Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyseven

Chapter Twentyseven – Somewhere Only We Know!

The sun sank behind the horizon, bathing the calm lake in a comforting, golden light. The substantial lake house stood tall, outlined against the lively colors of the evening sky. Its windows caught the last rays, mirroring the dimming day. As daylight slowly retreated, the water mirrored the stunning blend of colors, painting a peaceful and enchanting picture that spoke of the allure in moments of tranquility.

You’re anxiously waiting by the door, peeking out with bated breath as Brock strolls up the path, an overnight bag in hand. With a quick yank, you swing the door open, greeting him with an ear-to-ear grin. The excitement of spending the night at the lake house together is evident. While he’s crashed at your place before, often helping out with your dad’s request to keep an eye on you, Jess, and Molly—the infamous Chaos Crew, as your dad fondly labels you three—it’s different tonight. Memories of the mischievous trio and the adventures you’ve shared can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

Brock greets you with a warm smile, sealing the moment with a deep kiss while cradling your face in his broad hands. As the kiss breaks, he lingers close, allowing you to catch the familiar scent of his deodorant, cologne, and that distinct Brock musk. His gaze locks onto yours, as if attempting to decipher your thoughts. Unable to resist, you find yourself sinking into the connection between you two.

– Thank you, Princess.

He murmurs, a thankful smile curving on his lips. 

A touch of sadness shadows his smile as if he regrets something from earlier, and to be frank, it hits you harder than you expected.

– I’m so sorry, I never meant for you to see that.

He continues, before giving you a light kiss. 

– Please don’t apologize for that, it’s okay. I’m okay, we’re okay. 

You shake your head with your response, expressing how truly heartbreaking it is that he feels compelled to apologize for something beyond his control. Living a life burdened with memories and flashbacks seems incredibly tough, and on top of it all, he carries the weight of protecting everyone around him. Your deepest wish is to somehow alleviate even a small fraction of his pain and suffering, but figuring out how to do that remains a mystery.

-I need to, I’m not okay, Princess. I never wanted you to see me like that. I never wanted that to happen around you, God I’m so sorry. 

Brock explains, he takes a deep breath and presses his forehead into yours. 

Your heart continues to break for this man, slowly you lift your hands cradling his face. Brock isn’t that much taller than you, your guess is maybe two or three inches. Just enough for you to have to look up into his eyes. There’s so much pain and grief hidden behind those beautiful eyes,that you almost feel stupid for not realizing that sooner. 

Your lips find each other once more in a deep, intense kiss. His arms encircle you, drawing you closer. In his embrace, you sense an unparalleled feeling of safety, surpassing any you’ve experienced. Despite not wanting to dwell in New York, it seems distant and unable to reach you when you’re with Brock.

-Oh, for the love—get a room!

Jess bellows from the other room, clearly leaning out of her way to watch you. 

-Excuse you, we already have a room, thank you very much!

You holler back as if she didn’t know you have your own bedroom here. Brock’s deep chuckle resonates as you playfully stick your tongue out at your friend.

Jess climbs off the couch and heads your way, leaning against the door frame.

-Don’t worry, I plan on using it.

Brock replies to Jess’s comment, playfully smiling at her.

-Oh, I know you do.

Jess reports, shuddering comically.

Brock laughs once more before grabbing his bag to head upstairs with his things. You follow closely behind, silently pondering whether you’ll be staying in Brock’s room or yours. Both beds are spacious, and both rooms boast a stunning view of the backyard and the lake. Opting for a split decision, you decide to let Brock choose.

After Brock leaves his bag in your room, you both walk back downstairs, where lively voices echo from the living room. Just hearing little tidbits you know it’s going to be an interesting conversation. 

-Seriously? Condoms should be mandatory. Do you want to get chlamydia or some other STI that you can’t get rid of?

James asks, his voice filled with concern and disbelief.

-Aren’t you scared you might get pregnant? I mean—why aren’t they using condoms?

Molly adds, her voice and expression reflecting genuine concern.

Brock clears his throat as the two of you enter the living room, causing a momentary pause in the conversation. Taking a seat on the vacant loveseat, you observe the scene.

-Why doesn’t this surprise me?

Brock says, turning toward Jess. She’s curled up on the couch, shuffling a deck of cards, giving Brock her best scowl.

-You really don’t make them use a condom?

Brock asks, maintaining eye contact with Jess. You settle next to him, smiling as he drapes his arm over the couch behind you.

-Them? You make it sound like I slept with an entire army or something. Anyway…

Jess scoffs, rolling her eyes as she performs a card-shuffling trick.

-Oh, no no no. You’re not getting off that easy. Condoms, Jessica. For heaven’s sake, didn’t you have sex ed in school?

