Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyeight!

Chapter Twentyeight – Freefall

The sun rises over the lakehouse, casting bright rays into Jess’s room. Waking up at almost 9:00 AM, she stretches and yawns before tossing the covers aside and getting up. Feeling the need for coffee, she pulls the curtains, squinting at the sunlight, and gasps at a surprising sight outside, prompting a hasty scramble to get dressed.


Frantically swinging open her bedroom door, Jess jumps up and down, hastily pulling her pants up as she dashes toward Molly’s door.


James has been awake for a while, lying next to Molly, savoring the beauty of her peaceful sleep. 

The comfort he feels with her it feels like home, and he can easily see himself waking up to her every morning, a sight that he would never get tired of seeing. Her blonde hair is messy, her thick lashes lying over her cheeks, and her soft pink lips parted slightly. His eyes follow the gentle rhythm of Molly’s breathing, watching the rise and fall of the covers over her chest. What he wouldn’t give to kiss her awake, start at her sweet lips, moving slowly down her breasts—licking and nipping at her creamy skin as he went. 

His cock gives an interested twitch; James presses the heels of his hand down on his cock as he takes a deep breath. 

While the urge to wrap his arms around her and pull her in for a good morning kiss tugs at him, he restrains himself, deciding to let her sleep a little longer. Morning breath isn’t sexy, after all. 

A soft yet frantic knock on the door cuts into his line of thought. 

-What, I’m awake!

Molly’s voice responds as she sits right up in bed. 


Jess’s muffled voice called from the other side of the door. 


Molly mumbles, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

-Molly, get up! Quick! Mr.R is here!

Jess informs them, getting a startled look from the pair in bed. 

Molly scrambled from the bed, snatching a ponytail and gathering her hair up as she headed for the door. 

-Where is he? 

Molly asks, yanking the door open. 

-In his car out front. I think he’s on the phone. What do we do?

Jess asks, looking down the hall toward the stairs. 

-Are you sure it’s him? Could it be Lillian or Peter?

Molly asks, stepping back to grab her sweater jacket off the chair in the corner. 

-And how’s that any better?

Jess retorts before turning her attention to James, still in bed, covers strategically placed.

-What are you doing? Mr. R is here! Get. Up!

Jess directs at James, who glances between the two girls and his own state of undress.

-I’m err… I’m just gonna sit here for a second or two…

James mumbles, clearing his throat. Molly blushes profusely, realizing his predicament. 

-What! Didn’t you hear me…. Oh…

Jess glances between Molly and James. 

-Molly, you sleaze, we’ll talk about this later. Right now, Brock is in there with YN butt ass naked. 

Jess says, saying the last part slowly and directed at the half-naked man still sitting in bed, eliciting an ouch from Molly’s playful hit.

-What? Whatever gets him out of bed!

Jess continues with a mischievous tone.

James scowls at Jess as he reaches over for his sweatpants. 

-It’s a totally normal thing, Jess. We didn’t do anything.

Molly mutters in defense, quickly looking at James, who is now getting dressed.

-I know, Molly. But we don’t have time, we need to tell. 

She gestures with her head to the bedroom door across from them.

-I don’t know about you. But I did not plan to witness a murder today. I don’t want to be an accomplice. Orange is not a good look on me. 

Jess whispers as she gently presses her ear against the door. 

-Well, tell them!

Molly insists, pointing to the bedroom door. 

-They’re…. They’re…

Jess steps away from the door as if it burned her. 

-They’re doing it! I’m NOT knocking at that door! 

Jess exclaims.

– Well, someone has to do it!

Molly asserts, glancing at James with a pleading look. 

-Oh, no, no, no. I am not walking in on them again. 

James protests, leaning against the door.

-Oh, come on! We’re running out of time here, and you already did it once. What’s one more time?

Jess pleads desperation in her voice.

-Twice the embarrassment!

James retorts, cautiously holding his position against the bedroom door.

Jess, without warning, looks at Molly and quickly yanks the handle, sending James tumbling backward into the room.


