. It’s not about pain or anything like that. It’s more… You know… Dirty talk and things like that. I’ll never hurt you.

He continues, obviously still nervous. Dirty talk? Is that like that sentence Jess quoted, “Oh, Baby boy, you could do porn with this thing!”. A needy feeling grows in your lower belly when your mind wanders to what Brock might say to you. 

– I want you to teach me!

You say, looking up at Brock. He smiles back at you. His tongue slowly glides over his lips. 

– Teach you what?

He asks, letting his eyes glide up your body and drink you in. You watch him with anticipation, watching his eyes dance over you, watching as his Adams Apple bob when he swallows. 

You can’t take this anymore. You grab his belt, pulling him into you, and then you let your other hand glide up his abs underneath his shirt. You look up at him again; his lips curl up into a mischievous smile. 

– Everything!

You breathe out. 

Brock takes a couple of steps forward, pushing you backward into the wall. Then he leans in, giving you a deep, intense kiss, cradling your face between his big hands. He looks at you for a split second when he breaks the kiss. 

– If we’re going to do this. If you want that. I need you to know that you’re completely safe and can tell me to stop any time you want. 

His look is intense. You swallow. 

– L…Like a safe word?

You ask, swallowing again. Brock places a light kiss on your lips. 

– You can tell me to stop. And I will… stop… I need you to know that. 

He tells you the intensity, the tension. You can’t get a single word out, so you just nod. 

– Say “I understand”!

Brock tells you. 

– I– I understand…

You say, looking into his lustful eyes. They take on this amazing color when he’s aroused. Almost hypnotizing. 

Brock leans into you, slowly grabbing one of your arms, lifting it up, placing it over your head, and then he repeats his move with the other arm. He was now holding them over your head with one of his hands. The other one carefully takes hold of your hair as Brock whispers in your ear. 

– Good girl.

You suck in a breath, your whole body is shivering. You’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s exciting and exhilarating. The warmth that spreads throughout your body feels amazing. 

Suddenly, Brock spins you around so your back is against him. He lets go of your arms; you move them to steady yourself against the wall. Brock slips one of his arms around your lower stomach, pushing your bodies together. 

-Do you feel that?

He breathes into your ear. 

– Yes.

You answer. You feel his impressive erection grinding against your behind, and your legs are about to give in under you. The needy feeling in your lower stomach grows to New highs; a moan escapes your lips. 

– That’s how much I want you!

Brock growls into your ear as his other hand travels up your stomach, between your breasts, before taking a soft hold of your throat. You lean your head back. The feeling of his big hand around your throat actually turns you on. The fact that you know that you’re in control, but you let him have it. Holy fuck, that feeling is unlike any other. Another moan escapes you. 

– Fuck, I want you, Princess. To look into your eyes as I’m penetrating you. 

Brock breathes into the side of your face. You feel that you’re about to burst. 

– Yes, fuck..

You breathe out. 

Brock starts to unbutton your blouse. Agonizingly slow, one button at a time. His hands glide down, slowly from button to button, mapping out your upper body. 

– Please.

You beg, moving your hands to touch him, but he gently puts them back. 

– Shhh.. Princess…

He whispers in your ear as he gets your blouse off, letting it fall to the floor. Then his hand glides up your spine. Your breath shakes as you do your best to stand still when Brock starts to kiss your shoulders and your neck. 

– Fuck, Princess!

He breathes out. He finds the zipper to your skirt, and then your skirt falls to the floor. You don’t dare to lift your legs to step out of it because you feel they’re about to give in under you. Brock lets his hands glide down your whole body as he kneels down behind you. He kisses up the back of your legs before he gently lets his teeth tease your behind, and then he squeezes both your cheeks. Brock gets up again and turns you around. He gives you a deep, possessive kiss before he lifts you and places you on his desk. You look at him as he grabs his shirt, getting it off and revealing his impressively sculptured upper body.

His eyes dance over your body once more, then he gently slips his fingers into the lining of your underwear, getting it off you, before he gently guides you down on his desk. His hand glides from your bra down between your legs. You feel like you’re about to pass out. 