Brock asks, fixing her with a questioning look that shows his disappointment.

-Yes, Dad. We did, but I usually used the condoms as a balloon. They make good balloon animals.

Jess sasses before breaking out into laughter.

-Jess, I’m being serious here. Why are they not using a condom? Most importantly, why do you let them get away with not using one?

Brock’s voice takes on a firmer tone. Jessica stops laughing at his serious demeanor, and her face turns solemn as her brows knit together.

-Well…I—They say they’re too big.

She replies with less confidence than you’ve ever seen.

At this point, Molly, James, and yourself are now just spectators in the peanut gallery. And if you’re being 100% honest here, seeing Brock take on his protector persona over one of your best friends…it’s doing something for you.

-Too big?

Brock laughs, shaking his head in utter disbelief at her response. He stands up and pulls his wallet out, extracting a foil packet before tucking his wallet back in his pocket.

-You always have one on you? That’s a bit optimistic, isn’t it?

Jess asks, raising a brow.

-No, it’s called being a responsible adult. Now, do you know how flexible these things are? I could probably put this over my head.

Brock informs Jess, ripping open the package with his teeth. Your stomach swoops, and a needy feeling builds in your lower belly. Jess looks at him, confused and intrigued.

-Which head?

Jess asked, raising an amused brow, earning a small, almost unrecognizable laugh from James.

-I knew you’d say something like that.

Brock says, rolling his eyes as he starts toward her, opening the condom.

-Just zip it and give me your hand.

Brock continues. Jess looks over at Molly and you; both of you gesture for her to do as she’s told.

-Now make a fist.

Brock instructs. Jess does as she’s told, closing her fist. Then he rolls the condom over her fist, looking up at Jess again.

-Are any of the guys you’ve been with this big?

He asks, looking between Jess and her condom-covered fist. Jess looks at her hand before looking back up at Brock, then shakes her head.

– There’s your answer. Next time, ask him to use protection. And if he doesn’t, you get the hell up outta there. You hear me?

Brock says firmly. Jess nods quietly.

It’s quiet for a while. Jess gets the condom off her fist, and walks into the kitchen to dispose of it. James follows Jess with his eyes. How she easily navigates the kitchen cabinets, like she grew up in this house. 

-So, you know each other really well?

James asks as Jess curls back up in her spot on the couch. 

– Yeah. I think I’ve spent one or two weeks of my summers here since I was like 7 or something. 

Jess answers quickly. And the memories flashes over you. The first time you met Jess, was one of the first times you spent more than just a weekend with your dad at the lake house after he retired from the military. You were about 5, almost 6. Your dad was taking over the delivery company, and Jess’ dad, who was a corporate lawyer, helped him with the contract. Jess and you were in the backyard playing with your Barbie dolls. You can’t help but chuckle from the memories. 

– No, YN! Please don’t tell that story. I was seven years old. It’s unfair! 

Jess begs, but she’s laughing a bit too. 

– You threw my Ken doll into the lake, Jessica! He drowned! It was really traumatic for me. I have a right to tell that story. 

You say, desperately trying to sound serious, but you don’t manage to hide your laugh. 

– Wasn’t my fault he couldn’t swim!

Jessica laughs back. And soon the laughter from all five of you fills the lake house living room. 

It’s late when you finally decide to call it a night, and head upstairs. Jess quickly places her overnight bag in front of the guest room door. James decides on the room Brock usually used, and the room next to yours. Molly slowly reaches for the knob on the master bedroom. The room your dad uses. 

– I don’t think my dad’ll be happy about you sleeping in his room…

You tell Molly, looking at Jess, a silent notion for help. 

– Yeah, I don’t think you should use that room!

Jess says, nudging Molly just a bit harder than usual. Molly loses her balance, and has to steady herself to James, to not fall. James puts his arm on Mollys back. 

– I don’t mind spending the night with you. That is if you don’t mind. 

James looks at Molly, a nervous look, as if he thinks she won’t take him up on his offer. 

– Great, it’s settled then. Night everyone!

Jess says, before she slips into the guest room and closes the door behind her. 

Molly sits down on the edge of the bed, as James closes the door. He stands there, by the door, looking at her for a while, before he clears his throat. 

– I–I can sleep downstairs if you want me to..

He informs, taking a small nervous step towards her. He realizes that he know very little about this mesmerizing girl. The only thing he knows is that she is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He wants… No, he needs to get to know her better. 

– No… It’s okay.

Molly replies, drumming her fingers together. Her head is in overdrive. It’s almost impossible for her to understand that someone like James would want to spend time with her. 

James sits down next to Molly, making sure there’s a comfortable distance between them. He doesn’t want to come off as pushy. 