Brock wakes you up with a sensual kiss on your neck as he pulls you closer. The smell from the back of your neck makes his morning wood even harder if that’s possible. The taste of your skin sends shivers down his spine. Your soft skin against his. He wants nothing more than to let his fingers and lips feel every single part of you. Forever. 

– Good morning, Princess. Sleep well?

He rumbles in your ear, his voice still thick with sleep. You smile sleepily as you press your body back against his, feeling his impressive morning wood pressing against your bottom.  

– Mmm…always when I’m sleeping next to you. 

You reply as Brock’s hand glides up your stomach before cupping your breast. He growls deeply as he kneads your flesh. 

The sound of your voice is like music to his ears. 

– I love waking up next to you.

Brock says, placing yet another kiss on your neck. 

You turn around to face him, letting your hand glide down his abs before you grip his shaft, carefully stroking it a couple of times. 

– I can feel that…

You reply, raising a brow playfully. 

When you close your fist around his erection, he knows he can’t hold back. He wants you; he needs you. 

Brock leans in for a kiss, and in one swift move, you’re on your back, with him on top of you. 

– I love you…

He tells you before he kisses you deeply. Let his hand glide down your sides. 

– All of you…

He continues, letting one of his hands rest between your legs. You close your eyes. Brock hums in reply to your move. One of his fingers glides up through your folds before gently bumping into your clit. 

– Nighsh..

You let out a breathless moan. 

– Open your eyes, Princess.

Brock says breathly. You slowly open your eyes. His fingers on you make it hard to focus. 

– Ooo…..

You moan out when one of his fingers slides inside you, quickly joined by another digit. Brock’s lips brush over yours as his fingers find that sweet spot. Another moan escapes your lips. 

– Yes, I know that feels good. 

Brock tells you, placing yet another kiss on your lips. 

– Bro…

You attempt, but it’s almost impossible to get words out. You try to open your lips, to let your tongue find his. But you struggle. Brock lingers just millimeters from your lips as he continues to massage your g-spot. 

– Brock..I… I want you…

You pant breathlessly between moans and kisses. 

Jesus, it’s hard to self-restraint around you when you moan his name like that. Lord help him; he wants you, too; Brock uses your juices to slick up his cock. 

– Fuck…I want you too…

He breathes into your neck as he slowly enters you. He lifts himself by his arms, looking down at your face. 

– Let me look into those beautiful eyes, Princess.

He breathes out. The feeling of your walls slowly gripping around him, inch by inch, is almost too much for him to take. 

You open your eyes again; you almost didn’t notice that you closed them. Brock’s warm brown eyes look intently into yours. 

– Fuck, you’re so beautiful.

He tells you, before he steals a kiss from your lips. 

– So beautiful…

He continues as his lips move down to your neck. He gently slips his arms underneath yours, lacing his fingers into your hair before he starts to thrust into you. His lips don’t leave your skin. You bend your legs, pulling them as far up as you manage to really feel him against you. The feeling of having him inside, of him stretching you out, filling you up. It’s a feeling that you can never fully explain. 

– Fuck, Princess.. I’m gonna…

Brock can’t finish that sentence before the bedroom door swings, and someone tumbles through with a loud, indignant squawk. Brock rolls off you as fast as he can and covers you both up. Taking a protective position between you and whoever it was. 

– Apparently, I’m not…

Brock says dryly as he raises a brow at James, who is scrambling off the floor. He looks up in time to see Molly and Jess peaking around the doorframe. 

– You again….

Brock says, scowling at James. 

– You know, I can’t remember the last time I was naked, and you didn’t show up. 

He grumbles. You tug the blankets up higher as you try to hide behind Brock, and you make sure that James can’t see a thing. This is the second time James has walked in on you two, and you start to wonder if there’s something wrong with him. 

– I-I am so sorry…..It’s just that…

James says in a breathless stutter. 

– Uh-huh, what? 

Brock says, waiting for an explanation as to why his orgasm was interrupted. 

– Mr. Dad… Err.. Her Rollins… err…

Poor James stutters; his face is beet red as he looks away from the naked couple in bed. He glances over to Molly and Jess for help. 