– Ngsh… oooo

You moan out when his tongue slowly glides over you, followed by two fingers entering you. You try not to move, but you’re desperate for that orgasm now. How is it possible for him to hold it like this? He instantly finds that sweet spot and starts to massage it; this time, he also works agonizingly slowly. 

– Fffff..Fu…Fuck.

You breathe out; your whole body is on fire. Electrified. 

– Shit.

You scream out as you feel your orgasm build up in your belly. 

Then Brock removes his fingers. 

– Noo.. Aaahhh…

You desperately moan out. Brock lets his hand rest on your lower belly before leaning down and placing a soft kiss there. 

– Not yet, Princess…

He tells you as he slips his arm around you, lifting you up again. 

– Wh… Why?

You beg, looking at him, pleading. 

– I’m gonna give you something way better…

Brock whispers in your ear as he gets your bra off you, followed by a growl as he kneads your flesh. You try to grind your lower body into his, but he stops you. 

– Ah, ah. None of that…

He tells you that as he gets the rest of his clothes off, he lifts you up again, moving you over to the couch and placing you on his lap, legs on each side of him and your back against him. Feeling his erection against you is doing absolutely nothing to help that needy feeling you have in your lower belly. You can’t stop the sounds of lust and need that’s escaping you. Brock hums approvingly at that. 

Again, one of his hands takes hold of your throat. The other one moves down between your legs. Teasing your entrance, borrowing your juices before Brock lets his fingers play with your clit. 

– Oooo, fuck.

You moan, pressing your head against his shoulder and your pussy up against his hand. 

– Want to tell me how much you like this?

Brock breathes into your ear as he once again lets two of his fingers glide inside of you, instantly finding your g spot. 

– Aaahhh..My… Fuck.. Brock… Shhh… Shit!

You almost scream as you once again feel the orgasm building up in your lower belly. 

You’re levitating off of Brock’s lap. It’s like all your muscles are working together at the exact same time. And you have no control. 

– Fuck I….I…

You’re about to explode when Brock once again stops, slowly pulling his fingers out of you. 

– Gooooodheee..

You’re so frustrated that tears are leaving your eyes. He’s keeping you on the edge of the cliff. Constantly denying you want you so desperately need right now. 

– Shhhh.. Princess. Turn around…

Brock breathes in your ear soothingly. With a bit of assistance from him, you manage to wiggle around, so you’re straddling him now. Finally, this must be it; he can’t possibly be able to hold back after all this. His erection is rock-hard and already leaking. 

– You want it?

Brock growls as he slicks up his cock, with your juices.  

– Yes, fuck, yes!

Your whine desperation in you is voice.

– Tell me how much.

He says, smashing your lips together in a filthy kiss. 

– I want you, Brock. Please… I wa.. I need.

You manage to push the words out. It’s extremely hard, given that your body and your brain are in a totally different place. 

– You want to cum?

Brock continues as he keeps stroking his cock. How is he doing this? 

– Yeeehhhheeseeh! Pl.. Please.

You reply, your whole body is aching for him. It’s like a drug. If you can’t have him, you’ll die. At least, it feels like that. 

Brock leans in, millimeters from your lips; when you move to kiss him, he moves away, teasingly smiling at you. Then he suddenly yanks you forward, and you instantly lift your lower body up to help him out. When the fat head finally starts to enter you, you let out a breathless, filthy moan. Your hips are shaking from the intensity, and you almost feel that you can’t breathe. 

Brock slowly starts to move; again, he’s moving agonizingly slow. After he denied you orgasm twice, your pussy is clenching around him. Almost like you’re desperately trying to suck him in. Deeper, harder. Brock’s hands glide down to your behind, squeezing it just as agonizingly slow and carefully as he moves inside you. You lean down into his neck and let your tongue glide from his neck and up to his ear. This is one of those things you know he likes, and you need him to pick up the pace. Brock answers your move by gently grabbing your hair and lifting your face up so you look at each other. His eyes are dark with lust; yours are begging. 

– Oh no, no… Don’t try to speed things up, baby girl. I’ll make you finish…

Brock says before he leans into your lips, still holding your hair. 

– I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll never going to forget it…

He continues, placing a light, loving kiss on your lips. 

– I promise.

He says before he spins you around. Suddenly he’s on top of you on the couch, and finally, he starts to fuck into you. 