– Want to show me around? Talk a bit, before we sleep in the same bed. 

He asks, still a bit nervous. It’s hard to go into the whole dating scene again. When he was young it was always you like me, I like you, let’s get together. As he got older it was nothing like that anymore. Now you almost didn’t know if you were together or not half of the time. And it was embarrassing to ask. 

– Yeah… I’d like that…

Molly replies again. She’s never slept in bed with a guy before. She’s kissed some guys, but never spent a night with one. And James is almost ten years older than her. He probably has experience. At least more than she has. 

– Good!

He says, before he gets up, and offers his hand. 

You walk over to the window in your room to close the curtains, you stop in front of the big window; gazing over the backyard and the little dock down by the lake. Memories flood back of the times you, Jess, and Molly stood there for hours, working up the courage to finally jump off the ledge into the water. Once you dared, you kept leaping off the dock for hours. The joyous day is etched in your mind—around 7 or 8 years old for you and Molly, and 9 or 10 for Jess. It feels like a distant, carefree moment compared to everything happening now.

Lost in these memories, you don’t notice them at first: two silhouettes sitting under the light at the dock. It’s Molly and James, getting to know each other. You take a deep breath, a sudden pang of envy rushing over you. Unlike you and Brock, they don’t have to hide. They can hold hands, kiss in public. Molly can take James home and introduce him to her parents. In some ways, you can take Brock home to your dad too, just not in the same way.

-Something on your mind, Princess?

Brock whispers in your ear, wrapping you in a hug from behind. You nod, gesturing toward Molly and James.

-Look at them, that’s uncomplicated lo… relationship they have.

You say, leaning your head back against Brock’s shoulder. You don’t know why, but you still can’t bring yourself to say that word to Brock. Love. Why is that so damn hard?

Brock weighs his words  

-No relationship is uncomplicated. There’s always stuff.

He continues, imparting wisdom on the complexities of relationships and the importance of navigating through challenges. As he speaks, you sense he might be reflecting on his past with Taylor, and the feeling of inadequacy creeps in.


Brock asks, a hint of nervousness in his voice.


You reply, perhaps too quickly. 

-You didn’t do anything wrong, Brock. I was just thinking about Molly down there. And I’m happy for her, I really am, it’s just that…

-I know, YN. I feel the same way.

Brock says, pulling you closer.

-Wanna go to bed?

He whispers in your ear. The offer hangs in the air, and you’re left to decide whether to share the complexities of your feelings or let them linger in the silence.

Molly and James sit together on the worn dock by the lake, dipping their feet into the refreshing water. It’s a warm night, and the air carries the gentle scent of blossoming flowers on a soft breeze. The distant chirping of crickets provides a soothing backdrop, occasionally accompanied by the low croak of frogs from a nearby marsh.

The moonlight reflects on the lake’s surface, creating a sparkling trail across the water. Above, the night sky is adorned with countless stars, their gentle twinkle adding to the enchantment. Occasionally, leaves rustle in the nearby trees, contributing a calming layer to the night’s natural sounds.

The warmth of the summer night envelops them, and the dock emits a soft creak beneath their weight. Fireflies twinkle in the darkness, forming brief, delicate beacons of light. Amidst the tranquil scene, the only audible sounds are the gentle lapping of water against the dock and the hushed murmur of their conversation.

-How about a game? Twenty questions? I’d like to get to know you a little better.

James suggests, flashing a playful grin.


Molly asks curiously, cocking her head. This is all so new to her, she’s still trying to wrap her head around how a man as attractive as James Barnes could want anything to do with her. 

-Really, you seem like someone I’d really like to get to know. 

He replies reaching over to tuck a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. 

-Okay, Yeah.

Molly nods, her cheeks turning a shade of pink as she fiddles with the frayed edge of her jean shorts.

-Alright, Sunshine, you ready for the ultimate interrogation?

He asks, wiggling his brows at her. 

Molly blushes at the cute pet name and nods, her gaze drifting to the shimmering lake.

-So, first question. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

James asks, leaning back and placing his hands on the dock.

-Oh, um, probably my Dad. He passed away before I really got to know him.

She answers honestly, gazing out over the lake.

James softens, realizing the weight of her choice. 

– That’s a beautiful answer.

He says, completely captivated by her.

-I would have to choose J.R.R. Tolkien; the man is a genius.

He adds, looking at Molly to gauge her reaction.

-All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.

Molly says, smiling shyly as she quotes Tolkien. James’ eyes widen in surprise, mouth slightly open as he stares at her.

-I think I’m in love.

He says, grabbing at his chest with both hands. Molly laughs, playfully shoving his shoulder and shaking her head.

-Alright, your turn.

James says, chuckling.