-Oh, for the love….Mr. R is here! 

Jess blurts out, exasperated. 

James nods frantically. 

– WHAT!?!?

You almost yell when your brain finally kicks into gear again. You snap your head to Brock, who is reaching for his phone on the nightstand. 

– Shit! He said he’d bring breakfast. I totally forgot the time. Thanks for the heads up. 

Brock stands up from the bed, chatting with James as he casually gathers his clothes. Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem bothered to put them on, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty. It’s unclear if he forgot or simply doesn’t care, leaving a silent question mark lingering in the room.

– I’ll be in the shower if he asks.

Walking past Jess and Molly, Brock tosses a comment over his shoulder. Despite Molly attempting to avert her gaze, Jess can’t resist looking. Her eyes widen as she takes in Brock’s naked form, and unable to contain herself, she glances at Molly, mouthing a big “wow.”

– Your t-shirt is inside out…

Brock pauses momentarily as he walks into Jack’s bedroom. 

– And backward.

He adds when he closes the door behind him. 

– At least I remembered to put clothes on…

Jess mutters, mostly to herself. 

Downstairs, the front door creaks open, accompanied by a loud and cheerful “Good morning! Breakfast in ten!” 


Jack places the grocery bags on the kitchen island, revealing an assortment of breakfast delights: muffins, doughnuts, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and everything else needed for a morning feast. It’s clear he’s preparing breakfast not just for you and your friends but also for Brock.

Cracking eggs into a pan for breakfast, Jack opens the trashcan to discard the eggshells, only to be halted by the sight of a condom at the bottom. He clears his throat, pondering the unexpected discovery. While appreciating the practice of safe sex, he’s unsettled by the uncertainty of whose it is – James or Brock? 

Hoping it’s James, given the age difference, he contemplates the potential ramifications if it’s Brock involved with any of you and your friends. The ten-year age gap seems manageable, but the 26-year difference with Brock raises concerns. 

Honestly, Jack is unsure about James being with Molly, given her gentle demeanor. Feeling extra responsible for Molly, especially since she lost her father at a young age, Jack thinks about talking to James. The thought of discussing the situation with James is on his mind 

Jack also wrestles with the idea of Brock starting a relationship within the group, unsure if he could ever look at Brock the same way again.

He needs to figure out what’s going on. 


The soothing warmth of the shower offers a moment of calm after a close call. The realization hits – talking to Brock about how to break the news to your dad might be necessary. The burden of keeping this secret and lying to your dad weighs heavily, and the difficulty in maintaining the facade is becoming more apparent. With the added pressure of another hidden secret, the situation feels fragile. Contemplating whether to come clean and face the consequences or continue the charade, you grapple with the complexity of the choices you’re forced to make. The question lingers: How did you end up in this situation?


-Oh, pancakes! Yum!

Jess exclaims as the delightful aroma wafts through the air. She swiftly takes a seat at the kitchen island, joined by Molly and James.


Jack offers, receiving positive responses from all three. Jack activates the button on the overpriced coffee machine, savoring the scent of freshly ground coffee beans.

After preparing a cup for each of them, Jack takes a moment to make one for himself. Seated across the island from the trio, he clears his throat, preparing to address the group.


Brock takes a deep breath, leaning his forehead against the wall. Contemplating Jillian’s advice, he wonders if he should follow it and talk to you about revealing the truth to Jack. The realization hits him—the damage is already done. He slept with you. Being brutally honest with himself, he doubts Jack could ever forgive him, regardless of his love for you and any efforts he makes to prove it. Brock acknowledges that Jack will eventually find out, and the logical choice is to break the news himself. However, grappling with the complexity of confessing that he’s sleeping with his best friend’s daughter poses an immense challenge.


Jack observes Molly, James, and Jess, noting their silence as they fill their plates. He knows that look on Jess and Molly’s face. Clearing his throat, he addresses the lingering issue.

-Does anyone want to tell me about the used condom I found in the trash?