The feeling of having him inside, stretching you out, makes you dizzy. He grabs your shoulders and arches his back, burying his face in your neck, moaning and grunting into your skin as he fucks into you over and over. 

– Fuck, Princess. You’re so tight around me.

He grunts when you lift your legs, wrapping them around him, pushing him even deeper in. It’s building fast; your lower body tries to lift itself off the couch. 

– Ahhhh… I’m… Bro..

You scream out, your fingernails digging into his back. Then he stops again, placing a kiss on your shoulder, when he once again stops just before you’re about to explode—slowly pulling himself out of you. 

– Ahhh… Nohhh..

You scream. 

– Not yet, Princess.

He tells you as he lets his hands glide up your stomach before gently kneading your breasts. His rough fingertips glide over your peaking nipples. 

– I hate you.

You moan out. Brock lets out a loving laugh at your statement. Then he leans down and lets his tongue glide over your nipples. The tension in the room is so thick now that you feel that you almost can’t hear what he tells you. You buck your hips against him. 

– Come here, Princess.

Brock says as he gets down on the floor. You shakily push yourself off the couch to join him on the floor. He guides you to your hands and knees, gently placing his hand on your back and arching it. Your behind is now on display for him. 

– You’re so fuckin’ sexy.

He tells you, as his hands glide over your behind, down your thighs, before he gently spreads your legs a bit more. His hands on you make your body shiver. 

– Brock, please.

You beg again; you don’t even care if you sound desperate. You feel that you’re about to pass out if you can’t have him. 

– Ahhhh.. Fuck, Princess.

He loudly moans out as he enters you again. His hands find your breasts again, kneading them, and then his hands travel down your sides before grabbing your hips. 

– You want to cum for me?

He asks as he carefully starts to thrust into you again. 

– Yes, Brock. I want to cum, please

You breathe out, moving your body into his thrusts. That’s all Brock needed to hear. His body has been on edge ever since you sent that first message. It’s a miracle he lasted this long. He needs the release now. Grabbing your hips, he thrusts into you. Your walls are gripping around him. Your soft skin, your moans, everything is about to push him over the edge. 

– Fuck, so tight…

He moans as he ups his pace. He can feel it building. Muscles tensing, balls drawing up. Fuck. Shit. He has to make you finish first. He moves his arm around your waist, down between your legs, letting his index finger glide over your clit. Your hoarse moans mix with his in a sexy song, the anticipation, the tension. It’s more intense than anything he’s ever felt—how your walls clenched around him. 

– Cum for me, Princess.

He breathes out as he lets his hand hit your behind, a soft, loving spank. Fuck how he needs you for you to cum right now. He puts some more pressure on his finger on your clit. 

You jump from him, spanking you. It’s different, a different pleasure. But oh fuck so delicious. The angle he’s thrusting inside you, hitting that sweet spot with every move he makes. You don’t even realize that you’re moaning anymore. All you can feel is that sweet feeling building in your lower belly, about to explode into your entire body. You can’t speak anymore; the only sounds escaping you are your desperate moans. 

– Fuck, Princess.. Need…

You hear Brock say before the bomb of pleasure explodes in your body. The world and sounds disappeared, and even your vision was blurry. You’re transported into a different reality, an extra dimension. Your arms can’t hold you up anymore. You’re about to collapse on the floor when Brock takes a hold around your waist—lifting you as he continues to thrust into you. 

Brock lets his hand grab your throat again as he thrusts into you, breathing and moaning into your ear. 

– Fuck, yes! Gonna cum!

He moans out with his last thrusts before his milky fluids paint your walls. Then you both collapse there on the floor. Brock put his arms around you, pulling you into him and feeling your breath steadily return to normal. 

You keep your eyes closed to keep that amazing feeling a bit more. 

– Hey, Princess?

Brock finally says. You lift your head and look at him. He lets his hand glide up the side of your face, just like that first night in the pool. Then he gives you a light-loving kiss. 

– You okay?

He asks, looking at you. Maybe he feels he took it too far. 

– Perfect.. I’m perfect…

You breathe out, earning a smile from Brock before he kisses your forehead, pulling you close again. You breathe out, wrapping yourself around him and feeling his skin, his breath, smelling that safe Brock smell. You could get used to this kink thing.

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