-Okay… If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Molly asks, lifting her leg out of the water and flexing her berry-colored painted toes.

-Easy, Italy. The food, the art, the romance—it’s a trifecta.

James answers, bringing his fingers together and kissing the tips, wobbling his wrist a bit.

Molly smiles, her shyness beginning to wane. 

-England, for me. I love all the stories that surround London and the history behind it all.

She says, excitement shimmering in her eyes.

-Now, let’s spice things up, shall we? If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

James asks, cocking his head and watching as Molly giggles nervously, fidgeting with a strand of her hair.

-Maybe… invisibility? So I could sneak around without anyone noticing.

She suggests. James smirks, raising an eyebrow. 

Sneaky, I like it. Oh man, this is a tough one; I’d have to say mind-reading. 

He adds, noticing the blush creeping up on Molly’s cheeks.

-It’s always the quiet ones with the dirtiest minds.

James says, watching her nibble on her bottom lip and fidget with her hair.

-What’s your guilty pleasure?

Molly asks.

-Alright, don’t laugh, promise?

He says, pointing a finger at her with mock seriousness.

-I’ll do my best. 

Molly answers, laughing lightly. 

-I guess that’s good enough, dancing, preferably when nobody is watching. In the shower, the kitchen… hey, you promised. 

He starts laughing as hard as Molly is; she tries to stop, covering her mouth to muffle it.

-I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just I can’t kinda picture it.

She says, wiping at her eyes. James beams at her, happy with himself for making her laugh.

-Uh, romantic comedies. I know they’re cheesy, but I can’t resist them.

Molly shrugs. James chuckles softly. 

-A soft spot for love stories, huh? Noted. Alright, last question for now. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Molly’s eyes meet his, her bashful smile evident.

 -Maybe a quiet dinner and a walk under the stars?

James grins, leaning in a bit closer. 

-Sounds perfect; only one thing could make it better.

He says, his hand coming up to her jaw.

-And what would that be?

Molly asks, taking in a shaky breath and swallowing thickly.

-A kiss.

James replies, leaning in and pressing his lips against hers. The kiss is gentle and lingering, like the perfect ending. Molly can’t help but smile into the kiss.

You crawl into Brock’s embrace, taking a deep breath; smelling that familiar safe smell that is him. That smell that makes you forget the world, and everything around you. Like you and Brock are the only two people left in the world. 

– You sure you’re okay, Princess?

Brock asks. He hates this. He hates that you saw him earlier, right in the middle of a panic attack. That you had to witness that. His panic attacks and his nightmares doesn’t exactly have the best track record with girlfriends. He has to tell himself over and over again, that you’re not Taylor. That you’re nothing like Taylor. 

– Everything is fine, Brock. I’m fine. Are you okay? 

You reply, before you place a light kiss on his lips. 

He looks at you for a while, before gently letting his hand glide over your hair. 

– Yeah, Princess. I’m good.

He tells you, before placing a kiss on your forehead, and pulling you close to him. 

– I’m with you. Everything is perfect!

Molly tries not to watch as James pulls off his shirt. Her mouth goes dry as her gaze wanders over the contours of his well-defined muscles, tracing the light spattering of chest hair that trails down to where his hands unzip and unbutton his jeans. She licks her lips, her heart pounding in her ears as he tugs his jeans down over his hips. James neatly folds them and places them on a nearby chair before climbing under the soft white blanket on the bed. He gives Molly an amused look, raising a questioning brow.

James pats the bed next to him, and Molly blushes as she joins him, still dressed in the shorts and t-shirt she wore earlier in the day.

-Do you always go to bed fully dressed?

He teases, a playful grin curving his perfect lips.

Molly swallows audibly, her cheeks ablaze as she responds. 

-Only when I’m crawling into bed next to an incredibly attractive guy.

She confesses.

– You think I’m incredibly attractive?

James inquires, his curiosity plain to see.

-Oh god!

Molly exclaims, burying her face in her hands.

James scoots closer to her, chuckling lightly. 

-Hey… hey..

He says, gently tugging at her hands to get them down. He cups her cheek, his thumb softly stroking over her warm skin. 

-I think you’re incredibly beautiful

He says.


Molly stammers.


James smirks, looking from her eyes to her lips before licking his own.

-Can I kiss you again?

He asks, his thumb rubbing along her bottom lip. Molly nods, staring at him with wide eyes. James leans in, pressing his warm lips against hers. His tongue teases the seam of her lips, and Molly opens up for him. James groans as he licks into her mouth, the moment charged with a growing intensity. 

Molly could feel the butterflies building in her belly; she’d never felt this way about anyone. She could spend the rest of the night letting James kiss her like this and be perfectly happy.

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