Jack’s firm and demanding voice captures their attention. The trio looks at each other, avoiding eye contact.


Jack repeats, met with continued silence.


Jack nods, leaning on the marble countertop, his grip tight on the coffee cup as he peers over the rim at the trio.

Molly appears uncomfortable, pushing a piece of pancake around her plate. Jess, always the easier one to crack, starts to squirm. The revelation could come any minute now. On the other side of Molly, James sips his coffee, looking thoroughly confused.

-Okay…okay! I give! I can’t take it anymore. 

Jess says dropping her fork with a clatter, avoiding the wide-eyed look from Molly. 

 -It’s not used, used. Brock just put it over my fist!

She admits. 

James, caught off guard, does a spit-take. His hand doing absolutely nothing to stop the coffee. 

-Yeah, not helping!

Molly hisss, as she scrambles to help James clean himself up. 

-Brock sorta had a sex ed class. No harm done!

Attempting to diffuse the situation, Jess adds. 

-Jessica, stop talking!

Molly cuts her off sternly, scowling at her friend. 

-Where are YN and Brock?

Jack swiftly redirects the conversation, demanding to know. 

-In the shower!

Jess responds in a rush, instantly regretting it when she sees Jack heading toward the stairs. 


Molly snaps

-Not togeth—

Jess begins, but Jack is already on his way upstairs. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Jess turns to Molly, who frowns at her shaking her head. When Jess opens her mouth to say something, James swiftly reaches around Molly, shoving a powder donut into Jess’s mouth. The action serves as a comical yet effective interruption, momentarily halting any potential revelation.

-I think you’ve said enough. 

James says, wiping his hands on his pants. 


Loud banging on the door startles Brock as he walks out of the shower.

-Brock! Open the door!

Jack demands from outside. Panic sets in; this is not promising at all.

Quickly drying off, Brock contemplates what to do or say to Jack, but nothing feels right in this situation. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he moves towards the door.

-Brock! Open this damn door!

Jack demands again.

Meanwhile, you hear your dad’s angry voice in the hall. Anxiety surges. Did he find out? The impulse to jump out the window crosses your mind, but you decide to face whatever is happening. Wrapping your towel around you, you open the door to your room.


You say carefully, almost expecting him to break through the door any second. Jack looks at you briefly before turning his attention back to the door.

-What’s going on?

You ask, trying to sound casual.

Your dad looks at you again, relief washing over his face.

-You’re not in there.

He says, a mix of question and statement. 

-Why would I be showering in your room?

You reply, securing the towel around you.

Brock opens the door, clad only in a towel. You swallow nervously.

-Hey, Jack. What’s up?

Brock says, attempting to sound calm, while your eyes can’t help but trail down his glistening upper body. Another swallow escapes you.

-YN, Get dressed.

Your dad commands firmly.


You start, but your dad cuts you off.

-Get dressed, YN, I need to talk to Brock.

He insists.

You take a deep breath, doing as your dad says, closing the door to your room. Leaning against it, you shudder, wondering if he found out about you and Brock. He wouldn’t be this calm if he knew, right?


Brock settled onto the bed he had, giving the covers a purposeful tousle, then headed to the shower, leaving behind a rumpled appearance to suggest he’d slept there. Meanwhile, Jack remained near the door, arms folded across his chest, maintaining a vigilant stance.

– Wanna explain what happened? Cause I gotta say it doesn’t sound good. 

Jack’s words make Brock pause, causing him to think fast about admitting or denying the truth. Brock clears his throat, signaling his uncertainty without using words.

-Alright, look, Jack. I know I probably should’ve handled it differently; maybe she’s too young to understand…

He starts, but he has no idea how to continue that sentence. 

– Maybe she’s too young to under—Brock, she’s 22 years old! You’re 46! What am I supposed to say to her parents? I can’t not tell them. 

Jack’s firm question hangs in the air, and it takes Brock a moment to realize that Jack isn’t referring to you but to Jess.

-When Jessica and Molly spend the night with YN, I feel responsible for them. Hell, they’re like my own. And now I have learned that you’re sleeping with her…

After Jack’s statement, there’s a short pause, adding a moment of suspense before he goes on.

-You’re like a father to those girls. We watched them grow up together! Fuck, you held Molly while she cried at her dad’s funeral, and we taught Jessica how to drive a stick shift. 

Jack tosses his hands in the air. 

-What the hell are you thinking? 

He asks, staring at Brock, waiting for an answer and explanation. 

– I— I’m not…

Brock is completely taken aback; he sputters a response but is cut off as Jack continues to rant.

– I’ve known you since you were 12 years old, man. I know you, Brock. And I also know you’re into some kinky shit, but seriously fist pegging? She’s barely an adult! Are you fuckin’ insane? 

Brock stands up; this has gone on long enough. 

– Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, time out! 

He interrupts, running his fingers through his wet hair as he gathers his thoughts. 

-First off, fuck you for thinking I would do something like that, Jesus Christ. 

Brock curses under his breath. He’s pissed now. Thankful though, that Jack didn’t find out about you. But fuck if he’s gonna just sit here and let Jack talk to him like this. If it weren’t for the fact that he was sleeping with you, Jack’s insinuations would’ve hurt his feelings. 

-Secondly, fuck you for standing here scolding me like a goddamn child. 

He bites out. 

-I—you’re right, okay. 

Jack nods, taking a deep breath. 

-I’m sorry, I just…Jess and Molly, they’re family, you know? They’re still my little girls, and I just…

Brock steps forward, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder. 

-Jack, them girls aren’t little anymore. They haven’t been for a long time. 

He says softly, and Brock hates it as much as Jack does. He wants to protect all three of you from the dangers of this cruel world. 

– Can you just explain to me the condom in the trash can? And why does Jessica say that you put it over her fist? Because I gotta say, it doesn’t sound good, man. 


You cautiously open the door to your room, peering out into the empty hall. The door to the master bedroom isn’t fully closed, allowing you to catch every word exchanged between Brock and your dad.

You find it amusing that your dad thinks Brock and Jess are involved, relieved that he didn’t discover your actual connection with Brock. The situation seems to involve something kinky, and you make a mental note to ask Jess and Molly about it later.

“I’ve known you since you were 12 years old, man. I know you, Brock. And I also know you’re into some kinky shit, but seriously fist pegging? She’s barely an adult! Are you fuckin’ insane?”

You hear your dad say. “Kinky?” “Pegging?” you mouth to yourself, realizing you have no idea what those terms mean. Nevertheless, if Brock is into it, you’re determined to find out. Deciding to consult Jess and Molly for information or help with a Google search, you head downstairs to your friends.

You figure that whatever your dad and Brock are arguing about, they can sort it out without you hovering over their shoulders.


When Brock and your dad rejoin the downstairs living area, Jack gives Jess one of those looks that convey a clear message – a look that suggests she should have known better.

-Condoms, Jessica. If the guy won’t use one, he doesn’t deserve you!

Jack advises, taking a seat at the island next to Brock.

-That goes for the rest of you as well!

He adds, his eyes staying on James a moment longer than the others. After receiving a small nod from all four of you, Jack then turns his attention back to Jess.

-If it were up to me…

He starts, clearing his throat. 

-I would have had a long talk with your parents about this. But Brock convinced me that you learned your lesson. But just so we’re clear on this; from now on, you ALWAYS have one on you.

-Sorry, Mr. R. It’ll never happen again.

Jess clears her throat and looks up at Jack. 

-And sorry about the misunderstanding about Brock. I…caffeine makes me jittery. 

She continues before taking a sip of her now lukewarm coffee.

-Sorry, Brock. I didn’t mean to almost get you killed.

She tells Brock, who smiles in response.

-Wouldnt be he first time. And do me a favor, will ya?

Brock says, throwing a package of condoms her way. 

-No excuses from now on, alright.

As you witness Brock taking on the role of a protective father figure, something inside you stirs – a feeling you can’t quite explain. A primal instinct seems to awaken, and though you don’t fully understand it, you find yourself liking it.

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